“Physically, He’s Ready To Go”

July 24th, 2012

There’s no doubt that the greatest mysteries of the 2012 season are up the gut of the Bucs defense.

Can Gerald McCoy avoid injured reserve? Is Mason Foster ready at middle linebacker? Will Brian Price bounce back? Is Ronde Barber a safety? Is Mark Barron the real deal?

Perhaps the first answer coming into focus is about Brian Price. Bucs beat writer Woody Cummings of The Tampa Tribune tracked down Price’s agent and learned Price now weighs less than he did in college and is set to impress his new coaches this week.

“Physically he’s ready to go,” Price’s agent, Charles Price (no relation), said Tuesday from his Los Angeles office. “He’s under 300 pounds, he’s put in a lot of time and effort and he is in substantially better condition than he was when last year’s training camp opened.” …

… an offseason spent working largely with personal trainer Alex Guererro, who worked with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady after his knee operation and specializes in breaking up scar tissue, has seemingly left Price in the best shape of his pro career.

“He is still working through tremendous amounts of scar tissue that, when they bump up against the sciatic nerve, send sensations throughout the body,” Charles Price said. “But I think everyone will be pleased with where he is.

“For at least another year, there are always going to be lingering issues from the procedures that he’s had to have done. But the Bucs are going to be pleased with the way this kid looks when ne gets to camp.”

Joe is fired up to hear this news about Price’s health. Frankly, Joe expected little from Price this season. But a healthy Price should make quite a difference, especially if he is kept fresh via an effective rotation with Gary Gibson and Omobi Okoye.

25 Responses to ““Physically, He’s Ready To Go””

  1. Garry Says:

    That’s awesome! Getting faster, stronger, and lighter that first step will be ridiculous!!!

  2. Bk Says:

    I don’t expect much from Price this year. The nfl is grueling and mental toughness plays a big part in whether or not you can dominate especially in DT position. I am looking forward to seeing okoye. I think the weight loss had more to do with his time in hospital.

  3. Pewter_Power Says:

    Sounds like good news!

  4. Have A Nice Day Says:

    The Bucs are going to have to rely on Price heavily early in the year with Okoye set for PUP. This is great news.

  5. Macabee Says:

    I want to choose my words carefully here because I would never suggest that any person could become accustomed to the effects of such a tragic family loss. But the truth of the matter is that Price has seen more than most people would see in a lifetime and has found the strength to cope and move forward. I refer to his entering UCLA under similar difficulty, but staying strong and performing admirably on the field.

    I think he will do the same here. If he is physically in shape and able to maintain his health through the season, I think he will find motivation from his loss and push himself to perform at a high level.

    To me this is great news and if true will make a big difference in how our D-Line performs, perhaps even moreso than McCoy. I wish them both good health and a breakout season!!

  6. Karl Says:

    He will dominate this, dont worry.

  7. Macabee Says:


    Okoye is on pre-season PUP because of a knee scope, which means he can come off PUP at anytime. If he remains on PUP and the regular season begins, then he would have to sit out 6 games. However that is not expected and he should return soon.

  8. Dano Says:

    I am rooting for Price! He’s had to overcome so many tragedies already at such a young age. The kid has talent. I think he can be good with limited snaps.

  9. Drew Says:

    If Price and McCoy can play to or above their potential the front four will be awesome.

  10. Scubog Says:

    Macabee: Thank you for enlightening those who don’t understand that by putting those three on the PUP they don’t count against the training camp roster, thus allowing three more camp players. Be nice if our media explained that.

  11. Paul Says:

    “when they bump up against the sciatic nerve, send sensations throughout the body”

    What a beast. Sensations is underplaying it. Those were intense enough to put him on the ground but he still keeps going.

    With all that pain, I don’t recall seeing him “loafing” ever. He goes 110% every play.

  12. Brad Says:

    When it all said and done ill stay with prediction that Price will be our best D lineman. He will also be one that the fans will love. I’ve heard the dude in interviews last year and this guy is cut from a different cloth. The other Internet site that said the team is down on him and stood up for Barron over the chair incident and that Price would probably be cut during camp is just throwing crap out there. I have no doubt Price will impress.

  13. James Pearls Says:

    Can we really expect a guy who was THIS injured in first two years in the NFL to ever be properly healthy and productive? same as mccoy kinda..

  14. Brad Says:

    @BK… Obviously you have never paid attention the Price at all or heard him on any interviews. Plain snd simple… your wrong by a long shot.

  15. Brad Says:

    @joe.. Where’s the stories from rookie camp? Have any veterans showed up early like we’ve been hearing from other teams on the NFL network. I’m ready for some fresh stories like this one about Price. I’m tired of reporters and talk show hosts banging the Bucs from last year. I’m ready for the change and what this team is going to look like now and in the future. Enough already with the the past.. Let’s have some positive stories until there’s a need for negative crap.


    I also gotta disagree on the issue of Price’s “mental toughness”. For the dude to have both his hammy’s completely rip off the bone, surgically re attached, come back and play through pain (why was he forced to play at 50%??) and go through the death of arguably the most important person, all the while evidently re dedicating himself to football by being in the best shape of his life – to me is the definition of mental toughness. Hats off to you Price, Keep up the good work!

  17. Pete 422 Says:

    unleash the beast…

  18. Fritz50 Says:

    Just worried that this could be the final straw. Mental attitude means so much, &, god knows, he has had plenty to drive that attitude to the lowest depths. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t blame him if he quit to concentrate on family. Whatever he ends up doing, it’s obvious he’ll do it to the fullest extent of his ability, & what more can anyone ask for. Seems like the type of man any city would welcome, with open arms, football player, or not.

  19. BK Says:

    @Brad….I have been solely paying attention to the bucs since 1994. Interviews? Is that how you are gauging player quality now? C’mon Man! I evaluate on watching old games on my DVR and stats. I saw no backfield penetration on any consistent basis last year. Did you? Price had flashes of good but that was it and his stats (24 tackles) were well below par for his position and the fact he played 15 games. I too hope Price has a breakout year but I know one thing about the NFL…if you didn’t show strong signs of greatness in your first 2 years (i.e. McCoy and Price) then you probably wont see it ever as there is always the next guy (Okoye) waiting in the wings to take your place.

    The BUCS earned the heavy critique by quitting on their coach (no matter if he was good or not you dont quit in the NFL). This BUC D team allowed 31 ppg and 156 ypg on the ground. You want to tell me our DT or front 7 was good again? I live in reality and the stats dont lie when they are that bad. I don’t watch football with blinders on either like some of you that want to tell me “I am wrong” and that Brian Price or McCoy for that matter is the next Randy White or Mean Joe Green. Its time for your Wake up call is all I can say.

  20. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “if you didn’t show strong signs of greatness in your first 2 years (i.e. McCoy and Price) then you probably wont see it ever as there is always the next guy (Okoye) waiting in the wings to take your place. ”


    I’m sorry, but that is an absolutely ridiculous statement, and couldn’t be further from the truth. If that’s the case, then why does EVERYONE say it takes 3 years to evaluate a draft? This applies even more so to DT, because it takes players quite a while to get used to the NFL, particularly the strength and mobility of the offensive lineman. If you look beyond a couple exceptions, you would realize how wrong that statement truly is. I would agree with you that the NFL is much less patient than before, but that is a result of the huge salaries the players make. You just can’t afford to pay a guy millions and have him sit on the bench and learn for a couple years.

  21. teacherman777 Says:


    Dead on. Brian Price os tougher than all you couchpotatoe coaches.

    He limped off the field so many times last year.

    But kept coming back!

    I pray for a miraculous season for him. He inspires me.

    Real talk!

  22. So. Ill. Bucs Says:

    Have you ever done any strenuous physical activity while recovering from an injury? The amount of mental toughness that Price had to have to even show up to practice last year is phenomenal. The guy couldn’t walk just a few months before the season, and you expect him to be back to top form?

    C’mon man!

    With a full offseason to recover and rehabilitate, less weight to put stress on those hips, a full year of NFL experience, and talented depth/rotation players, I have confidence that those flashes of talent will turn into consistency.

  23. Andrew Athans Says:

    Too bad Bowers went down. I really want to see what our new defensive line can do when healthy, starting Clayborn, Price, McCoy, Bowers with Bennett and Okoye rotating in. If they put it together this year, next year with Bowers healthy and Price back to full strength, we will be super bowl ready. Show them what you got Price and McCoy

  24. BK Says:

    I understand being die-hard but some of you are just blind fans who think too highly of Price or have watched too much UCLA tape. He had really one good game last year vs Texans with 5 tackles and a sack. All the other games 2 tackles maybe and some games he had a goose egg…. go look at Raji or Suh stats for some reference for a HQ DT.

    @Hawaiian Buc- It didnt take Suh 3 games let alone 3 seasons to have an impact and McCoy was drafted right next to him. Price was top of 2nd round in 2010 so to have so little production places a big question mark on him. The whole 3 year thing thats for the TV folks and whether or not a player was picked in the correct draft slot. I dont watch much of Kiper and those kooks because they are all guessing and really have minimal information to add when it comes to whether or not someone will have an impact in the NFL.

    @So Ill Buc– More excuses/drama violin. EVERYONE in the NFL plays with injuries. Its part of the package. My uncle Joe played for 10 years so I have some insight into this issue as I watched him play with broken bones in his hand etc. Therefore, Price gets no pass for playing injured and if he was really injured badly he wouldnt be on the field as he would be on the PUP or IR list depending on the point in the season.

    The percentages do NOT favor Price ever being an impact player. The 2 surgeries he has had were “radical” (thats medical code for were not sure how the results will go). I dont wish Brian Price anything bad and only good but the reality is that 99% of NFL players in his position do not last and will never be an impact in the game that requires so much physically and mentally from a person.

    I hope I am wrong since this will benefit the BUCS team but it is more likely I will be right. History favors my opinion on players coming back from major injuries.

  25. BK Says:

    Now that PRICE has been let go by the BUCS……for nothing!!! Do you all want to tell me again how great Brian Price was…..????

    The guy simply does not have the IT factor required at DT….neither does McCoy but he is getting paid so much it will be another year or 2 before they purge him as that is like the GM admitting he made a mistake.

    I hate to say it but I told ya so…. @Bobby @ Hawaii @So Ill Buc