New Settlement Proposed In Grandma Vs. Talib

July 4th, 2012

The strange tale of the Aqib Talib local fender bender in 2010, after which Talib allegedly told the other driver that he was going to put “a cap in” her, has not gone away.

Four months ago, grandma Betty Atwood, 54, sued Talib in Hillsborough County civil court (not criminal) for damages related to the car accident and alleged resulting pain and suffering.

Joe’s recent review of the civil court hearings and events of the case reveals that motions to dismiss two of the three counts against Talib were denied, and after various subpoenas of Atwood’s medical records, the court recorded two “notice of service of proposal settlement” entries last week, covering all three counts against Talib. So one can assume a check likely is forthcoming to put this matter to rest.

Another weight off Talib’s shoulders should only help him as he works to stay out of trouble and on the positive path he’s been on the last eight or nine months.

Joe will keep you posted on the case, and Joe promises to look deeper into the case file.

11 Responses to “New Settlement Proposed In Grandma Vs. Talib”

  1. Morgan Says:

    In the past, I despised having thugs like Talib representing my favorite team. Now I’ve given up and I’m resigned to the fact that fringe-criminals will be playing football. There’s nothing I can do about it. Wish Talib the best, hope he doesn’t kill anyone, and hopefully the Bucs will start winning again.

  2. Amar Says:

    Give it a rest, Joe! Let’s quit diggin’, talking about his past, etc.

    There’s a new Sheriff in town, his name is Deputy Talib!

  3. Have A Nice Day Says:

    The man has to get past this crap so he has decided to just pay her so he can move on and focus on football alone….. Until the next scum bag money grabber comes along.

  4. Vice Says:

    Would love to see inside that case file Joe

  5. Thomas2.2 Says:

    The Notice of Service of Proposal for Settlement simply complies with the Rule to file Notice in the court file when formally submitting a settlement to preserve the right to add attorneys fees to a later obtained qualifying judgment.

    Simply put, it just memorializes a formal offer – it doesn’t mean a settlement has been reached.

    These down grandmothers keep shaking down all of these innocent Bucs. Wait, Talib is the only one – ever – just maybe there is some merit to this. Think?

  6. Pat Yasinskas Says:

    what about the ones against kellen?
    and blount?
    and those are just the recent ones.

  7. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Are you trying to look like you know what you are talking about again? If so, you aren’t doing a very good job. I think we’ve talked about that before.

  8. Sambizle Says:

    Non-Fringe Criminals are stealing your 401k money and hardly ever getting in trouble.

  9. Eric Says:

    Thomas is right this time, if it’s a “proposal for settlement” it’s just to set up attorneys fees and really means nothing.

  10. ziz Says:

    Don’t know if you guys are real attorneys or just Internet lawyers, but you obviously don’t deal in civil cases like this. A deal here is right around the corner.

  11. Al Says:

    @ziz a deal may indeed be forthcoming but @eric and @thomas are 100% correct on this. My thing is, why are so many people’s panties in a bunch when a regular citizen decides to exercise her right to her day in court when it was Talib that caused the crash? Is it because our Bucs are above the law?