“Nauseous” Freeman Had A Queasy Day 1

July 27th, 2012

Joe didn’t see it personally, but a few people came up to Joe at training camp today to say they saw Josh Freeman throwing up on the practice field. 

Freeman did take a break during practice and later returned to all drills. Greg Schiano confirmed after practice that Freeman was “nauseous.” Extreme hard work was Schiano’s initial diagnosis.

No. 5 had some standout throws, one in particular a 50-yard bomb in stride to Tiquan Underwood who beat Eric Wright cleanly by a few yards for the touchdown.

The Bucs aren’t in pads yet — and there was no pass rush on that play — but even Schiano admitted the “nice flashy bomb” gets him “excited” like any other fan.

Joe hopes Freeman either had some bad scrambled eggs, or is just getting used to managing his newly toned physique.

6 Responses to ““Nauseous” Freeman Had A Queasy Day 1”

  1. Brad Says:

    It wasn’t just Josh. It was hot and humid. A bunch of players were either throwing up or went in for IV’s or both. If everyone has gotten to that point of throwing up you know you’ve pushed yourself beyond. I love the effort. Pissed about Price but ..,,

  2. Bobs Dog House Says:

    It is really hot and humid and all that Helmut does is hold in the heat. So he had a lil bit of dehydration. Josh is a tuff dude and the trainers will fill up the tank and he will be good to go tomorrow. I know I know I ain’t saying anything that everybody already knew. Well good luck to Bucs. Hoping for a better season

  3. D-Rome Says:

    Oh my goodness, sure I’ve heard about Freeman losing weight but I didn’t know it was this dramatic. Wow!

  4. MTM Says:

    Freeman dropped lb’s and the “soul glow” hair do. Go Bucs!

  5. james Says:

    let me say this, i’ve been a commercial roofer in the state of fl for over 28 years, and know a little about heat,doing b u r (built up roofing) which includes hot tar and gravel,and yes having to wear hard hats in july and august is not any fun let alone a football helmet. and i too have crampt up and gotten sick from the heat. but its my job and i’m getting paid for it.that bieng said, even though it is physically exhausting. it is also a mental thing meaning you have to have the will to endure and complete the task at hand. that’s what we get paid to do,on that note suck it up,do your job keep pushing the envelope and drink plenty of fluids. where theirs a will theirs a way. you guys will see the results come late sep early oct when your opponents are gasping for air, and don’t have the tough mental fortitude to continue the task at hand!

  6. Mike J Says:

    james, I feel for you & respect you. I work inside in the A/C, & Tuesday was outside for a stroll during break, & I actually thought, ”Man, tough to be a roofer today!.”