Eric LeGrand Will Eat Fresh

July 9th, 2012

Eric LeGrand now gets to stuff his face full of bread and meat products and get paid to do it. What a dream job!

LeGrand has inked a deal with Subway to be one of the TV marketing faces of the franchise. FOX Sports Florida delivered the news. (By now everyone is familiar with LeGrand’s story and Joe feels no need to reset LeGrand’s role with the Bucs and the tragedy the befell him while playing for Rutgers.)

LeGrand is the latest athlete hired by Subway, joining Tuck, Michael Phelps, Apolo Ohno, Blake Griffin and Robert Griffin III.

“I am grateful for the opportunities,” LeGrand said. “I gain additional inspiration and motivation from that as I train to achieve my next goal.”

Joe’s damn happy for LeGrand. And Joe sincerely hopes this deal leads to a sandwich named after LeGrand’s mentor and friend Greg Schiano. Joe could see himself ordering a footlong “Schiano” — 6.3 ounces of capicola, three melted 1/8-inch slices of provolone, with tomatoes served at 100.4 degrees.

8 Responses to “Eric LeGrand Will Eat Fresh”

  1. Santos Says:

    I see what you did there Joe lol, well played.

  2. Patrick Says:

    haha I’m eating Subway right now! An italian BMT toasted footlong with a diet coke!

  3. So. Ill. Bucs Says:

    Hell yeah, one of my jobs is shift leader at a Subway, glad to see we’re doing things right.

  4. Macabee Says:

    Eric is becoming quite the celebrity and well-deserved. He is reportedly receiving a Jimmy V Award at the ESPYs as well as the Subway deal. I wish him much continued success in his goal to overcome his physical challenge!

  5. Bobby Says:

    That’s funny Joe! LOL! It’s the details baby!! 100.4 makes the perfect melt.

  6. Dini's Biceps Says:

    The “LeGrand Slam” Sandwich…..woops, wrong sport.

  7. Ladyz Says:

    Good for him, glad things are going well for him.

  8. Amar Says:

    Who’s in the picture with the man LeGrand?! Man, what a friend Schiano has been! You gotta love the guy! I eat subway a few times a week, working night shift its the only thing open and its right off base.

    I hope we see LeGrand in a commercial wearing a Bucs jersey! I doubt it but it would be great to see!