Bucs Worse Than In 2011?

July 20th, 2012

It’s no surprise that predictions for the 2012 Bucs are all over the map. That’s what happens when you have a talented roster that still has holes, combined with no firm read on the quality of coaching and playcalling.

NFL Network guru Mike Mayock fiercely defended his prediction of the Bucs making the playoffs. Warren Sapp says the Bucs won’t “contend.” Mercurial mouthpiece Adam Schein, of NFL Radio, says the Bucs will win nine or 10 games.

And now longtime CBS Sports NFL analyst Pete Prisco says the Bucs will finish 3-13.

Jimminy Christmas! That’s worse than last season’s 4-12 debacle. What man of sound mind could make such a prognostication? Perhaps Prisco thinks the Bucs should have stayed Yungry and retained Raheem Morris?

This reminds Joe of Peter King’s infamous 2-14 season prediction for the 2010 season, when the Bucs won 10 games.

Joe’s not ready to call the 2012 season record, but rest assured it will have the Bucs winning more than three games. If the Bucs actually win only three games, then Joe would have no problem with Team Glazer starting over again.

38 Responses to “Bucs Worse Than In 2011?”

  1. flmike Says:

    Prisco’s problem is, he’s so short (5’4″ if that) that everything is an up hill battle for him…I’d be pissed at the world a daily basis if I was always looking up at 10 year olds.

  2. jb Says:

    It’s common knowledge that Pete Prisco is not only a dumb***, but he always puts as negative of a slant possible on anything he writes concerning the Buccaneers and their owners, players and coaches. Add to that, that hes wrong probably 90% of the time, makes me feel a bit better about the upcoming season!

  3. thegregwitul Says:

    Let ’em throw dirt on the grave…I’d rather shock the world like two seasons ago as opposed to the pathetic implosion I witnessed last season, when several so called experts penciled the Bucs in for a playoff appearance and Warren Sapp called Josh Freeman an MVP candidate.

    Stay under the radar.

  4. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Must be a boring news day over at PFT. Bucs are getting a lot of RAP this morning/afternoon.

  5. Danny Says:

    Prisco is the same guy that picks the Browns and Colts to both finish 1-15, the Texans and Ravens 9-7, Panthers 5-11 and Patriots 16-0.

  6. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Yet Joe was thrilled to let RahRah and DomDom return after 3-13. Huh?

  7. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    IF we somehow were to go 3-13, that would mean JF5 sucked again. We would then have Matt Barkley as our QB. I would love that. But I see us winning atleast 7 games for sure. Maybe more than that. But 3…come on now. Thats ridiculous!!! BUT…if we were to win only 7 games…I personally would much rather go 3-13 so we could get MB. I think we have a chance to make the playoffs though. We have a ton of talent and an improving D. I’m expecting good things this season. How does someone have a job making predictions like 3-13. With the FA’s and draft picks we got this offseason; how is it possible to be worse???

  8. Danny Says:

    No chance at Barkley if IND and CLE only win 1 game each.

  9. NJBucsFan Says:


    Thanks for allowin fans to post comments to your blog (with in reason). I am growing frustrated with your pal Florio. The site only posts roughly 1 out of 15 posts regardless of content.

  10. OAR Says:

    So Thomass, with that kinda of small brainwave activity, if Schaino goes 3-13 or even 4-12 he shouldn’t be given another year?

  11. Garv Says:

    “Predictions” are for stupid people. “Expert” opinions and “predictions” are what stupid people read to feel smarter.
    As a fan I am hopeful to be in the hunt for the playoffs in November and December.

    It’s an exciting new time for most fans, Buccaneer fans who care about the team and invest in it.

    Buccaneers in 2012?

    Can’t WAIT!!!

    I “predict” 2.whatever will be a jack wagon until the day he dies. But then again? That’s a given.

  12. Oahubuc Says:

    Seriously doubt we win less than 5 games.

  13. T in Orlando Says:

    Oahubuc is probably right, about 5-8 wins should be expected, with no quit in the team.

  14. OAR Says:

    I predict better Buccaneer football and like T in O said, no quit!

  15. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Thomas 2.2 – Raheem inherited a gutted team and a rookie quarterback. Schiano gets a win-now offense out of the gate. There lies the difference. Not so hard to get. Schiano going 3-13 would be completely inexcusable barring a huge number of injuries.

  16. JonBuc Says:

    Thomas the paralegal may be an even worse poster than last year..

    Brandon Bugle

  17. Nate Says:

    Hey Joe Mark Barron is SIGNED!

  18. Eric Says:

    I agree a good coach should be able to at least put this offense in top half of the league, especially with two pro bowlers added and muscle hamster.

    Just please don’t show me the damn Wanstedt offensive philosophy.

    Please. Don’t, just don’t.

  19. espo Says:

    Id consider out 3-13 season better than last year’s 4-12. This upcoming season is about growth. I’m more concerned about our effort and energy. I don’t think it’ll be an issue under this regime. That being said, it looks like we have a win now offense that should keep things interesting. Some timely stops or turnovers on D would do us wonders.

  20. SeminoleSam Says:

    Effort and energy??? Every f’ing team should have that. I’m sick of that. Just win games. Period.

  21. BucFan20 Says:

    This year we just pray for stops period. That should give the Offense some chance anyway If Freeman can use his new toys.

  22. Thomas2.2 Says:


    The team was gutted when it brought in the most incompetent HC and GM league history.

    They handed millions to: Clayton, Crowell, Nugent and Leftwich.

    Tried to replace Derrick Brooks by switching Jermaine Phillips to WLB. They paid McCown, watched him beat out Lefty, then handed the job to Lefty their 3rd best quarterback. They fired both coordinators out of inferiority bc they were calling shenanigans on the incompetency.

    Yes, things were different.

    Rahdom destroyed the players on this roster, Schiano will need time to weed out incompetency.

    With that said, he could be a RahRah coached NFL team with his Rutgers players.

  23. Thomas2.2 Says:

    beat . .

  24. Eric Says:

    When are we gonna win the Division again and have a meaningless playoff game everybody hated?

    Now we’re yearning for growth.

    The whole thing makes me sick.

  25. Thomas2.2 Says:


    A large contingent here are purely fanatics who aren’t able to recognize what gets you closer or father away from winning.

    They blindly cheer and that is great – the franchise needs it (if they go to games). These are the fans who weren’t able to recognize that replacing Gru (a great football mind and coach despite being an egomaniac and control freak) with RahRah was not a football decision, it was a money decision ( if they would have replaced Gru with the best qualified candidate after an exhaustive search, and not the cheapest possible alternative after no search, another arguable might be plausible). Period.

    Where you need to be patient relates to just how incompetent and bad this team became under RahRah and DomDom. You don’t insert 3 FA’s and 7 draftees and all of the sudden contend when you were as low (42-0 in 1.5 quarters) as we were.

    Players needs reps, failures, corrections and more reps, failures and corrections.

    The positive: we were the worst conditioned group that I have ever seen, due to comical and basically zero pro practices during rahdom. This contributed largely to the terrible tackling and loafing.

    Schiano will have them conditioned which will elevate their play in week 1. Replacing the out of shape and undisciplined Jones and Tjacks with Barber and Barron, and Martin over a sloppy Blount, and David over Geno Taze will make a difference.

    Team’s over-perform in home openers, especially with new coaches. If they can steal that one it will be huge.

  26. the buc realist Says:

    Thomas 2.2 for president
    And I support this message.

  27. BigMacAttack Says:

    I’m hoping for at least 8-8 but more wins would be nice. The potential is there if Freeman can pull it all together. The Bucs are in a tough division and I think this year’s schedule is more difficult than last, so they have their work cut out for them. The other key is the D line and what they can do. I’m hopeful and excited to see it unfold…………. finally. Long damn offseason, almost over.

  28. ELioT Says:

    The boys have a tough schedule next year and they’d be lucky to go 7-9 IMO. I just hope to see more improvement/progression from the team and franchise in general than the epic dibacle of 2011. I’m optimistic for this season but wouldn’t be shocked if something went horribly wrong… again.

    All that being said, Go Bucs!

  29. passthebuc Says:

    3 and 13. high draft choices

  30. Oregano Says:

    I’m cautiously optimistic. I do appreciate Thomas’ candor. I really don’t look forward to arguing over picking Matt Barkley with the #1 overall pick.

  31. Scubog Says:

    I sure wish the new and improved Thomas 3.0 was available. The immature name-calling, degrading nicknames, focusing on everything negative without ever acknowledging any positives is simply boorish and ruins what I think is an enjoyable website. Reminds me of a formerly frequent poster on Pewter Report who eventually came to realize he wasn’t right as often as he thought and had no greater insight than any of the so-called “casual fans.” Thankfully he took his worn out act elsewhere.

  32. James Pearls Says:

    Just remembered we havent won a playoff game in a 10 years, and havent made the playoffs since 07 season..

  33. OAR Says:

    No thanks! We already have a Thomass for President!

  34. james Says:

    i remember in 2010 after many a pewter pundit predicted 3-13 at best;we went 10-6!and then reality hit in 2011/ 4-12 with a ten game streak that was not a pleasant thing to watch,read,listen,or hear about from other teams fan base.what happend? was it coaching-conditioning-lack of effort-or just plain out quitting and laying down by some if not all of our pewter pirates. i suspect a little if not a lot of what i just mentioned,that being said, i really think we will surprise alot of teams and people this year with all the upgrades in fa and the great draft aquisitions,how can we not! and lets not forget the new sheriff in town-greg the hammer schiano! i’d like to say this year we will whip both the mannings,scalp romo,plant the figs on newton,revoke the bond on breese,melt the ice on matty,sick the dogs on vick,and run for ruin on the redskins! prediction- 12-4 and playoffs! now that is a lot of talk from an old fat bastardo like me have a wonderful day. go bucs!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. BucFan20 Says:

    I know you can’t be talking about the Great BucFan47. I love this site better too. (Glad someone over there said to come here). I know many of us came from there. Just not sure which one came here and is the former BucFan47. A couple are real close. But yes he is identical. lol.

  36. james Says:

    t’was the start of the season,and all thru the bay,the wings were a fryin-cold ones all day.tailgates a bustling kickoff was near,fans all waiting for bucs to appear.no not christmas but to my surprise,cam newton was fridgid fear in his eyes.running and gunning to his dismay,the red barron flew in,he was ready to play.the roar could be heard miles around-mcoy had a sack,newton went down-the ball came out and flutterd around,lavonte scooped it up he’s off,inbounds-he goes down on the twenty yardline i think-in comes big carl nicks with a wink-handoff to martin oh no it’s a fake,freemans got jackson alone at the eight.as he hit the end zone alas we did cheer.thanx mr glazer for spending money this year!

  37. Jose Negron Says:

    This is the way I look at this; This same group of guys went 10-6 two years ago, with hardly any direction, (i.e. Raheem Morris, Greeg Olssen, at so forth). NOw this same group, but a lot better, (due to free agents signings, now with great veterans on the roster, and new direction, etc.) I believe can go 10 games winning or more. Don’t you think?

  38. Paul Says:

    The team didn’t do poorly in games because they aren’t talented or skilled or w/e. They did poorly because Raheem didn’t hold them responsible for half-assing out on the field and it just got worse.

    We lost a majority of games with the greater part of our team just going through the motions.

    I just can’t see Schiano putting up with that. They have the talent. Just need a coach that can make them use it. Schiano is it.

    Also Pat Kirwan really showed his ass too and posted a 3-13 prediction as well.