Arrelious Benn Out A Month

July 27th, 2012

Arrelious Benn, seemingly still trying to bounce back from a knee injury during his rookie season, suffered yet another setback today with a sprained knee and is expected to miss the next four weeks.

The creator, curator and overall guru of, Mike Florio, has been tipped off by the always popular “league source” that Benn suffered a sprained MCL today.

The Buccaneers’ final preseason game takes place on August 29, so if he does miss four weeks he could return for the end of the preseason, although it’s possible that the Buccaneers will show caution and hold him out of live action until the start of the regular season.

A 2010 second-round draft pick out of Illinois, Benn started 14 games for the Buccaneers last season and caught 30 passes for 441 yards and three touchdowns. The arrival of Vincent Jackson in free agency this offseason has likely bumped Benn out of the starting lineup and into the No. 3 receiver spot, and this injury won’t do anything to help Benn compete for playing time in the Bucs’ offense.

This bums Joe out tremendously. Benn was just starting to blow up as a rookie when he blew out his knee against Atlanta. Last year he was still trying to recover. Now this.

Of course, Joe knows the haters will blame this on Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik because he is not a deity and therefore does not have access to a crystal ball that tells him when players will get hurt in the NFL while they are still in college.

Feel free to pile on during this steamy summer night in three… two… one!

53 Responses to “Arrelious Benn Out A Month”

  1. Fear The Glow Says:

    Here we go…

  2. Mitch Says:

    Damn it. That Kid just can’t stay healthy.

  3. thomas two point two Says:

    Feel sorry for him, but it doesnt matter from a football standpoint.

    If he is to make the team, it will be as the 5th or 6th receiver. From what I am hearing Tiquan has been lighting it up and his speed is clearly superior to the rest of the crew.

    With Mike Will, VJ and Preston joining TU performing well – Benn will be luckily to make the team – unless they go with 6 and Dom convinces Schiano to give Benn time.

    Remember that pivotal 2010 draft with 10 picks, you know the deepest in history according to Dom and Joe: how are we looking at this point?


  4. Andrew Says:

    we just cant catch a break. please God no more injuries.

  5. Paul Says:

    Benn got hit in the knee during a game, dunno how that would make Dominik look bad. What does make them look bad is we just got rid of Briscoe and then it bit them in the ass.

  6. dougy balls Says:

    schiano has say so obvious by price trade for 7th rounder former 2nd rounder himself only 3rd year have to be on the field to compete and thomas nobody likes a prick who bashes joe all the time some of us appreciate joe’s take and kick @#$ website

  7. robert Says:

    and just one day after cutting bricoe LOL seriously though. he is our backup to Mike& VJ…and it is just a sprain. i think he’s still safe…

  8. Pete Says:

    Where is Dezmon Briscoe.

  9. Mavsmoney Says:

    Is there any other team that’s has has such bad luck with injuries to their draft picks the last three years? This is getting ridiculous. I realize every team deals with injuries but it seems like we have been cursed! Does Anyone know if Gruden practices voodoo?

  10. Brad Says:

    And this is day one without pads!! How soon before Schiano starts slowing down practices? I love the up tempo but wasn’t there a couple other banged up players.. Not good after just 1 practice. Let’s up McCoy has an angel on his shoulder.

  11. Miguel Grande Says:

    As a former long distance runner, I can tell you that when someone has sore muscles (see ludicrous sprints) in their legs, you tend to over compensate (limp). This almost always leads to injury. I learned the hard way through severe injuries to take time off, until the pain goes away. The Buc players can hardly take time off to heal completely.

    The Bucs are now practicing at half speed and I predict more leg injuries soon to come.

    I also predict that Donald Penn will never pass the 110×16 conditioning test. Looks like our team next year will be loaded with 7th round draft picks.

    Once the word gets out, no free agent in his right mind will join this team. Say a certain desirable tight end from the Patriots becomes a free agent, like Hernandez, would he choose the Saints, Falcons, Panthers or the Little General’s Parris Island?

    Is there an agent alive who would recommend signing with Tampa Bay where 2nd round picks are dumped regularly for 7th rounders? I think its called career suicide. Do you think agents don’t talk to each other?

  12. Matt Says:

    Next up.

  13. Macabee Says:


    Dezmon Briscoe just got picked up by the Redskins. Surprise, Surprise!

  14. Jacko101 Says:

    Briscoe knew he would get picked up by another team. (Redskins) that’s why he has been so lazy and non caring

  15. chimichango07 Says:

    If macabee is right the rah rah has some pull over in dc…

  16. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Thomas 2.2 – Underwood is a Rutgers Guy, that should say it all:)

  17. raphael Says:

    Miguel….pls step away from the crack pipe immediately !

  18. BigBear Says:

    @Miguel That is ridiculous, I am also a runner and while I agree that time off for some soreness is appropriate 6 110 yard sprints are not going to kill a person, especially someone who is suppose to be a world class athlete. Injuries happen every where when players are getting back into the everyday grind of the NFL.

    To say that players won’t come here to work hard for Schiano is even worse. If all this rigorous work doesn’t result in wins then that may be possible, however hard work and peak fitness usually help teams not hurt them.

  19. BigBear Says:

    @Miguel That is ridiculous, I am also a runner and while I agree that time off for some soreness is appropriate 6 110 yard sprints are not going to kill a person, especially someone who is suppose to be a world class athlete. Injuries happen every where when players are getting back into the everyday grind of the NFL.

    To say that players won’t come here to work hard for Schiano is even worse. If all this rigorous work doesn’t result in wins then that may be possible, however hard work and peak fitness usually help teams not hurt them.

  20. Dini's Biceps Says:

    Benn belongs on a Track…….not a football field

  21. raphael Says:

    good thing the Bucs are stacked at WR.

  22. thomas two point two Says:

    It cracks me up, Joe is so locked into this dumb a– rockstar nickname that when he is writing articles about 2 2010 2nd round picks flaming out – he feels compelled to leak in that ridiculous rock star moniker – so damn funny.

    Thanks for the laughs guys! No I don’t mean Benn getting hurt, I feel bad for him – but not for Dom – he scapegoats way too many people.

  23. thomas two point two Says:

    Its 16 110s.

    Almost all teams have conditioning tests similar to this – Coughlin notoriously had (maybe still has) a brutal one – like Shanahan etc.

    Rah had one too – it was called beer chugging and keg stands.

  24. Terrell Owens Says:

    Hey, I’m available, how come no one’s called me?

  25. raphael Says:

    Blah Blah Blah ^^^^^

  26. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    I’m sorry Joe, it seems your website has become a magnet for pituitary retards.
    I think 2nd graders could comprehend Aristotle better than some of your commenters could decipher football101.

  27. BigBear Says:

    I apologize for the typo of 6 instead of 16 for the sprints. thanks for the catch @Thomas

  28. thomas two point two Says:

    Addai quit during Bellichick’s conditioning test.

    Haloti Nata tweaked a hamstring yesterday during John Harbaugh’s.

    Every team coached by someone not named RahRah has a reporting conditioning test : it’s purpose – don’t sit on your ass for 6 months.

  29. Miguel Grande Says:

    The correct motivation for a professional athlete is a big fat paycheck. They have been coddled and admired all of their lives. They work or money!

    Belicheat makes them run between 40 and 60 yard sprints 10 times depending on their position in a New England climate.

    Making linemen run 110 yards sixteen times in the Florida heat is irresponsible bordering on criminal. How many athletes die in training camp in this state? Every year 3-4 athletes keel over dead, none had to run 16 110 yard sprints in the heat. If I were a police officer responding to an on field death after 16 110 yard sprints, I would arrest the head coach for murder 1.

  30. raphael Says:


  31. thomas two point two Says:

    That last post exposes everything about you Miguel.

    Criminal? Murder?

    Calm down big boy, your blood pressure can only go so high man. Just a friendly suggestion: you may want to speak with someone, therapy works buddy.

    Playing NFL football while not being in adequate shape carries greater risks of serious injury and death – research has proven that – which is why ever team
    Has these tests.

    Just because RahRah didn’t think those crazy things called practice and conditioning were important – doesn’t mean you are committing a felony by doing it differently. Deep breaths.

    You are like Joe after a Dom draftee flames out, again!

  32. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    LoL And he’s still crying… unbelieveable

  33. Ish70 Says:

    Yes, Miguel, because a mile with 16 rest breaks is SO unbearable for a PROFESSIONAL athlete to be able to run…

    has to be murder to expect a person who participates in athletics to perform an athletic test.


  34. Pruritis Ani Says:

    Seems like we’re taking a lot of casualties early this year.. too early.

  35. NJBucsFan Says:

    Miguel….your ignorance is borderline criminal. These professional atheletes have a choice. This is their decision to earn a living this way. If they wish they can use their education (for most a feee education) for an office job. Their training is easy compared to what I and many other military service members have to deal with. Get a clue

  36. Miguel Grande Says:

    A timed sprint of 110 yards should be in 20 seconds or less. How many professional football players can run a mile in 5 minutes and 20 seconds? How many 300+ LB athletes can do that in the Florida heat?

    I could run sub 6 minute miles in the Florida heat when I was 23, weighed 140 LBS and ran 40 miles a week. I probably could have accomplished this test when I was at my peak of conditioning. It would have been difficult and dangerous.

  37. Eric Says:

    No the rock doesn’t have a crystal ball, anymore than the one that would have revealed Adam’s enlarged heart or Sears mental issues.

    Of course nobody cast a bit of blame for those unforeseen developments, especially not Joe.

    Too bad about Benn. Perhaps he can still contribute.

  38. NJBucsFan Says:

    Like I said yesterday. No need for these drastic moves until near the end of the preseason games. Why limit our depth? Injuries happen….no need to get rid of everyone. We need camp bodies that may be capable of stepping up in a game.

  39. 941-Bucs Says:

    The Sprints were timed differently according to the players size category. For instances the O Lineman had 45sec to run the 110 yards.

    It was was a simulation test, mirroring a 16 play drive in the NFL. Draining fatigue and being able to keep up the pace. It is not a murder run but it is tough and very important for judging how good of shape the players have kept them selves during their off time.

    These players get paid very very good money to be able to perform at a peak of athletic excellence. There is no excuse to not be able to perform a basic cardio test such as the conditioning test they just went through.

    Plus they have a full staff of trainers and doctors who know just how far they can push these guys. In the long run this will help a bunch, so long as he doesn’t burn them out! One hard practice isn’t going to kill anyone, it will only separate the men from the boys.

  40. Adam Says:

    I called it yesterday…. Benn was the next GM failure by Dominik. Still at two starters in three drafts and counting.

  41. Architek Says:

    This is the beginning of the end for Benn. It’s very unfortunate

  42. Patrick Says:

    WTF! Is this team just cursed or what’s the deal?! I’m serious, we have the worst damn luck it appears with injuries.

  43. Stevek Says:

    Hope Benn comes back soon. Dom’s seat may be getting a little more toasty, due to bad luck with injuries: GMC, Grimm, Price, Benn, and Bowers.

    This offseason I believe Dom got the signings right. (still could use LB and DE depth, and wish we would have offered Mario Williams our $20,000,000.00 cap + Quincy’s $alary h his picks.

    I hope we go on another spending spree in FA next year.

  44. Nate Says:

    Are you serious! Atleast we have underwood now I guess..

  45. Garv Says:

    Injuries are nobody’s “fault” but in the eyes and from the big mouths of MORONS!
    Four weeks does not mean season ending but does mean opportunities for players like Underwood.
    MORONS like Adam “DIE Dominik DIE” (after drafting Mark Barron) and Mr. …….err….”Dr.” Grandee have opinions that matter like the crap stuck on the bottom of your sneakers.

    Hey it’s HERE and all but the MORONS are excited about it!

    Buccaneers in 2012?

    Can’t WAIT!!!

  46. Kevin Says:

    2nd rounder for Mike Wallace?

  47. Bucfan1532 Says:

    Miguel what are you smoking? You say you were a runner, my guess is that you were terrible at it. Conditioning tests are important because it gives the coaches a clue to the players ability to go all out in practice.
    Get a clue man. To say that a player who collapses on the field and dies is murderer by the coach is ridiculous. Thanks though, because you made me laugh with your ridiculous comment. Lol

  48. Adam Says:

    So… “GARV”… by your rationale, Ki-Jana Carter wasn’t a bust. He was just injured. Steve Emtman wasn’t a bust… just injuries. Tim Couch anyone? Gerald McCoy? (aw, too soon? Suh is now being featured on DirecTV’s SUNDAY TICKET ads… but remember: Dominik said if they were both on the board, he would STILL take McCoy).

    There’s more to drafting a player than just performance. These guys can’t get on the field. Benn was a second round pick and he was upstaged by Williams. 2 injuries in 3 years. He’s almost as bad as McCoy. You can be a BUST with injuries that keep you from fulfilling your potential AND your contract.

    And what is it exactly about Mark Dominik’s draft history that lends you to believe that he has ANY kind of talent when it comes to picking players? That’s the one question you can ask any Mark Dominik supporter/apologist and there’s no answer. It’s a completely legit question, too. The reason why is there is nothing. I see TWO legit starters that came in on Dominik’s watch: Freeman and Claiborne. I’m starting to think that Freeman is only here because of the Kansas State tie to BLAH-eem Morris.

    Seriously. If Mark Barron doesn’t turn out to be Ed Reed/Ronnie Lott, it was a reach. The Bucs needed a shut-down corner for the next 10 years to neutralize Brees and Ryan and Dominik gambled with a trade down and he LOST. End of story.

    I’ve been a Bucs fan since my dad went to the Montgomery Ward on “Buffalo” and Himes and bought me an Orange Bucco-Bruce bicycle with coaster brakes. I know what good players and bad players are. So once you start calling names, you’re basically done debating. Your whole argument is just name-calling coupled with unfounded, baseless statements.

  49. Bobby Says:

    Adam…Suh pretty much sucked last year. He was very average. For our team I would take McCoy too. Suh belongs in Detroit. I have all the faith in the world that a healthy McCoy is going to show all doubters just how good he is.

  50. Bobby Says:

    Another lack of understanding on your part Adam….Graham did most of the damage for N.O. and that is why Barron is the best pick. We have a shut down corner in Talib when his head is in the game. I have a feeling you never played football huh?

  51. Bobby Says:

    Adam, the reason people end up calling you names is because your arguements are so lame. You act like an injury is the stamp of ‘bust’ on a players career but look at Stafford.
    As long as the injury isn’t career ending it’s just a set back. As far as taking Barron over Claiborne..I personally thought that move was genius. We get a fourth round pick for the trade that allows us to get Doug Martin and then we get Lavonte David in the second. What exactly would you have done differently that would have produced a better outcome? I think we’ll know more about how good these draft picks are this year but people get tired of all the whining and crying about the past. I’m just excited about the future of this team. It’s hard to understand people who call themselves fans who just seem to hate everything about the team.

  52. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    Garv probably also thinks we made the right move selecting Roy Miller over Mike Wallace, Kellen Winslow (who we then made the highest paid TE in NFL history) over Shady McCoy, and Myron Lewis over Jimmy Graham. Us fans that see the erroneous ways of Marcell Dominick are simply haters.

    With all of the premium high draft picks we’ve had at our disposal, what exactly do we have to show for it? 3 sacks out of GMC and 4 tds out of Rejus Benn, along with a 7th rounder from Chicago which will probably turn out to be one of the very last picks in the draft. We also acquired Myron Lewis in what was considered the deepest draft in league history.

    Joe Haden, Jason Pierre Paul, Eric Berry, Rob Gronkowski, and Jimmy Graham would all look awesome in pewter.

    Marcell Dominick should be relegated to kicking game scout, he has done a reasonable job in acquiring Koenen and Barth at least.

  53. Bobby Says:

    @Freemanbomb5…..and people wonder why they get called morons….What a pathetic arguement you use. Sure..let’s wait and see how players pan out and then single out our GM for failing to draft the ones that are achieving. Forget about the other 30 teams that passed on them too…it’s only our GM that blew it. If all GM’s had the luxury to wait a year or two and see hw players do in the NFL they’d all be batting a thousand. Moron…..