“You’re Seeing The 4.3 Speed”

June 1st, 2012

There’s nothing wrong with a little excitement about a player in May, even if it is underwear football where there’s little contact and running backs and other positions barely get a two-hand touch.

Count rockstar general manager Mark Dominik among those excited already about the performance of the 2012 Bucs draft class.

Speaking to Steve Duemig, of WDAE-AM 620 yesterday, Dominik said late-round picks have “really splashed” and include seventh-round scatback Michael Smith, the former No. 2 back at Utah State.

“We’ve been very excited about what Michael Smith has done with the ball in his hands. You’re seeing the 4.3 speed on the field, when he gets the ball in his hands and just being able to accelerate and make big plays,” Dominik said.

It’s fun to think about Smith becoming an electric weapon in the Bucs’ backfield, but Joe really can’t get “excited.” Not now. Not yet. Maybe after Smith stands out in a preseason game.

Kareem Huggins had that kind of speed and fans flocked to him as a potential savior. Joe simply will be impressed if Smith can make the Bucs roster and challenge for carries with the huge talents ahead of him on the depth chart.

14 Responses to ““You’re Seeing The 4.3 Speed””

  1. Meh Says:

    I’m hoping we use him as a returner at least. He could be electric! Parker was just not a very good returner. He had a good season as a receiver, but I wouldn’t mind never seeing him return another kick again.

  2. OB Says:

    Joe, without a line that blocks, nobody is going anywhere very often. I think the Bucs now have a line that will block their assignments and together. All of the backs will be fun to watch.

  3. Fester Says:

    There’s always some bubble guy to hype. I’d be more excited if Dominik was talking about defense. But it’s all smoke right now anyway

  4. 941-Bucs Says:

    I can see smith squeezeing into a Sproles type role. Hopefully his hands are good, because it seems his best chances to get on the field will be as a wr/rb hybrid position.

    Just get him the ball into open space and see if he really does have that big play potential.

  5. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Its hard to talk about defense right now when they cant even hit or have any contact. Its hard to judge really anyone when theres no pads on because its a whole different ball game with pads.

  6. 941-Bucs Says:

    @Fester i agree.

    The defensive bubble guy I like is Devin Holland. Love his speed and crushing hits. He’s already a special teams Ace. I hope he can make the roster and the field this season.

  7. Eric Says:

    He isn’t biting the ball in that photo.

    And, his jersey is a bit wrinkled.

    Lot to learn………………

  8. ClayBURN94 Says:

    @Eric how can you possibly know what you are talking about when you have obviously never played a team sport before? Schianos trying to teach them how to be proffessionals which obviously something they knew nothing about last year.

  9. BigBear Says:

    @941-Bucs I’m a Devin Holland fan as well. I don’t know if i’d use the word ace for him, but I think he has a ton of potential on special teams after getting hurt so early last year. I think it is interesting that he said he made an impression last year by learning multiple positions. Shows he has some smarts to go along with that speed and hitting ability. Let’s not forget blocking, Danny Woodhead is still down on the field I think. I’m pulling for him to be the fifth safety behind Barber, Grimm, Barron and probably Black.

  10. Steve Says:

    I have high hopes for the guy but Joe is right. Every few years there is a some smallish fast or quick guy everyone thinks is going to be big play guy. If you look back in past 10 years or so we draft one every few drafts… Aaron Locket, Travis Stephens, ken Darby…and sigh Dexter Jackson. That last one stings the most since I am an APP State grad.

  11. Miguel Grande Says:

    Dominik sounds like a penny stock broker defending his draft picks.

    “Schiano is trying to teach them how to be professionals which obviously something they knew nothing about last year.”

    Who is going to teach the Little General how to be a professional?

    I thought Spurrier would be the greatest college coach to turn pro and he was a complete washout with the Redskins. I have learned not to gush about players or coaches until they have some type of track record. The Little General so far has got them lined up correctly and has micro managed the A/C settings. That would hardly qualify him for the Hall of Fame.

  12. Rrsrq Says:

    Dom drafted for depth as well as splash. Remember when Graham went down, LGB was already out and we had nothing but Lumpkin and Madu, we don’t wanna be caught in that again. Smith will likely make the team, to protect against injuries, he can’t go on the practice squad, he will get scooped up by the team that wanted to trade for him. Also, remember the Giants had Bradshaw, Jacobs and Ward at one point.

  13. teacherman777 Says:

    I wish we had also gone after Chris Polk or Bolden from Ole Miss. And who signed Bolden? Of course the Pats.

    We couldve solidified our backfield with Michael Smith AND Chris Polk in the 7th round.

    Watch Chris Polk for the Eagles. He will surprise people this year.

    I want us to be like the Saints. Have 4 good backs that we use every week. Keep these young guys together and help them stay fresh by rotating them.

    Lets just hope Smith can learn to juke. He fast straight on, but he is not very elusive. He will need to train hard this year to really become a pro.

  14. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Miguel Grande
    While I understand you concerns because of gius like Spurier, this situation is very different. Spurier was lazy. Instead of developing players he went to a team that was trying to buy its way to a championship. Schiano came in knowing he would have to teach and develop his people. It’s a completely different thing to actually have to work to get things done.

    Didn’t the Saints have one of the highest number of PASSING YARDS? The Pats are a passing team as well. And even the Giants, the team our offense is supposedly based on? One of the lowest teams in rushing yards and one of the highest in passing yards.

    Regardless of the media hype and the statements we’ve heard, tthis will not be a “running team”.

    I believe we’ll run the ball more, but not nearly to the degree that everyone is saying. There’s a reason Schiano is being tight-lipped about the passing game…he doesn’t want to let the cat out of the bag.