Telling Sideline Laughter

June 29th, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, Joe brought you highlights and a link to the lengthy return of Raheem Morris to a media podium, this time as secondary coach for the Redskins.

Now is offering a video snippet of Raheem’s chatter in a short feature on the ex-head coach. You can hear Raheem talk about not having an ego — followed immediately talking about how he’s one of the best in the world at his job.

But most distressing and telling to Joe, is the footage of Raheem on the sideline during last year’s home beating at the hands of the Panthers. The Bucs were in the midst of their heinous losing streak, the Panthers had scored a touchdown on their opening possession, and there’s a Buccaneer standing directly behind Raheem laughing his head off.

The Bucs trailed that entire game from the Panthers’ opening-drive TD. That laughter behind Raheem was quite telling.

58 Responses to “Telling Sideline Laughter”

  1. Tom Says:

    “You can hear Raheem talk about not having an ego — followed immediately talking about how he’s one of the best in the world at his job.”

    That is a misrepresentation of what the guy said.

  2. Joe Says:


    That is a misrepresentation of what the guy said.

    In what way, exactly?

  3. jb Says:

    Really Raheem???????????? REALLY???????? You love teaching young players about discipline? What’re you gonna teach ’em?

    How this guy is even allowed anywhere on a NFL coaching roster is a complete travesty, when you think about all the great young coaches on the collegiate level that would give just about anything to coach in the NFL!

  4. admin Says:

    Other Joe here,

    @Tom – Don’t agree.

    But if you click through the link to the previous story and access the whole video from the same news conference, you’ll catch Raheem saying the following, when asked whether learning the 3-4 defense in Washington was a good career move.

    “I never looked at it that way. I’m the very best,” Raheem said of the “mentally weak” question. “I was the best last year when I got fired. I’m going to continue to feel that way.”

  5. Vic Says:

    Raheem seems so much worse in retrospect. Don’t know if it’s Schiano’s presence, or just reality setting in.

  6. Pat Yasinskas Says:

    the guy says ‘raheem was dispatched in the middle of the season.’ would have been nice.

  7. Joe Says:

    Dini’s Biceps:

    If you don’t know when training camp starts, maybe you should frequent other sites.

    Joe brings news every day, 365 days a year. If this isn’t good enough for you, Joe’s sure you can find spirited debate over the fierce battle for third string right guard at some other forum.

  8. robert Says:

    rah was just an idiot…..every time he opened his mouth it was apparent. just a true idiot, guy had the mentality of a 20 year old.

  9. bucfanjeff Says:

    He looks like he’s put on weight. I liked the guy, but he proved to not be a good HC.

  10. Pinnacl3 Says:

    I know it’s slow as far news is concerned, by Joe’s constant reaching is kinda off-putting. It’s damn near petty and stupid really. What’s going on with the rookies and some of the vets still working out at One Buccaneer Place?

  11. Eric Says:

    Some of us reached those conclusions about rah at his introductory press conference.

    Took a ten game losing streak to convince others.

    Schiano looks like a huge upgrade, but we still have to see how his team plays.

  12. Joe Says:


    What’s going on with the rookies and some of the vets still working out at One Buccaneer Place?

    Well, Joe’s going to guess if any players are not taking vacation now — most are — they are doing what you are suggesting, pumping weights and running routes, which is off limits to all outsiders.

    Joe writes what interests Joe and how much a player can lift is not one of them. To quote Warren Sapp, “Do don’t pump weights on the 50-yard line.”

    Just judging how Joe’s traffic has exploded in the past near-four years, Joe’s pretty sure what interests him also interests many other Bucs fans.

    Joe is in business to attract readers and spark engaging debates, not bore people to death and chase them away.

    And if you think Joe doesn’t know what he is doing, think again.

  13. Adam Says:

    I honestly think Rich Kotite would have been an upgrade over Raheem Morris.

  14. stevek Says:

    Raheem is a joke.

    He is a loser, and 17-31 in his tenure proves, “stats are for losers”.

  15. Pinnacl3 Says:

    @Joe I don’t think I said Joe didn’t know what he was doing. I’ve been coming to this site for the past year. I’m a BUCS fan too. But don’t get it confused, I have NEVER agreed with everything Joe or any other publication citing itself as a BUCCANEERS fan or beat writer has written. It’s supposed to be that way. Not all fans agree whole-heartedly. Only agreement is the team we choose to discuss.
    As far as not being in business to chase people away, how do you think being a pompous ass and connecting a link to your iHeart Tampa Bay 620AM “award” goes over?
    That’s a joke I wouldn’t even know where to begin with. However, as someone who will most likely still keep coming back to the site, it would you serve you well to show some humility. Almost like the pot calling the kettle black when you look at that line about how Raheem Morris has no ego.
    Congrats on the “award”.

  16. canadbuc Says:

    I’m so glad we don’t have to listen to his ramblings anymore. I still laugh when I think about his first few press conferences. Deer in the headlights….

  17. admin Says:

    Other Joe here,

    @Pinnacl3 — You wrote that news is slow and Joe’s alleged “constant reaching” puts you off. Well, the “constant reaching”is a nice opinion except Joe does what he does daily and isn’t “reaching;” Joe writes about what he finds interesting in the world of the Buccaneers. It’s been the same model since Day 1.

    Yes, you can get loads, if not all, of your Bucs news here, including news you won’t find anywhere else, but ultimately is opinion-driven journalism, always has been, always will be.

    Joe has no problem getting defensive, combative and egomaniacal with readers, and Joe isn’t concerned about who runs from the site because they don’t like the messenger or the messages. Joe really can’t concern himself with such matters. That would be a full-time job if Joe went there.

    A comment like your first one in this thread essentially respectfully attacks Joe’s credibility and judgment, which is fine, expect don’t expect Joe to not fire back.

    Regarding this post specifically, Joe will take you through the genesis. Joe saw the video. Joe thought the dude in street clothes behind Raheem during the Carolina game was noteworthy and telling. Joe wrote about it. If that’s “reaching,” so be it.

  18. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Incredibly lucky Talib blasted Rah on the radio yesterday saying that things got loose (no s-it) under rahrah and that Schiano has brought back badly needed order (thank goodness).

    Talib calling rah loose is hysterical, weren’t some of you arguing with me about Rah’s greatness 10 months ago?

    LMAO, I will never stop laughing at the arguments some of you made last year in support of rahrah.

  19. canadabuc Says:

    Rah was a joke of a head coach from day 1 !!!

  20. flmike Says:

    I’ll admit it, I was a Rah fan the first season and a half, then it became apparent he needed to go…

    I’ll tolerate you until I can replace you…

  21. Pinnacl3 Says:

    After further review of the video, it is confirmed….REACHING!

  22. Justin Says:

    Hey Joe,

    Not sticking up for Raheem here, but how do you know that footage from the Carolina game was not prior to kickoff?

  23. Bucnjim Says:

    Yeah I supported Raheem because I felt the need to support whoever the coach was. Was I wrong? Of Course, but I’ve been wrong before and I’m sure I’ll be wrong again. That’s why you never bet on your own team. In hindsight; the first season was more about Freeman cleaning up Raheem’s mess than it was about good coaching.

  24. OAR Says:

    Wow, man you still don’t get it was your tact, or lack there of, in your so called arguements that rubbed us the wrong way. Well, that and your personal hate for him. Most of us doubted Raheem’s abilities(myself extremely when he was hired), but were willing to atleast give the man his chance. We get it, he failed! Get over it!
    The only person patting you on the back is yourself and maybe Jockstrap Grande.

  25. Bucnjim Says:

    Fixing Rah’s slow starts will have to be one of the top priorities for this new coaching staff.

  26. BigBear Says:

    Its amazing the difference 1 year makes. Raheem seemed like he had it altogether at this same point last year. It’s too bad he didn’t as we had to sit through such a horrid season to show how glaring his inabilities were. I will say I defended him because I had hope and faith that he was the right guy and by dammit he was a likable guy. In the end he showed that not only was he not a quality coach, he also showed (as he does in this video) that his own ego gets in the way of making the right decisions for the team. Clearly being fired did not humble him much. Hopefully he will mature and become a fine coach somewhere along the way.

  27. BigMacAttack Says:

    I’m going to pretty much support our HC now, then, or tomorrow and the “who” isn’t important. The reason I feel the need to support is because I can’t control the “who” part of it. It is pretty easy to not support someone form the beginning and end up being right because there is only a couple options, success or failure (unless its Andy Reid who has already used 9 lives).

    I think Rah came out of the gate looking inexperienced as hell, and sounded like a total idiot. Sure I wasn’t happy, but he did turn things around late in 09′ and the team played very well in 2010′. I found no need at the time to bash a coach that was on an upswing. And as said before “I’d rather be wrong and win, than be right and lose” (like some people here). No doubt the lockout hurt Raheem and the whole team, and he lost them totally, but he still had a good run in 2010′. Luck plays a big part in winning, but will only get you so far. Now Raheem is gone, I’m glad he’s gone now, and I think his number one enemy is his own big mouth. He’s young and maybe he’ll learn when/if he grows up.

  28. canadianbuc Says:

    @Canadabuc Theres only room for one Canadian bucs fan on this site………………….Jokes but on this raheem note hes such an idiot clearly trash talking and laughing during practice doesnt fire the guys up because it sure didnt work here.

  29. BraveBuc Says:

    I’m in agreement with Pinnacl3. Personally I’d prefer Joe stick to quality over quantity but I understand you need new content to generate traffic. You also don’t want a dry spell and end up losing return readers which I can see as a major challenge during this time of year for a football blog. So I’m somewhat indifferent to these filler articles.

    However, people with large egos rub me the wrong way. You really do need to practice some humility Joe. I know people on the internet can be really rude sometimes but show some class…. Joe’s ego > Rah’s ego

    Not that you care but I’m removing this site from daily browsing.

    Take care.

  30. OAR Says:

    Hey Joe
    You better call the WAH-bulance…..we have a couple of men down.

  31. Tom Says:

    @Admin or Joe: I love this site and appreciate your work, but I disagree with your characterization of his quote. No big deal, just isn’t what he said “immediately” after saying he doesn’t have a big ego. Sounded more to me like he said there are only a few guys in the world able to coach in the NFL (32?? WTF) and they are the best at their jobs. Maybe Raheem has a giant ego, I don’t know, but I don’t think he was necessarily hypocritical in the way you alluded to in the post.

    I personally don’t appreciate media twist on things. And I thought that was a bit of twist. Maybe there is more to it later on in the full video. As you pointed out, it is your site. You write what you want. If you would prefer I don’t post if I disagree just let me know, I’ll stop.

  32. stevek Says:

    Dom is not a rockstar.

    Calvin Johnson is “Megatron”…

  33. OAR Says:

    Dang Joe they’re dropping like flies! How dare you give your own opinion on your own site!

  34. Bucnjim Says:

    Raheem must still have a lot of family that follow this site. No one else would get so upset over an article. Gruden may have had a bigger ego, but at least he produced for the most part. You shouldn’t have any ego with Raheem’s record. Very humbling experience I would say.

  35. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Tom – Never a problem with anyone commenting and offering different/dissenting opinion, only if it maliciously misrepresents Joe in some way. As Joe always says, nobody should be surprised by Joe responding to comments.

    Some in this thread think that Joe criticized Raheem for having a big ego. That’s not the case, just readers trying to read between lines. Joe simply found it comical that Raheem talked about not having the ego and then rolled into the greatness of those in his job.

  36. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @BraveBuc – What you and others fail to realize is that Joe would have written this post during a “busy” news time of year. This has nothing to do with Joe filling space. Joe found it interesting and therefore Joe wrote about it. It’s really not more complicated than that. If it doesn’t meet your quality standards, then that’s OK.

    Joe invests about the same amount of time daily studying all things Bucs no matter the time of year. Joe writes what interests him within his time constraints.

    As for Joe’s ego, as much as a mythical figure like “Joe” can have, Joe’s not here to offer weak opinions or soft reactions. THat would be neither interesting or entertaining, and Joe strives to be both.

    Joe reserves the “humility” you reference to his real-world dealings.

  37. RIs_Buc Says:

    Hey Joe, without doing some digging, your comment about ego seems unjustified… At the very least unwarranted.

    Raheem wasnt ready to be a head coach. (see lack of discipline / order)
    BUT – The Bucs werent ready to win. (see offseason moves / commitment during the Rah-era)

    Lose / Lose situation. Lets get off Rahs back, his style of coaching has been effective in the past. Personally I hope he improves and gets another shot a few yrs into the future.

  38. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @RIs Buc – What exactly was Joe’s comment about ego. Raheem mentions ego in response to a reporter in this video, essentially saying he’s not a guy with a big ego, and then goes on to talk about the greatness of those in his job.

    WHy is this Joe ripping Raheem’s ego. Joe simply thought this was noteworthy and funny. Raheem’s entitled to a big ego. EVERY NFL head coach has one. Joe would never think otherwise.


    Wait….there’s two separate Joe’s? Missed that

  40. canadabuc Says:

    @Canadianbuc – Agreed…. All the rap music and joking around in practice sure paid off. Everyone seems to forget the addition of the IPAD’s for the playbook. Too much facebook and Angry Birds in my opinion…… Raheem was a joke.

  41. RIs_Buc Says:

    I hear you Joe, but we hang off every word and assume every sentence you post has a purpose. That line about ego seems unnecessary, and does imply a few things.

    40 comments later – I getcha. Keep up the good work Joe(s)

  42. Garv Says:

    I was at that Carolina throwback game last season.
    Let me make one thing perfectly clear.

    There was NOTHING funny about it.

    Buccaneers in 2012?

    Can’t WAIT!!!

  43. BraveBuc Says:


    I actually think the work you guys do overall of covering the bucs is awesome. I do feel like some articles dilute your better work but thats no big deal.

    My problem is the attitude I see in responses like the one to Pinnacl3. It sounds like you are saying that is the Joe persona and you think people like it. I personally like the bucs coverage but don’t care for someone that; for example, flaunts some award in response to his reader’s comment.

    So whatever, you’d know better about what your readers like than I.

  44. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @BraveBuc – Wait a minute, Joe thought you left the building. 😉

    Appreciate the kind words and the feedback. One thing Joe doesn’t do here is play one story bigger than another at any time. That’s rather unique on the Internet and that’s actually by design. Sure, the “better” stuff you refer to gets the same attention as everything else and can be “diluted” as you call it, but Joe’s fine with the negativity that can come with that. Like what you like. Hate what you hate. As for flaunting the reward, well you’ll just have to look past Joe’s occasional pompous ‘tude. … Sometimes Joe’s hate mail not seen on the site gets to him.

  45. BigMacAttack Says:

    One thing about this site is (I think) everyone pretty much is themselves, and it is welcomed and accepted. I the Joes are just being themselves as well, and that is what makes it all work for me. I don’t really see any difference in the narrative of the stories or the comments from the hosts. It takes all kinds and varying opinions to all sides.

    Joe = Conservative, Sport Loving, Beer Drinking (but not in excess), Knowledgeable Fact Checkers, Hetro-Lovers of the Female Anatomy, $h!t talking after a few beers (we all do it) guys next door that are about providing top value and making money. Oh yeah, and food lovers, good food.

    Customer Service is everything but sometimes you have to tell a-holes to F-off, and a good customer knows when he deserves it, and comes back for more.

    But by my second or third time here, 4 years ago, I found out (as others did) about Joe’s obsession with Rachel Watson. At that moment in time, I knew Joe was alright, because I have always felt that way. She has aged like the finest wine, and I sure miss seeing her on Sundays. God sure broke the mold on that one. Yessireeebob.

  46. Mr Lucky Says:

    Yup, Raheem laughed all the way to the bank!

    Thanks Glazers! 🙁

  47. Mr Lucky Says:

    Well as a long-time reader here I can this about Joe:

    He wears his love for the Bucs on his sleve and yeah sometimes the stories are a ‘reach’ but Joe just calls them as he sees them.

    Personally I’m amazed that the Joe(s) let as much garbage fly around here as they do; but maybe that’s why I keep coming back time and time (I think it will be 4 years in September? )

    Well whatever your personal opinion about the Bucs just know this; Joe1 and Joe2 have THEIR opinions and they’re not afraid to write it and let it influence all things Buc.

    Best Tampa Bay Bucs site around, hands down.

    Joe(s) don’t stop what you’re doing. Two thumbs up here guys.

  48. Miguel Grande Says:

    I think the Joes are doing an excellent job with this website and the surge in advertisers even in the off season are a testament to that. Supervising the comments must be like herding cats sometimes and they probably don’t appreciate getting scratched. I do love when they scratch back even though I have some scars myself.

    I must be inebriated, because I am finding myself agreeing with BigMacAttack above.

    @Oar What is this obsession you have with large jockstraps? Jockstrap Grande? Sounds like you’re ordering in a gay Starbucks. It reminds me of Joe’s obsession with Rachel Watson not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    “Some of us reached those conclusions about Rah at his introductory press conference.
    Took a ten game losing streak to convince others.”

    Truer words were never spoken. Every time he got up to speak, I had to turn off the TV, radio or video. The man was and is a moron. Like Ray Perkins, the stupidest man alive, he had no business running a NFL team. Like Ray Perkins, he actually thought he was doing a great job.

    Maybe ego isn’t the best word for it, I like hubris, but Garv would think you were talking about circumcision.

  49. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    So much love, Joe is soothed.

    Joe’s got a special place in his heart for the real old-time commenters from 2008 like BigMacAttack, Mr. Lucky, Dave (who now goes by a different name), Sgt. Mike, and RastaMon and his former haiku fetish. … Joe used to write for a few hundred visits to the site daily. And Joe remembers when it was a big deal hitting 1,000 daily visits. Now Joe hangs in the 15,000 per day range. … Yeah, Joe loves other long-time commenters that came on board in ’09 and since. Just referencing some ’08 names from memory.

    Joe’s really only booted about a dozen people in almost four years, and most of those have reinvented themselves.
    Of course, many more have told Joe to F-off, such as the famous JimBuc departure, which was topped by the Thomas 2.2 jettisoning, only to see the masses demand his return. UFOJoe and JDouble delivered memorable middle fingers Joe’s way.

    Ahh, the memories.

  50. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    The reason the traffic increased 4 years ago was the shutting down of the Buccaneers forums.

    Both PR and JBF benefited from that.

    But the Joes produced the content that kept us here. In fact…I would venture to say that JBF has even pulled over some people from PR as well.

    Just so you know, Joe, here’s the things I view as pros and cons of the site:

    Plenty of content
    You give credit to your sources (I have seen PR harvest their leads from other peoples stories)
    When you put the thought into original stories and editorials, you produce quality stuff

    Thomas wannabees
    THE SPAM FILTER!!!!! (wink)

  51. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    btw, Joe…can we bribe you to block Thomas’ IP Address?

  52. j lynch Says:

    Bucs forum? they got tired of people calling Morris Radio They couldnt allow the fan base to dwindle any smaller and coudnt stand the fans telling it like it is Morris Leftwich cutting Books Ruud just a few smart things they did?? Josh Johnson at starting QB They finally woke up when they were called out on Man U

  53. Joe Says:

    Thank you Pete! 🙂

  54. Brandon Says:

    A couple of times Joe and I have not seen eye to eye and he let me know it and vice versa. I’m not the least bit effing worried about it. I don’t know about Joe, but I was raised in a lockerroom and have never been in a lockerroom where everybody got along about everything. It’s life, baby.

    Joe’s got his opinions, I have mine, sometimes those two aren’t the same. I defend my opinions because I’m right and Joe defends his because he thinks he is and I respect that. He’s a real dude, he’s not always politically correct, every-once-in-a-while he gets a little overly sensitive or take something the wrong way… again, he’s a real guy and that’s life.

    As for the issue some of you have with Joe… humility…Raheem’s ego, etc. Joe is right, Raheem said he has no ego and then he said he was the best… that’s a huge contradiction and is definitely worthy of being pointed out. As for humility, have it, don’t have it, but whatever he does, he should be himself and consistently do that. I think he is pretty darn consistent. Yeah, he can be a little egotistical, he should be. He believes he is a pretty big fan of the Bucs, and he is, and he believes he knows most of what he is talking about, and he does.

    As for his persona of using himself in the 3rd person, at first I was put off by it… but now it is a little comical… because #1, his name probably isn’t really Joe, and #2, there’s no way he talks like that in the real world. I mean imagine the guy trying to get somebody to work on his house or ordering food from a restaurant, “Joe ordered his steak medium rare, this is well done. Do Joe a favor and get your sweet cheeks back in the kitchen and cook Joe up another steak, this one medium rare. Joe thanks you.”

    If I had one complaint about Joe, it’s that he hasn’t made a JoeBucsFan App for Android. Other than that, Brandon thinks Joe has done an excellent job.

  55. Brandon Says:

    Joe, any link to the video or at least an idea of who the Buccaneer was laughing his arse off on the sideline during the beating we took from the Panthers?

  56. Vice Says:

    This is the NFL’s strangest and most addictive website. Bucs fans are lucky to have it.

  57. Anthony Says:

    Raheem’s a good guy who was put in a tough spot. I was very impressed that he turned down Minnesota for the DC job and took Washington’s DB job instead. Any chance to bash Raheem some more… Move on already.

  58. KennyC Says:

    Sounds like the same BS he spewed out last year. Discipline, LOL even Talib, the team’s biggest thug said there was no discipline. I am mad that I actually bought into this guy last season, complete joke!