Brian Price On Special Training Mission

June 6th, 2012

Hopefully news of Brian Price now training in California is nothing more than a way for him to get fit and be close to his family after the tragic, accidental death of his sister recently. 

Beat writer Stephen Holder, of the Tampa Bay Times, brings word that Price is missing some OTA days working with a renowned left coast trainer with approval from the Bucs. And Greg Schiano didn’t close the door on Price having trouble related to his unique pelvis and hamstring injuries.

“It may be related to that,” Schiano said. “I don’t think it’s that specifically, but he’s had some issues. Hopefully that will work itself out.”

You can click through above to read the entire piece.

Again, one can only hope Price skipping practices is not a giant red flag as it relates to his health.

34 Responses to “Brian Price On Special Training Mission”

  1. Bulldog Says:

    Hopefully it’s to be close to the boy’s he’s about to adopt.

  2. Andrew Says:

    This guy needs to take a year off to recuperate physically and mentally. i know that is not how the nfl works but i think that will do the trick.

  3. Chris FWC Says:

    He will play if healthy. His sister would have wanted him too.

  4. MR.PATRICK Says:

    He needs to be close to his family after this tragedy. After all that he has faced these last 2 years, its a wonder he can funtion at all. God bless him and his family.

  5. Paul W. Says:

    How the hell do you know what his sister would want him to do?

  6. Nick2 Says:

    Given that I have had hip surgery and know a little about it I always thought he was lucky to still be playing. I will be amazed if he can be an every down tackle at any point. Hes put together with nuts and bolts and one of those is bound to give way at some point with the pounding an NFL player gets in the trenches. I think we are thinner along the defensive line than Dom thinks now.

  7. BigMacAttack Says:

    Ding ding ding.
    Its a giant red flag! Price has serious issues with his hamstrings. They have not healed as hoped and may require more surgery. Price said so himself, but he prefers to play with the pain instead of another operation. I really like the guy, feel bad for him, but his NFL career is probably over. Lets be realistic, cut your losses, give him a severance and move on.

  8. paul Says:

    Wasn’t it Holder that went to Aaron Sears’ mom’s house when he was having all that trouble?

  9. Dini's Biceps Says:

    I cringed when we drafted him (rumors of being lazy). Now, he’s already become an Albatross to the team. Seems to be a Mental Case like that Offensive Guard we used to have.

    Mark Dominik seems to draft: Lazy or Mental Midgets

    ^ his days are numbered

  10. Dini's Biceps Says:

    ……… or players ALREADY INJURED

  11. Chris FWC Says:

    @ Paul W, wouldn’t you think she would want to continue his life? His life is football right now. He will be back.

  12. Thomas2.2 Says:

    I think we just mentally release the entire 2010 draft. If Mike Will or Grimm end up being contributors fine, but we should have zero expectations from that draft.

  13. Paul W. Says:

    Maybe, but it’s not your place to say something like that. If it was a family member, like one of the 2 kids he is adopting, or Brian himself, it might mean something

  14. Buxter Says:

    It’s no use speculating on Price’s future. It may be time to break out the worry beads if he miss minicamp next week though.

  15. eric Says:

    I hope someone is advising the young man.

    That injury and repair is horrific. Courage is admirable but hes got the rest of his life to lead.

    Id strongly consider an injury settlement and move on.

    Too damn risky IMO.

  16. teacherman777 Says:

    OK. Brian Price was on the field WAY to early last season. We rushed his recovery because we had ZERO depth at DT. The Bucs were wise to take it easy with Bowers, I dont understand why we didnt do the same with Brian!

    He needs help. I really hope this new trainer Guerrero can help him.

    Brian Price was a warrior last year. He played through so much pain. More pain than you sissy armchair coaches could ever understand.

    Brian Price needs to do some yoga and stop drinking the energy drinks. He needs some good people in his corner.

    If he needs surgery again. Then he needs to have surgery. I still think he could help our franchise even i.f he has to sit for a while.


  17. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “I cringed when we drafted him (rumors of being lazy). Now, he’s already become an Albatross to the team. Seems to be a Mental Case like that Offensive Guard we used to have. ”


    What in the hell are you talking about? How exactly is he a mental case? I think he’s the exact opposite, especially in dealing with all the tragedy he’s had to deal with in his life. I guarantee you he’s a lot more mentally strong than you are. By having to read your post, I truly feel a little stupider than I did before.

  18. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    And really, lazy??? Do you have any idea how much rehab he has had to go through just to get on the field? Unbelievable.

  19. Thomas2.2 Says:

    An important point:

    For the first 3 games while McCoy was healthy playing the 3 technique (stat position) here are their stats:

    Price and McCoy both had 5 total tackles, Price had 1 sack and McCoy zero, Price had 3 TFL’s for -13 yards, McCoy had zero TFL’s.

    Even injured and playing the nose Price was outperforming MCCoy.

    McCoy had one good game against the Colts before getting injured – the Colts were playing their 3rd string rookie UFA at guard who never played College football. Remove that game and McCoy was invisible last year.

    If Price can make it through this adversity he is a more productive player than Gerald, and makes 6+ million less next year.

  20. Thomas2.2 Says:

    I agree that it is disgusting to call this kid a mental case and lazy. There is no evidence of that. I am not a huge fan of the California rehab thing but I assume that this also relates to his sister.

  21. Jrock Says:

    Did you guys know GMC was bad? I hear GMC is bad. Is there anyone who can confirm or deny this? Perhaps by cherry picking stats that would favorably argue that point? Anyone? Anyone…? Bueller?

  22. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I think you should ask this guy I know, Thomas. He’s an expert on all things football. Although he’s never coached at any level, been a GM, or even played football, he doesn’t let little things like that get in his way. He’s able to scour the internet and find great, reliable sites that tell him so much more than the ones that we read. He also excels in the skill of listening to a statement, then drawing a conclusion that no mortal could ever reach. He is truly special. If he ran our organization, we would have multiple Super Bowl rings.

  23. Miguel Grande Says:

    OK, I made the call to Ferris Bueller, he has officially confirmed GMC is bad. Not Michael Jackson bad but Rosanne Barr’s national anthem bad.

  24. Buxter Says:

    Price has earned this concession from the staff. He did everything he could just to play last year and attempted to participate in the previous OTA.

    Buccaneer man? Please. Let the staff use their judgement.

  25. Drew Says:

    Price will be fine. There’s nothing stating he’s re-injured.

  26. Architek Says:

    Price will be fine.

  27. ben Says:

    its not like he is injured to where he cant play because he was playing last season, they are just trying to get him the proper rehab that he didnt get so he cant be “his best self” i dont think it would hurt for him to be closer to his family right now either. i think he will be healthier this upcomming season and have a chip on his shoulder

  28. Have A Nice Day Says:

    I hope Price’s health improves to the point of being able to contribute. After his injury, none of us nor his coaches can expect him to be “beast”.

  29. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Let analyze: I drew the conclusion that Rah was incompetent, you drew the conclusion that he was a great coach – who draws wrong conclusions?

    To say I never played or coached is not true, I have done both just not beyond the high school level. I have never touted that I had the ability to play at the NFL level – I don’t. If I were to scout myself as a player I would agree with the schools who decided not to offer me a scholarship. I did continue to coach though until career and family pulled me in a different direction.

    I also have stayed close to the game as I have a good friend who is a retired scout but still weighs in informally and I discuss my opinions with him often.

  30. Buc O Deer Says:

    It is looking pretty obvious Rockstar Dom’s 2009-2011 drafts haven’t produced anyone sniffing a trip to Hawaii. Any all pro this year is probably Nicks, Joseph or V Jack. I like Barron’s chance as a future all pro.

    Price will probably be given limited snaps on 3rd down. Hopefully he is ready to go when the real camp starts in July. New Schiano Order will not play him just to play him.

  31. RustyRhino Says:

    who cares…
    we all have our own opinions..
    But thanks for the laugh.

  32. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I am so sorry Thomas. I underestimated the importance of how being an assistant an a 1A school in the 70s, running a wishbone offense, has prepared you for the NFL. I’m sure you have learned so much more than anyone on this board could ever dream of knowing.

    As for Raheem, so what? I was wrong. I’ve said it on multiple occasions and I’m saying it again now. Believe it or not, it does happen to most people. I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be wrong again before I die. A big difference between you and me is I’m man enough to admit it, you just go into hiding. I swear if I didn’t know any better, I would think you were my wife, because she is never wrong either.

    So you discuss things with an ex-scout? And????? I have a friend that’s a porn star, but that doesn’t mean I am qualified to do his job. Just because you “discuss your opinions” with him, that doesn’t mean jack sh!t. It’s absolutely hilarious that you would actually bring that up as an argument.

  33. teacherman777 Says:

    @Hawaiian Buc



    Keep at it!

  34. BigMacAttack Says:

    I agree. Good Stuff, Haha!