Signals Point To Cody Grimm Being Iced Out

May 11th, 2012

Being carted off the field has been too common of a sight for Cody Grimm in his first two seasons in the NFL.

The way new Bucs coach Greg Schiano has put a clamp down on information about what his defense will entail this fall, it’s easier for Joe to acquire a cell phone number for Rachel Watson.

Earlier this week on an podcast, Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik let some information slip when he all but stated Ronde Barber will be starting the season at safety.

Without trying to ascribe a motive, surely Schiano plans to start No. 7 overall draft pick Mark Barron as well.

This leaves Cody Grimm out in the cold.

Could it be that the Bucs have doubts about Grimm’s ability to bounce back from his second season-ending leg injury in as many years? Joe’s of the mind the Bucs should be.

Look, Joe has nothing at all against Grimm, a really good guy with good genes. He’s what everyone likes in a football player: gritty, fundamentally sound and not afraid to stick his nose in a pile. But to have a defensive back suffer two serious leg injuries; two years ago breaking an ankle and last year tearing the meniscus and MCL in his right knee.

Joe finds it strange that so many Bucs fans have piled on Gerald McCoy for not being able to stay on the field. Like Grimm, GMC himself has suffered two season-ending injuries in his first two seasons yet these same fans are willing to give Grimm a pass.

64 Responses to “Signals Point To Cody Grimm Being Iced Out”

  1. Zach Says:

    No one is giving Grimm a pass. He’s a 7th round pick. McCoy was taken 3rd overall. Obviously expectations are higher for a guy like that.

  2. BigLebowski Says:

    That is a silly statement to make. (1) Grimm is a 7th round pick, (2) Grimm was playing great until his injuries, and (3) I would call that broken leg a freak injury and the MCL was just unfortunate.

    You’re comparing a solid player who was a 7th rounder injured in a couple of freak situations to a 3rd overall pick who can’t keep his mouth shut, gets paid 100x more or so, and who is arm tackling so often he keeps tearing his biceps

  3. bucyea Says:

    wow!!! honestly…comparing Grimm to McCoy.

  4. T in Orlando Says:

    I can’t imagine the new regime wouldn’t like Grimm, given how he plays, and I would imagine given his lack of raw talent (compared to other NFL Safeties) means he’s got a tremendous work ethic on the practice field and in the study rooms. That being said, perhaps his recovery isn’t going as well as they would like, or just feel Ronde’s talent level (and also experience) are more valuable at the safety position than Grimm’s.

    Personally, I think they like the idea of Grimm being the 3rd safety, as it provides quality depth, and gives him the ability to learn from a guy in Barber who has never been the most talented guy on the field, yet has still managed to put together a HoF career.

  5. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Wrong as usual Joe.

    1) Grimm outperformed his pay grade before being hurt and he was a 7th round pick;
    2) Gerald underperformed;
    3) the propaganda machine tried to spin the bucs record post-Gerald as evidence of something – totally omitting that the defenses best back 7 run supporter – Grimm was out;
    4) everyone was impressed by Grimm’s play.

    You are applying inconsistent standards not us. You stubbornly refuse to accept that Okoye was signed to compete with Gerald, yet assume that Ronde will start bc the team has given up on Cody.

    You give Gerald a ton of slack and Cody virtually none. The film on pre-injury Cody is consistently good, you can’t say the same for mr pop Warner.

    If Cody can’t stay healthy he is a goner. If Gerald can’t stay healthy and play better he should be a goner.

  6. jvato24 Says:

    No, there is a big difference. McCoy was injured just by tackling somebody each time. Grimm was rolled from behind by Talib and Boldin the first time and retard Geno Hayes put his helmet full speed into Grimms knee when he was flying over a pile.

    Please show me the bionic man that can survive a helmet to the knee like that?? They were both freak accidents. I don’t understand how based off of 1 comment Grimm is basically on the roster bubble. There will be packages.

    If we want to talk about injuries at safety, Mark Barron has plenty with a torn Pec and double hernia surgery over the last 2 years.

  7. Kujolw84 Says:

    Of course Grimm gets a pass, we didn’t pay him all the guaranteed money. Cody was a 7th round pick, GMC was 3rd overall big difference. Looks like the next couple of drafts we’ll be building a new Defense seeing as our damn near whole defense with in the passed 3 years have had season ending injuries. Black broke his arm in what 2010, GMC’s, Price, Talib, Barber, Grimm. Hell when Hayes and Jackson were here they had problems. Guess we need a whole new tougher Defense.

  8. jvato24 Says:

    T in Orlando …. Grimms injury was better than first thought and he was near full speed before the season was over last year.

  9. BigLebowski Says:

    Another thing: I can imagine Joe sitting in his comfy recliner, watching the tv, when he hears the “Rock Star’s” blurb (btw, it is obvious that Butch is the rock star of this draft and told our resident gm who to draft if for no other reason that we picked some great players), spills his iced latte all over his bowling shirt, says “crap crap crap! I cracked the code! To the internet!”

    And then, he pontificates that if our GM has dropped this great bomb, then Grimm is obviously out of the picture. Bah.

    There is no way that Ronde is playing all three downs as a safety.

  10. BigLebowski Says:

    [Lebowski: Feel free to muse like that again and see the door locked. Suggesting Joe is taking cash for writing what you perceive to be a slanted story is begging to get run. — Joe.]

  11. Jessup Says:

    Hogwash Joe. Cody Grimm is the definition of a Schiano guy. Even if Barber was labeled as the starting safety, we will be playing Big Nickel with three safeties so much this year that the 3rd safety will be like a starter. Grimm will see the field a lot this year.

  12. BigLebowski Says:

    What is hogwash, anyway? Is that like hog poop?

  13. Adam L. Says:

    There were no expectations for Grimm. And remember, according to Boy Band General Manager Mark Dominik, he would have taken McCoy Twigs-for-Arms over Suh if both were on the board.

  14. OAR Says:

    No theyre different, the hogwash comes after the hog poop!

  15. T in Orlando Says:

    @ Adam L

    I don’t ever recall Dominick nor Morris saying they would’ve taken McCoy over Suh if Suh was available. There was classic GM spin (which every GM is guilty of) saying that McCoy was the best 3 Technique on their board, which several people agreed with (even thought many of those same people said Suh is the better all-around DT and prospect).

    And even if he did say that, what GM/HC doesn’t say such things right after a draft.

  16. mike Says:

    Maybe because McCoy is a number 1 draft pick (could be!!!) Not to mention the I am great attitude

  17. Muscle Hamster Says:

    b/c Cody doesn’t run his mouth on Twitter like he’s the greatest thing ever and get into arguments with fans when they call him out

  18. BigLebowski Says:

    Got it, Oars! It’s funny I didn’t know that seeing as we raised some hogs when I was a kid.

  19. OAR Says:

    You guys crack me up! You guys act like McCoy picked himself that high in the draft and paid himself that money. No, the Bucs did that. And, do you think he really wanted or knew he was going to get injured? If their situations were reversed I think a lot of you would still say the same things about McCoy.
    BTW atleast McCoy got hurt while TACKLING SOMEONE! A concept this team has lacked!
    BTW you guys saying Grimm gets a pass, whatever the reason or reasons, is exactly what Joe is talking about. So, Joe is right!

  20. thibs5599 Says:

    This is good for Grimm, he clearly is a bit injury prone so far in his career, and no way Barber plays every down as a safety so Grimm will still get his playing time. Barber will move down into the slot in 3 WR sets and Grimm can come in and play safety on those downs. This will help him stay healthy as well because he won’t be on the field as much.

  21. BigLebowski Says:


    i think the issue isn’t that we hate McCoy so much. But c’mon, comparing a 7th round overachiever with a 3rd overal underachiever?

  22. Chris FWC Says:

    LOL @hogwash

  23. Sooner in Tampa Says:


    PLEASE show me ONE instance where McCoy has said “I’m Great” or anything even remotely close to a statement like that!!

    McCoy can be bashed for being hurt (I personally think it’s stupid, players don’t hurt on purpose) but, he cannot be bashed for lack of effort or being a self serving player.

    I really do weep for the stupidity of Buc fans sometimes…


    Wait, hold on a second. You are telling me a guy with pre-rookie scale, first round money is compared differently than a 7th rounder???

    Color me shocked!!!!!!!!!! Good lord, Joe. Take a step back and get some perspective.

  25. BigLebowski Says:

    I’m currently enjoying an iced coffee. I cold brewed it myself!

  26. Jonny 3.3 Says:

    Grimm isn’t Free Safety material in case you folks haven’t realized, his best asset is in the box against the run. Barron while has the potential to be good in coverage, is much better in the box as a SS as well.

    I can see why Barber or Tandy could become our starting FS while Grimm remains the back up SS.

  27. Sgt Mike Says:

    What round was Grimm drafted in? Yet I am still of the mindset that GMC can be a dominant force on our D-line if he can get and stay healthy. Grimm on the other hand is worth it to keep at his cap value maybe one or two more seasons before writing him off. Just my opinion.

  28. OAR Says:

    I dont think Joe is comparing a 1st to a 7th round pick. He wonders why you guys give Grimm a pass for his INJURIES and not McCoy’s. Does it really matter the amount of money the player makes or where he was drafted, especially about injuries? You guys are the ones comparing a 1st rnd and a 7th rnd, which you guys are right and is asinine!

  29. AtrainWd40 Says:

    1st round pick Vs 7round pick Grim is an overachiever whereas GMC is the oposite

  30. That Guy Says:

    C’mon now, you can’t criticize Cody for his injuries. He’s a white guy. Ask Thomas how that works.

  31. Bucworld Says:

    Joe, I never thought about that, but you hit it dead on. Give me a break.. So it’s ok for a 7th round pick to get hurt and not a 1st round guy. Were talking about injury not effort. Bottom line is that fans give passes to those they identify with most. GMC could have done something’s differently but I applaud him for being a good citizen and not a “bad character” as some folks would say.

  32. OAR Says:

    Iced coffee and not a white russian? And, you call yourself The Dude?
    BTW oars? I didn’t know initials were plural?

  33. Eric Says:

    But according to Raheem, GMC got hurt due to pop warner tackling technique.

  34. OAR Says:

    According to Raheem? Well, that right there is your mistake!

  35. Eric Says:

    Actually let me rephrase that : he failed to utilize proper tackling techniques as learned at the pop warner level.

    My bad.

  36. Eric Says:


    Yea but when the next Chuck Noll speaks, people listen.

    Like E.F. Hutton.

  37. stevek Says:


    Gerald McCoy’s 2012 cap hit : $11,147,500
    #3 over all draft pick- hence lofty expectations

    Cody Grimm’s 2012 cap hit: $507,000
    #210 over all draft pick in same class- hence less vested in this guy.

    NFL Team Slaray Cap this year: $120,600,000 per club

    McCoy: 11,147,500/120,600,000 = 9.24% of total team resources on one player

    Grimm: 507,000/120,600,000= 0.42%

    Mathematically speaking:

    McCoy is getting paid a hair under 22 times what Grimm is making. That is why us fans care and also view McCoy with 22 X more focus than Grimm.

    Would you rather have 22 Cody Grimms or 1 Gerald? (I’d take my chances with 22 Grimms).

  38. OAR Says:

    but…..“It goes back to Pop Warner,” Morris told WDAE on Monday, via “All your Pop Warner coaches tell you, ‘Don’t arm tackle.’ And that’s exactly why. You gotta put your chest on people. You gotta have your eyes up. Sky your eyes and do the right thing all the time, or it’s going to happen in football. You’re going to get hurt.”

    So, basically Raheem was saying defensive players shouldn’t use thier arms to tackle and I guess we now know why our tackling was so ATROCIOUS under him!

  39. BigMacAttack Says:

    So if Raheem said it, it must be the Gospel. I think the problem right now is not what to do at safety, or tackle, but DE now that Bowers is out for a long time. The Bucs have been plagued by numerous injuries every year since they won the Super Bowl. Some injuries are freak occurrences and some happen by not having good field presence and putting yourself in bad situations where you can get injured. Ronde Barber is a great example of a player that knows how to get out of the way quickly. Avoidance and Counter Measures should be a part of defender’s training. Don’t get me wrong, the Bucs avoided tackling better than any team in the league but they need to get out of harms way as soon as they make the tackles.

  40. mike Says:

    You find it strange we pile on GMC and give grimm a free pass????? Are you an idiot????/ GMC was the #3 pick in the draft with 30+ million garanteed and Grimm was a 7th rd pick who wasn’t supposed to make the team!!!! Grimm has contributed as much as GMC and all Grimm is supposed to be is a back up and special teamer.

  41. Eric Says:

    I am just saying that when the 20K or so fan base Raheem developed heard that remark it might have contributed to a negative view of GMC.

  42. DSZ Says:

    I was wondering when the Cody Grimm fan club of America was going to realize that he wasn’t going to be playing much anymore.

  43. Teflon Don Says:

    Just draft Ray Ray Armstrong from the U in round 2 next year draft and we will be set for years with Armstrong and Barron playing Safety

  44. tyler wilson Says:

    you people make me hate bucs fans n i am one all of u r stupid except for the people agreeing with joe u all need to understand tht players get hurt it happens n mccoy is a dominating 3-tech who causes disruption on a regular basis i swear u morons need to watch tape n stop agreeing with retarded reporters n broadcasters tht dnt kno what their talkin about ex.todd mcshay

  45. stevek Says:

    Tyler Wilson,

    Moron say what?

    McCoy is being paid 22 times what Grimm is making, and they both have had similar output.

    Couple that with McCoy being the # 3 over all pick, and Grimm being the 210th pick in the same draft.

    Stupid is failure to recognize McCoy, thus far, has been 22 times the bust Grimm has been on salary alone.

  46. Joe Says:


    That is a silly statement to make. (1) Grimm is a 7th round pick, (2) Grimm was playing great until his injuries, and (3) I would call that broken leg a freak injury and the MCL was just unfortunate.

    Interesting. So the Satanaic GMC made a concerted effort to ensure he got injured (twice)?

  47. Buc4Life Says:

    I can see grimm coming back and playing a specific role… kinda rover or hybird strong safety/lb type playing the run -pass, in a nickel situation, instead of a corner coming in bring in another or the 3rd safety. I’m of the belief he can cover backs and te’s in a small area as well as support the run being closer to the box,in addition to playing special teams. There’s a place for CG on this team

  48. s.marco Says:

    The Grimm to McCoy comparison might be the dumbest statement I’ve ever read on this blog.

  49. Joe Says:


    i think the issue isn’t that we hate McCoy so much. But c’mon, comparing a 7th round overachiever with a 3rd overal underachiever?

    No, Joe is comparing two starters; one fans rail on for being hurt all the time, the other also is hurt all the time but gets a pass from same fans.

    Feel free to point out in Joe’s post where he invoked the draft position of either player.

  50. Armando Says:

    You spoke the words of Rachel Watson – which means another cheerleader has earned her Angel wings

  51. stevek Says:


    Grimm and McCoy got this year to prove their health/worth.

    GMC makes 22 times what Grimm makes, and has a 9.2% figure towards this year’s cap.

    By all logic, 9.24% of the team’s said resources are vested in one player. That said player should be judged harder.

    You can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!

  52. Tommy Boy Says:

    Joe it’s the fact that you purposely neglected their draft positions. Your argument is piss poor. GMC was to be a face of the franchise along with Freeman. While I like McCoy, I can’t say he has been a success. Especially when where he was drafted at comes in to consideration. Nothing was expected out of Grimm and when he played well it surprised EVERYONE! Devil’s advocate doesn’t suit you at all in this situation.

    Freeman will be more scrutinized than Orlovsky. Barron more than Asante. Higher expectations = harsher criticism. You know better, but are turning in to the Ron and Ian of sports websites. Controversy and negativity drives up web hits!!!

  53. Joe Says:

    Tommy Boy:

    Joe it’s the fact that you purposely neglected their draft positions.

    When a guy is a starter, it matters nothing where he is drafted. Production is the key.

    By your premise, people should go easy on Quincy Black because he wasn’t a first or second round pick. Or that Ronde Barber shouldn’t be thrown flowers and his career lauded because he was drafted in the fourth round.

    Freeman will be more scrutinized than Orlovsky. Barron more than Asante.

    This is purposterous. Neither Orlovsky nor Asante are starters.

  54. Tommy Boy Says:

    But Joe you contradict yourself. Is Grimm a starter or is he getting “Iced Out”? Production is key. So when our 7th round draft pick outplayed his draft rank it was worthy of praise. And when our 3rd overall draft pick is invisible it deserves criticism. Stop ignoring this simple truth and you will see the light.

    New hash tag for the Commish to start using


  55. stevek Says:


    Please atleast admit there is some logic to this:

    McCoy- 9% of our cap this year, #3 overall pick, he was picked to be a STAR

    Grimm: Makes 22 times less money then GMC, 210th draft selction, picked 207 picks later then GMC.

    GMC costs us 9% of our team cap this year. Grimm costs us .4% of the cap.

    Would you rather pay 22 times greater for the same product/service/output?

  56. Joe Says:


    Joe treats all starters as equals. He doesn’t care how much they make nor where they were drafted. If one is good enough to start, theh they should produce. Period.

    Fans have crucified Gerald McCoy for not staying healthy. Understandable. Joe doesn’t get why Cody Grimm gets a complete pass.

    If, as you say, Grimm should be given slack because he was a seventh round pick, then why aren’t fans giving Quincy Black a pass? Or Geno Hayes? Neither were first round picks.’

  57. Tommy Boy Says:

    Also if orlovsky and Asante are forced into the starting lineup like Grimm was they will be afforded the same level of criticism as Grimm was. Remember, Grimm was forced into the lineup due to a lack of bodies.

  58. Joe Says:


    If starters don’t produce they deserve criticism. Period.

    If anyone needs blinders it is you.

  59. Joe Says:


    Also if orlovsky and Asante are forced into the starting lineup like Grimm was they will be afforded the same level of criticism as Grimm was. Remember, Grimm was forced into the lineup due to a lack of bodies.

    Please explain in great detail how Grimm was “forced” into the starting lineup last year.

    Yes, he was “forced” two years ago into the lineup and the short time he was on the field proved to be a capable starter.

  60. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I don’t blame either Grimm or McCoy for getting injured, but like Oar said, I don’t see how their pay makes any difference. They have both suffered unfortunate injuries during their first 2 years. In case you didn’t know, this is a violent game and injuries happen to nearly everyone. They both play critical roles in our defense. I’m actually much more concerned about Grimm’s injuries because they are leg injuries. From what I read (I’m no doctor), GMC’s injuries should heal 100% and shouldn’t affect his play. But I know, it’s cool to criticize McCoy.

  61. Tommy Boy Says:


    Who said starters don’t deserve criticism? It wasn’t me. I’m saying GMC deserves more criticism because of where he was drafted and the investment the team made in him. I like GMC, I think he is misunderstood by most fans and media, but he deserves every bit of criticism he receives. I’m not blaming him or Grimm for their injuries either. I’m simply arguing the point that a high draft pick deserves more criticism than a 7th rounder and that their draft position does matter…starter or not.

    And yes Grimm was forced into the lineup last year because Tanard Jackson was suspended. If Tanard would have been available from day one Grimm would have been the backup. For someone who blogs about the team you leave out a lot of important information. Either you don’t invest as much time in the team as needed to intelligently talk about the team or you are purposely neglecting important details which is irresponsible.

    I’ve been coming this site since day 1 when you were first being mentioned by media members so I know you put in the time. So that leaves purposely ignoring important details. Don’t be the person who knows they are wrong but refuses to admit it.


  62. BigMacAttack Says:

    I have one question for the Dark Side.

    Whats you F#@king point.

    2 beers and I’m lost.

    More on the way.

  63. hamilton Says:

    when you become a starter you have to live up to it,a 7rd are not.

  64. Ladyz Says:

    I think some “protesteth to much”! No player ever wants to get hurt. It decreases their stock and it hurts like hell! Could it be that those raging on GMC and others are just pissed that they make the big dollars ? And they don’t ? Gest wondering. Heres hoping rock star stays alert and plays his cards right.