Pressure Being Placed On Quincy Black

May 1st, 2012

Last year during the grotesque 10-game losing streak that led to then-coach Raheem Morris being jettisoned, the Bucs defense turned in a historic franchise low, topped by the ghastly performance at Atlanta where the Dixie Chicks nearly hung half-a-hundred on the Bucs … in the first half no less!

There were many holes and fingers to be pointed at the defense but the linebacker player was especially grim. It reached the point where no linebacker unit in the NFL was worse than the Bucs’.

A mulligan could be handed out to rookie Mason Foster, who was playing out of position at middle linebacker and expected to call the defensive plays, with no offseason to speak of. He was simply in a no-win situation.

The second of the three starters, outside linebacker Geno Hayes, recently signed with the Bears to be a backup.

That leaves Joe with the third starter at linebacker, outside linebacker Quincy Black. Now entering his fourth season as a starter, he has done little to justify the contract awarded him by Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik after the 2010 season, a contract that still puzzles people to this day.

Well, if one can read between the lines of an article typed by Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, there were two shots across the bow in last weekend’s NFL draft that Black had best step up his game in a serious way this fall.

In breaking down who might seeing diminished playing time as a result of the draft, he suggested that both linebackers Lavonte David and Najee Goode could push Black to the sidelines if his game is not elevated.

Round 2/58 David Lavonte, LB, Nebraska: Mason Foster.

Lavonte is most effective as an outside linebacker, where he can run and hit. That might also be the best spot for Foster, but it’s more likely he will either remain at middle linebacker or move to strong side linebacker. The Bucs consider Lavonte the best linebacker in coverage in the draft, so he’ll also remain on the field in nickel passing situations. That means either Foster or Quincy Black will leave the field on third down.

Round 5/140 Najee Goode, LB, West Virginia: Quincy Black.

At 6-foot, 244-pounds, Goode is powerful enough to play inside but coverage is not his strong suit, meaning he’s a two-down linebacker. In the Bucs defense, that means he either plays the middle or strong side. Since you would prefer the middle linebacker to remain on the field on passing downs, look for Goode to get a shot to compete with Black, who did not live up to his 5-year, $29-million contract last season.

It appears the gauntlet has been thrown down by new Bucs coach Greg Schiano. Clearly he was horrified by the tapes of the Day-at-the-Races-like defense last season, when it only took a running back to turn the corner for a full-out jailbreak to occur.

At the Buccaneers draft party broadcast live last Thursday, defensive end Adrian Clayborn told Joe’s good friend, “The Big Dog,” Steve Duemig, that Schiano’s primary for his defense was to focus on stopping the run first and foremost since that was a lost art last season.

And a big reason for that was the linebacker play.

16 Responses to “Pressure Being Placed On Quincy Black”

  1. Jarret Says:

    Earning 6 mil this year, quincy better step it up. Maybe the worst contract Dominik has given out in his time as GM. Fortunately, no guaranteed money so he’s gotta be on the hot seat.

  2. Meh Says:

    David is a replacement for Hayes at weakside. Goode is a threat to nobody’s starting position.

    I’m not seeing any shot across Quincy’s bow, but he surely deserves one.

  3. Meh Says:

    Should read ‘I’m not seeing any shot across Quincy’s bow’

  4. Macabee Says:


    Quincy signed a 5yr 29mil contract with 11.5 guaranteed. 5.5mil base salary in 2011 and 2012 with no signing bonus. This year is still guaranteed.

    I think he stays this year unless there is a 3-4 team out there that is willing to trade in secondary FA. I think we may see several players in the Mike position depending on down and distance. Just a guess!

  5. CharlieB Says:

    Really? I can see Goode competing to be a starter over Black on running downs and having David/Foster be the nickel linebackers.

  6. Fatmosh Says:

    The good news is we’ll likely play nickel defense almost half the time, meaning Black will likely come off the field.

  7. HFXBUV Says:

    Goode looks like the type of ‘backer the Pats use. Big and good coming forward but not in coverage. The league is full of specialists. I think the bucs got great value in the late rounds by looking at specialist that can play 15-20 snaps per game based on match ups. Lots of toys for the coaches…not necessarily pro bowlers but Danny Woodhead types on both sides of the ball.

  8. Meh Says:

    You guys are way overrating Goode. He’s depth and a special teamer. If we’re playing him in anything other than a very situational role, we’re in big trouble.

  9. GurS Says:

    TBH, I’d like to see Goode competing with Black…. for who gets to be Dekoda Watson’s backup

  10. knucknbuc Says:

    I don’t see goode as much of a threat to black honestly. I see watson as ready to light it up tho.

  11. ChampKind Says:

    Not sure how much stock to put into anything Stroud says since he apparently thinks it is “David Lavonte” we drafted (and continuously refers to his last name as Lavonte.)

  12. Have A Nice Day Says:

    David is not a threat to Black. David is too small and is already set to play WLB. Goode is in no position to be claiming a starting spot. He has sto earn that and considering the amount Black is making, it doesn’t look good for Goode. At least this year. Black will be the starter until he is released.

  13. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    If Black plays anywhere near as bad as he did last year, he will lose his job by game 5

  14. Kryq Says:

    Want to see what we got out of Rennie Curran, he’ll prob back up Lavonte David I also see Watson beating out Black.

  15. princespanky Says:

    Watson gives us a lot more off the edge. I mean people talk about how much of a gym rat Black is, well take a look at Watson he’s even more of one with better angles and instincts. It’s too bad we’ll have a 5 mil a year gatorade jug on the bench.

  16. 941-Bucs Says:

    I really want to see what Dakota Watson can do.

    David, Foster, Watson…. Would be pretty cool