McCoy A Left-End Option

May 15th, 2012

When Gerald McCoy joined the Bucs as the No. 3 overall pick in 2010, Raheem Morris quickly had him bouncing all around the defensive line, playing inside and outside.

Raheem was widely criticized for slowing McCoy’s development and mis-using him, and in short time the Bucs’ former defensive mastermind relented and made McCoy his beloved 3-technique only.

Well, some experts are now of the mind that McCoy has the skills to play left defensive end and easily could slide over in a rotation and be the Bucs’ option as the third defensive end behind Michael Bennett and Adrian “Boydog” Clayborn.

The well respected former defensive tackle Tim Ryan and ex-linebackers coach Pat Kirwan, hosts of Movin’ The Chains on SiriusXM NFL Radio, said yesterday in a discussion about the Bucs’ potential options without DaQuan Bowers that McCoy could easily be effective at left defensive end in the Greg Schiano’s scheme.

The consensus was that with Amobi Okoye available, the occasional movement of McCoy from his tackle position could be beneficial.

Maybe the assessment is spot on, but Joe can’t buy in. Joe hasn’t seen many 300-pound ends, and McCoy hardly has honed outside pass-rush moves. It would be interesting to watch, though.

36 Responses to “McCoy A Left-End Option”

  1. SensibleBuc Says:

    I’d like to see it.

    He’s got one of the best “get offs” in the game and he’d have more room to operate on the outside. Kevin Carter played DE and he was 2 inches taller and 10-15 lbs heavier than GMC.

  2. Fatmosh Says:

    Why not Okoye?

  3. SensibleBuc Says:


    Has Okoye ever played end?

  4. bucfanjeff Says:

    DT’s at DE? Not that it’s NEVER been done, but can you say square peg in a round hole? (Regardless of who it is)
    Give me a guy that’s used to the position. Keep Okoye and McCoy where they fit…at DT.

  5. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Don’t OTAs start today?

  6. Meh Says:

    This would be a horrible misuse of McCoy imo. We might get desperate, but that would be all this is.

  7. Kelso Says:

    Kevin Carter couldn’t have been more than 270 with the Gators and he played end their too, plus he had the speed. McCoy’s a different story moving from DT. I agree with Joe.

  8. admin Says:

    Joe here

    @Scotty – Yes. OTA’s are back in session today. THey are what they always were, guys running around in shorts, not hitting anybody, and soaking in coaching.

  9. BigBear Says:

    I’d like to see the best 11 on the field and have the best couple backups see lots of time to keep everyone fresh. If that means McCoy can move around a bit inside and outside to spell bennett and let okeye get more snaps then I think it gives the offenses more to worry about. Plus it keeps us fresh and to be honest with all of the injuries that have come to that line (including Bennett missing some time last year) it would be very nice to have a bit more versatility and depth so that there are no more John McCargos, and Hayensworths in Tampa.

  10. buCncRaZy Says:

    Don’t weaken 2 pos.let GMC develop into a dominant DT… DT is more important than left DE anyway! Okoye is not cut out for DE IMO.

  11. SensibleBuc Says:


  12. Big Picture Guy Says:

    Maybe we will see more of the 3-4 being mixed in to the “hybrid defense” that’s been so widely advertised? Don’t think our LBs are really suited for that system though, but I’m sure the bucs will try anything and everything till something works.

  13. Kelso Says:


    Guess you didn’t read what I wrote. Carter was smaller as a college player coming into the pros and during his early years, but he played end in college. That was his position. We’re talking about moving a guy. Big difference

  14. Kelso Says:

    And Carter was a freak athlete and probably a Hall of Famer one day. No comparison.

  15. SensibleBuc Says:

    Which line would you guys rather to see on 3rd down when Bennett needs a blow?

    GMC – BP – Okoye – Clayborn


    George Johnson – Okoye – GMC – Clayborn

  16. Deminion Says:

    No way keep em at DT

  17. SensibleBuc Says:

    @ Kelso

    We’re not talking about starting GMC at LE, we’re talking about having him as a nickel pass rusher so we can get 4 legitimate pass rushers on the field at the same time when Bennett needs a blow. GMC has a quick enough first step to get around a RT.

  18. Rrsrq Says:

    In a 3-4 hybrid of some type, when a team is 3rd and forever, go for it. Then you got Watson, Goode?, David and Foster at LB’s, just a thought. Never mind, that sounds too much like the old regime experimenting

  19. SteveK Says:

    I am all for McCoy sliding over in certain packages.

    If Ronde is going to play some “safety”, surely McCoy can play some “DE”.

    We need to use GMC in ways that may best utilize his talents.

    Who cares about what “position” you play, it should all be about winning.

  20. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    The Eagles have plenty DE’s, and can’t keep all of them.
    We will find somebody, not to worry.

  21. BigMacAttack Says:

    BigMacAttack Says:
    May 11th, 2012 at 6:58 pm
    The 3′rd down Dakota Watson option makes a lot of sense. What about a combo of Price (if healthy) Clayborn, and Amobi or GMC at LDE? When they experimented with GMC at DE, wasn’t it right side? I’m thinking LDE.

  22. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Last season when I suggested that McCoy could play DE I was told I didn’t know what I was talking about (sic Thomas). My, how things have changed after “experts” suggest the same thing.

  23. Macabee Says:


    Did you get my note on Daniel Te’o Neshiem? He is already on the Bucs roster as of 11/2011. He is the type of DE that can play rush OLB in 3-4 sets.

  24. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    I could work in the right situation. McCoy is young enough and has a build that could make it work. He has speed (though at DT we have not seen a lot of it).

    I’m not going to say it should be a permanent switch…but for the occasional play to see how it develops couldn’t hurt.

  25. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    it could work i mean

  26. bucobruce Says:

    playoffs,playoffs,Yes I said it bucs are going to the playoffs.

  27. bucobruce Says:

    YOU play to win the game,you play to win the game,and we let them off the hook.

  28. jvato24 Says:

    In RUn Packages GMC at LE may be a good Look. At the end of the Day JUST GET IT DONE … I dont care if ROnde plays DE .. Just get it DONE !!

  29. Brad Says:

    Don’t find this interesting in the least. If this is the way it goes I’d consider it a major fail for Dominik. I’ll wait to see after teams start their cuts. If Dominik doesn’t make a move then I hope the media calls him out for once again not doing all he can to improve the team.

  30. BigBear Says:

    Also I think certain matchups will dictate who is used where. I know that these two players are wayyyyyyyy far apart in terms of everything in the NFL but read this out: Reggie White used to move all over the line in the first quarter to see which of the opposing lineman was the most advantageous matchup for him. Second quarter and on hed line up to beat that specific lineman on many passing plays……What this boils down to is if Gerald does show some more improvement and the opposing RT is a bum, let GMC beat on him as much as possible.

    I.e. if the bucs played O vs D I would line up GMC on Trueblood and let him attack Freeman all damn day.

  31. Eric Says:

    Rotating between DT and DE is a trend, but not sure Gerald is suited for it.

    I just hope for 16 strong games at DT from him. That would help the pass rush also if he could be a dominating force, as his draft position requires.

    Watson playing there makes more sense for the speed.

  32. buccin cane Says:

    Lets also not forget who our new D Coordinator is….Sheridan. He is out of the NY Giants mold that had Tuck, Osi, Kiwanuka and those guys all over the d-line…if memory serves me correctly doesnt Tuck flip flop for them in some sub packages….and before yall go all crazy on me im not calling McCoy, Tuck jus sayin with the people pulling the strings around here makes sence… guys feel free to chime in

  33. The Big Pole Says:

    i think Trent Richardson could start at RB & play DE on 3rd down

  34. Brandon Says:

    You guys have never seen a good 300 lb DE? Have you ever watched teams that run the 3-4? All of their DEs are at 300 or more. Richard Seymour is just one of many. Mario Williams has been fantastic when healthy as a 300 lb DE in the 4-3 (and OLB in the 3-4). It can be done. I have doubts that McCoy is athletic enough to excel at DE. I doubt he has the burst and ability to run the arc at that spot. I still think he could be effective.

    I would like to see Watson line up at DE more often than McCoy… or perhaps McCoy on run downs and Watson on passing downs.

  35. Brandon Says:

    BTW, McCoy played plenty of DE in college for those that think he CAN’T do it. I don’t think he is necessarily athletic enough to excel at it.. but on the other hand, he hasn’t been GOOD enough to excel at DT either.

    I do think that a permanent switch to DE would require a slight weight loss to maximize his speed but it would also probably do wonders to help him stay healthy.

  36. funkymunkey Says:

    Interesting to watch yes…will it be productive. Who knows?? But I like him inside better. It all depends on who we add to our team to play LE. June 1st cannot come soon enough. I’m excited to see who is released from other teams. I’m praying for Brandon Graham!! Still want Andre Carter signed. Even if he misses the first few games oh well. He can mentor our young guys and when finally healthy, he can make a big difference with our DLine. Dream scenario…sign Carter and pick Graham up if he gets released!! I would not be against trading for him either. Would take atleast a 2nd round pick for sure. But he has immense talent and would excel on our Dline IMO! There will be some really good talent released after June 1st. So its wait and see until then. Giving GMC reps at LE before then could only help him out! Teach him to use his leverage better. And using his arms properly to beat the OL since he has little experience doing this.