Leonard Johnson Love Already?

May 5th, 2012

The media got to watch Bucs rookie minicamp for 30 minutes yesterday and it seemed Tampa Tribune beat scribe Roy Cummings squeezed every last second out the allotted time to serve his readers.

Speaking to Tom Krasniqi on WHBO-AM 1040 yesterday, Cummings said as the media’s watch time ended he saw undrafted cornerback and former Largo High star Leonard Johnson was called away from the mass of tryout players and undrafted rookies to work with a “special group” of defensive backs coaches and draftees Mark Barron and Keith Tandy.

Cummings speculated that Johnson already impressing Bucs brass.

30 Responses to “Leonard Johnson Love Already?”

  1. Thomas2.2 Says:

    I realize that this kid went undrafted for a reason, poor 40 at the combine.

    But LJ was a top Big 12 Corner for the last 2 seasons. He was a better college player than Easily Juked Biggers, he is reliable unlike Taliban.

    I predict that LJ will make the practice squad at least.

  2. Santos Says:

    Thomas, i read here quite often, rarely post, but i read every article and all comments…u my friend can only wish to be at the top of your profession no matter what it is u do for a living (which i could careless) to call these guys names and act like u are the end all be all scout/ talent evaluator, let it go and enjoy being a fan for once.

  3. Bricen Says:

    Heard he dropped a pick right in front of MD lol.

  4. Jared Says:

    In the meeting with the press after the practice, schianno said that the practice was divided up on three fields. He wanted to get his draftees and ones that were offered a contract more upto speed. Nothing special to look into on that. Johnson was over there as well

  5. Thomas2.2 Says:


    I don’t proclaim to be anything. I have never said that I was a professional scout, player or coach.

    However, this is a blog,I.e. A website wherein opinions are shared – in case you didn’t know. The subject is a community sports entertainment franchise that receives substantial public money and benefits.

    Easily Juked is a nickname earned by Biggers on the field. He seems like a nice young man. Taliban is a nickname (from Tim) earned off the field for repeated crimes/infractions. History suggests that he is not a good person.

    It is not being a fan to say that things are great when they aren’t. It is being a fan to express opinions, based on the facts, even when negative.

    For example, I have been highly critical of Gerald – I believe that he has been the NFL’s biggest waste of money since Jamarcus Russell – but he seems like a very nice, sweet, jovial young man who I would love to have over for dinner.

    Except for Talib (and very few others), the opinions aren’t personal – they are professional. If you perform poorly you get criticized, buck up buddy.

  6. Santos Says:

    all that is all well and fine, but you beat it like a step child, it gets old, the nicknames the calling for them to get cut, it gets old…would you like someone calling for your job all the time when they dont know all the details and what you have to go through everyday? no one is calling them great, but at the same time we are not calling for their heads (unless its quincy black )

    my point is this post had nothing to do with anyone but Johnson, yet you brought their names (or lack thereof) up and bashed em, no need.

  7. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Very well put Thomas 2.2
    Though your opinions sometimes differ from mine, and many of the posters on this Blog, it is interesting to read other perspectives.
    It is said “If everyone is thinking the same, nobody is thinking”.

  8. Thomas2.2 Says:


    My post was about LJ. I am rooting for him.

    I brought up the other 2 (Biggers and Talib) bc they are also corners and there are a limited number of corners that will make the team – probably 4-5.

    So LJ is competing with those 2. You can’t project LJ as a Buc without addressing his competition.

    It’s okay you probably didn’t know all 3 were corners.

  9. Pete 422 Says:

    A poor 40 time at the combine is history. Some players are faster on the field than on the track (I saw Deion Sanders get smoked in the 100 yards dash once). Good luck to LJ.

  10. Pete 422 Says:

    and as far as the earlier posts, it’s OK to disagree (the whole point of discussion) but there is no need to question others character or competency in their profession or otherwise.

    Lets not take ourselves too seriously.

  11. Garv Says:

    2.2 is a flaming troll, no more and no less. To think his constant repetition has value is not to think at all.
    I’m sick and tired of it as or many others, he’s a troll and is our cross to bear as he obviously enjoys his time being a PITA instead of working for a living. The fact that using a name for a player like Taliban, a group that has murdered God only knows how many people including countless US soldiers is of absolutely no concern to him or his moral compass.

    That’s my opinion and you probably DID know that.

  12. Karl Says:

    I never read anything Thomas 2.2 says…..learned that along time ago.I only know what i see in others post’s.It’s easy….just skip over if you don’t like what he says. GO BUCS!!!

  13. Thomas2.2 Says:


    Get over yourself. You spend more time commenting about me than the team – I am flattered.

    The Talib nickname is not mine, but I thought it humorous (something you are incapable of) because of the comparisons regarding both having displayed incorrigible conduct – obviously the scale of horrible acts is not comparable. Coincidentally the player with the most horrible character’s name starts with TALIB

    Nobody has more respect and sympathy for those affected by the real Taliban and our own minuscule version.

  14. Santos_Dat_Dude Says:

    I didn’t know they were corners ur a joke my friend, seriously.

  15. George Says:

    I don’t read comments on here all the time, so perhaps I haven’t had a chance to be irritated by T2.2… but I have to admit “Easily Juked” is a good one… and Taliban isn’t bad either… no need to take the nicknames so seriously.

    As for the general point regarding complaining about players, I would just say that all of these guys have a new opportunity with the new coaching staff, so let’s give ’em a chance. I am not thrilled that Quincy Black will likely still be one of our starters this year, but I’m willing to see what the new coaches can get out of him. He has some ability, so I’m hoping to see some improvement.

  16. Northend Says:

    I enjoy the difference of opinions on this site. I may not always agree but find them entertaining.You all need to lighten up,we all visit because we are Bucs geeks. 2.2 has his opinions and to tell you the truth knows what he is talking about most the time(What has Gmc done for the Bucs other than legally steal millions if dollars???), and presents it and backs it up with examples.agree or not i would rather have a discussion with people passionate about one point of view and smart enough to argue it intelligently.

  17. Bobby Says:

    Thomas is an idiot. Anyone who thinks otherwise just hasn’t read enough of his posts or maybe agrees with him…who knows. Bottom line is, he DOES get old and beats his drum like a little child most of the time. Sharing differing opinions is fine. Just being a negative @#!hole all of the time is a different story.

  18. Miguel Grande Says:

    Some people can’t help but to see the other side of the equation especially when we see grown men gushing over professional athletes. I like to see Thomas’ comments mixed in with all of the others. Kind of gives me a sense of balance to the Order.

    The emperor really has no clothes.

  19. lurker Says:

    Having differing viewpoints is great but, Thomas is constantly negative. It does get tiring and detracts from thoughtful dialogue. His ad hominem attacks on posters are troll-like. He also constantly spouts opinions as facts and is just basically another internet toughguy.

    Also, lawyers are soft and legally steal millions as well as CEOs, etc. Should we berate them constantly?

    This is why we need an ignore button. Perhaps Joe1 or Joe2 can create a JoeBucsHater.com or JoeBucsTroll.com for Thomas and his few cronies.

  20. Thomas2.2 Says:


    I started this thread by being positive about LJ.

    You just choose to ignore that FACT.

    I am also a HUGE Schiano supporter, as well as Free, Ronde, DJ etc.

    Again you avoid that.

    You all just get mad when I make criticisms of certain protected people and I am correct.

  21. pdferlita Says:

    What’s the old cliche? Opinions are like a-holes everybody has one. It will be up to the coaching staff to get these guys prepared better than the prior coaching staff. I remember when Biggers played well a couple years ago, but he was going against #3 and 4 receivers instead of #1 or 2s. We will see. No matter what the new regime is bringing accountability back (it appears), that alone should improve the play even a small amount.

  22. lurker Says:

    Again, you cannot just state your point without attacking people, whether they be posters or players.

  23. Northend Says:

    Saints,panthers and Falcons suck !!!!! On this i believe we all agree

  24. st augustine Says:

    with all due respect ~ if you don’t like what thomas writes then do not read it. there are times when i agree with thomas and there are times i don’t. for the most part he is obviously a buc fan and really that’s what it’s about. try living here in jacksonville being a buc fan and see what kind of treatment you get. i have a buc license plate and people give me the finger, cut me off, etc. i even had a jag fan push me hard from behind in the bud zone at a buc/jag game (i had my buc gear one). i turned around and no one owned up to it. for the record; i’m NEVER mean to anybody. technically i live in st augustine, but it might as well be jacksonville. i really miss tampa and the true fans. thank God for i heart radio and the radio.com app. God Bless everyone here and you da man thomas 2.2 ~ keep up the good work!

  25. Bucn the trend Says:

    First off guys it’s ok to have diff opinions get over it. Back to the subject at hand. Leonard Johnson will make this team. A tough physical corner who played against top level competition in college. Nobody is saying he will be a starter. But we need more physical players. Like it or not but talent only players are gone Schiano wants the whole package this guy fits the bill. Biggers is garbage on the field. I hope LJ puahes him off the depth chart

  26. raphael Says:

    thomas = moron

  27. Lion Says:

    I would certainly agree with the part about Thomas being Mr. Negative. Thomas = Debbie Downer

  28. jarrett Says:

    thomas is no where near as bad as capt tim

  29. Garv Says:

    2.2 is an asshole, pure and simple, over and done.
    Thing is, the asshole is proud of it and DAMN IT, I got pulllllled in again.

    The are a few “fans” here that are obviously not fans of the Buccaneers and get their jollies being annoying…..

    But those who say they should simply be ignored are correct of course. I have got to try harder in that regard.

  30. JonBuc Says:


    I must point out that Thomas 2.too is at the top of his profession.He runs a mean drive-thru window at Burger King.And yes, he acts tough with the teenagers that are under his careful watch just as he does here.He’s the real deal.