Is Da’Quan Bowers “Injury Prone?”

May 12th, 2012

Shoot, the Bucs hadn’t even had an OTA post NFL draft and already the team took a nasty loss when second-year defensive tackle Da’Quan Bowers tore an Achilles tendon working out at One Buc Palace and is likely lost for the season.

The subject of Bowers came up with “The Godfather,” Gil Brandt, Friday night on SiriusXM NFL Radio. Brandt, the architect of the Cowboys for three decades, drafting players from Bob Lilly to Michael Irvin, thought Bowers is a talented player but hinted he may never realize his ability. Brandt stopped just short of calling Bowers “injury prone.”

“Bowers has had the worst luck,” Brandt said. “When he was a junior he had about as good of a year at Clemson that a player could have and then he suffered a knee injury in a bowl game and he tried to come back too soon. He wasn’t quite the same. Now he has a torn Achilles.

“Some players just seem to be injury prone and there is really no rhyme or reason for it.”

This really depressed Joe to hear because there simply are too many key Bucs defensive players that always seem to be losing playing time with injuries. Joe can count four projected starters that are always hobbled or out for the season.

For the Bucs to do anything on defense, these players must remain healthy so they can stay on the field.

14 Responses to “Is Da’Quan Bowers “Injury Prone?””

  1. DallasBuc Says:

    The phrase injury prone is idiotic and just cause Brandt almost said it doesn’t make it any less idiotic. Injuries are just a part of athletics. Some guys are lucky and some guys, our guys, are not that lucky. Calling Bowers injury prone is about as meaningful as calling the Buccaneers injury prone.

  2. Thomas2.2 Says:


    “rock star” seems to have a penchant for finding injury prone players, or highly selected players that frequently end up on IR.

    Let’s hope that Mark Barron’s double hernia repair isn’t a problem.

  3. musclehampster22 Says:

    Seems like we’be had a lot of “bad luck” over the past few years with injuries to key players. Maybe its a problem with our training staff?

  4. jon Says:

    Would like to see both Bowers and Price healthy together some day

  5. Stevek Says:


    Dom had no say in said draft pick’s injury history.

    It’s just bad luck.

    Let hope GMC can be disruptive for 16 games. NFL Come back POY.

  6. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Back when I was doing Powerlifting, we noticed that some people just are injury prone.
    You can build muscle, but Tendons and Ligaments are pretty much what they are.
    Of course, failure to warm up properly can cause injury.
    I feel bad for Mark Dominik, nearly all of his defensive draft class have been, or are currently hurt.

  7. Brandon Says:

    Of course there are guys that are injury prone, just as there are guys prone for certain types of injury (Jermaine Phillips’ forearms, Gerald McCoy’s biceps, Cadillac Williams’ patella tendons).

    Is Bowers injury prone? t this point he definitely seems to be. The fact is that players that can’t stay healthy in college usually have the same problem in the NFL. All of Dominik’s draft picks have been healthy college players: Brian Price missed no games, Bowers missed no games, McCoy was healthy, Benn, Grimm, etc… bigger faster athletes tackling and being tackled by bigger faster athletes often cause even more injuries. At this point it looks like bad luck, these players all have good injury histories.

    Thomas -.2… Barron’s double hernia is hardly a big deal, he had it for a while and it’s a soft-tissue injury that if deemed a problem, can be strengthened with a mesh so it will never happen again. He’s also never missed gameS despite a history of injuries.

    The last thing on Bowers… the guy I compared him to when coming out of college was former FSU DE Andre Wadsworth… a very talented DE whose career was cut very short by injuries. Let’s hope at this point he can at least reach Wadsworth’s level.

  8. mjmoody Says:

    And what are they saying about Suggs? I thought this was simply part of the game. Who’s healthy at the right time. Who’s playing great football down the stretch. Is “injury prone” a medical term, a football term, or a media term? At this point isn’t Bowers just a 2nd round pick that has yet to produce significantly?

  9. Willie Says:

    Bowers is overrated anyway, I think Bennett is a better player at DE. We are just losing a little depth but we should fill those spots before the season starts.

  10. ben Says:

    bennett is the better player but we are disappointed cause we want to see what bowers potential is when fully recovered from an injury and we have yet to see that cept for about 2 games the end of the year but who is to say he was 100 percent yet. at least it happened now, i mean training camp is still a couple months away.early in the season he would be a goner, i think he may be good to go right about the time we could making a push for the playoffs, will he be available or effective who knows

  11. MTM Says:

    This is why teams are weary of injured players in the draft. Everybody likes Bowers and Price. But that is not getting on the field. I am afraid Bowers equals Greg Odom at this point.

  12. DallasBuc Says:

    Injury prone connotes some sort of predisposition or higher likelihood to suffer from unrelated injuries. Nonsense. You could say certain positions are more injury prone than others. Or if there was some definitive cause or condition that you could point at for specific players that would make them more susceptible to certain types of injuries. Not the case for a single one of our players that have had injuries since Dominik took over. It’s plain old bad luck. I wish bowers the best in his recovery and look forward to seeing our top four d line draft picks playing together and dominating soon.

  13. ElioT Says:

    Bowers new injury is just a total kick to the sack. Just about everyone was anticipating great things from this kid in 2012.

    There is a strong possibility that the Bucs could end up with only one healthy, consistent starter (in Clayborn) out of the first two picks in 2010 and 2011! That is/would be horrible luck and or track record for the Bucs…

    Just take a look at the defensive draft picks over the past decade, the’re in danger of becoming down right cursed!

    Schiano and Co. need to figure out something cause this defense is looking pretty shaky.

  14. Garv Says:

    There IS no “injury prone.” Come ON!
    There ARE injuries, they happen and sometimes in freaky unexpected ways.
    It’s unfortunate. Imagine if Bo Jackson didn’t have that hip injury that seemed do innocuous when it happened, or if Gale Sayers had not had that string of knee injuries. They were not “prone” to injuries, they just HAPPENED!!!

    IMAGINE injuries in FOOTBALL!!! What a SHOCK!