Crowder “Very High On The List”

May 13th, 2012

Joe definitely was a fan of “The King of Hustle,” but when he was cut from the Bucs in March, Joe figured The King of Hustle was about as far off the Bucs’ radar as a player could be.

(For those confused and/or link-challenged, The King of Hustle is Tim Crowder, who caught the nickname from Raheem Morris in 2010.)

When you’re a defensive end, a premium position, and you get the boot in March, that’s quite a strong signal that your team has no use for you. But hold on, says Tampa Bay Times Bucs beat writer Stephen Holder.

The Bucs now need serious help at defensive end and, according to Holder, Crowder is likely “very high on that list” of potential DE signings for rockstar general manager Mark Dominik and company. Speaking to Tom Krasniqi of WHBO-AM 1040 last week, Holder claimed teams like the Bucs prefer a familiar face when they’re looking to fill roster spots, so Crowder might be the top choice to replace injured Da’Quan Bowers on the depth chart.

Now Joe finds this a somewhat ridiculous premise that Crowder is on the Bucs’ radar. The guy had a sackless season in 10 games last year before going on injured reserve for a concussion. He was cut by the New Schiano World Order seven weeks ago and remains unemployed.

While Crowder has 10.5 career sacks and was known around here as a high-motor guy and a good special teams player, the Bucs need more than just a serviceable body to replace Bowers.

Joe still feels the pain of the Bucs finishing the 2011 season with only 23 sacks — dead last in the NFL. Joe prefers the Bucs go after one of the older veteran defensive ends on the market, or sit back ready to pounce on the one or two talents that will hit the waiver wire this summer.

26 Responses to “Crowder “Very High On The List””

  1. BucsfaninMi Says:

    Trade a 3rd or 4th rounder for Brandon Graham, he’s a beast and can be had!

  2. SouthTampaBucman Says:

    Holder’s way off the mark

  3. j lynch Says:

    Are they going back to being CHEAP already?

  4. JSmalls Says:

    The bucs sack total was low because they couldn’t stop the run, not because of pass rushing talent. The two games they actually stopped the run, the first Falcons game and against the Colts, they had 8 sacks. A third of there sacks came in two games, lol. How is your sack total going to be high giving up 150+ a game on the ground?

  5. Stevek Says:

    Osi or Freeney please.

  6. Bucnjim Says:

    Great point Smalls! Teams have run the ball down our throat for 3 years now at least. Yes even when Ruud was here we were last in run defense so I don’t need to hear about him again either. When Monte was here (and still committed to the Bucs) his whole philosophy was stop the run by all means possible and force the other team to be one dimensional. Be physical at the point of attack on BOTH sides of the ball. (Dungy Ball) Whether this still works in the modern two hand touch of the NFL; we’ll have to wait and see.

  7. Brad Says:

    Crowder sucks. It would be stupid to bring him back just because he’s a familiar face. This is a new regime and everyone is new to everyone. Time for Dominik to prove his worth. The owners did it by opening their checkbook, the coaching staff did by telling Doninik what players to target in the draft, so know its his turn to go find a good replacement at DE. And not one that is old or just plays the position and is easy to pick up. He needs to find a replacement that can improve the team.

  8. Northend Says:

    2 ideas here that don’t involve crowder. 1st how about Andre Carter still a beast and has not resigned.Or even better Cliff Avril 26 years old, unhappy wants long term deal and word on the inter webs is Detroit may be open for proper compensation.We may need to give up a high pick but he’s worth it.”think Simeon”

  9. Northend Says:

    Avril= 11 sacks,2tds last year.thats worth a1st imo

  10. funkymunkey Says:

    Add Andre Carter and wait and see the cuts that happen after June 1st

  11. Official_SirLoin Says:

    Bring back Stylez

  12. jvato24 Says:

    Great idea …. Trade two 1st round picks. Bruce Smith #2

  13. Patrick Says:

    And what exactly did Crowder in the 2 seasons he was here?!

    Don’t sign more trash to the roster, trade for Osi!

  14. Garv Says:

    Given the bowers injury, I have no problem at all with signing Crowder to come in and compete for a roster spot.
    Thankfully that’s up to the Buccaneer coaching staff and FO and NOT up to message board posters. Whew!

  15. FlBoy84 Says:

    Still plenty of time between now and the preseason, so there is sure to some more interesting names on the market in the next few months. No need to rush just to fill a roster spot.

  16. Sam Says:

    Brandon Graham, I actually like that idea.

  17. Cmurda Says:

    Bringing back Crowder is not where I see Dom going. I like bringing in Carter and seeing what hits the waiver wire. I think trading. Too dangerous. If we lose another D Lineman than it’s panic button time especially with GMC and Price in the middle.

  18. passenger27 Says:

    George johnson will be the replacement! End of story Rutgers South lol… but seriously the kid has talent just needs proper coaching

  19. Oahubuc Says:


  20. Deminion Says:

    B Graham !

  21. 941-Bucs Says:

    I say sit back and wait for FA round 2 to go underway in the next week or so.

    We still have some bodies on the roster to fill in for practice while we wait to see what hits the market.

    They haven’t rushed for anything all off season. I don’t see them breaking stride this time either.

    Seems the word “Panic” is not in Schiano’s dictionary.

  22. 941-Bucs Says:

    What about sliding McCoy outside? While keeping Okoye, Okam, Price, Miller and Myles Wade?

  23. 941-Bucs Says:

    err in the middle ? Seems we have a stable of bodies in the middle. McCoy slid to the outside a bunch in his first year and he is all about the pass rush!

    Either that or i see Dekota Watson playing a bit with his hand in the dirt.

  24. Hectic Buc Says:

    man the bucs have gone this far might as well go all the way. trade for osi give them a 3 thats good. Not only will this be good for the bucs DE depth but that wiil give them a proven champion on the team and help the young bucs go all out on the field.even though i like the idea of mccoy sliding but we should all remember he hasnt been able to complete a season.

  25. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    ROFL! Crowder! You’re a funny guy, Joe!

    (oh…you are serious…)

  26. funkymunkey Says:

    I think it would take atleast a 2nd maybe first to get B Graham. Wait until June 1st and see who gets cut. There will be several really good players who get cut. I think we should sign Andre Carter if his quad is better and pick up the best option after June 1st. Carter had double digit sacks in 2/3rds of a season playing for NE terrible defense. He has a lot left as long as his quad is ok. He really messed it up so he may not be ready just yet. But he is better than all of our DEs except maybe Clayborne. I would love to get Graham but I think Phi keeps him since he was a 1st round pick.

    If you remember I wanted him more than GMC in 2010. Neither player has done great since then, but I love his potential and he is playing behind 2 great DEs in Philly. Lets hope they cut him but only Philly knows that answer. Can’t wait til June 1st. I think we will for sure get someone good after that!