Carl Nicks Honored At No. 76

May 10th, 2012

Score one for Joe predicting Carl Nicks would be the Buccaneer honored last night on NFL Network (aka The Man Channel) for being among the Top 100 players in the NFL for 2012.

The NFL players-only voting revealed Nicks grabbed position No. 76. Donald Penn checked in at No. 97 a couple of weeks ago.

The countdown continues next week from No. 70. Will Vincent Jackson get some love? Joe hopes so. The man just signed for gargantuan money. Davin Joseph? Oh, the drama.

Here’s the video of Nicks’ segment, great stuff for the many Bucs fans that don’t know much about him. Ironically, among other highlights, you get an NFL Films look of Nicks absolutely abusing Roy Miller and yet another jailbreak run against the Bucs.

14 Responses to “Carl Nicks Honored At No. 76”

  1. Brad Says:

    Really? He was a Saint last year and should be honored as such. It doesn’t count for the Bucs at all. Its only good if he stays on the list next year. That’s reaching Joe.

  2. SouthTampaBucman Says:

    Reaching? The guy’s a Buccaneeer.

  3. musclehampster22 Says:

    If Nicks is only ranked 76 Joseph probably won’t be on the countdown at all.

  4. stanglassman Says:

    I watched the Penn video and all it was Woodson and the female host talk about how he didn’t deserve to make the top 100. Not even one highlight of him.

  5. kh Says:

    Dammit – DaQuan Bowers tore his achilles tendon today, out for the year 🙁

  6. Brad Says:

    Great the injury bug already killing us. WTF!!

  7. Matt Says:

    Da’Quan Bowers out for 2012 – torn achilles. Damn

  8. Sgt Mike Says:

    Any info yet on the Bowers injury?

  9. Brad Says:

    Go get Osi from Giants now Dominik!!8

  10. D Says:

    And down goes Bowers, achilles torn….

  11. Have A Nice Day Says:

    This list has officially become a joke.

  12. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I just can’t make this top 100 list exciting. I watch NFL Network literally 90% of the time, but I change it during this list. I just can’t get into it, not really sure why. Then they analyze it for an hour after the show, which I find even less interesting.

  13. Derek Says:

    IMO nicks should be higher than 76 since he maybe the best guard in the nfl but its nothing new to see oline guys overlooked

  14. Sam Says: