Another Buccaneer In Top-100

May 9th, 2012

The can’t-miss Man Channel spring/summer feature, The Top-100 Players of 2012, is back for a new episode tonight at 8 p.m. when players 71-80 of the countdown will be unveiled and profiled.

Honorees are selected by the votes of NFL players only. Donald Penn checked in at No. 97 and, per, another Buccaneer will be revealed tonight.

(For those confused or slaves to Outhouse Networks, the Man Channel is NFL Network.)

Joe’s betting on Carl Nicks to grab this latest slot. Just a hunch.

24 Responses to “Another Buccaneer In Top-100”

  1. Ash Says:

    He should be higher

  2. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    If it is Nicks it doesn’t count for the Bucs till next year.

  3. SouthTampaBucman Says:

    Smart pick Joe. It’ll be damn interesting if the NFL players pick Penn over Joseph, so wondering if Joseph is in this slot.

  4. pbmbuc Says:

    If this pick is Nicks then Joseph is likely not in the Top 100 at all. That doesn’t seem right- so I doubt it’s Nicks at this spot.

  5. Ash Says:

    Vincent Jackson?

  6. Big Picture Guy Says:

    Vincent Jackson is my guess…. Nicks is an all-pro and just might be the top Guard in the league. He has to be top 50

  7. Travis Says:

    Joe Thomas was #82. Considering he or Jake Long are the best LT in the league it would be hard for an offenseive guard to pull ahead of the leagues best Left Tackle…. I bet its Vincent Jackson

  8. Have A Nice Day Says:

    I’d say I’d like to see Nicks around fifty, but you never know with a top 100 list that contains Tebow and a fullback.

  9. Have A Nice Day Says:

    I don’t think Joseph is going to make the list this year. There can only be so many and so many are more deserving.

  10. BigMacAttack Says:

    I think this one will be Davin Joseph or Steven Jackson. Nicks should be in the top 20.

  11. Travis Says:

    BigMacAttack Yes im glad we traded for Steven Jackson, what a 3 headed monster we will have with Doug Martin, Blount, and SJax. LOL
    Im assuming you mean Vincent Jackson?

  12. ChampKind Says:

    The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:
    May 9th, 2012 at 10:18 am

    If it is Nicks it doesn’t count for the Bucs till next year.


    You do realize you are talking about a show called “The Top-100 Players of *2012*?”

  13. chaoticbuc3125 Says:

    Its Davin or VJackson.. Nicks is top30

  14. stevek Says:

    This is just a popularity contest, doens’t help anyone win any games.

    Eli Manning was off the list last year? He was the best QB this past year.

    I don’t put too much stock into this, but I see how a “slow time” in NFL news brings this up.

  15. Anthony Says:

    My money is on Koenen

  16. GurS Says:

    Gotta be Joseph… no way Penn is a better player than Joseph, and no way Joseph is a better player than Nicks.

    Oh, and for all intents and purposes, Nicks and/or VJax would count as Buccaneers, not Saints/Chargers on this list. If you go to the section on about the top 100, sort the players revealed so far by team, and select the Titans, you’ll only see Johnson. If you select Rams, you see Chris Long and Cortland Finnegan. Evidently, the list considers players to be members of the team they are with currently, the the teams they were on last season.

  17. BigMacAttack Says:

    I do that all of the time. My son yells at me for saying Steven. I’m sure once VINCENT starts beasting it up on the field I will get his name right all of the time.

  18. Snook Says:

    Nicks was #55 last year. I doubt he fell to the 80s. My bet is that its Jackson.

  19. Snook Says:

    Could even be Davin….

  20. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Maybe barber

  21. Jessup Says:


  22. Snook Says:


    No way. In watching 100-81, its become pretty clear that this year’s version of the Top 100 is more of an update of last year’s list than a completely new list. And it seems to be based on 2011’s performance.

    That’s why I’d be totally shocked if it was Barber. He didn’t do anything in 2011 to move him from completely out of the Top 100 into the Top 100 for 2012.

    That’s also why I don’t think its Nicks. I don’t see how he’d fall 20 spots. But I guess its possible.

  23. Paul Says:

    When I go to that site, it has videos of highlights on every player revealed except for Donald Penn, his video has Woodson and some lady saying how overrated he is.

  24. Twodog Says:

    Penn is lazy which won’t set well with Schiano. He is toast.