Windfall On The Way To Bucs?

April 12th, 2012

Joe wouldn’t mind seeing advertisements all around the Bucs’ home turf and website pushing fans to head to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino for an evening of blackjack, cocktails and the debauchery that usually follows.

Of course, Joe far prefers the more laid-back, smoke-free and friendly poker and simulcast wagering confines at Derby Lane in St. Petersburg, not to mention the unmatched feast at the Derby Club and live greyhound racing. 

The point here is Joe is a pro-gambling guy and doesn’t think adult wagering corrupts society. 

This is on Joe’s mind after the Sports Business Journal, via, broke word today that the NFL will now allow teams to take in casino gambling ads for the next two years.

Despite significant restrictions (including placement of the ads high enough in the stadium to keep them out of the range of TV cameras), Kaplan estimates that each team can raise “millions” via such efforts. Only casinos without a sports book are eligible, and each casino must contribute five percent of the value of the ad to the NFL’s anti-gambling program for its employees.

Joe has no clue how Team Glazer feels about gambling. But Joe suspects they might be in favor of bringing in a new seven-figure check. The Seminole Tribe running the Hard Rock spends a load of dough on marketing. 

Perhaps there’s a way to get the Indians to gobble up Bucs tickets and brand some Buccaneers slot machines that spit out pairs of game tickets when a spin nets three Rachel Watsons in a row.

Joe’s just thinking/hoping that creative minds find a way to knock out a blackout or two.

14 Responses to “Windfall On The Way To Bucs?”

  1. flmike Says:

    A Vegas team cannot be far behind?

  2. duality Says:

    I’d like to see 3 Rachel Watsons in a row, or just one for that matter

  3. Adam Says:

    See? It pays to be a Seminole 🙂

  4. the buc realist Says:

    I thought the last few years were ” windfalls ” for the Bucs!

  5. bucfat Says:

    GAMBLERS ANONYMOUS (866) 442-8622

  6. Derek Says:

    all joking aside buc slot machines would be awsome. they might even be enough to pull me away from the poker tables

  7. Uncle pauly Says:

    “hit the one in the middle”

  8. Lion Says:

    Just put the adds in the form of a tarp that covers seats in the stadium, less seats to sell more of a chance of black out haha 🙂

  9. raphael Says:

    The only American Indian tribe to not sign a peace treaty is the Seminole Indians…..don’t f with them… lol

  10. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Gambling sucks. Period.

    I was a close friend to the grandson of chief Osceola (sp) of the Seminoles in Tampa and one of the things he complain the most about was that the mob had seized control of the casino. He new the exact times (and showed me) that the black limo would pull up each day and a non-indian looking guy and his body guards would climb out to collect the days earnings…and this was a long time ago.

    People can’t tell me the presense of gambling does not increase crime. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

  11. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Pete Dutcher – What happened when you and the grandson called the police to report everything? Surely you followed up?

    This is almost silly. I don’t know what year you’re talking about, but the Indian casinos sure weren’t making crap before they allowed the “bingo” slots, which I believe wasn’t until this century.

    Gambling is going to go on. The legalized kind is far safer for the community.

  12. Santo T. Says:


  13. Vorblaw Says:

    I’d play the Rachel Watson slots. (I’d play slot machines, too! Thank you I’m here all week!.. Tip your waitresses!!)

  14. Thomas2.2 Says:

    I could care less about legalizing gambling, but I strongly believe in the freedom and rights of individuals.

    Within reason, the NFL must not restrict the advertising rights of legal American enterprises. I understand the anti-smoking ad position but still don’t like the NFL telling owners what ad $ they can and can’t accept.

    Pete lives in a parallel universe Joe – one wherein RahRah is a competent coach and Aqib Talib is not a sociopath.