“It’s Really Mark Dominik Not Telling On Himself”

April 12th, 2012

Bucs rockstar general manager got caught in the crossfire of former Bucs Ian Beckles and Shaun King as the two talked all things Bucs on WDAE-AM 620 this morning.

Beckles shared that he’s bothered by the Bucs’ lack of premier free agent acquisitions on defense. Ascribing motives to the Bucs’ front office, Beckles thinks Dominik stayed away from landing a blue chip linebacker and/or defensive lineman to avoid admitting past failures.

“They didn’t do anything for the front 7 of the defense. I was thinking about it, I’m thinking, ‘How the hell can they not improve up front?’ When you think about it, it’s really Mark Dominik not telling on himself,” Beckles said. “Because we have all these first-rounders on the defensive line, so if you bring in a high free agent then you’re saying you were wrong. And then we have Quincy Black we paid money to. Mason Foster. But you watched them last year, they couldn’t stop anybody.”

King agreed with Beckles and said, “I think some of that is Mark Dominik trying to prove he was right on some of these guys.”

Theories aside, King was most concerned by the Bucs’ draft shaping up as drafting Morris Claiborne in the first round and then being forced to draft a running back in the second round. That, King noted, gets the Bucs to the third round, “still not having addressed linebacker or safety.”

Of course, there’s plenty of time and salary cap room for the Bucs to sift through the loads of remaining free agents, and those who will appear after the NFL Draft, in order to fill holes.

As for Dominik allegedly considering concerns about the perception of his job performance ahead of the Bucs’ best interests, that’s a tough charge. Joe can’t say that take makes any sense, but Joe can’t call it an outlandish charge either. General managers and coaches across the league do that all across the league on a regular basis.

Joe loved the Carl Nicks signing and couldn’t say with certainty that he’d rather have, say, Stephen Tulloch, instead. So Joe sees no evidence that Dominik is worried more about his own job than improving the Bucs. Ultimately, Dominik will be judged by the records of his teams. Scoring well in drafts or paying a popular free agent doesn’t mean a GM built a successful team.

85 Responses to ““It’s Really Mark Dominik Not Telling On Himself””

  1. Big Picture Guy Says:

    King, the Bucs HAVE to go RB in the 2nd round? We could go RB after the draft with an undrafted FA for all I care. We only need a compliment, we don’t NEED a starter. We as fans may want a starter caliber RB to go w Blount, but why must we consistently spit in the face of facts regarding running backs and today’s NFL.

    We should be able to plug Ian Beckles behind this O-line and he could be a 1,000 yard rusher. We need a LB/S in the 2nd round more than a RB, and there is enough depth at the 2nd round to get someone we need. After that, some RB will fall to the 3rd, and there will be talented guys later too, to fill that need.

  2. SensibleBuc Says:

    B freaking S Ian. Save this rant for after the Draft and secondary free agency.

    Clayborn, Bowers, Bennett are great. GMC, BP, Okoye and Roy Miller should at least be serviceable at DT. The LBs will be addressed at some point. Geno is gone and so will Black after this year. Dom has done an excellent job thus far this offseason fixing the wide receiver position and the offensive line. What more do you want in like two months of work?

    He deserves the benefit of the doubt for filling the holes on the defense.

  3. Thomas2.2 Says:

    If Dom is to be measured by the records of his team – why have you branded him a rockstar when he is 17-31 and no playoffs?

    Is there anyone objective on the planet who would call him a rockstar based on performance?

    This notion that the rockstar moniker applies because he commands national interviews around draft time is dumb – so does every gm in football.

  4. raphael Says:

    our front 4 or 5 are set, its a couple of LB’s is really the the question here…more B.S. propaganda is all it is…

  5. knucknbuc Says:

    2 clowns talking. Nothing to see here.

  6. Mr. Patrick Says:

    If Shaun King agrees with you, you are probably wrong.

  7. Vince Says:

    Yeah, that’s genius from Beckles. Dominik is hiding from scrutiny by not replacing players that stink. (face in hands)

  8. kyle Says:

    As i see it the Bucs seriously upgraded center, left guard, every wide receiver position, cornerback, depth on the defensive line and we have high draft picks. What does Beckles want? This is going to take more than one offseason. Glad they’re on the right track. Let’s see if these guys can coach before we go crazy.

  9. passthebuc Says:

    A lot to do about nothing.

  10. Mark Says:

    Glazers won’t fire Dominik. They’d have to fire themselves, he’s a puppet.

  11. Brad Says:

    When Ian talks sports (which seems to be only when his variety show sidekick is on vacation) I agree with him more than I don’t. Dominik better wake up and quick cause if he’s a GM that can’t admit mistakes and adjust accordingly he will be gone before he knows it. My prediction is that this is his last year. Schiano and his boys will steamroll Dominik and his rockstar image. His lack of knowledge or ability to adjust on the fly is catching up with him and he’s starting to look bad and show his true colors and lack of experience.

  12. Dave D. Says:

    CYA is in place in every business in America. So what. At least in football it’s all honest. A coach gets a few years to win; a GM maybe gets 5. I think Dominik is doing a solid job, primarily because i don’t believe for a minute that he picked Raheem as his coach!!!

  13. Meh Says:

    Okoye isn’t part of the front 7?

  14. George Says:

    I wouldn’t dispute the idea that Dominik has more allegiance to his draft picks… but by the logic used by King and Beckles, doesn’t signing Wright admit to a failure in drafting Myron Lewis or even EJ Biggers?

    What these guys are neglecting is the obvious fact that there was really only Mario Williams and then a bunch of mid-tier guys in free agency at the LB position. Who would they suggest the Bucs sign? Apparently, they didn’t like Tulloch, Lofton, or Hawthorne that well, at least not well enough to pay the salaries they were asking. I think they also, quite reasonably, expect better performance from the LBs with better coaching. Perhaps Quincy Black is even salvageable as a decent starter if they coach him right…

    And back to Beckles’ point… Wouldn’t drafting a LB in the first 3 rounds admit to failure in LBs. I expect them to do that. Didn’t signing Okoye admit to some doubts about McCoy and Price, or at the very least an insurance policy in the event of injury. Of course.

    There is no doubt Dominik, like most general managers, has some allegiance to his own draft picks or free agent signings… but I don’t believe that would prevent him from upgrading the team if the right opportunities arise at any position. They have not pursued re-signing Geno Hayes, and my guess is that they’ll draft 2 LBs.

    It’s one thing to be disappointed that they weren’t able to fill a need for a starting MLB, but to complain about Dominik’s efforts in free agency this year is just plain stupidity.

  15. Raymond Says:

    First off, let’s not make Okoye out to be something he’s not.

    Dominik is so hard to read because he’s made so many awesome moves and many stupid ones. As joe said what really counts is how it comes together on the field, and even there he was the rocknroll star in 2010 and a misfit months later. Still think he’s earned more time and slack. I think they’re getting it right now all around.

  16. Traew Says:

    The problem with Dominik is he truly believes he found the right players at LB and does not need to get them any help. That’s actually WORSE then him realizing he made the mistakes but covering them up.

    When the ENTIRE fan base realizes they needed help at LB – given that the unit was an absolute train wreck – and Dominik does NOTHING to improve the unit except perhaps drafting a LB and making the unit even more inexperienced – that to me shows a complete moron is running this team.

    And anyone who tries to come up with any reason for not bringing in a veteran LB is a moron as well.

  17. T in Orlando Says:

    I can’t stand listening to Beckles, and this is a very good example as to why. The idea that Dominick is trying to avoid admitting he made a mistake by not cutting these guys is preposterous. If that were the case, Tanard Jackson would still be on the team after Dominick extended him last year. Or Michael Clayton would’ve stayed on the team longer than year after signing a 5 year deal. Also, Dominick hasn’t built the reputation yet we he can afford to do anything other than make moves that he feels will best help the team both short term an long term (someone like Belichik or Ted Thompson can be proud like that, not Dom).

    My guess is that Dom had discussions with Schiano (and let’s not forget Butch Davis), and asked them, after evaluating our players, where do we need to bring in FA talent to upgrade the existing roster, and how badly do we need said talent. And the only position that was felt as a must to upgarde was CB. Perhaps it was determined depth at LB and DL would be nice, but the team shouldn’t break the bank to upgrade there.

    Probably had a similar discussion with Schiano, Raye and Sullivan about the Offense, and determined we need a clear #1 WR, and while I don’t think LG was originally on the agenda, when Nicks became available, they determined his presence would really upgrade what was already shaping up as a Good O-line.

    I think Dom has shown “flashes” of great skill at evaluating talent, and now that he has people in place (Schiano, Davis, Sullivan and Raye) with extensive Head Coaching (college or NFL) and/or NFL OC/DC experience, the “building” process of this team should be even better.

    Dom has made mistakes, but I think he deserves at least two more off-seasons, with this coaching staff, before passing judgement (Rockstar or Popstar).

  18. Joe Says:


    The idea that Dominick is trying to avoid admitting he made a mistake by not cutting these guys is preposterous. If that were the case, Tanard Jackson would still be on the team after Dominick extended him last year. Or Michael Clayton would’ve stayed on the team longer than year after signing a 5 year deal.

    What about sackless Kyle Moore?

  19. George Says:

    Traew, the point is that sometimes it’s just not possible to address all needs in one offseason. This is still a team that is being assembled… and they aren’t going to the SuperBowl this year. I seriously doubt that Dominik thinks they’re OK at LB… but they apparently felt the available LBs were not worth the money they were asking. Teams that overpay mid-tier talent get mid-tier results and then can’t afford to pay for top-tier talent.

    Anyway, thanks for calling people with a reasonable and balanced point of view morons. Makes you look like a genius!

  20. Thomas2.2 Says:

    OK T in Orlando, pretty reasonable – most should agree.

    By your logic however, at least for now, stop with this idiotic rockstar nonsense.

    If Schiano is able to mold these misfits into men – great.

    Dont think for 1 second that Dom was the force behind releasing T Jax – it was obviously Schiano. Dom just extended the idiot a few months ago – clearly Dom wanted him here, it was the hiring ov a Real head coach who said: “this stuff must stop.”

    Next up: Talib, then K2.

  21. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Releasing horrible 4-7 round draft picks is a little easier than doing the same with big contract/investment players: i.e Black, T Jax, Talib, Winslow, GMC, Benn, Price etc.

    Dom did admit a huge mistake a cut Clayton?

    I agree, arguably, he admitted an apparent mistake by signing an insurance policy or replacement for a possible bust in GMC with the Okoye signing. That was a good move.

  22. ColoradoBuc Says:

    The only thing that would have made this free agency better is the signing of Stephen Tulloch. It was a great FA period other than that. For the first time since the beginning of Dominicks tenure the Glazers opened their man purse and let him spend. He got the top available WR(need), the top available Guard(instant upgrade at 2 spots) and a sefviceable CB that fits what the coaching staff is looking for. Finnegan would have been signed if the bucs wanted him, they obviously did not think he fit their scheme. If Schiano didn’t have hope for Blount he would have signed a running back in free agency, tolbert, Bush, Hillis, either one of them would have been persuaded by $ offered. The Bucs will draft according to need after they take the best available in the first Claiborne,Kuechly,TR, Kalil, whoever has the best grade and value at the time they pick. RB might not come until the late rounds they will draft for depth, if Blount doesn’t pan out their will be free agents and draft picks to choose from next year.

  23. T in Orlando Says:

    @ Joe

    Yes, Kyle Moore would be another example of Dom not hanging on too long to a player he drafted (giving a 4th rd pick 2 years is reasonable).


    Yes, I would agree that Schiano probably did initiate the T-Jax release, but you can’t unequivocally say that Dom still wanted him. I doubt Dom put up any kind of fight for Jackson when Schaino came into his office and said “this stuff has to stop”. This goes to my point of having coaches to help in the structure of the team.

    I believe that Dom takes his coaches input heavily into account (as a good GM should), especially when regarding players on the roster, in shaping the talent on the team. And for the past 3 years, he probably didn’t have the best partner (I like Rah, but I think his personal views of the players on the team came into play) when it came to the evaluation of the 53 men on the team.

  24. ColoradoBuc Says:

    Can I start a movement right now?

    Felix Jones is on the trade block for cheap and could be dropped, How about Quincy Black for Felix? Jerry Jones would definitely consider, they are both perceptively overpaid and Black could be a 3/4 blitz specialist, they would both be better off and they could restructure their contracts….anyone?

    It would solve the need to draft a rb, free up picks to land a better lb, and possibly solidify a reeling defense!

  25. OAR Says:

    Funny, I thought the season doesn’t start til September?
    People there’s still time for signings and the finalizing of the roster!

  26. ColoradoBuc Says:

    @ Thomas 2.2

    I could be wrong, but you may be the only one who doesn’t get that Rockstar GM is actually a sarcastic slap to Dom’s face everytime it is typed.

  27. DaMayan Says:

    Meh, i think they should calm down a little bit. You can’t fix everything in one FA outing. The fact the Bucs went out and got 2 (3) high priced FA’s is an exception and not the rule.

  28. Thomas2.2 Says:


    I assumed that also, but believe it or not Joe has actually stated otherwise – look it up or I am sure Joe will explain.

    I agree with you though that it is hard to believe that anybody would say that other than totally sarcastically.

  29. Joe Says:


    Felix Jones is on the trade block for cheap and could be dropped,

    Joe read this last night. Any why is Felix Jones on the trade block? Because the Cowboys want to draft Doug Martin in the second round.

    Here’s Joe’s question: Why pick up someone else’s leftovers when the Bucs themselves can draft Martin?

  30. BigBear Says:

    No one is perfect and the NFL is hard to be even 75% right when it comes to talent evaluation. I think that Dom has done a B job which is better than most.

    Yeah hes had some misses in the draft (Kyle Moore, Brent Bowden, Fulton, Bradford and Hardy) but look at some of the late round gems. Stroughter 7th, Biggers is better than most 7th round corners, Grimm, Watson, Lorig, hell even Mike Williams is already one of the best 4th rounders ever taken by the bucs.

    Plus getting some nice undrafted players or guys off other teams practice squads or even street guys mid season have been some decent additions. Guys like Parker, Larson, Dotson, Bennett, Blount, Okam and Madu. Not great players for the most part but decent depth and have played some games for us in 2010 and 2011.

    Overall he has ups and downs but for the most part he has found some pretty decent players to put on this team from places we dont look at as often as the first round of the draft and the first week of Free agency.

  31. Thomas2.2 Says:

    How come when Beckles, King, Baldinger, Sapp and Culpepper all publicly call out GMC for stinking on a variety of levels they are considered Hacks?

    Even rahrah was in agreement. These guys have no reason to make up that GMC has stunk so far – and not just due to injury.


    I still can’t over Quincy Black. Was I not watching the games where he ever warranted his new contract?

    He has never had more than 69 solo tackles. Hell, DB had 60 tackles as a rookie.

    For the life of me, I will never understand Dominick extending that contract. It’s probably worse than the Michael Clayton extension. At least that guy blocked, right Joe?

  33. ColoradoBuc Says:

    @ Joe

    Because if we could get a compliment to Blount and give him a chance to succeed, while also losing deadweight like Black, and allowing for the opportunity to get a stub LB in round 2! I’m all for it. These are the circumstances that I would bee good with it. I wouldn’t want to give them picks in trade

    Question: Is it really not a slap in the face? If not, is it because you have a press pass you do not want revoked?

  34. BigBear Says:

    @thomas2.2 You keep talking about GMC and bashing him, what should the bucs do then really? Cut him? or try to coach him up and change those habits? You make it seem like he is the worst DT since Sileo was in a creamsicle orange jersey.

  35. Sooner in Tampa Says:

    Good lord…why would ANY pay ANY attention to a couple of former never was’…between the two them…not an intelligent thought in 15 yrs.

    A fat small handed QB who won some football games because of incredible defense and journey OL. Man TB radio sucks in the morning.

    As far as Dom not filling holes to cover his six…absolutely moronic!!! That would suggest that Dom would rather lose football games than admit he was wrong

  36. ColoradoBuc Says:


    I think he, like many fans including myself, are always going to measure GMC to Suh. I wanted Suh so damn bad it almost made me cry when we ended up getting the his bridesmaid. GMC does deserve the chance to progress, and if he stays healthy I think he will win over a lot of people in Tampa Bay.

    Can I also throw my support for the drafting of another Florida State Linebacker? Nigel Bradham is a beast! I’m talking round 3 or 4. He is not Geno or Dekoda, late rounders with promise. He is a stud LB with great value in the middle rounds!

  37. Jon Says:

    Ummm … how about signing Okoye after drafting 2 DTs and signing V. Jax after drafting 2 WRs?

    Ian and Shaun never let the truth get in the way of a good (always bitter) argument.

  38. Bobby Says:

    First Sileo….now I just have to wait until Beckles goes and I can go back to listening to sports radio at 9am…. He just sucks.

  39. Jordon Says:

    Last season we were constantly playing from behind and our defense was undisciplined and flat out tired! You want to help out the D this year? Then stop going 3 and out on Offense and put together some strong drives and keep the D off the field for 40 minutes every game!

  40. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Comment: Fans complain a team keeps bad players too long, but if they cut them the fans complain there is no loyalty from the team to the players anymore.

    Dear Ian Beckles and Sean King,

    The Bucs just signed a defensive tackle. That’s not ignoring the front seven. And the draft has not even occurred yet you freaking crybabies.

    I have to say…I really hope King has not been paired up with Beckles. That would be a nightmare combination. I didn’t hear the show myself.

    Thomas2.2 Says:
    April 12th, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    If Dom is to be measured by the records of his team – why have you branded him a rockstar when he is 17-31 and no playoffs?

    Is there anyone objective on the planet who would call him a rockstar based on performance?

    This notion that the rockstar moniker applies because he commands national interviews around draft time is dumb – so does every gm in football.

    – – – –

    Coaches are responsible for wins and losses. GMs are responsible for players, coaches and salaries.

    You know that, but it doesn’t support your agenda, does it?

    I know what you are doing. You foresee a winning year this year, and if that happens it means players you previously claimed are busts will have stepped up…so your claims that Dominick has drafted badly will be a wash.

    You are using wins/losses to justify your opinions…and I suppose you’ll use the “if Rockstar drafted well the wins would be there” argument next.

    Let me ask you…how many games did Rich McKay “lose” here?

    None. Because GMs do not win or lose games, Thomas. Sheesh.

  41. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Oh, and to Ian “Racist” Beckles…even if the Bucs had not just signed a DT…they addressed the defensive line with 2 first rounders and 2 second rounders in two years.

    Ian Beckles is NOT a Buccaneers fan. Just listen to his show. He talks about the Bucs because his is a Tampa-based show…but EVERYTHING he says about them is negative.

    You know what I would like to see? Former players that were actually SUCCESSFUL in the NFL become local radio hosts. Then maybe they would know what they are talking about.

    I would love a Warren Sapp radio program on 620 WDAE…but they couldn’t afford him. It’s short-sighted, because a guy like that would be syndicated in very little time.

  42. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Imagine a Sapp, Lynch and Brooks radio program…man that would be sweet.

  43. bucbelevr Says:

    @admin, @Joe…

    Couldn’t disagree more with your paragraph of conclusions at the end of the story. IT IS a GM’s duty to draft diligently and mostly successfully follwing his scouting department’s homework and having the final say on those picks, as well as executing prudently with Free Agents. It’s not a GM’s job to coach the players, not a GM’s job to play the games either. No other part to “winning” than those I just described. So……. it is a GM’s job to “Score well in drafts and pay (prudently) the right free agents”. (and the “popular” free agents are usually the ones who are the best at what they do, that’s why they’re popular).

    And, like this avid Bucs fans here (me 🙂 ) has been saying with exmaples like Erin Henderson at (1yr 2mill), signing prudent Free Agents like that would then result in cutting Quincy Black–most likely–and thus prove in objectivity that Dominik should not have paid such a large 5yr/25 mill contract to Black, making Dom look bad LIKE BECKLES SAID. He was spot on.

    IT is a GM’s job, to do a good job, consistently, and often times like with the best GM’s in the biggest markets, the “GM work” is often predictable, meaning the common football follower, beat writers, columnists often know WHICH PLAYERS ARE TO BE SIGNED IN FA, which draft picks, least in Top 2 rounds. IT IS not a GM’s job, to think he can always outsmart the BEST GM’s, that have proven they do it well, consistently, and yes sometimes predictably.

    Much….of what Ian Beckles speculated with good cause, is DEAD ON.

  44. DAN Says:

    pretty sure we signed a dt…

  45. Matthew Says:

    The more and more I read on Luke Kuechly; the more I’m on board with the Bucs trading back to get him or even taking him at #5 if we have no suitors & Claiborne isn’t there. The guy is an absolute competitive monster who tackles everything. He could be the fiery leader the Bucs have been lacking on D since the days of Nickerson & then Brooks.

    Great read on him if you take 5 mins:
    Luke Kuechly tackles every challenge

  46. Matthew Says:

    Favorite line in the article about Kuechly which I think embodies what we hope the Bucs become:
    “Kuechly also became notorious in college for not doing anything that would hinder his game. Whether that meant avoiding soda or fried foods, his entire attitude boiled down to one central belief: If it didn’t make him better, it wasn’t worth doing. “

  47. Garv Says:

    Ian Beckles and Shaun King……no THERE are some qualified “experts” for you!
    Not for me though, I don’t respect a thing either of them say about the Buccaneers.

    They don’t do their homework, are not at practice or at One Buc, do not have “sources” beyond each other and basically offer nothing but hot negative air to draw attention to themselves.

  48. Karl Says:

    Ian Beckles is the most negative radio host ive ever heard (self proclaimed realist) He is never happy and always see’s the worst in all Tampa bay teams. Ron ans Ian are the least informed radio host’s in Tampa Bay.You can tell they spend NO TIME really knowing sports by there ill informed info they spew out every day that is usually days if not weeks behind th real sports news and info.They spend more time talking food and other dumb crap than sports.There show is getting SO OLD! Boring ! Arrogant ! Dribble!

  49. Karl Says:

    How Beckles kept a positive outlook when he played football amaze’s me.I wonder if he doubt’d himself as much as he doubt’s pretty much everything in Tampa Bay sports.

  50. BigBear Says:

    @bucbelevr wouldn’t dom look worse if the team was shown to not have talent to win? That would probably get a gm fired before cutting overpriced players he extended. Actually im sure it would. Bruce Allen wasn’t fired because he cut players he took chances($$$$) on. See: Charlie Garner, Luke Pettigout etc.

    Ian Beckles is not dead on, hes not even on… Dom would look way worse if they lose consistently in the next two years. And would be out of a job no doubt.

    Also if its so predictable in the first 2 rounds why does anyone bother to do all this mock drafting and such? The NFL is not predictable on the GM side, you can have a pretty good guess and connect the dots, but im sure that you would not have said we would take Wright, Jackson, Nicks, Okeye, and Orlavsky in this free agent class.

  51. Howard Bass Says:

    Beckles is Mr. Negativity. It’s his schtick and without it he’d have nothing of great value to bring to the table. There are many other former Bucs who would do a much better job on the radio than him. I can’t even listen to him anymore. Objectivity is one thing but blatant, consistent negativity & Buc bashing is Mr. Beckles’ calling card. As to the Bucs’ lack of action on the LB front, does anyone really think that Dominik would jeopardize his career and intentionally NOT bring in a Linebacker just because of his ego? That would be career suicide given the fact that Dominik’s got to know he’s on a short leash after last years debacle. Yes, Dominik has made his share of mistakes (Quincy Black, Angelo Crowell just to name a few) but to think he’d willingly risk his career by not adding talent just to cover up past mistakes is ludicrous. The bigger issue is that this year’s pool of FA LB’s wasn’t that great and all indications are that the guys on the market had overpriced themselves. I’d rather Dominik not overpay and preserve salary cap space for the future than to do what he did with Crowell & Co. Perhaps his lack of FA spending on a LB is proof that Dominik has learned his lesson.

  52. Bucfever40 Says:

    Im with Pete Dutcher and Karl on this…….IAN BECKLES is definately a racist, but also is against the Bucs on almost every facet, every time the team did something positive, he would ALWAYS put a negative spin on it, I believe he is angered that he probably blew through his decent salary back then only to watch offensive linemen get multi million dollar deals in today’s NFL , while he’s stuck in a stuffy radio studio talking food for 3 hours or will bring up whatever whipping boy he chooses to use i.e Barrett Ruud (when he was here), now it’s #93 Gerald McCoy. Ian, please find another gig, your material is beyond old and stale!

  53. Kirk Says:

    I can think of no one with any less credibility than Ian Beckles.

  54. Heath Says:

    No doubt…why doesn’t 620 dig into this potential gold mine of on-air talent that posts on here?

  55. Que589 Says:

    Don’t agree with King. Adding players via free agency is very overrated. That’s been proven every season. There were no front 7 ball player I would have taken over Nicks and / or V Jackson. You don’t get players just to fill holes if you don’t think they work for your team, based on the player skill set, the team scheme / system or if financially the numbers don’t work.

  56. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Ian Beckles is Thomas 2.2

  57. OptimisTroll Says:

    Thomas 2.2,

    Musicians can be rockstars, even if their music sucks. Just look at 90% of today’s Billboard bands.

    Rockstar does not imply success. It implies that they do their job in a very flashy way.

    I am tired of going through the comments and every time I read one of your regarding Dominik, you make the same mistake.

    I do not know if you are doing it just to get attention for yourself, but it is in a way that is very negative. In fact, it is in a way that is similar to a talentless actress. You just say and do stuff you know is wrong to call attention to yourself. It is kind of pathetic and laughable.

    So Hollwood,

    Let’s try to keep the comments relevant and not the same bland, Mark is not a rockstar, you have been constantly spewing, it is getting bland.

  58. Lion Says:


    “Here’s Joe’s question: Why pick up someone else’s leftovers when the Bucs themselves can draft Martin?”

    AMEN BROTHER!! J Jones is a fool if he believes Martin will fall to him in the second round!!

  59. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Ian Beckles and Shaun King. Hard to beleive that both of these guys ever played in the NFL.

  60. lightningbuc Says:


  61. bucbelevr Says:


    Re-read what Ian said, just the argument, not the man who said it. Re-read it, then re-read what I wrote. (both, referring to doing MORE to win, compete, not less).

    You made no….sense. None..

  62. BigMacAttack Says:


  63. BigMacAttack Says:

    So is 17-31 Raheem’s fault who has already been fired? or Dom’s fault who’s still behind the wheel?

    2 weeks to go

  64. Lion Says:

    Ian Beckles made himself look like a complete moron with what he said. He contradicts himself when he says the reason Dom didn’t make any splashes with the front seven in FA because he didn’t want to admit failure. Last time I checked we signed Vincent Jackson after Dom drafted Mike Williams and Benn, so does that mean he is admitting failure at those picks? HELL NO, it doesn’t.

    He is complimenting the team through free agency. Also if these two morons, King and Beckles knew a thing or two they would have realized there weren’t any premier or shutdown linebackers/safeties in free agency to begin with. Why pay big money to either Tulloch or Lofton when clearly they aren’t what the Bucs were searching for anyway. Very wise move of Dom not to dedicate years and money to players for a “quick” fix.

    I am glad we did “SETTLE” keyword SETTLE, for the mediocre defensive players in this years free agency. Face it outside of Mario Williams and a couple good CB’s, defense was mediocre at best in free agency. I applaud the signing Okoye though, he could be the diamond in the rough. Dom knows more about football than Beckles will ever know.

  65. Eric Says:

    High draft choices get paid and get long term deals. Every GM in the league wants those guys to succeed and will give them every chance to do so.

    Not seeing any earthshattering news here.

  66. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Heath Says:
    April 12th, 2012 at 3:52 pm

    No doubt…why doesn’t 620 dig into this potential gold mine of on-air talent that posts on here?


    You joke…but I bet BamBam could do a decent job…and I’ve heard “Joe” on the radio…I know he would.

  67. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Lion Says:
    April 12th, 2012 at 4:37 pm

    Ian Beckles made himself look like a complete moron with what he said.


    That could be said Monday thru Friday 😉

  68. ElioT Says:

    No doubt we need stuff to talk about but can’t we stop going nuts before the draft about what Dom hasn’t done? People need to also keep in mind that signing a whole new team of FAs in one offseason is not a winning method. It may take a few years before the Bucs will be complete at most positions.

  69. mister V Says:

    @ Joe………touche’ @ colorado………ouch!

  70. jvato24 Says:

    OptimisTroll says

    I do not know if you are doing it just to get attention for yourself, but it is in a way that is very negative. In fact, it is in a way that is similar to a talentless actress. You just say and do stuff you know is wrong to call attention to yourself. It is kind of pathetic and laughable.

    This is also a perfect example of King and Beckles … They have nothing to offer in any way … So if they stupid things someone will look their way just a mutter the words “dumbasses” quietly under their breath

  71. RastaMon Says:

    Must suck…yaking up puke into a microphone for a living……

  72. bucfat Says:

    Bitter old Bucs.

  73. jvato24 Says:

    Dave Moore needs his own show .. Atleast he has a real feel for the team.

  74. bucfat Says:

    Seems to me nobody gives two sh*ts what old useless players have to say.
    (Ian Beckles and Shaun King). They need to be replaced by D. Brooks and H. Nickerson. You know players who matter. Im boycotting WDAE-AM 620 until they get new hosts.

  75. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Just because you are negative it doesn’t mean that you are wrong.

    Schiano is going to be great. The leftovers from the rahdom debacle may or may not be.

    I was called a hater with no credibility for 3 years for consistently arguing that rah was incompetent and that this franchise was a horrible mess. Until late November, I had very few converts.

    Now everyone acts as if they were in agreement with me when it is just not true.

    The same applies to Ian and king. This org was a total disaster until Schiano came.

  76. bufat Says:

    Shaun King. To much Buc bashing. Does he even like Tampa Bay? seriously. or is it just an American thing to be so bitter haha jk Im Canadian haha Go Scatchatoon Riders.

  77. Garv Says:

    Well, 2.2, you might be interested to know that most people think you have as much credibility as bitter ex Bucs King and Beckles do. None. And you are just as annoying, though I know you strive to be.


  78. Rickster Says:

    Lol, a rb in the second.
    Rb is one of the least concerning issues the bucs have. We have our beast in lgb, upgrades on the oline and we need a running back in the second??? We could probably grab on in the 5th and still be productive.
    Lb in the second maybe even in the third as well, if not saftey in the third would be good to me!

  79. Pete Dutcher Says:

    jvato24, Dave more is a cool guy and all, and knows his stuff. But I don’t think I could stand his voice for 5 days a week.

  80. ColoradoBuc Says:

    Let me make this absolutely clear, I would only trade Black for Jones, no picks, and no other players. Jones would be depth, and a compliment, thats it. I only suggest it so we can draft for Defense, because that is what I love…DEFENSE! We don’t seem to possess one at the moment. I also think that blount is going to develop under the tutelage of Earnest Byner. I do, he is going to be tons better with the upgrade at line, and the presence of a deep threat. The offense is set….Furthermore

    Let me also make this clear! Doug Martin will not be available to the Bucs in round 2. He will be selected by Cleveland with there second first round pick. Their pick 4 goes to Blackmon or Tannehill(he’s not worthy…he’s not worthy). If they pick Blackmon, they will select Martin, and then try to pull off the trifecta and grab Weeden. The Browns want to win now, and they sorta need an offense like we need a defense.

    To the Richardson supporters out there, this is good news because he will be available at #5. For the rest of us who Love defense and wish for a return to the glory days……stay tuned.

  81. ColoradoBuc Says:

    Can I say that I Love the direction the Bucs are heading either way, and am completely stoked that fans are this interested in the team in April. It is an honor to drive around Peytons new home with my Bucs flag hanging out of the back window of my Bronco music blaring! I can’t wait til my Bucs come here and whip the Broncos! Crapped my pants when I saw they were coming here. I will be hammered as close to their side line as I can afford sporting my Lynch jersey, the real #47 not the orange one!

  82. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I have to call bullchit here. I don’t exactly have a Man Crush on Mark Dominik, and truth be told, it bugs me when Joe calls him a Rockstar.
    But Mark did get us a defensive lineman in free agency, and tried to get us a linebacker.
    He went and got Tampa 2 Pro Bowlers, and these wonderful new coaches.
    He found Blount and Penn on other teams practice squads.
    Has he screwed some stuff up, sure he has.
    But I fail to see any conspiracy or cover up, as far as he is concerned.
    I honestly think he is trying his best to make Tampa a winner again.

  83. teacherman777 Says:

    3 years of Dominik Drafts


    1st Round Picks- Josh Freeman, Gerald McCoy, Adrian Clayborne

    Potential through the roof with all three Josh Freeman could be unique. Gerald McCoy is clearly quick, but fragile. This year will say it all. Adrian Clayborne is a superman. Huge heart. Big motor. Non-stop effort. Definitely a great pick.

    2nd Round picks- Brian Price, Arrelious Benn, DaQwan Bowers

    Brian Price has one more year to get healthy. I know he is a great player. He is superquick and strong. He just had a freak accident. I hope he is recobering well. He earned my respect for playing hurt all year. Arrelious Benn is also recovering from a rookie season knee injury. He has made some highlight reel TD catches the last 2 years. In the end, I think he makes a great 3rd reciever but probably an #2. Overall, for his value as a second round pick. I think he is a great piece in our offense. Finally, Mr. Bowers. Last year, aainst Carolina, at the end of the season, he had his coming out party. 5 tackles for loss, 1.5 sacks, etc. I am predicting a HUGE breakout season for #91. This pick was worth ther risk. Gotta support Dom on this one.

    Round 3- Myron Lewis, Roy Miller, Mason Foster

    Myron Lewis could get cut this training camp. He cost is the game against the packers when Jordy Nelson toasted him. Anthony Gaitor looks better. By all accounts, Roy Miller is the consumate professional. He works his tail off. He stays healthy, he is just doesnt have some the godgiven talent that he needs to be a great DT. But in the end, as a 3rd rounder. He has some value as a number DT. Which he is now after getting Okoye. You also also never see Ray give up on a play. In then, we got Mason Foster. Before he got hit last year by an ankle injury and some other health issues, he was looking great. I think the bum ankle slowed him down a bit. Overall, as a rookie playing the most important position on D, I think we have some reason to be hopeful about his future. Mason clearly, LOVES football.

    Ok, thats just the first 3 rounds.

    In the end, I think Dominiks record on the first 3 rounds is pretty good. He got unlucky on his two DT picks. But investing in them was a great idea. DT’s are the trunk of the D. He was wise to invest top picks in them. Games are won because of line play.

    Josh Freeman,Adrian Clayborne, Daqwan Bowers, Mason Foster-great picks

    Arrelious Benn- good pick

    Roy Miller-Average pick

    Myron Lewis-Bad pick

    Gerald McCoy, Brian Price- Question Marks/Bad Luck

    Rounds 1-3 are core picks. They are essential for a franchise. Rounds 4-7 are more of a longshot to succeed. Although some of the best players in the league are late round picks. Round 4-7 analysis later. ( I know there are some typos, I cant scroll up and down in this comment box)

  84. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Thomas 2.2,

    Why in every single post you ever write must you bring up GMC and/or Raheem? Granted it’s semi-relevant here, you aren’t saying anything you haven’t said 100 times. If you can’t find a way to bring them into your post, you simply don’t comment. We all get it – you don’t like them!!!! Get some new material, I beg of you. We know you want attention, but believe it or not there are other ways to get it. That’s great that you like Schiano, so do I, so stop mentioning Raheem. And why do you have to point out that you were right? Are you that insecure? I already know what’s going to happen this season: every game you are going to chime in about how much better Schiano is than Raheem. Over and over and over again. You obviously have no idea how played out that is. You are a hater in the truest definition of the word. You apparently can’t live your life without hating on Raheem and GMC (sprinkled in with a little bit of the Rockstar). That’s pretty sad, don’t you think?

  85. Rrsrq Says:

    Beckles, because he played in the league has really only been saying what many of you say, Dom, get some real veteran leadership with guys who can play with heart and talent. Secondly, how is IB a racist, in what way has he expressed racist views, I listen to the show and never heard anything from him that would suggest that. The only thing about the show is that sometimes it is worse than a reality show, Ian at least offers a sports perspective, isn’t Ron a former music dj?