“Toes Up On That Edge!”

April 17th, 2012

Many fans envisioned today’s first no-pads, no offense-vs-defense voluntary practice today for the Greg Schiano regime at One Buc Palace would feature Schiano setting an on-field tone of discipline not seen in Tampa for years.

That seems to be the case.

The media got to watch 30 minutes of action (inaction), and local ESPN Radio affiliate Bucs reporter Craig Smith Twittered out a peek at the new approach.

@CraiginTampa: Schiano screaming: football is a game of details! Toes up on that edge! They are going through warm up stretching, people. … Players running everywhere, coaches screaming like drill sergeants. Schiano’s voice carrying over all of them. Incredibly intense

Smith’s Twittering, and others’, reveals that Aqib Talib and Kellen Winlslow are in attendance, along with Cody Grimm and the Bucs’ new crop of high-priced free agents are there feeling out their coaching staff.

It’s a new day in Tampa Bay.

75 Responses to ““Toes Up On That Edge!””

  1. Number 41 Says:

    Screaming at millionaire players about “details” when you’ve yet to coach or be a coordinator for 1 NFL victory?

    This sounds like it’s going to go swimmingly.

  2. bucfanjeff Says:

    Music to my ears. Discipline at last.

  3. deminion Says:

    Go get em Coach!

  4. SteveK Says:

    Alright, bout darn time someone came in here and dropped the hammer.

    This is refreshing news, and NUMBER 41, hell yeah you yell at these guys and get them fired up!

    This is football, and thankfully we now have that.

    Schiano was yelling bc he is pissed off from watching the 2011 tape. No more quitting!

    Time for some of these “NFL” players on our roster to start EARNING their paycheck.

  5. RCH Says:

    When I heard that it brought a smile to my face. I love it look forward to the season coming.

  6. T in Orlando Says:

    This is awesome to hear

  7. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    At last, a real football coach in Tampa.


    F’n A Cotton!!!!

  9. Bob Says:

    Let’s see who wilts under the pressure.


    Just how I hoped it would begin.

  11. Oahubuc Says:

    Great news. No mercy. Every single player on this roster deserves to be torn a new one every single second they are on the property.

  12. Orlandobucfan Says:

    A football coach demanding hard work and acting like a leader imagine that. This may be a good season coming up.

  13. raphael Says:

    YES !!!!! DETAILS DISCIPLINE = winning

  14. Orlandobucfan Says:

    @number 41
    What would you have likes him to do come in and say hello millionaires my name is Greg we will have so much fun this year together let’s do some stretches then since your millionaires you do what you want…..
    No that’s almost what we had last year this is officially coach schiano era and it’s his way or the highway and for most on that team there is no highway option so listen up and do as he says!

  15. Kryq Says:

    Talib, and Winslow at practice sounds like a good day to me.


    Number 41 = Rah???

  17. Jimmy Says:

    I just got a hard on reading this.

    Effing-a mother effers, it’s time to go to work!


    No more One Buc Club with the rap music at practice. Time to improve, not play!

    Got-damn this made my day!

    Shape up or ship out!

  18. DSZ Says:

    Please tell me we aren’t going to get months and months of ‘Schiano: Tough Guy’ stuff. OMG a football coach yelled at players! That’s never happened in the history of the game!


    It has certainly happened in the history of the game, just not at 1BP since January 17, 2009.

  20. Bobby Says:

    Gotta love this.

  21. Buddhaboy Says:

    #41 you succ

    out with the old brother.

  22. Capt. Tim Says:

    I thought they got rid of Gruden- cause he was a screamer, and the team quit on him. Then they hired a ” players coach”, to be able to relate to the players

    Now- another screamer- with no track record or winning history.

    Gruden had winning credentials

    We’ll see

  23. Capt. Tim Says:

    Hopefully he can install some discipline. But the hard part is getting the players to listen to you, and motivating them to play hard for you.

    Well, anything is better than last year!

  24. Kevin Says:

    Watching the presser now. I just like Coach Schiano… Can’t wait for September!

  25. Buddhaboy Says:

    uh oh, schiano just called someone out for not being there. he said he will get to the bottom of it. Wonder who?

  26. princespanky Says:

    I can picture this and it puts a smile on my face. Only way to improve it would have been if Schiano was chewing on razorblades.

  27. Buddhaboy Says:

    wonder who they brought in as a running back, schiano said they brought a tryout in?

  28. Kujolw Says:


    I agree sounds good, but no mention of Blount??? Guess we’ll know if were taking Richardson with in this week if we don’t hear from Blount.

  29. Buddhaboy Says:

    so much different than the old, “play fast, play hard, play consistent, play smart” routine.

    first impression, schiano just seems old school

  30. Bobby Says:

    I like the attitude. I wouldn’t worry about the players listening. They’ll listen. I think the Tanard Jackson move sent a clear message that if you don’t fit in…you will be gone. They’ll keep moving pieces till they get it right. These guys want to win and they know Schiano is a winner. He just hasn’t done it at this level YET.

  31. D Says:

    They may be millionares, number 41, but they’re also among the youngest teams in the league– if 90 percent of the team is just out of college, a disciplinararian college coach might just be what the doctor ordered.

  32. Cmurda Says:

    I just hit the LIKE button.

  33. jb Says:

    Number 41 Says:
    April 17th, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    Screaming at millionaire players about “details” when you’ve yet to coach or be a coordinator for 1 NFL victory?

    This sounds like it’s going to go swimmingly.

    Hey, 41, how about going back up to Atlanta with your know nothin’ nonsense! They appreciate fans such as yourself.

  34. thibs5599 Says:

    This is awesome. We have already added several new players, still have the draft, and even though it has only been the first day of practice it does seem like we have a real coach, or let’s say a drill sergeant. The way this team ended last season they need a DS type of coach to break them down and build them back up as an actual TEAM that won’t quit on one another and their coach just like they do at basic.

  35. Meh Says:

    Perfect. This is exactly what this team needs right now.

  36. CharlieB Says:

    Chucky lost the defense because it was Kiffins defense and Chucky was thought of as two faced. It had little to do with screaming.

  37. Capt. Tim Says:

    CharlieB- yeah, the two faced thing was a factor.
    This team is getting quit a rep for quitting on Coaches.
    Yeah, I hope Schiano rods the team of the ring leaders of that nonsense.

    And yeah- they do deserve to get screamed at! Last year was nauseating!

  38. BucFan20 Says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble to any of those Blount haters but he was at practice.

  39. kh Says:

    Anyone know who the one player that was absent that Schiano expected to be there?

  40. Garv Says:

    Yeah BABY! Go to WORK!
    Got to love our new head coach.

    I already very much like his style.

  41. BigMacAttack Says:

    Sorry, I got to say this:
    And it seems appropriate with what Schiano is trying to do here….

    My sister said today ” What’s with guys always saying ‘Grow a set of balls?'”
    She says it is the most ridiculous saying ever because balls are fragile. “Hit em, kick em, barely touch them and they’re injured. Balls are useless.”

    She continues on to rant that the saying should be “Grow a Vag!na” because you beat, bang, abuse, plow, drive a bus through it, and will still bounce back and be ready to go again.

    I think she really has a point there, and no we’re not from Alabama.

    Sorry, i just needed to share that with someone. What a crazy redneck big titty bitch, I tell ya.

  42. Thomas2.2 Says:

    The team didnt quit on rahrah, it just looked that way because they were being coached (or not) by a complete coaching-amateur (to put it nicely).

    Tim: the roster isn’t great, but losing 10 straight and being down 42-0 after 1.5 quarters only happens under the worst possible coaching and leadership.

    Why do u fans think that media is already reporting how different (intense and up tempo) practice was? Because the contrast from the rahrah glorified parties and social gatherings is shocking.

    This team has not conducted a true NFL practice since Gru left. I know I attended practices under Dungy, Gru and Rah. What I saw under rah was something closer to pop warner – high school teams were better organized. It was a total and complete comedy of errors.

    Make no mistake – the weeds (Talib and Winslow) will be pulled. It also sounds like Okoye is coming for the starting 3 technique.

  43. Thomas2.2 Says:

    I have shared the true reason Gru was fired – it wasn’t ego (although I agree that hurt his relat. with players) or him losing the team – he was fired, according to reliable sources (buc former general counsel?) for not agreeing to slash payroll further – Allen also refuse choosing instead to go with Gru.

    The defensive collapse in 08 related to Monte’s premature announcement that he was stepping down. Gru was not fired for going 9-7 in 08.

    Gru had his flaws, notably poor drafting. But anyone will tell you, he can take less than desired talent and win barring key injuries.

    Rahrah had no idea how to plan a practice, let alone make the higher level executive decisions required for successful head coaches.

  44. Mr Lucky Says:

    Wow it’s so SAD that you people think that discipline = yelling and screaming.

    I guess all agree that you should beat your women into submission as well?

  45. Eric Says:

    We got a guy from Rutgers screaming about Toes?


  46. ElioT Says:

    Be a pro, do your job, work hard and keep your nose clean off the field and Schiano will have no problem with you.

    Gruden (who I liked) was tough but also two-faced. That’s how you lose respect of the players.

    Nothing wrong with tough love/discipline as long as your are consistent and fair.

    This article makes me smile!

    Details baby!!!! DETAILS!!!!

    Go Bucs!

  47. bucbelevr Says:

    JUST HOPE, this Schedule release at 7:00pm, has Bucs against Saints AS MANY TIMES as possible in 1st 8 games, say……….that way, the suspended Saints, albeit justified, will most likely be suspended (and maybe staggered) in the first half of the season! 🙂

    Apparently, according to the leaked Giants schedule, we are AT the Giants in Week 2?!!!! Better than when it’s cold, I guess.

    Schiano………….has a LONG LEASH, as far as I’m concerned……go get ’em Greg!! And cut/trade Talib.

  48. Mr Lucky Says:

    Discipline comes in many forms and yelling and screaming is usually the LEAST effective – unless you’re talking about the Marine Corps and dealing with brainwashing young kids.

    Have anyone of you idiots been to officer training in the Army/Corps? They don’t YELL & SCREAM at the officers.

    Discipline with grown men is a lot different than dealing with high school kids.

    Discipline comes first and foremost from the coach: LEADING BY EXAMPLE.

    Exhibit #1 – Tony Dungy

  49. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Number 41 Says:
    April 17th, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    Screaming at millionaire players about “details” when you’ve yet to coach or be a coordinator for 1 NFL victory?

    This sounds like it’s going to go swimmingly.


    That was stupid.

  50. Mr Lucky Says:

    A disciplined coach shouldn’t be screaming on the first day – PERIOD. If you want the players to hear you get a megaphone.

    Speak properly, be detailed in the explaination and most importantly – let the players know what the consequences of their inability to do what you say is, whether that means windsprints, push ups or even pay fines.

    How many of you out there are ‘motivated’ when your boss SCREAMS at you?

  51. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Capt. Tim Says:
    April 17th, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    I thought they got rid of Gruden- cause he was a screamer, and the team quit on him. Then they hired a ” players coach”, to be able to relate to the players

    Now- another screamer- with no track record or winning history.

    Gruden had winning credentials


    As you later mentioned…being two-faced played a role. Another factor was Gruden’s unwillingness to adapt his coaching the talent he had available. He tried to pigeon-hole players into what he demanded…and if they couldn’t fit in the hole, he cussed them out.

    AND he had zero loyalty (ask Garcia) to players. Finally…he was dishonest.

    Schiano may not have the pro coaching experience, but he’s got more experience head coaching than Raheem did.

    And, btw…Gruden was not that good of a winning coach. What was his overall record? 54%? That’s not good enough to brag over.

  52. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Thomas2.2 Says:
    April 17th, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    I have shared the true reason Gru was fired – it wasn’t ego (although I agree that hurt his relat. with players) or him losing the team – he was fired, according to reliable sources…for not agreeing to slash payroll further…


    There you go lying again. Jon Gruden was not fired for that reason, you twit. He was fired because the team and most of the fans got tired of his crap. Remember…the blackouts started under Gruden…and would have been worse but the Glazers bought up tickets.

  53. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Mr Lucky Says:
    April 17th, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    Wow it’s so SAD that you people think that discipline = yelling and screaming.

    I guess all agree that you should beat your women into submission as well?


    Clearly you’ve never served in the military or played football. Those who can…do. Those who can’t…judge.

  54. IMiss#40 Says:

    BigMac is your sister Betty White because that is her material.

  55. bucbelevr Says:


  56. bucbelevr Says:

    SPEND SOME MORE MONEY……………………………………………………………………………………..

  57. raphael Says:

    @ bigmac your family tree has no limbs, does it ?


  58. Jimmy Says:

    “Wow it’s so SAD that you people think that discipline = yelling and screaming.

    I guess all agree that you should beat your women into submission as well?”

    If she fumbles…

  59. Rippa941 Says:

    Connor Barth was absent people… Hasn’t signed the franchise tender yet

  60. ben Says:

    i love this, 2 out of 3 head coaches the bucs have hired have a super bowl to their resume. glazers might piss people off off but when they need a coach they can find one. rah was just throwing something against the wall to see if it sticks plus they were paying grudens salary then

  61. ben Says:

    didnt include schiano out of the 2 out of 3 ^^, obviously dungy,gruden,morris

  62. Capt. Tim Says:

    Wonder how Carl Nicks and Vincent Jackson are reacting to having a guy from Rutgers yelling at them?

    And Pete- while the military may yell at raw recruits in boot camp- to get them to learn how to focus- that isn’t how trained soldiers are treated

    Boot camp= college kids
    Shaun Peyton isn’t a screamer. I really don’t know of any NFL coach that is.

  63. BigMacAttack Says:

    I never the Betty White thing, but when she said that, I about died laughing.

    Mr Lucky, I don’t dislike you, but you have no clue about the Corps. Real Corps, that is.

    You have also probably never heard that men have to be broken down to be built back up properly. I’m sure Schiano and Sullivan are well aware of this. You have to get their attention and weed out the misfits.

    Yelling and Screaming builds camaraderie among the troops, and can have an immediate impact when trying to convey an important message. There is no question about who is in charge. Now granted, I agree that yelling all the time for no reason or the sake of yelling makes little sense, or makes you a wife.

    I’m sure Schiano doesn’t just yell and scream all the time, but right now you have a very undisciplined team that needs to have their bad habits broken, and they need to be trained. I hope it pi$$es each and every one of them off, because they will be better players and people for it.

    It is also not about DISCIPLINE, but rather SELF DISCIPLINE, Loyalty, Obedience to Order, and fear of the CONSEQUENCES when you step out of line. In time, when the machine is hitting on all 8 cylinders, the tone will change, as well as the fear of not letting down your coach and team, versus paying a hefty price for your mistakes. This is why Brains are so very important in TEAM sports because “you have to get it” and if you don’t understand it, you never will. The cost of not getting it is losing.

    Oh and finally Mr Lucky, that brainwashing thing never wears off. It may go into remission but it is there forever, and I’m thankful.

  64. Oahubuc Says:

    LOL Someone on Twitter chooses the word ‘screaming’ in regards to a guy giving instructions to dozens of guys stretched out across the field and y’all are plinking it like kids with a .22 who just saw a squirrel. Man, football needs to start.

  65. Garv Says:

    I wonder who knows more about coaching, Mr. Lucky or Coach Schiano.
    We’ll have to think long and hard about that one. Or maybe, just maybe…….not.

  66. Bobby Says:

    @Oahubuc….you nailed it. Happens all the time. Someone suggests suggests we may take X or Y as head coach and 90% of these guys start freaking out like it came straight from the Glazers. Pretty entertaining really.

  67. BraveBuc Says:

    @Mr Lucky
    lol, at comparing playing football to women…

  68. Lion Says:

    I’ll second the motion!!

    Number 41 = Rah???

  69. 941-Bucs Says:

    Connor Barth was the missing teammate today. For those who were curious who missed the camp.

  70. 941-Bucs Says:

    Bill Parcells, one of the greatest coaches of all times.. he was a screamer. He got his point across immediately and the players followed.

    I think this thing got blown out of proportion. Schiano is a hard nosed very strict kind of Coach with a Jersey swag. If he has to snap a few times and bark orders to get his point across. Then i am all for it.

    Players and us fans have to realize one thing here. Schiano is the BOSS, either fall in line or move along. This team has very bad habit allowed by the previous regime. This ship is going to run much tighter and it started from day 1.

    Although they are millionaires it means diddly squat. Like the military there is a pecking order and you don’t dare cross your superior.

  71. Capt. Tim Says:

    Garv- when it comes to winning NFL football games , Mr. Lucky and Coach Schiano have the same record!

    Which is a concern

    But hopefully he has the experience around him to make the jump.

    And, BigMacAttack- you are on point. Hopefully, the screaming and hollering is a short term thing to A ) stress the importance of fundamentals and work ethic B) find the lazy instigators on this team. Nothing like hard work to bring the scum to the surface!!

    Psst, Coach- its Talib and Black
    And Winslow needs a tightening up, also. Just to show him he ain’t the boss.

    If that’s what Scisno is doing- and he gets rid of a few more bums, then I will feel even better about his chances!!
    And I want him to succeed!

  72. Capt. Tim Says:

    Can’t stop laughing at Jimmy’s post!!!

    On a post fulla zombies- defending a guy that we don’t need, and who has never ran against NFL defenses( gonna be a lot harder, Ompa loompa!),
    It’s the comedy that brings me back- to continue tormenting the Richardson lovers.

    That was funny as hell, Jimmy.

  73. Wade Says:

    If those of you who think the players are justified in quitting on a coach because of specific demands, then you are insane. You always hear from the players that they don’t “need extra motivation,” and “we are professionals.” Obviously, they do need extra motivation and that is exactly what is wrong with professional sports.

  74. princespanky Says:


    I looked that up too. Barth is the guy who Schiano is referring to about “figuring that out.” We would have brought in another kicker anyway but it’s pretty funny that he comes across the waiver wire as Barth doesn’t show up. He just needs to sign his tender and get on with it.

  75. Bobby Says:

    Some of these posts about the players not responding because of Schiano’s lack of NFL experience are just hilarious. It didn’ t seem to hinder Harbaugh did it? You have to remember, most of our guys have little NFL experience too. These guys grew up knowing that the coach is the boss, period. That doesn’t change just because they get a paycheck.