They Call Him “The Muscle Hamster”

April 27th, 2012

There hasn’t been a good nickname for a Bucs running back since “The A-Train,” Mike Alstott, the great Bucs fullback who Bucs fans still miss.

Well, Joe’s got the nickname for new Bucs running back Doug Martin, and no, Joe cannot take claim for it.

They call Martin, “The Muscle Hamster.”

“I got it from a friend,” Martin said at his introductory press conference at One Buc Palace. He seemed so embarrassed he wanted to hide behind his nameplate in front of him.

Martin said he was tagged with the nickname in college, mostly because of his physique and how he isn’t the tallest guy on the team.

Joe can say this, the guy has a chest that looks like an offensive tackle. Dude’s a barrel chest.

22 Responses to “They Call Him “The Muscle Hamster””

  1. raphael Says:

    lol muscle hamster …..heard he did 3 more reps than t-rich on the bench press. I don’t think Blount will be mess this boise st player….lol

  2. BucsFanInBoise Says:

    Doug is a beast. And a great guy. Love it

  3. Jrock(mobile) Says:

    I really hope that moniker doesn’t stick. Please use that picture again on future Martin articles though, hilarious!!

  4. thegregwitul Says:

    Mark Alstott?

  5. Colorado Buc Says:

    I want the record to reflect that Mike Alstott was the A-Train, Mark Alstott is a gas station attendant near Winter Park…

  6. thegregwitul Says:

    Love the muscle hamster nickname, I’m just happy this guy is on our team. Not having to count on Kregg Lumpkin anymore is a massive upgrade to this team.

  7. Bobby Says:

    If we find out he’s on steroids we’ll change it to ‘juice gerbil’.

  8. Joe Says:

    Mark Alstott?

    Channeling Chucky.

  9. Paul Says:

    Start Mark Alstott!

  10. OAR Says:

    I bet he get a kick a$$ ‘hamster habitat’ with his new contract! One with a really big spin wheel and tube maze!

  11. princespanky Says:

    Just watched the presser and wow Doug Martin seems like a humble kid who is wise way beyond his years. I can’t reiterate how happy I am to have both of those guys.

  12. buCncRaZy Says:

    If we can grab Ronnell Lewis in the third…this will be a great draft!

  13. Larry Says:

    Mark Alstott is actually Mike’s older brother.

  14. Steendahl Says:

    dude looks very good, i dont really get why many people say he lacks speed. but i was trying to find out how many fumbles this guy had in his college career, anybody knows?

  15. BigMacAttack Says:

    Yeah I don’t think he was too happy to hear that name again. Sounded like he’d prefer to leave it behind.

    Well guys, we will have to come up with a new one for him. I know one of you worldly wordsmiths has something in mind. He is a beast. They both are.

  16. BigMacAttack Says:

    How bout a Blount Martini?

  17. @eric Says:

    Muscle Hamster is a lot better than wonderlic score of a 4 to run our D, love the pick. Clayborne is only a cover guy, can’t tackle or stop the run, plus his position coach at LSU is with the Bucs now so him not picking his own speaks volumes.
    Go Bucs!

  18. Colorado Buc Says:

    I just talked my kid into renaming her Hamster “Little Doug”, but I think Hamcules (part Hamster, part Hercules) could work. Or Little Hercster

  19. T in Orlando Says:

    Martin’s the Hammer to Blount’s Anvil

  20. st. louis Bucs fan Says:


    wow, thats a great fact!!!! maybe we should have seen the writing on the wall, when we cut Jackson that should have rang a bell that we wur gna grab Barron. i went to bed (a lil drunk) a very happy Bucs fan. cant wait to see this team on the field.. but great poin about Claibourn. BUC IT IM OUT!!!!!

  21. Brandon Says:

    The hamster part is from his chubby cheeks. BTW, he was on the field for LeGarrette’s assault on Boise St. LB Byron Hout.

  22. JLF Says:

    Blount is trouble. He can’t keep it together. He tends to act out when provoked. Remember the 2009 incident at Boise State? Doug Martin is solid and stable. He never gets into trouble. Blount, well you never know. By the way, did you know Boise State beat Oregon the last two times we played them – home and away? Both times were ugly too.