Schiano “Got The Memo”

April 1st, 2012

Joe’s written many times that Greg Schiano’s barely dry five-year contract is no indicator of the pressure, or lack thereof, on the head coach to win.

It’s there. The days of a coaches getting long leashes are long gone.

So Joe enjoyed reading today in the Tampa Bay Times that Schiano knows he must produce quickly.

“I … know it’s a win-now league. Believe me, I got that memo,” Schiano said. “I think it trickled down to college as well. You had a head coach get fired in college after two years. That’s unheard of. But we also know what coaches are getting paid, too. That’s changed, too. With everything, as the stakes rise, I got that part, too.

“There’s such a fine line in this league between winning and losing. Now it is in college, too, but it’s much finer here. I think the talent level is much closer, too. So we added some talent. We’ll add some more in the draft, try to coach them the best we can. We talked about implementing some new systems, and obviously, we won’t be as far along as the teams that we play. Try to win every game, more important, try to go out and play the best we can.”

Joe suggests you click on through above and read the whole piece.

Joe’s not demanding Schiano go out and make the playoffs in Year 1, though that would be damn nice. But once the culture change comes and Schiano can mold his team — coaches and players — the wins will have to come fast. 

10 Responses to “Schiano “Got The Memo””

  1. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Sorry folks, but you cant “win now” with a young undiciplined team that just lost 10 straight games with horrible coaching. Rome was built but not in a day, so dont expect too much too soon. However, this coaching staff will develope that young talent into a proffessional football team. Just be patient folks, good things are happening.

  2. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Fire Schiano. He hasn’t made it to the playoffs his entire career with the Bucs.

  3. SensibleBuc Says:

    @ Mr. Patrick

    That’s a crock.

    This is the NFL and we’re in the NFC South: The Home of Worst to First since 2002. This is the same group that won 10 games in 2010. Because of the advent of non-guaranteed contracts, either you produce today or you’re gone.

    If you want proof of a what good coaching can do for a team look no further than San Fran’s resurgence last year. We mollywopped them in 2010 and they came back and gave us the business the next year with the exact same players on both sides.

  4. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ SensibleBuc

    Might wanna do a little research. 49ers already had a diciplined team full of experienced vet players with good offensive and defensive lines, just had bad coaching.
    And if you look at the contracts the Bucs are giving players and coaches, there is more guaranteed money so there wont be signing bonuses. Thats why Glazers had to pay Gruden all those years after he left.
    Hopefully the “worst to first” pattern will continue and I hope the Bucs win the division, or at least a wildcard. Bucs fans just have to be realistic and realize how much work this coaching staff has to do. However, patience will pay off as I’m sure there will be much noticed improvement quickly.

  5. SensibleBuc Says:

    @ Mr. Patrick

    “Might wanna do a little research. 49ers already had a diciplined team full of experienced vet players with good offensive and defensive lines, just had bad coaching.”

    Wait, what? How can one have a “disciplined team” with “bad coaching”? Don’t those two usually go hand in hand?

    Whatever the case may be, it’s hard to be called a disciplined team when you’ve been 21st (2009), 28th (2010), and 25th (in 2011 w/Harbaugh at the helm) in penalties per game in the last 3 years.

    Also, Frisco was the 9th youngest team in the League going into 2011:

    Players buying into and executing Harbaugh’s scheme/philosophy and Alex Smith not turning the ball over made them a success over anything else.

    “And if you look at the contracts the Bucs are giving players and coaches, there is more guaranteed money so there wont be signing bonuses. Thats why Glazers had to pay Gruden all those years after he left.”

    A) We don’t know what kind of deal Schiano signed. It could all be guaranteed but that doesn’t mean he has 5 years worth of job security. Rah just signed and extension last year and got canned. With the little bit of money they’re paying Schiano he’s not making enough to feel secure that he has all this time to build.

    B) No signing bonus for players = no upfront money. V Jax’s 5 year $55 million contract is really a 2 year $26 million deal. After those years of guarantees, if he makes it through the year, he’s paid. If he gets cut, no money. Translation: He better produce now and keep producing or he’ll be looking for work in 2014.

  6. FlBoy84 Says:

    Not much concerned about making the playoffs in year one. More concerned with seeing the improvement in play and reduction of mental errors and slow starts. As long as the team plays as best they can, if they fall short of the playoffs I’m not jumping off a bridge. The wins will come if they can stop beating themselves and change their mindset.

  7. Patrick Says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if we made the playoffs this year.

    2004: 5-11 next year we were 11-5 and won the division

    2006: 4-12 next year we were 9-7 and won the division

  8. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ SensibleBuc

    Thanks for making most of my points for me. When Harbaugh took over the 49ers, most of the pieces were already in place. If you look into the history of the NFL. you will see lots of teams that had more talent on the roster than their record or performance indicated because of poor coaching.One good example is the Bucs team last year.
    On the contract front, the players like V. Jackson who got no up front money but had the front 2 or 3 years of their deals front loaded and guaranteed know what they are getting, winners or not.
    We dont know what the dollar amount was on Coach Sciano’s deal, however we know it was at least what he was getting at Rutgers. Coach Morris, if he had not found another coaching job this past season would have gotten his check from the Glazers also.
    There’s a big difference in being the 9th youngest team in the league and the 2nd. Also, that doesnt reflect the veteran leadership that the team had in place to help the young players, especially this year.
    As you stated. 49ers bought into what Harbaugh was selling and A. Smith was smarter with the ball. And in most games they won the battle at the line on both sides of the ball. One big thing to remember too is that Bucs play in what is arguably the best division in football, 49ers play in what could be the worst.
    Obviously we all want the Bucs to win now. Coaches, owners, players, fans, everybody. We can all only watch as the new coaching staff puts their schemes in place, coaches up the players and adjust their roster. Hopefully the wins will come soon.

  9. Garv Says:

    As with every season, I expect or want to expect to be in the running for a playoff spot in December. I expect the games to matter beyond, far beyond, than they did by early November last season.

    With the addition of the Schiano staff, the top notch FA’s we’ve signed and the incoming draft class to go along with several players I still have a lot of confidence in I think it’s fair to expect this team to play games in December that really matter again.

    Things change fast in the NFL, we’ve seen it before. And we should see it again.

  10. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I’m not expecting anything close, but so long as we’re dreaming it sure would be nice to have an undefeated season to male up for our first season.