“Leadership Leads. Get There. Get There.”

April 18th, 2012

Joe’s enjoying the “insider” looks at this week’s practices, the Buccaneers.com glimpses into the early hours of the Greg Schiano regime.

In this video posted earlier today, Joe was intrigued by the very fit looks sported by LeGarrette Blount and Josh Freeman as they stand front and center before Schiano. Clearly these guys have put in serious offseason work.

Also, we get to see Greg Schiano screaming, “Leadership leads. Get there. Get there.”

5 Responses to ““Leadership Leads. Get There. Get There.””

  1. below me Says:

    5 looks like he dropped 20lbs…looks better than Kate Upton!

  2. FlBoy84 Says:

    I’d like to tell Rachel Ramirez what I”d really like to see (as she requested), but I think I might get banned from the site and lose my season tickets. 🙂

  3. thibs5599 Says:

    If anybody watched the Blount video of him and his son for the cover of madden, you could see there that he was looking fit and trim compared to the past two seasons. Blount weighing around 230 and added muscle would be a great thing.

  4. Jessup Says:

    In last years camp that was open to the public, Blount was absolutely ripped. I don’t think people realize what a beast this guy is.

  5. Lion Says:

    Damn I am super excited about this year coming up. Freeman looks very good, he will be much more agile and will be dangerous this year. Same goes for Blount.