What About Ronde?

March 5th, 2012

Money is flowing all over the NFL, along with heads rolling in New Orleans, and Joe keeps sniffing around looking for news on Ronde Barber.

Not a peep to be found.

Free agency kicks off in eight days, and Joe has to think the Bucs want a smooth resolution to the Barber situation at least a few days before that. No way the Bucs want Barber’s retiring announcement clashing with their own possible big free agent signing. If Ronde’s retiring, the man’s an icon that deserves his own moment.

If Barber is returning to Tampa Bay, that’s worth savoring, too.

Of course, there’s always a chance Barber won’t see eye to eye with Team Schiano and rockstar general manager Mark Dominik and will test the free agent waters. Barber wearing new colors would be difficult for Joe to stomach.

11 Responses to “What About Ronde?”

  1. raphael Says:

    Thanks Rhonde for all you have done….time is up though. Rhonde would be a great 3rd CB. Not sure if he would stick around for that.

  2. Bobby Says:

    Like to see Ronde get into coaching DB’s.

  3. J 2.0 Says:

    Why is everyone stressing out about football when you can just drink beer and listen to Motorhead?

  4. tonytwocents Says:

    i knew a girl once. nickname was motorhead. and damn she deserved it.

  5. JS1506 Says:

    What an old picture of Ronde Barber.. adiddas uniform? that’s 2000-2001… come on joe..

  6. MTM Says:

    This is one of the many parts of the Bucs/Glazer organization that has not worked well in the past. Sapp is let go, Lynch let go, Brooks and Dunn cut. The track record is not good Joe.

  7. BucsFanAndrews Says:

    Joe I feel you on that, it will be hard to see Ronde Barber in a different unifrom. We need to sign him one more year and have him retire as a Buc. But since we are paying attention so much to Conner Barth he will have to wait his turn. But regardless he is a cornerstone on our defense, and we need to stay put with us. Just like the rest of the retiree class. Lets bring him back so he can play in the nickle position!

  8. jvato24 Says:

    I got the impression from one of the articles I read that ROnde will meet with the team shortly after the combine … probably this week .. get some dinner and Ronde will tell Schiano where he fits in.

    Prediction: Ronde is re-signed at 5.5Mill for 1 season. He could be a huge help for whatever CB we bring in, whether it be Mo Claiborne or even Cort FInnegan

  9. Garv Says:

    I believe he either plays this coming season or ends up retiring a Buccaneer.
    Just don’t think there are too many teams in the market for a CB his age and that his best fit is here.

    Personally I’d like to see him play another year for us.

  10. K1ngAdroc Says:

    If he wants to play, the Bucs need to sign ’em ASAP – no question he can contribute if he wants. Let him make the choice

  11. Pete Dutcher Says:

    There is no rush to resign Barber. He has already said that if he isn’t a Buc this year he will retire. We all want to know what’s going to happen, but the truth is the Bucs can wait and see if they get a good veteran CB in free agency.

    They might resign him sooner, but they have the luxery not to. And even if they do…$5.5 million for Ronde these days is too much.