Talib Trial Moved With “Special Set”

March 20th, 2012

Aqib Talib’s felony assault with a deadly weapon trial date in Dallas has been moved to April 16 and the case will be tried, Talib’s attorney Frank Perez told JoeBucsFan.com this afternoon.

The trial was bumped from March 26 and granted a “special set” by Dallas County. Perez said that means the trial definitely will start on that date and will not be moved again.

“We were upset the date was moved; we were ready to go. But there was a personal situation with the prosecutor having a child on the way so that’s where we are,” Perez said.

Perez said there have been no substantive discussions about a plea agreement and he’s not interested in a deal. Talib will stand trial. He also said he completely expects Talib to be exonerated.

“I expect the trial to last three or four days. There are a lot of witnesses,” Perez said.

If the timetables hold true, justice will find Talib prior to the NFL Draft, something the Bucs must be pleased to hear.

For those who want to read the case file and brush up on the shaky charges against Talib, feel free to click here.

56 Responses to “Talib Trial Moved With “Special Set””

  1. sunrisejeff Says:

    As long as it’s finished pre draft

  2. NJBucsFan Says:

    Tulloch resigned….thoughts on Hawthorne and Manny Lawson???

  3. Sensiblebuc Says:

    We ain’t getting Lofton based on Tulloch’s deal and even Hawthorne and Lawson are going to want to be overpaid by $2-4 million…*sigh*

  4. Thomas2.2 Says:

    So much for Joe’s confident prior prediction that this, of the many, “weak” case against Talib will result in a plea down to misdemeanor.

    It seems clear that the State of Texas has said no deals short of guilty plea to a felony which means prison time if guilty for Joe’s model citizen.

    Ponder this: there were 4 people at the scene, 1 was running away and 1 was nowhere near the discharged weapon. There were only 2 people, Talib and his mother, anywhere near where the sound of the gun came from and bullett casings were found.

    The prosecutor will use this evidence to force someone to pin someone as having fired that weapon – if Talib’s mom takes the fall he may walk but she will be charged with multiple offenses. Talib cant say that no gun was fired because the jury will know he is lying. Its a tough spot for the Talibs.

  5. Phenom4498 Says:

    Im sure its only a matter of time until Thomas 2.2 decides to AGAIN put in his legal “expertise” on Talib legal situation even though he has no clue to the actual case!!

  6. Phenom4498 Says:

    And I was right……did not take him long at all

  7. eric Says:

    Stuff pleas out day of trial all the time.

    Attorney posturing notwithstanding.

  8. bucbelevr Says:

    Why….in the 3 hours since Tulloch signed, has no one reported the financial details?!?! That always happens, and in this case, it’s pretty d**n important, so we as fans can hold Dom, other signings accountable, for our MLB need.

    They always find out, release the numbers…..

  9. Paul W. Says:

    Talib is only good for 7-8 games per year anyways. So are we really losing anything if he does get suspended?

  10. raphael Says:

    Talib is not that good anyways…who cares..trade the THUG !

  11. Josh Says:

    Good to know. Release him.

  12. Thomas2.2 Says:


    Perez said that there have been no substantive plea discussions, i.e. the state has offered no deals. Although you are correct that pleas are often announced the morning of trial, they are often the product of timely negotiations.

    As you know, the Court wants to know the likelihood of a pre-trial resolution at the hearing 5 days before trial. Obviously, both sides represented to the Court that plea was not going to happen.

    Stranger things have happened, but the odds are strong that Talib stands trial and I love the State’s case. Either Talib or his mom fired that gun, and Talib disappeared for a while after the incident and his mother lied about his whereabouts.

    Talib’s case is basically: “the witnesses didnt see whether myself or my mom discharged the gun.” accounting for the circumstantial as well, I would not want to be Talib.

  13. NJBuc Says:


    Once again you are on top of your game. The only guy with the heart to post the actually police report demonstrating (1) how flimsy this case is and (2) how it has been mis-reported. Everyone should read the actual police report.

  14. RastaMon Says:

    My head hurts…did anyone else read the transcript….Azzclowns ARE as Azzclowns do….then the cops show up…..

  15. NJBuc Says:


    You love the State’s case? Read the police report, you’ll feel differently. The probability of witnesses watching the mother fire a gun but missing the action movie hand-off to Talib who then continues to fire the gun at moving target is remote at best. (Although I think I saw Van Damme do something like that once). And as I’m sure you noted, every witness that saw his mother with a gun did not see Talib, yet the guy who has sex with children admits that the other gun discharged while in his possesion. This is a waste of taxpayers money and if this report accurately reflects the State’s case it’s silly that this is going to trial.

  16. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    What a shocker, Thomas believes in the case against Talib! Who woulda thunk it? You are as predictable as ever. Just let the case play out, because you don’t have a damn clue what really happened. Besides that law degree you may or may not have received from an online college means absolutely nothing to any of us, or the rest of the world.

  17. Thomas2.2 Says:

    I have read the report, here is a damning excerpt from Talib’s mother’s statement to police:
    “Ms Talib then changed her story and advised that after Aqib took the gun from her, she did hear a shot and eventually admitted that it could have been Aqib that shot. Additionally she admitted that after Aqib took the gun from her he chased after Billings. This information contradicts what Aqib told detectives.”

    Further, bullet casings from the gun (the .380) that both Aqib and his mother admit that Aqib had were found in the area away from the yard (where mom was) and in Aqib’s direction of chasing after Billings. This was an area where only Talib could have discharged the .380.

    Read the police report and then tell me that Grandma is more likely to be lying than Talib.

  18. Phenom4498 Says:

    @ Hawaiian Buc

    Well said friend….Im glad Im not the only one who is COMPLETELY sick of listening Thomas 2.2 spout of at the mouth and try to sound like some intellectual superior….He sounds like a TW@T!!

    Thomas, you continue to talk as if youre involved in every case or situation that Talib is apart of, you know absolutely nothing more than the rest of us, you are not representing the plaintiffs in either of the Talib situations and youre talking like you have the case files in front of you. Youre talking like a pompus @ss who has some dream of wanting to a judge, but you know nothing more than the rest of us and are passing judgement on him before hes even went to trial, so what kind of legal expert are you when you have completely forgotten the number one rule in law which is “Innocence until proven guilty”…..and by the way Thomas, it is not like youre the only jury in this case

  19. Macabee Says:

    Thomas, do me a favor. But first, a bit of new information for you. Talib’s accuser has been arrested twice for sexual assault since the incident, repeat it for you, twice since the incident. Now for the favor. Explain jury nullification to all the JBF posters!

  20. Capt.Tim Says:

    Thomas. I apologize to you . It’s pathetic these”people attack you- as if you are the piece of crap thug involved in all these different B.S. problems.

    There is only one constant theme to these issues. The Bucs need to throw out the trash. No matter how many Zombies try to attack you, The grandma, Corey Byrd, Torrie Cox, Donald Penn,the Referees, the comish, – whatever these apologist wanna dream up to lie to themselves

    The guy is trash- get his ass outta here, that way he can get to be a prison inmate faster!

  21. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Ask the Cabbie what kind of person Talib is.
    Ask Corey Boyd what kind of person Talib is.
    Ask Torrie Cox what kind of person Talib is.
    Ask the Grandmother what kind of person Talib is.
    Ask the Brother-in-law what kind of person Talib is.
    Ask Texas law enforcement what kind of person Talib is.

    Maybe all of these victims are liars, or trumping up charges, and Talib is just an innocent person that everyone is out to get poor, innocent Talib.

    Or maybe, just maybe, he is a sociopath and menace to society who needs to be incarcerated. The evidence strongly suggests the latter to me. I want him gone from this community, and imprisoned if the jury so finds.

  22. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Jury nullification is the concept that even if the jury believes the defendant to be guilty that the jury has the power not to convict if the jury believes that the result would be unjust.

    I assume that you are suggesting that since Billings has a criminal background, and the Talib’s allege that they were defending their sister that the jury may disregard the evidence and acquit. Happens but rarely, very unlikely here. Why? The police did a good job of establishing admissions that the sister was not in any danger when Talib beat, shot at and chased after billings.

  23. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Thomas, nobodys saying Talib is a choir boy…but it’s a gun charge in TX. There have been no plea discussions because his lawyers know hell be exonerated.

    Even if his mom did lie, that isnt proof of anything other than she lied

  24. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @Thomas & Tim
    You’re gregarious predictability on Talib often makes JBF nauseating to read. Please, give it a rest once in awhile. Doesn’t it bore you?
    I know this post is about the subhuman excrement you so routinely and explicitly enjoy defecating on, but it’s getting old for Christ’s sake; like reading the same magazine on the toilet that time after time puzzlingly never makes it to trash can.
    Maybe go write for Caste football sometime? I’m sure you’ll find the attention you so desperately seek.

  25. Dave D. Says:

    Sorry, but Talib is a sympathetic, albeit stupid, character here. He’s going to be found guilty. He’ll hug his attorney, and he’ll be back at One Buc working out as usual. The practices and plays hard. Go Bucs!

  26. Macabee Says:

    Thomas, now that you know that Billings is sitting in jail, as we speak, under a $265,000 bond for indecency with a child/sexual contact, how would you assess Talib’s chances to beat this rap now? Keep in mind he was also arrested for the same charge in December. Careful now, so far tonight, you have been taking the word of a recedivist child sexual offender. You really want to go to court with that?

  27. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    First of all, I’m not saying Talib is innocent. Find me one post (related to this matter) where I have said so. I simply don’t know, because I wasn’t there. There are scenarios I can think of where he would have been guilty, and others where I could see how he isn’t. It’s all guess work and assumptions, and I choose not to do that. I’ll let the legal proceedings determine guilt or innocence (what a concept). I do not believe in convicting someone off of prior offenses, and as a proud American (which I know you are), I’m surprised you would. You have every right to believe he should be cut due to his prior incidents. I won’t argue that with you, because you are probably right. However, this is an ongoing case and we simply don’t know if it happened or not. I’m sorry, but presuming he’s guilty because it “fits what you think he is” isn’t good enough for me, just like it’s not fair for me to presume he’s innocent because I want him to be. You can’t prosecute someone for his reputation, which is essentially what you and Thomas are doing. If he’s found guilty, then aloha Mr. Talib. But if he’s found not guilty (barring an OJ Simpson-type bogus acquittal), then why should he be cut? Those things that happened in the past are in the past. Maybe they should have been addressed back then, but they weren’t. Fact is, if he is innocent, I see no reason why he should lose his job.

  28. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Thomas 2.2
    Ponder this…

    …go back and read the reports you are hoping people will forget. There were 4 people INVOLVED…but there were 19 witnesses and all of them, including a retired cop, say they never saw Talib even fire a gun.

    Hence the statement that there are “a lot of witnesses”. Taliban has a strong case.

    HOWEVER…it won’t matter to the Bucs because Goodell will suspend him for the season win or lose. And, being the last year of his contract…the Bucs will not be bringing him back.

    I say it over and over…the only reason Talib is still on the roster is the draft.

    If anything, the Bucs are hoping for a delayed outcome…so that he doesn’t get suspended before the draft. Because then they can’t cut him.

  29. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    If Talib is suspended for the season, he would still be under contract for one year after his suspension is lifted.

    There is no way he is going to get suspended for a full season if he is found not guilty. Absolutely no way in the world. If he did, and Talib were smart (insert insulting Talib remark here), he would sue the hell out of the NFL – not only for an unfair suspension, but for it happening during the lockout. 4-6 games max with a not guilty verdict. Keep in mind he has only been suspended for 1 game in his career. It takes Pacman Jones type transgressions to get a full season (and Talib is a choir boy compared to Jones).

  30. Pete Dutcher Says:

    ” Further, bullet casings from the gun (the .380) that both Aqib and his mother admit that Aqib had were found in the area away from the yard (where mom was) and in Aqib’s direction of chasing after Billings.”

    “Where mom was” …and that is why you are no longer a prosecuting attorney…if both were there, either could have done it. And the fact that the mother (not grandma), who has a long list of arrests herself, changed her story renders her testimony questionable.

    You really suck at this, lol.

  31. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Why can’t they cut him before the draft? I’ve never heard that (not saying it’s false, but it makes no sense). You can pretty much cut anybody you want in the NFL whenever you want.

  32. Pete Dutcher Says:

    We’ll see. But 4-6 games seems very optimistic. I think the commish will do a season because someone has to show Talib there are heavy consequences to his actions.

    And the Bucs can cut Talib before he’s suspended.

  33. SensibleBuc Says:

    @ Pete

    Actually Hawaiian is spot on with the 4 game suspension. When the story originally broke Jason Cole reported that he’d be suspended for 4 games.


  34. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    To me, 4-6 games is pretty severe if he’s found not guilty. I don’t see how you can take his job away from him for a crime that he didn’t commit (as determined by the judicial system). That makes no sense to me. Usually long suspensions have several prior suspensions, and Talib only has one. Obviously I could be wrong, but I would be shocked. I think it’s much more likely he will be cut than suspended a whole season.

  35. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Per the report:

    Mom stayed in the yard. Aqib left the yard to chase after billings where the last shot from the .380 was fired. A .380 bullet casing was found in the area where only Aqib was placed by witnesses.

    The grandma I was referring to is the one who says that Talib threatened her after she called the police because he rear-ended her.

    They can cut Talib whenever they want.

  36. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    So is that one side of the report, or the side that everyone admitted to? You are hoping so much for a conviction aren’t you Tommy? Good for you.

  37. David Says:

    Either way, I think this is Talib’s last year if he lasts through training camp

  38. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Agree with you on that.

  39. HolyBuc Says:

    If you are saying goodbye you don’t cut Talib before the draft for no other reason…than not showing your hand. Talib won’t be cut he may get traded but not cut.

    If you wonder who would trade for him look no further than the man who drafted him and the man who went bat for him last year. They just happen too be working together in Washington D.C.

  40. Macabee Says:

    Thomas. I say goodnight! You have the floor. I don’t question your credentials and for that I know you know how this is likely to turn out. Your sheep though don’t have a clue!

  41. Capt.Tim Says:

    Macabee- Billings is Talib’s Brother in law. He is common law husband to Talibs’s sister. They have been together for years, and have a long history of violence between them. Billings is a frequent resident at the Home of Talibs mother.

    No. The fact the His sister is married to a child molester, in no way somehow shines a brighter light on Aqib

    Quite the opposite.

    And BKNYfootballhead. Nah, I never get tired of pointing out what an embarrassment that Talib, and the people who make up excuses for Talib, have become.
    If these people are willing to cover up for threatening old woman, I just put the test out there to see how truly low they are willing to sell out their standards and moral foundations – to defend a mediocre Football player.
    1) attacking team mates- check
    2) hitting team mates with helmets- requiring Surgery- check
    3)trying to attack Officials- Check
    4) shooting at Brother in law- check
    5)threatening old grandmas- check
    6) quitting on your team and teammates- check

    Where can he go from here? Really, does it matter?
    No matter what- I’m sure there will be posters here that will defend him.
    Unless he does it to them, of course! Then they will want to know why nobody did anything- to this obvious threat to society!

    Can’t help it. I have the privlege and honor of working closely with tsome of the finest young people this country has produced. Our Young people in the Military.
    They have profound dedication and conviction.willing to fight- even die, to protect and defend the principles that make this country great. I have seen the sacrifices they make.

    It just makes me sad that other people are willing to compromise all sense of morales- even the safety of other people- if he means that some lowlife MIGHT help someday win a football game.

    The decline of western society indeed.

  42. Capt.Tim Says:

    Odd that we didnt( and wouldn’t ) have put up with these kind of Stories when Sapp, Lynch, Brooks, etc were playing here.
    They ran a tight ship- and we won.

    We brought in some real losers, and have been losers since

    It’s. Almost. Like. It’s. Relevant.
    Meybe losers off the field, are also losers – on the field??

  43. Vince Says:

    you guys are all forgetting that Talib already was given a partial pass by the NFL on this with them not coming down on him sooner. And given that the incident happened during the lockout, when players were not under contract, there’s a strong likelihood Goodell ignores all this if Talib is found not guilty. League harmony trumps all. And Talib is small meaningless potatoes leaguewide. Nobody cares outside of Tampa, so the league won’t want to get into a legal match with the union.

  44. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Again, you are making a lot of assumption there, with very little factual evidence. While you may feel it is common sense that he did it based on prior actions, others may not.

    To break down where some may stand on your points:

    1. fights happen in practice all the time. Fights happen between players all the time. I have vivid memories of fights between my dad’s players (he was a college basketball coach). In fact, he never went through a season were there wasn’t multiple fights. I experienced a couple in my playing days as well. Fights happen more than people realize, especially in a violent sport like football. Doesn’t mean it’s right, just reality

    2. He went overboard, no doubt. He’s not the first and won’t be the last to swing a helmet at another player. That’s an internal issue within the team.

    3. That story has a couple sides to it. We don’t know what was said, nor do we know what really happened. Officials do often instigate things, but I have my doubts as to whether or not he actually tried to attack the guy. We simply don’t know. Judging by the fact there was no suspension, I don’t think it was as severe as many make it out to be.

    4. Again, did he really do it, or was it the mom? Let the judicial system be the judge. They will have all the details. We don’t.

    5. Again, hearsay. This case is odd at best. You know it, I know it, even tommy boy knows it. You are reaching on this one.

    6. The same could be said for virtually every single player on last years team. I didn’t see any more quit from him than I saw from the rest of the guys. I know he played hurt most of the season, and he finished on IR.

    I’m not saying I’m right on all these issues, nor am I trying to downplay the severity of them. I am, however, trying to point out that these cases aren’t all as rock solid as you make them out to be. If he did these things (in particular 5&6), then he should/better be gone ASAP. But if he didn’t (which believe it or not, is entirely possible), then he probably shouldn’t. All I am saying is let everything play out, because none of us know all the evidence. We haven’t heard from the witnesses, so our opinions are just that. It’s puzzling to me how someone who is a proud American can so quickly go against one of the most basic American rights.

  45. Capt.Tim Says:

    Lol- love the Talib post! Chance ta get on the ole Soapbox.

    Really, I’m a lot more concerned with getting another CB, and TWO more starting LBers in here!

    That’s what we need ta win.
    Talib will self destruct on his own. Honestly, we don’t even need to worry about that one

    Oh, and we got the great” do we, or don’t we want Tim Tebow” debate!
    Lol. That’ll keep us debating til The draft!

  46. Eric Says:

    It’s gonna end with a plea or dismissal.

    State is trying to force a deal. Happens every day.

    No way do they take it to trial.

  47. Macabee Says:

    Capt. Tim, One final post because as you know, I’m one of your fans. I applaud your work with the military. Doesn’t surprise me, you’re a good guy and you come at this from a moral perspective that can’t be argued with. But that’s simply not how our court system works.

    This is a criminal case and the burden of proof is on the accuser, nothing more, nothing less. Everything you say is probably true, but the question here is will a jury of Talib’s peers believe or have sympathy for a recedivist (multiple) child sexual offender.

    All of the things that you mention about Talib prior to this case will not even be allowed for prejudicial reasons. Ask your new found buddy Thomas. He will tell you that Talib may be guilty as all get out, but you have to prove that beyond a shadow of doubt and it only takes one juror to have doubt.

    Your best shot is to have Schiano and Dominik believe that it is best to leave the drama behind and trade him while he still has value. I genuinely don’t mean to be dismissive. I’m simply looking at this from a purely legal perspective.

    However it turns out, I won’t be upset. Have a good evening!

  48. Capt.Tim Says:

    Hawaiian- if we all stick to just the facts, and what’s submittable Evidence, and what testimony can hold up under cross examination,

    Then jeez, ain’t gonna be much discussion happening here!

    If twenty different people, from twenty different places, without knowledge of each other- all accuse a guy of spitting on them, at different times and places,

    Then, I’m gonna believe the guy spits on people!

    There is a question of doubt. Then there is sticking yer head in the sand.

    I’m sure this guy jumped out and threatened a 58 year old woman

    Like I said. He will self destruct on his own soon enough.

    He’ll threaten/Slap/hit the wrong person. Or the wrong persons grandma. Or child.

    It’s the beauty of the American way!

  49. Drew Says:

    Captain… I’m a Viet Nam veteran and I clearly do not understand your point about the Military and the bearing it has on this discussion.

  50. JT Says:

    @ Thomas 2.2

    Ask the Cabbie what kind of person Talib is.
    Ask Corey Boyd what kind of person Talib is.
    Ask Torrie Cox what kind of person Talib is.

    All inadmissible in court… You cannot use a persons past to influence the jury into believing guilt. Only evidence related to the current charges can be used, unless Talib’s defense screws up.

  51. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    How are you so sure he threatened this woman? Is there mysterious witnesses that I haven’t heard of? Why wait over a year? There’s no legitimate answer for those questions. Besides, you make as if she’s some elderly woman, and she is incapable of a money grab. Hell, my mother is over 58 and given the opportunity, I have no doubt she would do the same.

  52. Cmurda Says:

    @Drew. I’m a Vet as well, not Vietnam. I’ll call myself a 9-11 Vet for timesake purposes. I think Capt was illustrating the point of an Aqib Talib vs the men and women with morals, convictions, and honor. It was an extreme tangent albeit an accurate one.

  53. Greig Says:

    So Talibs mother, a person who has been ARRESTED MULTIPLE TIMES, went to the police and CHANGED HER STORY, telling them that Aqib COULD have shot the gun.

    WOW, that sounds like solid evidence, put that with the kiddie fiddlers, who beat up his wife that morning, testimony and Talib will be getting life.
    Can they not find some upstanding person like Hitler to strengthen the case even more.

  54. Fired Greg Olson! Says:

    Guilty or not, Talib’s gotta go…

  55. NJBuc Says:

    Thomas (Talib Haters),

    I have terrible news for you, your star witness(Billings), the man whom you have pinned all of your hopes and desires to finally rid yourselves of the scourge that is Aquib, today sits in a jail cell on his second arrest for sexual assault since this incident. This one also involving a child. I’m sure in the world you live in, this fact changes nothing and that this guy still has credibility because you want to believe his view. But that”s really weak on your part. Predators on society are inherently dishonest, it’s how they capture prey. I don’t know why the State is going forward. BTW, the shot that the Mother heard was Billings dropping the gun, that concept shouldn’t be that difficult to grasp.

  56. Pete Dutcher Says:

    @ Macabee
    On paper, the burden of proof is on the state. In reality, many, many people have gone to prison without proof. That’s why people are cleared by DNA after spending years in prison.

    These days a person, in reality, must prove their innocence.

    I myself have witnessed this on multiple occasions. And at the same time, I have seen a man who planned and murdered another man be convicted…and get released less than 2 years later.

    That murderer accidentally killed the wrong target…the twin brother of his intended target. Because his “plan” was to kill the other brother, it was considered to not be premeditated.

    How screwed up was that?