Aqib Talib Accuser Adds To His Rap Sheet

March 21st, 2012

The strange case that troubled Bucs cornerback Aqib Talib faces in a Texas courtroom next month just got a little bit juicier.

On face value, it seems Talib cannot stay out of trouble. In fact, it seems Talib is a magnet for trouble. So it wouldn’t shock Joe if he has to plead out.

That written, the claims against Talib, upon further review, seem dubious.

Well, the credibility of Talib’s main accuser, Shannon Billings, who was romantically involved with Talib’s sister, has taken a major hit since the alleged incident took place, so reports Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times.

Shannon Billings, 41, the former live-in boyfriend of Talib’s sister, is sitting in Dallas County jail on a bond of $265,000 after being arrested March 1, 2012 on charges of indecency with a child/sexual contact.

Billings, a registered sex offender with the state of Texas, was also arrested Dec. 10, 2011 on a charge of sexual assault and was jailed on $25,000 bond. However, the grand jury returned a ‘no bill,’ in the case, according to court records.

What a charming fellow this Billings seems to be.

Given Billings’ numerous, distasteful brushes with the law, his accusations against Talib almost seem to be no more than a money grab: “Give me a half-million and I will change my story.”

It wouldn’t be the first time Joe smelled a shakedown against Talib.

39 Responses to “Aqib Talib Accuser Adds To His Rap Sheet”

  1. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Don’t forget…he is a registered sex offender because he raped a 13 year old girl and did time for it.

  2. OAR Says:

    Billings = waste of DNA.
    Too bad… he and his mother are such terrible shots!

  3. raphael Says:

    They will drop the charges or plea down, and the Bucs should release Talib.
    Maybe Rah will take him in Washington…Maybe we give them a 7th rd pick just to take him…..

  4. BigMacAttack Says:

    Bayliff……… whack his peepee.

  5. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Schiano already said Talib will be with the bucs next year unless he is found guilty. Imo we should have gotten rid of snoop dog last year.

  6. stevek Says:


    I almost can’t blame Talib for potentially “shooting” at him. I would want to shoot this scum too, if he was trying to get with my sister.

  7. Matthew Says:

    He wasn’t just trying to “get with” Talib’s sister. He had been with her & had also beaten the crap out of her multiple times. I for one will never be mistaken for a Talib apologist nor do I condone some of his boneheaded angry issues. HOWEVER, any man on here who wouldn’t lose his head in a rage over some scum bag sex offender beating on his own sister isn’t a man. Talib’s biggest issues have been his anger & while it doesn’t excuse his behavior, he isn’t a women beater (dozens of NFL players), he didn’t kill a man while drunk driving (stallworth & a few others), he’s not a rapist (Jeremy Stevens, the Perrish Cox kid out in SF) so let’s keep a little perspective here calling for his head. If Talib is found not guilty or cops to a petty offense I have no problem with him returning to the Bucs if he can keep his nose clean & follow Schiano’s rules. If he’s convicted or can’t stay in line I’ll be there with the rest of you asking to see him gone.

  8. Bricen Says:

    He looks nothing like Snoop Dogg, I would put him more akin to a T.I.

  9. Bricen Says:

    +1000 @matthew

  10. ClayBURN94 Says:

    @Matthew he may not be all of those things you just mentioned but he is a distraction in the locker room and not worth the headache. He is given to many chances and he seemingly hasn’t learned his lesson.

  11. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Brice, I call him snoop dog because he raps on the sideline when he’s not playing. LOL

  12. bucooooobruce Says:

    He was shooting at a child rapist he should be punished for not shooting the guy.With a new coach lets give him one more chance and if he even gets a parking ticket then lets let him go.Cant wait for the draft hurryyyyyyy.

  13. BucFan20 Says:

    @ Matthew.

    @ ClayBurn94.
    I see because you are in the locker room you ( like Thomass) know all the facts and that he IS a distraction. Please tell us all your position on the team that puts you in the locker room.


    Talib apologists unite!

    Joe, you can obviously spin this however you choose. But, the fact remains, he’s been in trouble at least 6 or 7 times since he was 18 years old (and who knows how many times before that), and he will be in trouble again. He has stolen, he has attacked teammates, he has attacked private citizens, the list goes on. He has had ever reason in the world to stay out of trouble, and still has found trouble. Violent felon stripes do not change.

    I just figured people would want solid citizens who do good things off the field to represent the team. Talib will never ever be that.

  15. Eric Says:

    In the world of crime Talib is a rank amateur.

    If he was standing before a judge in Tampa his record would be viewed as insignificant.

    They should drop the charges and congratulate the man for defending his sis against the scumbag rapist.


    He got his first adult conviction (burglary) as soon as humanly possible (18 years old), and has continued to not learn from his mistakes ever since.

    Stop paying violent thugs!!

  17. Have A Nice Day Says:

    I want good football players to represent my team. Talib is that.

    If he flips out from time to time because people run their mouthes, I don’t care if he busts a chop or two. I just wish he wasn’t injured/suspended so much.

  18. BigMacAttack Says:

    The fact his sista was with a guy like Billings, and stayed with him after all he’s done, shows how stupid she is. Then their mom is a convicted felon and carrying a gun shows her stellar character. Now Aqib, the cab beater, allegedly starts firing his weapon in the street at the guy, continues to demonstrate how F#$%ed up their whole family really is. Aqib is an idiot. I’m all for CCW laws, but pulling a weapon and firing it when your life is not threatened is stupid. Maybe Billings had a gun but it sounds as if Aqib was in no serious danger. Yes, I wasn’t there, and it is worse to think that several rounds were fired and no one was hit, thankfully no bystanders (kids). I mean if you can’t use it, for your own good, retire it, sell it, get a ball bat, machete, Kabar, garrote, anything, or do like most people and call for help. What a dumbass. Aqib deserves to go to prison for just being stupid, a bad shot, and having no moral compass. Do we really need a guy like this? Guilty or not, Duck or not, I’d rather lose, and he hasn’t played a decent game in almost 2 years. Tiki would be a better option at CB.

  19. Have A Nice Day Says:

    @BigMac If doing what you thought was necessary to protect you sister is immoral, consider me satan.

  20. Eric Says:

    I dont think Mr. Billings was over there selling girl scout cookies

    And given that he is a state witness the defense will be permitted to cross examine him about his current charges, to show bias for trying to work out a deal for himself.

    I doubt that will go over real well in Texas.


    Great post Big Mac,

    Tampa can have great players that are also great people off the field. It’s sad that people think those things are mutually exclusive. I’m sick of felons like Talib giving the Bucs a black eye, with a never ending list of wrong doings.

    Stop paying violent thugs!

  22. BigMacAttack Says:

    Have a Nice Day, you’re about as smart as he is. My point is not to protect your family, friends or self, but when and how to do it. Believe me, I love guns, and guns don’t kill people, idiots do. Talib had no business, pulling a pistol in the first place. They are not made for threatening, ask any cop. And when you go off half cocked and start spraying bullets around in public, you are a menace to society. That’s how people get killed in cross fires and by accident. A key word is backstop. What rounds are you using? What will they penetrate? Is the shot clear? Shooting down the street? Neighbors?

  23. BigMacAttack Says:

    Its that same stupid thug mentality that “I have a gun, and I’m bad”. People like Aqib are why Libs are always trying to ban guns. Its pure ignorance, and Aqib is ignorant, and if you think his actions were sound and correct, you’re ignorant. As a gun owner you have a responsibility to know how to use it, when to use it, and where to use it. Lock them all up, they all deserve it.

  24. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Talib will not start the season a Buc. Period.

    He is not “the Buccaneer Way”.

    Watch after the draft…unless the league warns the Bucs a big suspension will come before the draft…in which case they will have to cut him before it’s official.

  25. Oahubuc Says:

    There ought to be something similar to a varmint permit on these types, or if they’re on your land it should be no different than shooting a rat or a rabbit. We should be talking about a $100 fine at most.

  26. Bobby Says:

    I don’t see them cutting Talib unless he gets convicted (doubtful) or unless he becomes a distraction. As long as he’s productive I’d rather have him playing for us than against us. If we have Wright, Talib, Gaitor, and Claiborne I’d feel good about our CB’s. I think Cody can play SS and I believe T-Jax will get back to his old form with this coaching staff. We won’t weaken the CB crew if we don’t have to. It’s Talib’s last year of his contract anyway. Good incentive for him to keep his nose clean.

  27. Oahubuc Says:

    No offense meant to rabbits and rats by lumping them with pedophiles- it’s just for easing paperwork.

  28. Have A Nice Day Says:

    @BigMac Dear Captain Comprehension,

    You said Talib has no moral Compass. What would a want to protect one’s family be? A moral compass. He acted from a moral base of protecting family. Whether he did it in a way you approve is something else but those are clearly his morals.

    I never said what Talib did was right, smart, or legal. All I pointed out was the clear moral basis for his actions. But then you reply with, from what it seems you believe is a superior moral throne, two emotional tirades filled with name calling and personal attacks.

    Congratulations. Your moral authority must be shining it’s holy white light down upon you.

    By the way, the word “ignorant” means lacking knowledge. You say he and I are ignorant but it does not apply at all in the context you are using the word. Using the word in in manner you have shows an ignorance of its true meaning.


    How often has Talib ever done anything right, smart, or legal?

    Looking forward to this human vomit being cut. When you lump in every single occurence since he broke into his neighbors house, the context of this instance means nothing. He is a constant reminder of why you don’t draft bad character guys.

    How many “one more chance”s does he get? 7? 8? 9? 10?

  30. Jonny 3.3 Says:

    Talib’s sister must be a bigger idiot than Talib and Billings combines. What the hell was she doing hanging around with that junkie anyway?

  31. BigMacAttack Says:

    @havaND, okay I’ll play along.

    1. I just posted opinion about him to begin with as others do here. Right or wrong, its my opinion.

    2.”@BigMac If doing what you thought was necessary to protect you sister is immoral, consider me satan.” I believe you called me out when I would have not bothered with you otherwise. You summed it up when you wrote “what you thought was necessary to protect you sister” in regards to his ignorance. He was not protecting his sister by indiscriminately spraying bullets and not hitting his target. If you consider Aqib a “Moral” man, look at his rap sheet, and what do think the Cabbie thinks about that? Would a moral man punch a cab driver in the back of the head, on the interstate, with 2 buddies in the car, putting all 4 of them in jeopardy? I think not.

    3. You can’t go around committing atrocities and being a punk/thug all the time, and then when your family is in need, all of a sudden become a moral man and take the high ground. You are the summation of all of your actions. You don’t get to pick and choose or object when someone point out that you are POS 99% of the time.

    4.You still missed my main point which deals with guns. Aqib obviously can’t shoot to save his life, and if you can’t shoot accurately, you should practice until you can, or leave your gun at home. unprepared gun toters are a menace and a threat to everyone, especially those with bad attitudes. It was also alleged that he(or Mamathug) was shooting at Billings as he was running away. That is not a threat and not a justifiable use of deadly force. There was no danger to any of them at that point. They should have called the cops AGAIN if it was true they didn’t respond to the first call. When, really, have the cops EVER not responded to a call? I’ve heard slow before but never heard not at all.

    5. Yeah so maybe I got on my soapbox, but dude you started it, and I like many others am sick of hearing about all Talib’s misgivings. The guy is walking disaster area, that cowardly punches people in the back, shoots at people in the back, and comes from a family of habitual criminals. I hope they cut him loose and you and your protected sister can go with him. I just hope you shoot a little better than he does.

    6. When it comes to guns and their proper usage, you display a clear lack of knowledge or whatever you called it. You have a very weak argument.

  32. Captain Stagger Says:

    I love how people assume he is some sort of locker room cancer or distraction when everyone on the team has said the opposite.

    Bring him back, love his attitude, Talib for 12 games makes us a better team than Biggers for 16.

  33. Capt.Tim Says:

    Clueless! Again!
    Billings is Talibs Brother in law. He is common law husband to Talibs sister. They have been legally married for years! That Pedophile list Talib’ s mother’s homeas his primary residence. And has, for 4 years!

    The lies about Talib “protecting someone are as stupid as the people trying to spred them. Billings is Talibs family. He is a child molester and convicted felon.
    Talibs Mother is a convicted felon.
    Soon, once Talib gets his felony conviction- the entire household will all have felony convictions!

    I heard they are planning a party!

    One big happy family!

  34. Capt.Tim Says:

    Captain Stagger- oh , yeah- Talib did such a great job last year! Gave up most points of any secondary. Missed more tackles than any other secondary.

    Did you even watch a game last year? Or do you not understand that a CB is supposed to” prevent” Touchdowns- not encourage them!

    Lmao- oh yeah, after that great defense he played last year- he’s just what we need- what a great assessment of defensive talent!

    Nobody that played on the back 7 of our defense- except Barber- played well enough to be on an NFL practice squad. They all sucked! Everyone!

    Ya gotta be an idiot, to watch us get beat 10 games in a row, 42-10 scores,
    And then brag about anybody on that defense!

    Then-as if totally sucking on the field isn’t bad enough- he threatens to shot some old grandma- just cause.

    Yeah- good call! He’s a great CB!
    Guess that’s why every anaylist in the league list CB as our biggest weakness, and say we need at least 3 new ones. It’s because Talib is sooooo great!

    Gonna try and draft Claibourne, after over paying for wright. And will still draft another CB in the 3rd.

    That sound like we got a great CB somewhere around here??
    No. Ours are the worst in the league. Only Ronde has NFL talent- but he is getting to old
    The rest are horrible- and must be replaced.

    But – hey, if you like the guy- go ahead! Send yer kids to get his autograph!
    But, if he’s with his Brother in law, ya might wanna keep an eye on them!
    Might not “love the attitude” so much then!

  35. Capt.Tim Says:

    Can’t we have a Ruud post? Or a Raheem story?
    I just can’t get up any enthusiasm for the Talib post anymore.

    Pretty sure that will be a dead issue soon. Think the team is gonna drop him.

    How about some ” is McCoy a flop” post
    Those always bring out the best of Thomas!

  36. Capt.Tim Says:

    I’m sorry guys! Tried to be , at least, inflammatory enough to get a good discussion going.

    But even I’m bored with my Talib stuff! Just can’t get fired up about it.
    The guy just isnt that interesting- to warrant all this attention.

    Meybe we can rally, on one of the other post!

  37. Have A Nice Day Says:

    @BigMac I sent a post to you that apparetly went into the spam bin. In essence, it pretty much said what the last post said ‘you are completely inept at comprehending a post without injecting you emotional preconceptions into it. I said nothing about my opinions of Talib’s case, guns, their proper usage, or anything other than the “satan” comment. You went on an emotional diatribe about totally unrelated topics then proceed to call me stupid and say my argument about guns(I never ever made one) was weak.

    You made everything in your last comment up. It was all in your head and projected onto me. You don’t need me, bro. You could hold a day long argument with yourself.

  38. BigMacAttack Says:

    True. I’m sorry. Please forgive me rude behavior.

  39. ronnie Says:

    All of you sound real stupid.time served end of story what does billings being shot at have to do with him being a sex offender..and talibs sister ain’t care so how true is that story..dumb asses