Mark Dominik Talks Freeman, Leadership & More

March 14th, 2012

 Fresh off writing a few fat contracts, Mark Dominik’s rockstar status was back in full swing on SiriusXM NFL Radio today. Dominik was a guest of The Blitz, with co-hosts Adam Schein and Rich Gannon, following the news conference introducing Vincent Jackson, Eric Wright and Carl Nicks. The often-barb-throwing Schein even called Dominik “an outstanding general manager.” Of course, Joe took notes.

Dominik called this year “an opportunity market” given the rare quality of free agents, in part because many players after the lockout signed one-year deals.

Dominik emphasized Jackson’s role in the development of young receivers, Mike Williams, Arrelious Benn, Dezmon Briscoe and Preston Parker. For those who want to read between lines, Dominik did not mention Sammie Stroughter. Is he odd man out?

Dominik said research on free agents encompasses everything from college days to media interviews, plus what you can find on “Tweets” and “blogs.”

Concerned about all the change around Josh Freeman in his short career? Dominik says Josh Freeman’s intelligence will overcome any issues with a new system. Dominik says Freeman already is in meetings with Mike Sullivan going over terminology.

Why Nicks? Dominik says “we got tired of playing against Carl Nicks. He’s a great football player, a two-time Pro Bowler.” Dominik reiterated that a talent like Nicks rarely hits the free agent market. When talking about the 2012 offensive line, Dominik made no mention of Jeff Faine, only Jeremy Trueblood, Donald Penn, Davin Joseph and Jeremy Zuttah.

On Wright, Dominik said “what I like so much about Eric is he’s willing to tackle and he has great ball skills.” 

On Ronde Barber: “He’s earned the right to be on his time,” Dominik said of Barber’s decision-making timetable. Dominik said Barber is welcome and the Bucs are in no hurry for his decision.

39 Responses to “Mark Dominik Talks Freeman, Leadership & More”

  1. Drew Says:

    I thought I saw a few Glazer Basher’s hiding under rocks this morning on my way to work.

  2. Bobby Says:

    Yes….Dominik IS a Rock Star Thomas 2.2 wherever you are……

    Aaaaahhh! I’m loving this.

  3. Sam Says:

    I love this finally we hit big in FA and we did it smartly all in the right areas. I love what he said about Nicks; we were tired of playing against him! Now it just makes me wonder if well get a LB in FA or maybe go for Luke Kuechly? But after getting Nicks it really makes me wonder if were going to take Richardson now. I was against it before but now i would be happy with it.

  4. the_buc_realist Says:

    I think the reason behind getting Nicks it upgrades the Guard and Center position. No longer will we have to have a guard crash down to help the center on every play. Get a well rounded Tightend and out Tackle position will look a lot better as well.

  5. Dave Says:

    Mark D is the man. Like I said late last year: He has had 2.5 bad months from the team he has been putting together. That is it.

  6. passthebuc Says:

    @Joe. Any idea of 2nd tier players under consideration????????????????

  7. Bulldog Says:

    The negative ‘TOOLS’ have been put in their place. LOL It will take a few days of lying to themselves to be able to start posting again Bobby. Lets just enjoy the extra room for opinions and not the war for keyboard supremacy..chuckle

  8. MikeNice Says:

    Thomas 2.0 can’t even make a post because he is unable to spin all of this into something negative. Love the Bucs new look thus far. Go bucnation!

  9. Patrick Says:

    Hell, even Eric has been posting here!

    C’mon Thomas, come out and celebrate with us!

  10. Bobby Says:

    The thing I love about the Nicks signing is it just made us a whole lot less predictable. We can run right or left with success. Joseph on one side and Nicks on the other. The defense will have to respect the play action and if they don’t we will run it down their throats. V-Jax gives us that deep threat we needed to free up Williams and Benn. Whoever plays TE will still get lots of love too but V-Jax is bigger than most TE’s! Man, did we just get a lot better or what!! I’m ready for some football and we still have the draft! This is fun.

  11. canadianbuc Says:

    ya where is Thomas 2.0 he hasn’t commented on anything?

  12. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Thomas was trying to work out a deal for Talib…but the prosecution refused. Failed again!

  13. OAR Says:

    As soon as thomass escapes the mothership, he’ll be posting again!

  14. OAR Says:

    As for the FA signings, I stand and applaud! Hopefully, we can still land a LB and/or safety now or later in lower tier?

  15. NJBucsFan Says:

    Ben Tate rumors picking up. Talk is to the Browns for at least a 2nd day pick. That might signal they will draft Claiborne. I think we should hop in on the trade talks. It will hopefully solidfy out backfield and if Cleveland does pick Claiborne we can trade down to whom ever wants first crack at Blackmon or Richardson.

  16. That Guy Says:

    Loved hearing the Vincent Jackson interview as well. Said he likes to go up and attack the ball and is more than willing to take the defense’s top off whenever asked to. Yes!

  17. Jacko101 Says:

    I am please and very excited about the new direction. We really have great players in position to do some great things. But McCoy has to stay healthy and I think he will. Who would you all like us to draft in the first 2 rounds????

  18. 941-Bucs Says:

    I know a bunch of people were gripping about last years somber during the FA. It’s a bit more obvious now this was the smarter move. Even tho it was the biggest FA class in years. There really wasn’t that many BIG named players available. A few yes and we went after a couple of them with out success. But this year had the Talent level. Quality over Quantity is my motto.

    If we went on a spending spree last year. We would never have been in such a good position this year to get what we are getting talent/player wise.

    Over all i am pleased how everything turned out. It sucked to watch the team have to crumble before it can shine. But none of this would be happening if it didn’t!

  19. eric Says:

    I cant think of another 24-hour period that so dramatically improved the team.

    I suppose the 1995 draft, and arguable the FA’s brought in for the Super Bowl Year. Perhaps the Simeone Rice.

    Have to see how it pans out of course, but it could be one of the best days in franchise history. Who picks up two bona fide pro-bowlers and a legit starter at a position of need in one day? And all young enough to play for several more years.

    Anybody remotely unhappy with this has got to be nuts.

  20. Patrick Says:

    Very happy with the 3 signings, but we badly need a linebacker.

    Even if we got a kickass LB like Lavonte early in the draft, he’s still a rookie and our LB crew will just be younger and more inexperienced.

    Not sure. If Lofton and Tulloch are off the list, I’d like to bring in Flecher and still draft a LB that we can groom.

  21. 941-Bucs Says:

    I wonder what is on the minds of the Bucs heading towards the Draft.

    Knowing they signed these big marquee players are they banking on Barber’s return?

    Are they faithful that Talib will actually be on the field next year?

    If so does this mean we may trade backwards in the first round and possibly double dip for Lbers?

    Many more questions to be answered. The one answer we do have tho, is they are ready and willing to put a winning football team on the field this coming year!

  22. Bobby Says:

    IF we trade down you can bet it will be to go after Kuechly. He is the premier ILB in the draft as far as I’m concerned. They may try hard to do that since this draft is very deep in good CB’s. They may feel that the need for a great ILB is more important than the need for a great CB since we can get a GOOD CB in the second round. That’s the thing…you never know how someone is going to really perform in the NFL. Hard to believe that Nicks was a 5th round pick. Go figure.

  23. Rrsrq Says:

    #5 and #27, should truly be fired up, if #5 is meeting with Sullivan, I hope #27 is meeting with Byner. Also we will see what stocker can do, can he become Dallas Clark. Still got to believe the Dom is still going after a LB in free agency. As far as draft, still don’t think we need T. Rich, we need a Lamichael James or Isaiah Pead, both can play special teams return kicks/punts and be a change of pace back hiding behind the big guys up front, especially on the left side. Let’s go Bucs.

  24. Capt.Tim Says:

    Incredible! To add two all pros to the team, in 24 hours.
    This is just what team and town needed! The glazers threw it out there! They are in it to win now. And have given the team the talent to do so!
    I had my moments of doubt about this organizations commitment. They have proven to me that they are committed to this team- and in a big way

    Last 24 hours have been very exciting!
    Cant remember a better time span since we won the SuperBowl!

    Don’t know if they will sign any more FAs. Doesn’t matter- they have done enough!

    Can’t wait for the Draft, and Preseason- this team is Gonna be exciting!

    Go Bucs!!

  25. Bobby Says:

    Good to have you back Capt!

  26. TopDoggie Says:

    Faine is still decent. Any chance we can get a draft pick for him?

  27. Capt.Tim Says:

    Thank you Bobby! It’s not hard to see getting Frustrated.
    But the Team has proven that both winning, and it’s fan base, are very important to them. I am happy and proud to be a Bucs fan!

  28. Ladyz Says:

    Just wanted to add my word of excitement and astonishment ! Glazers really surprised me. Thanks!

  29. K1ngAdroc Says:

    Glazer boys stepped it up !!! When we release Jeff Faine and K2, that will free up 17M more $’s of cap space …. Almost makes the Wright / Nicks signing’s cost neutral.

    We should have plenty of $ to sign a LB, all off our draft picks and secure Free and others long term. GO BUCS!

  30. Jason Says:

    Faine has already been released

  31. GenocideD Says:

    Wow. How weird is this? A bunch of love for Mark Dominick and the Glazers…
    Can we all go back to referring to him as the Rockstar now? It’s funny that last week the majority of everyone hated MD and the Glazers but now it’s all turned around… lol
    Glad everyone’s changing their tune, glad MD and the Glazers pulled the trigger on 3 big targets and can’t wait for draft day!
    I can almost feel the positivity around here now…

    I’m hoping we trade back now, draft Richardson, and draft LBs with our two 2nd rounders.

    Go Bucs!

  32. 941-Bucs Says:

    That’s the NFL for you. lols. One minute we love you, the next we hate you, then we love you again..

    The Glazers brought all the heat on themselves. They answered back to the fans with the 3 BIG signing’s. Ok no more beef from either side 🙂

  33. Kujolw84 Says:

    Blount,Williams, and Winslow should be with Freeman and Mike Suliven working on terminology together. Hope those guys step up this year.

  34. lakeland bob Says:

    I knew you was still a homer Capt.It just took the Glazers opening up their checkbook.Nice having Christmas come in March.

  35. Drew Says:

    Hearing reports, although unconfirmed, that the bashers are hanging out with bigfoot.

  36. AtlBucsFan Says:

    Is anyone having visions of our new guard pulling to the right, filling next to Joseph and Blount plowing in behind them. Makes me drool.

  37. BigMacAttack Says:

    Yea I’ve been putting on a negative act lately too. I know they read the blogs and as a hard core homer I wanted to do all I could to help force the issue. I’m really happy with these new player FA’s but I hope they don’t stop there. Lofton or Tulloch would both help the cause tremendously as well as a RB. They’re still well within budget to make another move or two, especially now that Captain Lard Butt center was sent packing.

  38. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    AtlBucsFan, I am having visions of Nicks opening big holes for Blount and Madu!

  39. ladyz Says:

    OK, Now its time to get us some line backers. What happened with the reported near signing of the “dirty birds” Curtis Lofton ? We need an anchor in the middle and put our young kid to the side. Come on Glazers just a couple more good ones.