Double Standard For Blount

March 24th, 2012

There’s a vocal group of fans and media that doesn’t make sense when it comes to LeGarrette Blount.

They love to bash Blount and call him incompetent to serve on passing downs. But these same people were all in favor of Raheem Morris’ departure and somehow they believe Morris’ inept staff knew how to evaluate Blount, develop him and use him to his fullest?  You can’t have it both ways.

This same group of fans and media criticizes Blount’s running style and all but calls the guy stupid for not hitting holes more directly, rather than celebrate having a young back with a stunning 4.6 yards-per-carry career average who still has lots of room to improve.

Then there’s the mythical need/desire for Blount to be a Superman, all-everything back. There’s a stud in the division by the name of Michael Turner who rarely plays on third down and has churned out monster seasons three of the past four years. Assuming Blount is worthless third-down material (Joe doesn’t buy it), so what? He doesn’t have to be that guy.

The whole Blount persepctive got under Joe’s skin again while Joe read Friday’s live chat from ESPN NFC South reporter Pat Yaskinskas. A reader and Yasinskas hopped aboard the Blount negativity train.

Kevin (Dade City, FL) PY, do the bucs draft richardson and trade blount(or keep him as a 3rd down back) or go for claiborne and give blount the starting spot? what do you think?

Pat Yasinskas: Like I said, I could see them going either way. But they’re not going to use Blount as a third-down back. Part of the reason they’re even in the market for an RB is because they can’t put Blount on field on passing downs. He might be a nice short-yardage back.

Joe can’t believe there’s a Bucs fan out there that actually took time to participate in a live ESPN chat and proposed a possible trade of Blount (forgetting about the foolishness of drafting Richardson with the No. 5 overall pick).  Then there’s Yasinskas saying Blount can’t play on third down (the guy caught 15 balls for 148 yards last year), effectively accepting the previous regime’s assessment, while earlier in the chat Yasinskas writes the Bucs coaching changes will improve the team.

Joe just can’t believe there’s such a down vibe around Blount the football player. Joe’s convinced that with better coaching, an honest commitment to the running game, and Carl Nicks on the offensive line, Blount could be looking at a 1,500-yard season and be the focal point of a lethal play-action attack.

98 Responses to “Double Standard For Blount”

  1. Eric Says:

    Count me among the skeptics and TR advocates.

    What puzzles me are the previous strong Rah supporters who now call him inept calling folks out for inconsistency!


    At least give Blount competition and have plan b in place in case someone bumps his car or something.

  2. Yar Says:

    So far he either can’t or won’t learn to pass block, either way that is a detriment to the offense. When he is in the backfield the other teams know it’s a run or he does not need to be accounted for. Kind of limits the possibilities when he’s in there doesn’t it? Looked to me that last year the teams caught on to that. He has a lot of potential but he needs to be more than a tater toter to be a good NFL RB.

  3. ben Says:

    He should be the feature back and add depth behind him. Schiano will use him right. Dominik knows you dont need a high pick for a rb. Hes never used higher than a ,6th rounder,i think we will pick one up in the second or third round though

  4. Vince Says:

    The other teams only knew it was a run because of the dumbass offensive coordinator who made you pound your head against the wall consistently even when the team was going well.

  5. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Eric – Raheem and his staff were awful last season. That’s not inconsistency on Joe’s part. That’s a clear look back.

  6. Josh Says:

    Great article Joe. Last season I coughed up the 80 bucks for a Blount jersey. Bottom line is if he is used correctly like you said he is a beast. Can’t catch? Can’t play on third down? I call BS. I seem to remember in preseason last year he ripped out a huge run after catch. Also when he got hurt it was on a long run after catch. He should be the check down most of the time. If he is in stride and Freeman puts the ball in the right spot he would be very hard to bring down. As far as third down how would any of us really know because they were afraid to use him in that role to let him get better. Count me as one of the fans on your side Joe.

  7. J 2.0 Says:

    Joe, everyone seems to forget 2010. Nowadays Freeman isnt a good QB, Blount can’t be our RB, and Winslow needs to be cut. I can’t believe what I read on these boards sometimes. I still think back to the Arizona game, which happened to be on my birthday, in 2010. That game, our team, err offense, looked pretty damn good. Blount is legit, Freeman is our future, and Winslow is still viable.

  8. Eric Says:


    Extremely clear!

  9. Bobby Says:

    Count me as a skeptic on Blount. He has a high average because he will break off the big run occasionally but he IS slow to hit the hole and dances around at the line of scrimmage instead of hitting the hole and taking what he can get. Rah and Olson were totally inept but I don’t believe for a moment that they would prefer Lumpkin on 3rd down if Blount could be trusted to block and pick up the blitzes.

    Can he be a great back? Sure he can but he’s far from a complete back right now. I think with the work ethic that Schiano is going to install and better coaching that he will become a complete back but we will get a Doug Martin or equivalent in the early rounds to push Blount and provide a change of pace.

  10. Capt.Tim Says:

    Joe- absolutely right. Every word
    Of course, over the last week- we have had posters promising that JJ would win the SuperBowl( Marquis)
    And Posters who think our CBs and LBers are all proBowlers(K2)
    And guys screaming that Freeman is far Superior to Tebow. Even tho Tebow has always won everywhere, and Freeman( the superior- handpicked QB of the Same Raheem everyone claims knows nothing of Football) has never won anywhere- except in the mind of Raheem( Clayburn)

    Usually a great place for informed, intelligent Football fans! But wow- did we collectively have a bad week.

    Blount was signed after training camp. He was locked out last season.
    The few times Olsen threw to Blount- he looked scary in the flats!!
    It wasn’t that he didn’t catch the ball. It’s that they never threw it to him.
    The guy will be dangerous!
    And for the uninformed, it takes 3-4 years to pick up the blocking adjustments for RBs. Took Caddy 4 years to get comfortable. Cost him field time, too!

    But Meybe we should cut him.
    And Winslow- our leading Reciever, and Freeman’s favorite target!
    Even thought there is no one available in FA orthe draft. And we have absolutely NO one but a bunch of scrubs behind him
    And why do they want to cut him?
    Because he got mad, and hollered at lil Josh, during a nightmare 10 game losing streak!

    Lol- hopefully, it’s just the offseason for posters , also!
    Meybe the posters need a training camp! Lol

  11. the buc realist Says:

    We still haven’t had Blount in for a full offseason. We picked him up just before the season when the Titans tried to slip him the the practice squad, last year was the lock out. With a Full Offseason and a new offense its possible he can pass block. Also they say he can’t catch but he tripled his catches and yac yards from the year before.

    Plus, this year we won’t have Mark Dominik crowbarring his guys into the lineup anymore. The GM made a lot of decision that made sure his guys were in the game.

  12. NJBucsFan Says:

    Joe, Josh and J 2.0

    I agree with the three of you. Many people forget that prior to the punch televised around the world, Blount was an early Heisman candidate and a potential 1st – 3rd round pick. He played in a spread offense that required the back to be able to run routes, catch and pass block. The previous coaching regime must of thought the lockout applied to them too and took a log vacation. They failed to be innovative and change the offense to keep defenses guessing. As I’ve said on previous posts. If the coaching staff was doing their jobs one or two of them would still be here. They are all gone.

  13. Capt.Tim Says:

    J.2.0- good post- wow , intelligence returns
    And my post was to point out that Tebow is a winner. The facts prove that- not faith
    But I believe in Freeman- but that does require”faith”, as he has never won anywhere. I think he will.

  14. Sgt Mike Says:

    Ok so After EVERY swinging you know what on the team gave up on the coaching staff and there inability to call not only basic move the chains offensive (yes sometimes they were very Offensive) plays and the inability to call a reasonable defensive scheme. We want to single out Blount. Hell I don’t think it is completely fair to say that the linebacking corps was really as bad as they looked. We have a lot young talent that there is no way they could have been analyzed by what the previous coaching staff gave them. Only the complete Quitters can be evaluated properly. Give Blount the rock and see where it goes. Get Graham healthy or find another utility back, never use Graham as a FB again due to health. TR is not the answer and as history has shown more times than not 1rst round RB’s don’t always work out. For the Record and Joe can go back to any of my post from when Chucky was fired to the hiring of Rah. I was not a fan of the hire and was very critical about the hire especially Olson and Bates. Knew they wouldn’t fit. Give Blount the chance he deserves before breaking the bank on an unproven talent.

  15. Kujolw84 Says:

    Blunt has’nt had an offseason with our team(which is a good thing now seeing we just changed choached) sents he’s been on our team. I think his production went down because we had to abandon the run in so many games from falling behind so bad. He got less carries this year then last year but still averaged 4.2 YPC. That still looks good to me and his recieving yards went from 2.8 last year to 9.9 this year not great but still moving forward. He just needs to work on not fumbling. Adding Carl Nicks was great for Freeman and Blount.

  16. ATLBuc Says:

    Totally agree, Joe. The Bucs are not in the RB because Blount is inept, they are in the market because they have no depth at that position. Blount is a stud and the new staff will know how to utilize his special skill set far better than the last.

  17. Justafan Says:


    Blount was evaluated by more than just Raheem’s motley crew. There’s a pretty well respected guy named Jeff Fisher that didn’t think Blount was a complete RB either.

  18. stevek Says:


    “Foolishness” is trying to skew the vote away from Trent Richardson.

    He makes this team better.

    Blount is not a receiving back.

    He is a runner.

    One trick pony, and a darn good one, Joe.

    C’mon man, the Bucs sorely need start power on Offense.

    We need a guy that can touch the ball 20 + times a game and make a difference.

    Best Player Availabe: Richardson.

  19. PanthersSuck! Says:

    I don’t get why people bash Blount. That man is a walking highlight real that lays hits like Alstott, but with a higher rushing average. Nothing gets a team fired up faster than seeing their backs plow through linebackers. People need to layoff this guy and embrace like they did #40!

  20. Bucnjim Says:

    J 2.0,

    Couldn’t have said it better myself! Here is a guy who’s never experienced a full off season of training and still averages 4.6 yards per carry. If used correctly and has the blocking; the guy will be a human highlight film. The combination of his size & speed will make him a force that other teams will dread to see coming at them. Being a 3rd down back requires on field experience! Not only with the lineman on your team, but with the QB as well. Once they are all on the same page the game will slow down a become much easier for him to recognize.

  21. Eric Says:

    I don’t want to cut Blount just don’t count on him so strongly. Trust but verify.

    I still can’t completely get myself around rah and Olson, with their butts on the line, just refused to use the guy.

    More likely they saw things in practice and film they didn’t like. Plus the fumbles. Same as Jeff fisher – nobodies fool- who cut Blount.

    The captain confuses me. The back seven sucks but Blount gets a pass due to poor coaching. But the back seven irretrievably sucks no matter the coaching.

    Hard to logically reconcile.

  22. ClayBURN94 Says:

    CAPT.Tim- Just look at the stats!! TEBLOW IS THE WORST QB IN THE NFL!! Most of his wins were because of defense and pure luck. Im not even going to argue with because you obviously have dangerous obsession with teblow. Jes won but it was because of His DEFENSE. Answer me this, What happend when Teblow played a good team and Brady carved broncos up?? That’s right Tebow could not do SQUAT BECAUSE HE IS NOT AN NFL CALIBER QB!! Oh ya btw if he is such a winner, why was he traded and is now a backup Qb to MARK SANCHEZ?? LMAO!! No point in arguing with you anymore.

  23. Pete Dutcher Says:

    “Yar Says:
    March 24th, 2012 at 10:15 am

    So far he either can’t or won’t learn to pass block,”

    – .

    They key term is “learn”. When exactly has he had the opportunity to do that? He hasn’t had a single mini camp or OTA in Tampa. Period.

    He had Greg Olson coaching him…a guy who could not even teach his own offensive line to pass block or his receivers to catch the ball.

    How about you people give him an off season training program before you decide he can’t do the things you say?


    …I would love to see Caddy come back as a 3rd stringer…and we should get a complimentary running back for Blount.

    As far as blocking, I think Blount will learn just like Mike Alstott did…many here seem to forget Mike had to learn to block and catch years after he came here.

    Would really love a big blocking fullback though.

  24. Macabee Says:

    Just not buying the every-down back idea. Not where the NFL is going. There is AP, the big back with the Rams whose name I can’t recall and a few others.

    Even Foster has a Tate and Mcfadden had a Bush (to the Bears) and most teams nowadays have a two-back tandem system to add variation to the offense and longevity to the RBs.

    We need a complementary back to rotate with Blount that adds versatility to the offense. I agree that Blount is a better receiver than is given credit and will flourish with the new roadgraders. If he gets beyond the LOS, he is a total nightmare.

    For whatever reasons, I’m not at all concerned about RB with the new coaching staff, it’s LBs and CBs. Stay focused!

  25. Pete Dutcher Says:

    “Justafan Says:
    March 24th, 2012 at 10:59 am


    Blount was evaluated by more than just Raheem’s motley crew. There’s a pretty well respected guy named Jeff Fisher that didn’t think Blount was a complete RB either.”



    Fisher admitted that he wanted to keep Blount. They put him on the practice squad because they had too many running backs at the time. Later, he admitted that he should have never done so.


  26. Pete Dutcher Says:

    btw…Adrian Peterson? Not doing as good these days.

    Run first worked in the old days. All the teams were ground and pound. Those were the days Gibbs, Johnson and company did great.

    Notice their method failed when they returned to the NFL. The reason is rule changes favor the vertical game more these days.

  27. SensibleBuc Says:

    “…But these same people were all in favor of Raheem Morris’ departure and somehow they believe Morris’ inept staff knew how to evaluate Blount, develop him and use him to his fullest?”

    As Bobby alluded to, and I’ve been saying for quite some time, if Rah/Olie wanted to save their jobs don’t you think they would’ve played Blount over Lumpkin if they had any semblance of confidence in his ability to pass blocking or catch out of the backfield consistently? Everybody saw what happened when he ran over people or hurdled them — the entire team got energized…yet the Staff STILL stayed away…ostensibly because they knew that he may run the wrong play or Freeman would end up in a body bag if Blount was out there for long stretches.

  28. Thomas2.2 Says:


    You dont need great coaching to show up on time, stay awake for meetings, know the plays and blocking assignments, hold on to the football and not commit idiotic penalties.

    Blount is an athletic big man which gives his the potential to spring long runs. However, he is also more prone to the negative play which kills drives.

    You were in the rah is great category for a while, so placing the responsibility for all of blount’s shortcomings on your coach is inconsistent.

    Blount is not a feature every down back, get over it man. Nobody is arguing to cut him, he is a nice complementary back— that is an important role.

    No, I am not advocating taking T Rich over Mo but I would consider moving back and taking T Rich.

  29. Bucnjim Says:

    This is the same staff that ran the ball five times in the season opener? Yeah they knew what they were doing! We need to wait and see how ALL of these players do under a new system with disipline & guidence. Then we’ll all know if it was a complete coaching disaster or these players are as bad as they looked in 2011. My guess is the lack a disipline as well as extremely poor game planning; made the players themselves look way worse than they actually are.

  30. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I never likes Pat Yasinkas when he was here in Tampa, and I like him even less now. He seems to have a hard on for Tampa, for some reason ?

  31. BrooklynBuc Says:

    Preach it, Joe! I’m so glad there’s a smart fan out there spreading the truth.

  32. Bigsal Says:

    Listen there is no reason to cut anyone on the roster now accept maybe lbs cause they can’t tackle to save there life. Offensively we are solid last year was an off year for a young team. We finally have a real OC and solid foundation players to turn things around. Blount is nasty give him time patience guys, superbowls don’t come over night. Draft wise I would be happy with a cb or RB in the 1st. We always find some steal late. Everyone have faith in the people that actually know football, and we just be supporting fans.

  33. BigMacAttack Says:

    I would agree that Blount is not the perfect back……… yet. And maybe he will never be, but I want this guy on my team. I don’t know if any other Buc has made more splash plays in the last 2 seasons. And last year was a total bust for everybody but Clayborn. I believe Blount is still young and can be molded into a very good player. I think Sullivan knows how to do this and will do this with him. The Military can turn the biggest pile of crap into a lean mean machine, and Sullivan has that pedigree that none of the previous staff had. Blount can run over players, hurtle, or dodge them. I may be wrong, but am not to quick to judge Blount with only 2 seasons under his belt. Blount has turned bubble screens into huge plays in the past and I totally believe he can be our #1 and coached up. This year should define his abilities, with a better O line, and what looks to be much better coaching.

  34. thibs5599 Says:

    Don’t Fret Joe,

    Blount will be a monster next season, enough said.

  35. SensibleBuc Says:

    Legitimate Blount Critiques:

    1) Not a short yardage runner
    2) Fumbling problems (9 fumbles in just 2 years)
    3) Limited receiver due to size/explosiveness not hands
    4) Limited-to-zero pass blocking ability right now
    5) Tippy toes at the line/runs east-west
    6) Difficulty learning the playbook after two years at an EASY position to learn the playbook

  36. Ryan I Says:

    Look.. Blount w the right offense and coaching which I think Schiano can provide I think will be a great rb. 1200-1300 yards and I think they should draft a guy like LaMichael James for the 3rd down back. I think he’d be a great fit and I think he caught 50+ balls at Oregon last year. I think that paired w Freeman, V Jax and Mike W will provide one hell of a offensive punch…don’t waste the #5 pick on Richardson when Blount is a bonafide stud in the right system.

  37. Have A Nice Day Says:

    If our line didn’t have only to decent run blockers last season(Penn and Zuttah), Blount wouldn’t have gotten smashed in the backfield so many times last year. With Zuttah at center and Carl Nicks at left guard, we will be running left and off guard effectively and consistently.
    There will be holes and Blount will hit them. Hid did last year effectively when the holes were there. Even when they weren’t, he made his own holes and ran to a 4.2yd average with practically no help from the right side of the line.

  38. rdbucfan Says:

    sgt Mike,

    I agree to a point. But since the new CBA you’re not breaking the bank on a rookie contract in the 1st round anymore. That’s why Trent Richardson is not as bad a choice as in the past. The problem I have with Blount is always tentative going into the hole. Specially on short yardage plays.

  39. Yar Says:

    OK, OK you’ve convinced me. Blount is the greatest RB in the history of the NFL. Sign him to a 10yr $200M contract and give him the ball on every down. Gees!

  40. Dave D. Says:

    Blount averages 10 yards a catch. “Size/explosiveness.” Nos. 1 and 5 are essentially the same thing and can be coached out of him easily.

    No. 6 is open for debate.

  41. TopDoggie Says:

    For my part the Doggie howls and wags his tail with pure joy everytime Blount takes the field. HE IS STILL a young back. By the end of this year he will be a top ten back guaranteed.

  42. JonBuc Says:

    I agree with Joe’s opinion on Blount. The Bucs are lucky to have him…I remember yelling at the tv as in the seventh round of ’10 draft the Bucs didn’t chose Blount w/ one of their many seventh round picks yet secured the services of jack of many trades Eric Lorwig…thank God. It’s a make or break year for Blount and I’m betting on him…especially if he’s given a fair shake. As for Patricia Y.- she’s never liked Blount for some reason and predicts he will not be the starter in ’12.

  43. Capt.Tim Says:

    Damn, Eric- are Talib, Black, Jones, Hayes, Jackson 1st year players??
    Hell no. They’ve been here an average of 5 years!
    The bit only suck on and off thee field-
    That also quit on the team!
    We aren’t talking about rookies, with learning curves.
    Those guys are the team Vets- here since Gruden!

  44. Bucfish Says:

    Joe, I love you man, but your man-crush on Blount can be nauseating and your disdain for Greg Olsen is comical. It will all come to a head in the draft. If the Bucs select only a complimentary back (i.e. James, Pead, etc.) or no back at all in the first 3 rounds, then you’re right – Blount CAN handle the responsibilities and IS a guy the Bucs can build their running game around. If the Bucs draft TR in the first or grab a guy like Doug Martin or Lamar Miller in the 2nd, then the new regime doesn’t trust Blount either.
    I look at Blount like I do Carlos Pena on the Rays. I love the home runs, but c’mon man, sometimes just hit a ground ball towards right field to move a runner to 3rd. Blount doesn’t do the little things on game days that show me he’s “the man” in the backfield. Keep Blount and continue to develop his football smarts, draft TR 1st, LaVonte David in the 2nd, Brandon Boykin in the 3rd and let’s go win some games!

  45. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @BucFish — Appreciate your passion, but the Bucs wanting two quality backs and addressing that in the draft is hardly a referendum on Blount. Look at Carolina’s backfield. The Falcons only use Turner on two downs. The Saints have great backfield depth.

    As for Pena, he also was misevaluated until the Rays gave him a shot off the scrapheap. We’ll all find out soon enough. It’s what makes this fun.

  46. paul Says:

    Pat Yankeris doesn’t actually watch the Bucs games. He just looks at the sheet and forms baseless opinions, sometimes just echoing another journalist. He gets busted for this regularly on his site by fans. He even admits that he just watches the big game that weekend (pat loves drew brees), and then just watches highlights of the other games.

  47. aep1717 Says:

    Joe –

    I just read your article, not the comments, but my gut reaction is that you are overblowing this one. I’m not as good at keeping my ear to the ground as you are, but from the fans that I talk to, the consensus is that we love Blount and believe that Olsen dramatically misused him. From my perspective, we have very little reason to make a judgment as to whether Blount can be an effective 3rd down option or not, since Olsen & Co. absolutely refused to put him on the field on 3rd downs over the past two seasons. How can we make a judgment without actually seeing Blount with the opportunity?

    As far as PY goes, I can see why he would have that opinion of Blount. PY has to take in and digest information pertaining to all four NFC South teams for his position at BSPN. While I’m not extremely drawn to PY’s writing, I respect him. But it seems that the broad nature of his job may sometimes force PY into adopting the conventional-wisdom perspective when it comes to personnel on these teams. Looking at his quoted response supports this idea – PY’s take on Blount is one that I might be forced into listening to from a relatively uninformed information-repeater at a dinner party in Tampa. Not well researched or well articulated.

    Anyways, thanks Joe, keep up the good work.

  48. Josh Says:

    The thing that makes me so excited for this season is the commitment to the run first. I love watching the deep bombs which will open up, but there’s nothing like watching someone truck around/through defenders. God, with Nicks and Penn on one side, Davin and if Kalil is on the board still on the other side. Hee hee. Then grab a second or third round change of pace back to compliment. Oh yeah Defense. Doh. There are still many holes to fill, but I think that’s what’s great about the game this time of year. Every decision can greatly effect the season.

  49. Pete Dutcher Says:

    “SensibleBuc Says:
    March 24th, 2012 at 11:52 am

    Legitimate Blount Critiques:

    1) Not a short yardage runner
    2) Fumbling problems (9 fumbles in just 2 years)
    3) Limited receiver due to size/explosiveness not hands
    4) Limited-to-zero pass blocking ability right now
    5) Tippy toes at the line/runs east-west
    6) Difficulty learning the playbook after two years at an EASY position to learn the playbook”

    1) With good run blocking, he could be.
    2) As opposed to 16 in two years with Tiki. Or 32 in 4 years with Tiki. And hey, Preston Parker had 8 just last year…nearly as many as a two year span for Blount.
    3) Makes up for explosiveness with power. Size? Don’t make me laugh…there have been plenty of small guys succeed as WRs.
    4) With the benefit of an off season program (which he didn’t have for 2 YEARS), this will be an area of improvement.
    5) A bad habit easily corrected. BTW…I saw Barry Sanders tippy toe more than a few times.
    6) First…unconfirmed. Second…what playbook? Greg Olson’s? The vertical one? Please.

  50. chrisfwc. :) Says:

    Hurdle. Hurrrrdle.

  51. George Says:

    They need Blount. With better coaching, he might be a better receiving back and blocker. Where he’s really deficient is pounding it up the gut, especially in short yardage.

    They also need a capable physical back to share time with Blount, or to back him up.

    They also need a third back, a speedy complementary guy.

    They don’t need to spend the 5th overall pick for a RB though.

  52. Miguel Grande Says:

    I like Blount, he made one of the most impressive 12 yard gains I’ve ever seen. Only problem was that the ball was stripped on his way down. They had to view it on instant replay to determine if his knee was down. 1/10th of a second determined whether it was a great run or a bonehead play. If they can teach a fumbler like Tiki Barber to hang on to the ball, I believe they can teach LGB.

    Alstott used to dance east and west before hitting the hole and Mike is worshipped by Buc fans. My biggest complaint was Pittman who went down at the slightest touch like a bowling pin except of course in the Super Bowl. Errict Rhett was given a false label as a poor receiver because Dilfer couldn’t hit him in the hands. Trent would throw it at his achilles tendon, Errict would fall backwards, catch the ball flat on his back and get creamated by a linebacker. Rhett held many receiving records in college.

    Drafting LaMichael James in the 3rd round would give us a legendary backfield reminding us of WD40. (Lala Ducks?)

  53. Justafan Says:

    @Pete Dutcher

    Uh, go back and read what Fisher said. He regretted that Blount was pulled off the waivers because he wanted him as a complimentary back to his actual complete back, Chris Johnson. Never did Fisher claim that Blount was a do-it-all RB, which is why they thought he was safe in the first place.

    You can all try and pretend he’s great because of how bad the coaches were, but by that logic we also have terrific talent at CB waiting to happen, and therefore have no need for Claiborne.

  54. Have A Nice Day Says:

    @Justafan Blount played two season without offseasons only under Rahgime. The rest of the secondary(absent Lewis, Grimm, and Jones) Were here since Gruden. They have had ample time to show there lack of skills between two coaching staffs. Blount hasn’t had much coaching at all.

  55. bucbelevr Says:

    Carolina signed LB Manny Lawson yesterday. After Lofton, then Hawthorne, there was Lawson. So Henderson went back to Vikings, Lawson gone, Tulloch gone (yes MLB and OLB positions), but what are we doin?!? None of those signings are breaking the bank. The talent level of Free Agents (and their game tape) is public knowledge, not up for discussion, only the agenda of the front office is unknown. Talent is talent, get it at the right price, but we need veteran LB help…yet everyone keeps getting signed. Quincy Black, is not some misguided project. He can be cut, pretty healthy salary, and can be replaced, better, at a lower salary. PLUS, we need MLB…

  56. Lion Says:

    Great article Joe!! Love how the haters came out on this one. I don’t see how people can hate on Blount, when all he did was show us how good of a back can be. The ineptitude of our coaching staff couldn’t find a game plan to exploit his talents, instead they came in to the game saying they would like to do so and so and then the exact opposite happens. Greg Olsen never knew how to use him and our offense completely took 10 steps back because of it, Olsen made our team one dimensional not Blount. Sullivan knows how a beast of a back like Blount is used in an offense, working and watching Jacobs in NY shows me he will know what to do with Blount. I think Blount is a far more talented RB than Jacobs and look what he did in NY.

  57. BigMacAttack Says:

    I don’t know if Jonathan Stewart is signed yet by the Panthers. I like him as a runner and thought Dom might try to sign him, but guess not. I really think that LaMichael James would do well here as said. I would have to look at him early 3’rd if still available. This is why it makes sense to try to trade down and pick up 2 or 3 quality players instead of just 1. Odds are better that someone will produce and with so many needs, it is your best option at 5. Someone should want or be willing to trade up with possibly 2 good QB’s left, OT’s, Blackmon, Claiborne, or TRich. The Falcons thought they were 1 player away last year, someone else probably does too. Blackmon is a stud, love to have him, Kalil, any of those top 5 would make the Bucs better, but they need an cache.

  58. Lion Says:

    Jonathan Stewart is on the trade block, he would be a great compliment to Blount. Give them our 3rd round pick which is a high 3rd and boom our running game just became one of the best. Doubt they would trade him in the division though.

  59. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Stewart would be awesome for us.

  60. Macabee Says:

    Agree Stewart would be a nice addition, but what do we have to trade?

  61. K1ngAdroc Says:

    I agree with Joe 100% Bucs need a change of pace back that has potential to carry the load if Blount gets hurt. We don’t need to waste a 5th overall pick on the position either. I agree with other commenters that we should try to bring in a veteran back that can produce or grab a great back in the second round. Should be a few good options there.

  62. Northend Says:

    Who cares about Lawson. We have a diamond on the roster now 3rd round pick from tenn in 2010 Rennie Curran dude is an animal and should really push for time if not start. go watch old SEC clips see for yourself.

  63. Macabee Says:

    Oh and I forgot. This is the last year of his contract. Next year he will be an unrestricted free agent. Why do you think the Panthers want to trade him and explains the Tolbert signing which had most analyst scratching their heads!

  64. Rrsrq Says:

    U would think that LGB has reached his max potential as an NFL running back. Let me see, didn’t have a senior year, joined Bucs after training camp, gained 1000 yards in 10 games, didn’t have benefit of off season due to strike, gained 700+ yards in limited time because team gave up on run when down by a touchdown. Did I mention a beast to tackle, ask the Packers, good speed but not blazing, some of the fumbles occurred trying to get extra yardage. Bucs need a complement and depth at the position, not a new starter,

  65. jvato24 Says:

    Manny Lawson was not signed by anyone.

  66. RastaMon Says:

    Blount is a One Trick Pony….and one crazy hurdle from his last carry…..
    enigma…and no that is not a racial slur

  67. MikeyMacfly Says:

    For all the doubters, just look at Blounts highlights for 2010 and 2011!!! In 2010 he ran for a 1,000 yrds! In 2011 the coaching was turrible (Charles Barkley voice) and still managed to get 781 yrds! Blount can catch the ball and if he can run over an entire team, Im sure he could block one defender in 3rd down situations.

  68. BucsfaninMi Says:

    Is everyone crazy? Blount is easily the best RB this franchise has ever had! 1500 yards is not out of the question. Why is it with some Bucs fans criticize our best players like there is someone on the bench that’s better?

  69. BucsfaninMi Says:

    @ Rrsrq, Bingo!

  70. Yar Says:

    James Wilder was the best RB, Blount isn’t even on the list yet.

  71. Brandon Says:

    Anybody that thinks we MUST draft Richardson is a MORON.

    Richardson is not elite, he’s very good. Good enough to be drafted late in round 1, not top 10. When he runs his handtimed 4.45-4.55 it will prove he does not have nearly the long speed of Peterson and his electronic timed 4.38 (a hand timed 4.45 is the equal of a 4.50-4.55 electronic).

    Also, looking at the past 7 Super Bowl champs, NONE have started a RB higher than a 6th rounder… doesn’t that mean SOMETHING? Even if Richardson turns out to be very good, it doesn’t matter, 1st round picks are premium picks to be used at the premium positions, not RBs, safeties, OGs, and kickers and if you use the pick on an RB then you can’t address the premium positions.

    BTW, as far as sportswriters are concerned… none have ever played the game, none offer any unique perspective, none have insight, they are all idiots that THINK they know more than coaches and players but the truth is that when they watch a game they don’t even know what they’re watching for.

  72. BucFan20 Says:

    Of course none of this had to do with the great Freeman did it? Under throw Overthrow To far out front or behind. Now as I remember we had a QB that threw how many ints? Fumbled how many times? Stood and looked at open running lanes how many times? Well if LGB is that bad guess who else looks that bad?? Why not yell CUT him too??

    That’s right. He is the next Farve. BS.

  73. bucooooobruce Says:

    I love blunt,NObody wants to hit that blunt.I still want t-rich because can u imagine it would be the best backfield in the nfl,playaction would work so well,wow,wow,wow,wow.Superbowl if we can get some d-fence.Go Tampa.Tampa Baaaaaaaaaaaaay.

  74. Killian Says:

    THANK YOU FOR SAYING THIS!! I am sick and tired of people saying that Blount can’t play. Yes he hasn’t been ineffective blocking on third downs and yes he fumbled a lot last year and yes he likes to sick his hounds on the good people of Tampa Bay in parking garages, but he has also come to the Bucs without a real offseason with the first team. Not to mention we have some significantly better coaches this year. If our D kept us in more games last year, he would have been a 1000 yard rusher. He needs 25+ carries every game and needs to be involved in pass plays. He was a beast last year when he caught the ball, no one can bring him down one on one. Screw Trent Richardson, develop Blount and draft Claiborne or Blackmon 5th, whoever is available with Claiborne being first choice. Then later in the draft get a quick RB like LaMichael, who would also be awesome in the passing game.

  75. Pegasis27 Says:

    You guys seem to forget who we picked up for our RB coach, Earnest Byner. One of the more complete backs of his time. I have a feeling he will get the max out of Blount this year. I live in Eugene, Oregon so I was able to see Blount play weekly and I can say Blount is capable of being a 3rd down back. With “proper coaching” he is more then capable.

    If he picks up the blocking and catching portion in the backfield whos to say he doesn’t switch to FB, ala Alstott, and then we get another back (J. Stewart would be great) our backfield just became extremly scary.

  76. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Bucfan I guess your another Teblow ass sniffer?

  77. SensibleBuc Says:

    @ Brandon

    Poor poor Brandon. It must be lonely out there all by yourself actually believing T-Rich isn’t an elite prospect based on *chuckles* his 40 time.

    Vision, balance, and decisiveness are a running back’s most important assets as long as long as the back’s physical tools are “adequate” to “good”. Arian Foster ran a 4.69 40 at his Pro Day and now he’s a monster in the league. Trent doesn’t need to run 4.3 40 to be a top 5 pick because of his production (4600 career all purpose yards in college vs AD’s 4500 yards) and actual football skills:

    Per ESPN Insider

    “Possesses prototypical size and outstanding straight-line speed for a bigger back.”

    “Not overly elusive in space and change-of-direction skills are adequate-to-good but not elite. However, he’s light on his feet and shows outstanding stop-and-start ability for a bigger back. Can make defenders miss in tight spaces. Displays very good body control when turning the corner as a perimeter runner and can turn on the jets faster than most his size. Shows the ability to stick his foot in the ground and accelerate off the cut. Displays upper-echelon burst through the line of scrimmage and a second-gear to bounce inside runs to the outside once he hits the second level. ”

    “Productive as a pass catcher. Shows reliable hands, can adjust, and flashes ability to pluck on the run. Displays impressive initial straight-line burst after catch for his size. Frequently makes first defender miss (or runs over him). Not overly elusive in space but has second-gear to run away from most LBs and some DBs if he catches a crease. Has experience in slot and split out wide. Knows his assignments in pass pro and keeps head on a swivel. Is aggressive picking up the blitz. Keeps leverage as a blocker and shows savvy mixing in cut blocks. “

    The universally accepted fact of the matter is that there are 5 elite prospects in this Draft…and Kuelchy isn’t one of them. T-Rich is.

  78. gotbbucs Says:

    This subject is getting so damned old. We do not need to draft a RB that can carry the ball 20+ times a game. We have one of those. I’m right here with you Joe, it seems silly as hell to me to have to keep bringing this up. There are at least 5 or 6 RB’s in the middle of this draft that would work out just fine as Blount insurance.

  79. gotbbucs Says:


    The problem isn’t whether or not Richardson is elite, I don’t think he’s quite there, but that’s beside the point. The problem is the position he plays isn’t as important as it used to be and people are having a really hard time grasping that.
    Have you noticed at all how hesitant teams are to even give RB’s long term 2nd contracts? It’s a smarter business decision to let them play out their rookie contracts then franchise tag them one or two years and then move on to the next guy, who is probably some middle round draft pick or an undrafted free agent like Blount. The first round is for players that you can see being two or three contract players, especially top ten picks.
    I would be saying this same exact thing even if we didn’t have Blount on the roster. Also, don’t use a guy like Arian Foster as your example when you’re trying to sway people to use a top 5 pick on a RB, it pretty much defeats your whole arguement.

  80. SensibleBuc Says:


    “The problem is the position he plays isn’t as important as it used to be and people are having a really hard time grasping that.”

    While that may be a league-wide trend, your premise fails to take into account two factors: 1) not every team has devalued the run (see playoff teams w/out elite QBs: Broncos, 49ers, Texans, Ravens) and 2) every statement Schiano has made denotes his intent to pound the rock.

    We need two good running backs to help our very good but not elite QB.

    “Have you noticed at all how hesitant teams are to even give RB’s long term 2nd contracts? It’s a smarter business decision to let them play out their rookie contracts then franchise tag them one or two years and then move on to the next guy, who is probably some middle round draft pick or an undrafted free agent like Blount. The first round is for players that you can see being two or three contract players, especially top ten picks.”

    I actually think you’re helping my point. From a Dom/Schiano perspective, they could care less about 4 years from now. Dom has openly said, “We’re tired of rebuilding.” If they don’t win now, they won’t be here to see the fruits of their labor.

    Running backs (unlike DTs, OBs, CBs, WRs) hit the ground running from Day 1. Are the Bears been worse off from drafting Forte and stringing him along paying him peanuts?

  81. SensibleBuc Says:

    @ gotbbucs

    “Also, don’t use a guy like Arian Foster as your example when you’re trying to sway people to use a top 5 pick on a RB, it pretty much defeats your whole arguement.”

    Not really. For nearly every rule, there’s an exception. Foster is an exception. For every Arian Foster, how many Kregg Lumpkins, Derek Watsons, Mossis Madu, Kareem Huggins, Clifton Smiths, etc. are out there? Conversely, our “franchise” left tackle is an UDFA. Does that mean teams should never, ever draft the tackles in the top 5 too? No, of course not.

    Speaking of common misconceptions, the whole “you can find running backs in later rounds” theory probably needs to be addressed as well. I found two studies that proffer the theory that “if you want a good back, take them early”:

    1) First round picks are highly likely to be significant contributors: Over five years of the draft from 2006-2010, 111 RBs were drafted, 17 in the first round.

    2) Successful NFL RBs are almost all drafted in the first 3 rounds

    3) First and second round draft selections account for the vast majority of franchise-quality RBs; it is exceedingly rare for a mid-late round draft pick to result in a franchise-quality running back

  82. SensibleBuc Says:

    Here’s another one:

  83. BigMacAttack Says:

    Send the Panthers Quincy Black and a 5’th round pick for Stewart. I have heard they may even cut Stewart at some point soon.

  84. Pegasis27 Says:


    I would be happy with this … if… we sign another LB before the deal was done. He isn’t living up to his contract, but at this point he is still a body at the LB position.

  85. 941-Bucs Says:

    I agree 100% with Joe on this one.

    I personally freaking LOVE BLOUNT and happy as hell he is on our team. I know he has a few things he needs to work on…but the best part is. They ARE ALL Coachable problems. The guy as a pure Running back has the skills with out a doubt. He already has had a 1000 yard season only playing like 10 games. Last year the entire team was in dissaray. Can’t hold anything against Blount. Tho he did do much better in the 3rd down situations ( as far as pass catching). Imagine what he can do with an actual OTA’s/Training Camp time this year.

  86. T. Bass Says:

    I say pick up Joseph Addai to complement Blount.. this is a 2 running back league.. Perfect fit if you ask me

  87. RustyRhino Says:

    As far as Blount’s lack of playing time production in 11 it is hard to keep pounding the rock when your 3 scores down. (he still had 781 yards rushing + 157 catching the ball) And screen passes don’t work as well when the Dline has its ears pined back knowing you have to pass the ball. That is one of the top 5 core beliefs of the Tampa 2 shut down the run and let us just pin our ears back and pass rush. (Is it not Eric? ) So we did not use him to showcase his best self. Just who was at fault for only handing him the ball 5 times in the first game of the season? His…

    In LeGarrette Blount we have a 3rd year back who has never had a off-season OTA’s one on one’s with RB coaches, and repetition time with the offense in OTA mode. What does OTA stand for? Does anyone know? Organized Training Activity? Off-season Training Activity? When Blount has had his time to prepare with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during OTA’s and then goes into Training Camp with this learned knowledge, I believe we will see a different LeGarrette Blount.

  88. Have A Nice Day Says:

    lmao off at ‘Trent Richardson is elite” HAHAHA! Dude isn’t even in the NFL yet but somehow he is already elite smh

  89. Capt.Tim Says:

    Lmao- it’s like a “Stupid Bomb “has gone off in Tampa!

    Clayburn( and ya spelled it wrong)
    It’s sadly obvious that you are a Raheem Morris foil. Yer buddy hand picked Freeman- against the advice of most of Buc Management. So far, it’s gone like the rest of Raheem’s ideas- badly.
    But I’m sure you are thinking- if Freeman turns it around, somehow it redeems you buddy Raheem

    It’s sadly obvious that is your motive. Otherwise- to keep defending a guy with a losing record, at every level he has played!, and calling him better than a guy who has a winning record at every level- including the NFL-
    Well, you’d have to be a total idiot!!
    Your Raheem love has you posting with an agenda- truly pathetic
    I hope freeman does win something, someday!
    But not because of a failed head coach!

    We shoulda got Tebow. Better at least consider Tannehill.
    Freeman’s record – at any level- doesn’t exactly fill you with hope!

  90. Capt.Tim Says:

    3 years of Freeman-= big fat nothing in the accomplishment column
    One 3rd place finish- 2 last place finishes

    REAL franchise QBs ussually got a winning record by now- Meybe a playoff win
    Look at Matt Ryan, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, etc
    Tim Tebow

    Those guys , by year 4,had already started to make their mark!
    All we are making is excuses for our QB

  91. BigMacAttack Says:

    Hey Cappy, are you on the sauce again???

  92. Lion Says:

    LMAO @ the Trent Richardson is an elite RB comment!!


    @Capt, It’s not fair to give freeman the blame for not having a winning record here. We both know our defense is atrocious. I don’t even think Peyton or Brady could win here with the lot we have on d ( minus #20, 94 ) With that being said, your concerns of freeman are valid. The kid took ten steps back last year, forgot how to scramble when there were obvious running lanes and genuinely looked out of place. I am a freeman fan, don’t get me wrong, I want to see the kid succeed. But at the same time you can’t blindly think he will be great when there’s reasonable concerns surrounding him ( like some people on this site ) I do however think that he will have a better year with the additions of vjax/nicks, not to mention a competent coaching staff and an off season.

  94. Sensiblebuc Says:

    @Have a Nice Day & Lion

    “Poor poor Brandon. It must be lonely out there all by yourself actually believing T-Rich isn’t an elite PROSPECT based on *chuckles* his 40 time.

    Elite Prospect = Potential to be elite

  95. Capt.Tim Says:

    BigMac- nah, mostly just straighten out ” Clayburn”. Lol
    I’m still good with Freeman!


    I don’t think an option based offense can win long term in the National Football League. That’s what you would need to do to truly expect Tebow to win. You would also need a back-up option based QB. His skill set truly requires an effort by the offensive staff to make adjustments. You need blocking wide receivers. I guess those same people would love to bring back blocking icon Michael Clayton to seal the edges for TT? Anyone thing we can entice top level FA’s by extolling the virtues of the spread option?

    Does anyone really expect Mike Sullivan, having spent a majority of his professional career working in a pro-style offense with a stable on running backs and accurate down field passer, to immediately scrap everything he knows, and dump Freeman for Tebow?

    Now, quantify that same scenario for the other 30 NFL teams (not Denver, not TB). Here was a perfect opportunity to see the open market at work. The “he’s a winner” QB was available!! 31 teams had all saw what he did last year. His film was available for every GM to scour over. Opinions from his teammates could be had. This is a guy that people seem to think is not only a starting NFL QB, but, one better than TB’s Freeman and many others. And what happened?

    The NY circus team, and the hometown team with an owner with $’s in his eyes threw out some late round picks. What a strong market for such a high level NFL QB.

    The guy has the heart of a lion, and the type of one track mind that will make him a TD machine. But, he will never be a long term NFL passer with a 48% passing clip. He’s been trying to fix that for years. You can’t shine a (passing) turd.

    (Could be) Best h-back ever. Not a QB.


    And for clarity. McDaniels traded a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th for the opportunity to draft Tebow with a 1st round pick. That was 2010. In 2012, with him available for the taking, he went (with a 7th) for a 4th and 6th. The market sets the value, I don’t. Look at what Caron Palmer went for (albeit, that was overboard). My point is, valuable QBs are valuable.

  98. Nate Says:

    Do us a favor and Keep blount and develop him (HES A GOOD PLAYER!) Address DB NEXT YEAR WHEN RONDE DOES Retire! or in the 2nd round!

    Im sick of all this crappy mock drafts i keep seeing!! The bucs take Richardson or Claiborne.. Both of these players are not what we need! Does any1 remember why our team sucked so much last year? Did we all forget.. Our D-Line was horrible after injury prone Mccoy and Price were in and out of games.. If they go down again which i believe they will we wont be able to stop anybody! We need to upgrade our d-line!!! Other wise it will be just like last year! Maybe trade down and get the poe kid or Quinton Couples.. We need depth becauce our D-line is full of injury prone players… Maybe will just bring sorry hanesworth again because hes so great!(not) We need help at d-line its our weakest position.. If we get to the quarterback the cbs will be fine.. The giants didnt need JPP.. but they took him and you can say they wouldnt have gotten to the super bowl without him! Pass rush is a must!