“We Can Win. Fast.”

February 18th, 2012

After making the rounds at the Super Bowl, Gerald McCoy headed back to One Buc Palace this week to meet Greg Schiano and chat it up with Scott Smith of the video team at Buccaneers.com.

And in what feels like another veiled shot at the previous regime, McCoy shared his take that the new coaching staff will have profound impact immediately.

“[Schiano’s] mindset and his core beliefs, you know, can flip this whole organization around in a hurry. We can win. Fast.,” McCoy said. “I’m excited about it.”

Can the Bucs be a winner in 2012? The thought seems farfetched now, but boundless hope surely will return with an infusion of offseason talent and seeing Josh Freeman look sharp in the preseason.

As for the “core beliefs,” didn’t Raheem Morris have those? Joe wonders why playing “hard, fast, smart and consistent” is somehow not as good as “trust, belief and accountability.” Bucs fans will find out in 2012.

Joe really gets a kick out of all the “core beliefs” stuff. Joe’s played on a lot of teams on a lot of different levels, which has left Joe big on accountability. If you play like crap, you should pay for it on the bench or dearly in practice, or with your job. The Bucs need a heavy dose of that, which Schiano should deliver.

In the video linked above, McCoy also talked a good game and set the bar very high for himself.

“I know I’m puttin’ in all the work to have a breakout year,” McCoy said. “The staff they’re putting together, they’re putting everybody in place, you know, to if I do do my part on my end, which is come in in the best shape I can and put in all the work, this will be a breakout year for me.”

Joe’s pulling for McCoy and in his corner, but the Bucs would be nuts not to bring in a veteran to push him and Brian Price — someone to help keep them accountable.

24 Responses to ““We Can Win. Fast.””

  1. mainebuc Says:

    Mccoy is a joke, too busy playing reporter for the “ochocinco network.” I really wish the bucs would look into trading this guy while he still has any value.

  2. Architek Says:

    What an idiot…I wonder if they considered filming him in the weightroom?

  3. bucfanjeff Says:

    I dont think you have to worry about mccoy or price holding themselves accountable. We only have to worry about their health.

  4. Brown Bag Says:

    Didn’t watch the owhole video. It was better than him fawning over that geriatric Madonna or ego-promoting on the Johnson-Ohocinco-Johnson network. Truthfully, he should not be making any appearances unless it to simply say, “I have alot to prove and will do everything to impress my new coach and lead the team by example. Thank you”

  5. holymoly Says:

    Joe , got to agree , stop mouthing off , play the entire season . Bring in a DL that will push for playing time . Brown Bag , exactly .

  6. Garv Says:

    Of course it’s about health. IMO it’s hard to knock a player for getting hurt.
    A healthy McCoy and Price would be VERY nice next season.

  7. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I sure hope McCoy is right. We are buying seasons tickets for 2 people, and they ain’t cheap.

  8. bucfanjeff Says:

    I think it’s pathetic that people criticize him because he has a quirky, positive personality. He IS talented, but he just has to prove he can stay healthy.

  9. RastaMon Says:

    STFU #93….your play will say all that needs to be said…..

  10. Rrsrq Says:

    We all want to see a breakout season, we just don’t want to hear about it

  11. Thomas 2.2... Says:

    The words you use to describe your core beliefs mean zero, it is practicing those core beliefs that matters.

    Also, rahrah didnt include “accountability” or some form of it by name or practice – either bc he didnt understand it or believe it. That is why rahrah’s core beliefs were worse than Schiano.

    More importantly, schiano will make sure you abide by his beliefs when they practice, not just play games. Games allow practice work to be exhibited – that is why rah’s team was down 42-0 in 1.5 quarters.

    I think Games Missed Constantly has been a disappointing waste of money, but I give him credit for blasting the prior regime repeatedly. It seems we agree on something.

  12. Thomas 2.2... Says:

    I am starting a pool on GMC this year – what will come first his first injury or sack?

    For his career GMC has the same number of game missing injuries as sacks, and he has 4 times the missed games to sacks.

  13. Mr Lucky Says:

    Hey GMC does that mean your core beliefs included getting hurt every year?

    Stop talking with your mouth and show us something on the field.

  14. thibs5599 Says:

    Bring in Jason Jones or Broderick Bunkley, those guys can play and wouldn’t cost that much. I am pulling for McCoy but we need some veteran d line that does not get injured on a normal basis, and that can stop the run and occupy blocker.

  15. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    The hate some of you fans have for GMC is unbelievable. You people make like he’s trying to get hurt. All you people better eat your words when he tears it up this year.

  16. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    These comment sections are funny.

  17. Bobby Says:

    GMC will be fine and I agree Hawaiian Buc, there’s gonna be a lot of humble pie eating next season because I know McCoy is gonna tear it up. I think it will be very similar to Matthew Stafford’s situation. When he finally had a healthy year he was able to show what true talent he really had.

  18. Ladyz Says:

    I just want him to stop trying to stop people by sticking out his arms.

  19. Bobby Says:

    “I just want him to stop trying to stop people by sticking out his arms.”

    Would you prefer he trip them?? Seriously…arm tackling is a natural reaction if someone is running and you reach out to grab them from behind or the side. It happens all the time in the NFL but in McCoy’s case it’s cost him two torn biceps. The good new about that particular injury is that it very rarely reoccurs because the nature of the surgery repairs and reinforces the biceps and it is actually stronger than before. Like I said, GMC will be fine. It’s Price that I’m more concerned about.

  20. crazy Says:

    IOW according to GMC the coaches were clueless and the players were quitters. The clueless have been replaced now what to do about the quitters…

  21. Thomas 2.2... Says:

    I have no doubt that GMC will tear it up, either a tricep, pec or hamstring – maybe an ACL.

    The reason mccoy has to reach out to make a tackle was because he was being blocked by an O Lineman, like usual, and wasnt able to get anything else on a ball carrier who galloped right through his gap.

  22. Thomas 2.2... Says:

    All gmc has to do is dress for 16 games and you guys will be screaming that he is a hall of famer.

    You have already created this lower subjective standard for him – where his stats and production dont matter – must be nice. I know that you desperately want him to be good, but sooner or later he will have to make plays.

    I think this plan to hand him everything, before he earns it, is why he has been so bad. Like sapp said, he cant live soft and then expect to play hard on Sunday.

  23. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’m not doing the whole GMC argument with you today Thomas. Believe what you want, I’ll do the same.

  24. Capt.Tim Says:

    Thomas- McCoy is the only one on this team who can say that statement. We had a winning record when he got hurt! The team turned into jello on defense because he got hurt.

    He has proven already to be extremely talented. Our defense rates 8 spots higher with him, than without him.

    DT tackles sustain a lot of injuries. Hopefully his are behind him. Either way, you can’t doubt his talent. I know you hate him because of that “incident” with your “would be “girlfriend.

    Let it go, she wasn’t that into to you. She liked Raheem and McCoy better.

    Try ta move on!