Bill Sheridan Is Bucs New Defensive Coordinator

February 17th, 2012

He’s got a Super Bowl ring as linebackers coach for the 2007 Giants, and he had an embarrassingly quick exit (but not Bates-Jagodzinski quick) from the Giants’ defensive coordinator job after the 2009 season.

His name is Bill Sheridan, and he’s your new Buccaneers defensive coordinator, so reports The Lantern, a college newspaper out of Ohio State University.

 Sheridan recently was named to a defensive assistant job with the Buckeyes after serving as Miami Dolphins linebackers coach in 2010 and 2011.

Sheridan also was a defensive position coach (defensive line and linebackers) at Army alongside new Bucs offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan, who also coached linebackers and defensive backs for the famed Black Knights.

For this late in the hiring game, Joe thinks this is a great hire by the Bucs. Overall, the jury is out, though. Surely Sheridan’s one season calling defenses for the talented Giants didn’t go so well, as the Giants allowed a pile of points that season.

But this time Sheridan has two defensive guys above him on the depth chart, head coach Greg Schiano and defensive operative/stealth assistant Butch Davis.

If Sheridan can find a way to stop teams from gutting and gashing the Bucs up the gut, Joe is prepared to erect a statue of him on Dale Mabry Highway.

Update: The Bucs announced Sheridan’s hiring on the team’s official Twitter feed.

88 Responses to “Bill Sheridan Is Bucs New Defensive Coordinator”

  1. RCH Says:

    That one year was a red flag for me too but I think it was a good learning experiance for him.

  2. eric Says:

    Given the circumstances, dang good hire.

    Loving the Giants South look we got going. Hope we can play like them someday.

  3. bucfanjeff Says:

    Not crazy at all about it, but I will trust in the team of defensive minds in Schiano, Davis and Sheridan. Maybe collectively, the can build a great defense.

    Cox? Crazzzy dude. If he’s an in your face coach, I’m loving it.

  4. Dave Says:

    He has done good everywhere he has gone and comes from a good coaching pool. The only issue is the 5 game stretch of the NYG getting gashed when he was the DC.

    NEWSFLASH: injuries played a big part.

    Just like this year when the NY Giants defense was not going great. Then they got healthy and Fewell got recognition and people wanted him for a coach.

    I do not know if Bill Sheridan will be good or bad. What I do know is he did not get a fair chance with the NY Giants as DC. He was a scapegoat used to save Coughlin’s job at the time.

    Like Joe said, he will have Schiano and Davis looking at him and I have a feeling if they do not like something, they won’t hesitate to let him know.

  5. Dave Says:

    to follow up – People hate using the injuries as an excuse mantra, but the reality is MOST teams get decimated when they have too many injuries.

    Everyone loves to hear their coach say it is not an excuse, “next man up”

    I would like to hear a coach say “we got alot of injuries and we want the next man to step up, but the reality is, they are backups for a reason”

    I don’t really want to hear that, it has psychological implications on the players, but everyone knows it is the truth.

  6. SensibleBuc Says:

    “For this late in the hiring game, Joe thinks this is a great hire by the Bucs.”

    Completely agree. Getting a big name DC wasn’t as important as getting a competent and talented OC because of Schiano and Butch. Solid move this late in the day.

  7. k1ngAdroc Says:

    Hey, he’s got plenty of NFL experience and Giants fan’s hate him….. Sounds good to me! I’m happy with this hire!

  8. Reggie robys watch Says:

    Wasn’t he the one who brought the wrong defensive game plan when he was with the giants?

  9. Buc You 2.2 Says:

    All of Shianos coaches > Rahmorris ever was and ever will be.

  10. Thomas 2.2... Says:

    Nice fit for this Pro-Discipline-hardwork-Schiano staff that we have now. Thankfully, the antithesis of everything rahrah and the rejects stood for – incompetence, unprofessionalism, no discipline and no work and all talk.


    I would have much rather have this guy as a position coach. His one and only year as a DC was a disaster.

    It should be Davis – DC, and Sheridan – LB coach.

  12. Jared Says:

    Boffo! A smash!

    Ok, maybe overreacting, but we finally have a coaching stafff! And with Davis and Schiano pulling the strings I think it is a good hire. Especially when you do factor in those injuries he had to deal with that year in New York.

  13. Capt.Tim Says:

    Hey Homer 2.2- whatcha gonna say when Shiano starts 0-5?

  14. jLM Says:

    Don’t focus on his record, he will be Davis and Schiano’s puppet behind the scenes. Glad he has NFL experience.

  15. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Seems like a pretty good hire to me. He has quite a bit of NFL experience. We could have done a lot worse. I’m just glad we finally know who our DC is!

  16. Jared Says:


    I venture to say Schiano won’t start 0-5.

  17. NYC BUC Says:

    Remember Monte Kiffin wasn’t that great before he teamed with Tony Dungy!

  18. Brandon Says:

    The Giants set an all-time record for most 40 point games allowed in a season during Sheridan’s one season.

    Not a great hire… Ron Meeks WAS available and had 5 top 10 finishes in 8 seasons with a Colts franchise that was a disaster everywhere except things relating to QB. Now he’s coaching DBs in San Diego and we’re stuck with another poor DC.

  19. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I like the hire! Sullivan and him coached together, and the more NYG type of team we have, the better I like it.
    The NFC South better watch out for Tampa

  20. eric Says:

    Please don’t start 0-5.

    I can’t take it no more.

    Remember this guy’s defense shut out Rah’s magnificent 2009 squad. One of the worst offensive performances I have ever witnessed.

    I am not sure, but I think thats when Rah coined the phrase “grown man team”.

    These coordinator jobs are important, but the Head Coach sets the tone. Look how much turnover Bellicheats staff has – and they keep on winning.

    This thing will rise or fall on the ablitiies of Mr. Schiano.

  21. MOBucs Says:

    Hopefully he learned from his mistakes in NY. But with 3 other defensive coaches working with him, Bucs D could start to look respectable again. All in all, it seems like a very intriguing coaching staff. Experience was key obviously and the new staff has that for sure. Looking forward to the new Buccaneer Way!

  22. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    Captain Tim:

    I will be saying he is 2 games better than your incompetent exiled disaster RahRah – who started 0-7 and finished 0-10. The ridiculed RahRah started and ended his head coaching career with losing streaks that spanish more than a season.

    Further, RahRah did not sell out 1 Sunday afternoon game during his 3 years that didn’t have almost tickets sold being contracts signed while Gru was head coach.

    In other words, the Bucs did not sell out 1, not 1, non-primetime home Tampa game with tickets purchased while RahRah was the head coach.

    The community rejected the fraud, you are the only one left who hasn’t admitted that you were duped.

    No, this insanely dumb argument you crafted that the failure to sign Ruud caused them to go 4-12 and not incompetent coaching has convinced nobody with brain activity.

    Football men everywhere are still laughing about the charade that was the Bucs since 09, the charade has ended.

  23. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    That span. .

    I hate autocorrect

  24. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Defense is schianos specialty, no way just sheridan runs the defense. The giants probably just run a similar scheme as schiano and he was brought in to help implement. And everyone knows that Schianos defense will be better than RAH RAHS defense.

  25. Bobby Says:

    Hey Capt…..what are you going to say if he starts of 4-1 or 3-2? Of all the posters on here you seem to be the most clueless. Just curious as to what your excuse will be as to why Schiano is having success when it happens….

  26. Capt.Tim Says:

    Thomas. I didn’t make excuses for Raheem, and was yelling for his head at the end of the season. I was glad they got rid of him, as he lost control of the team.

    The only one still talking about Raheem is you! Of course, you are still obsessing over Gruden!!

    During your next session at yer shrinks, you need to mention your inability to move on, and your preoccupation with ghost from the past!

    You aren’t gonna start a tirade about Ray Perkins anytime soon, are you?

    I’m much more concerned about our newbie coach, with virtually no NFL experience, who has never won on any level- whom you have christened our savior, while slurping down your new favorite drink- Glazer-aid!

    How quickly will that romance end if he doesn’t go 16-0?

    Or did ya just hate Raheem for different reasons? Cause the new guy hasn’t given you any reason to be so enamored! It surely can’t be his ability to assemble a staff! The Veteran coaches are running away faster than he can chase’em! Guess they haven’t basked in his greatness as much as you have!
    They seem to just think that he is a little school coach, with a .500 record, that is in over his head. Guess we can’t all scout genius like you, ole buddy!

  27. Capt.Tim Says:

    Bobby- he couldn’t beat UCONN, yet you seem convinced that putting on a Buc shirt will magically gift him into beating the Saints, Packers, and Giants??

    Talk about clueless- have you ever been right about Anything concerning the Bucs?? Didn’t think so. Enjoy yer Koolaide. You’ll be stressed out soon enough!

  28. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Capt.tim its not kool aid. Its called being positive and supporting your team, not going around and ranting how they are going to lose. Its fans like you that piss me off! So what if rutgers couldnt beat uconn!! In case you didnt notice rutgers has NO talemt accept for the ray rices of the world who said himself that Schiano is a great coach! Jeez dude get off your time of the month already and go make me a sandwhich!! Go Bucs!!

  29. Thomas 2.2... Says:


    Rutgers couldnt beat Uconn, but sure could spank K State rah’s porous defense and Freeman 38-10 in the Texas Bowl in 2006 to finish the AP polls ranked 12th.

    If Rutgers wasnt a competitive D1 school, then what do you call your rahrah’s coordinating experience – they got lit up by a tiny new jersey school that couldnt beat Uconn.

    That is the same defense we witnessed last year, yes the one that stunk simply bc Ruud wasnt resigned. LMFAO

  30. Bobby Says:

    Who would want the team to start out 0-5??? What kind of fan are you Capt? Can’t you find another team to ‘root for’?
    You just don’t seem too enamored with the one most of us who post here love.

  31. Thomas 2.2... Says:

    Tim was positive Clayburb. After rahrah finished 3rd in our 4 team division in 2010 – he was predicting super bowl – if we had just resigned Barret “ray lewis” Ruud. That loss caused the the entire team, including Freeman to fall apart and lose 10 straight.

    Yes, I am on the floor right now in a nonstop fit of laughter. This is great.

  32. Bobby Says:

    Capt…..I’d much rather pull for the team and be wrong than be a negative asshole who just bitches and moans about everything Bucs related and yet seems overjoyed in the fact he was ‘right’ about us having a losing season last year. Good for you Capt! What a great ‘fan’ you are. I’m sorry dude….you’re pathetic.

  33. SensibleBuc Says:

    “…be a negative asshole who just bitches and moans about everything Bucs related and yet seems overjoyed in the fact he was ‘right’ about us having a losing season last year…”

    …This sounds so familiar…Can’t quite place who has been doing that exact same thing the past three years…

    *cough* THOMAS *cough*

    The Haters become Sheep and the Sheep become Haters. Gotta love JBF 🙂

  34. eric Says:

    I like our coach and staff.


    Yes sir, yes sir,
    Three bags full.
    One for the master,
    One for the dame,
    And one for the little boy GM
    Who lives down the lane

  35. Greg Says:

    Hey Bobby, before you continue your bashing of Capt Tim, who has been here WAY longer than your homer ass, he never said said he wanted the Bucs to go 0-5, just said that he’s still waiting to see what Schiano brings to the table, much like the rest of us! Keep sucking thomass’s 2.2 inches, you two deserve each other! Besides, I give thomass 3 games before he starts bashing Schiano!

  36. Greg Says:

    @ Eric, you were right, it was after the Giants game that Rah coined “grown man team” . Hopefully we can become that team, but I’m not going cream my pants over these coaching changes like thomass and bobby have done until they show us something!

  37. Capt.Tim Says:

    By the way, that was a poke to ruffle Thomas’s feathers.
    I really hope Schiano doesn’t start 0-5.
    But he doesn’t have any track record to base that hope on.
    Thats what worries me. And should worry all of you.After what we just endured, to trust the same people seems kinda blind to me. The exact same bunch that brought us the last regime, is bringing us this one. Yet everyone is acting like they were hand picked by the all mighty!!

    Me, I wanna see something. I hope I do

  38. Bobby Says:

    It’s not about being a ‘homer’, it’s about being willing to give someone the benifit of the doubt and wait and see if he can turn the team around. It’s OK to say “Well, Rutgers was a small school and this is the NFL. I hope he has that kind of success here but I’ll have to wait and see.” That’s totally different than starting to predict an 0-5 start and saying what a joke this coach is without him ever even having one game under his belt. That’s not being a fan. Honestly, that’s the kind of crap you would expect to read about Schiano on the Falcons chat board or the Saints but not from people who claim they are Bucs fans.

    Of course people like Capt try to justify it by saying “I’m just more realistic than you ‘homers’. I’m not wearing the pewter colored glasses.”
    I guess I am Capt. I always wish for the best for this team…doesn’t matter who’s coach or who the players are. Oh, I may get pissed and I won’t tolerate the lack of effort that was displayed last season but I’m NOT EVER going to predict an 0-5 start because at that point I’ve gone from being a fan to siding with the Falcons, Panthers, and Saints because that is exactly what they are hoping for too.

  39. Bobby Says:

    Hey Greg, I guess if anyone would know the length of Thomas’ jones it would be you huh? Who pullled your chain bitch? I think the Capt can fight his own fights. He doesn’t need his mommy.

  40. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’m standing up applauding your 9:12 post Bobby. Very well said and i agree 100%.

    And by the way, I’ve known Thomas on this site for a long time and I have news for you: HE IS NOT CHANGING HIS MIND. He will stick to his guns when he likes someone just as he will stick to his guns when he doesn’t. A little thing called fact will not stand in his way. Mark my words on that one.

  41. Bobby C Says:

    Capt, i dont think its about accepting that this team will win, its that until they show us other wise, we stand ready to support this staff. We knew Raheem and his staff had lost all control and were not going to win, point blank, and I am willing to give these guys a chance and lets see what happens, if they stink guess what, there will be plenty of time to kick these guys around, as you already have decided we need to. But give these guys at least two years to see what direction we are headed in. God you people kill me.

  42. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    My Son and I are looking seriously at buying Seasons Tickets again. That’s how impressed we are with what Tampa has been doing lately.
    I am with Bobby here, it is easy to be negative. Heck, I can be as negative as a Battery Post sometimes. But let’s give the new coaches a chance, we are currently undefeated!
    Go Bucs!

  43. MOBucs Says:

    Right on Bobby! Awesome post bro! Any true Bucs fan should at least give the new regime an offseason, preseason, and the majority of a season before completely throwing him under the bus. Cant believe the bitching and moaning this early in February by so-called fans.

  44. Architek Says:

    I like the hire, given the circumstance.

  45. Architek Says:

    Im still not buying tickets or NFL Ticket until I see the Bucs personnel moves. No knee jerk reaction because the Glazers are known to lie.

  46. Pete Dutcher Says:

    2 weeks ago I would venture that a hire like this would have gotten a more negative response from most of you. I’m not sold on this one.

    That said, I am a PROUD HOMER and will support my team…EVEN if they go 0-5 to start the season.

  47. Capt.Tim Says:

    For those of you with memories longer than yer tiny johnsons, you’ll remember last year. I was bitching about not hiring a DC, I pointed out that our LBers and secondary sucked. I said then, what I’m saying now! That this team has gaping holes, and won’t win if they don’t adress them.

    They did nothing. NOTHING.

    How’d that turn out? All you slap happy homers thrilled with last season? Did you love all those 52 point slap downs.

    Now, you’ve convinced yourselves that we have a great team- it was just Rah and staff that caused us to suck. With a great coach- we are playoff bound!

    Sorry- not the case. Vince Lombardi couldn’t win with our back 7. No coach could. Raheem was a part of the problem! So was our Talentless roster, and management that sat on their thumbs and did nothing to improve these horrible deficiencies!

    Now the exact same people have hired a coach for less money, with even less NFL/ big college experience- and for some reason- you think that’s gonna turn our lousy players into allpros. Schiano probably is a good coach. But he’s being forced to hire assistants that weren’t even on his top ten list. And he’s inheriting the youngest team in the league, devoid of veteran leadership, fir this biggest jump in his career.

    Oh, yeah, I’m gonna question the mentality of these choices. And if they don’t finally spend some money on FAs-I’ll be screaming my head off

    But once the season starts- just like last year- I’ll support my team. I remained optimistic while some of you little snivelers were turning on them like sharks.

    Unlike Thomas- I am a Bucs fan- I want them to win.
    Management has done nothing to achieve this!

    Why do you think they will now? All they’ve done so far is hire an even cheaper coaching staff. There were many better coaches, with more experience, available

    Why are you all rejoicing at even more cheap spending by this team?

  48. Will Says:

    Guys, Capt. Tim is the new Thomas 2.2 on here.

    I’m pretty shocked at how negative he’s become, he used to be the most positive fan on this site. He’s a complete 180 of what he was before.

  49. 941-Bucs Says:

    Individually none of these coaches are sexy signings. Collectively, on the other hand. They seem to be exactly what this team needs to right the ship. Most of them are smart picks. They come with discipline and loads of experience. They seemed to bring as much help as physically possible to make this right. So i am going to back them for now and let the records speak for it’s self. Right now no one knows whats going to happen. So let’s hope for the best.

    Now it’s time to just accept what coaches we have. Jump on board the bandwagon and look forward to the Combine, Draft, and Free Agency.

  50. Cmurda Says:

    I am glad I came over to JBF. Wow, this is pure forum Gold right now.

  51. Jared Says:

    Joe get rid of Captain Tim he is clown shoes and I don’t want to have to deal with his troll posts anymore.

  52. Capt.Tim Says:

    Do any of you believe that Bill Sheridan, PJ Fleck, or Greg Shiano are the coaches money can buy?


  53. RealTalk Says:

    man shut all that bickering up.. give it some time let the off season play out before you wanna judge the team we havent even hit free agency yet.. Bellicheck, Lombary, all those big name coaches were once nobodies whos to say these guys might be the new generation of great coaches u never know.. On the other hand they may be the worst guys for the job we will see in due time

  54. Buddhaboy Says:

    Give em a chance. I say schiano coaches for 10 plus years here. U heard it first

  55. BigMacAttack Says:

    Thomas, old son, I think its cool that you continue to bash Raheem. The clock is running out and you need to milk that for all its worth.

    I like the fact that the Bucs have learned something and are providing somewhat of a Safety net for Schiano with Davis and Raye. This is a good thing. Raheem could have used this, but that’s history. So, I’m being cautiously optimistic but yet keeping my distance a little bit until things really start to unfold. Like I said before: Talk is Cheap! Prove It.

    I trust my eyes and when I see what I want, I’ll jump back in. In the mean time, still got my seats, waiting for a Whhhhhhhole nother off season to pass, to see what is really going on. I say again: Prove It.

  56. Cmurda Says:

    No Tim. There are several coaches out there that would cost more money. These are the best coaches out there right now, period. Yes, I believe that. The mix of youth and experience on the coaching staff is perfect and we will be a perennial playoff team in 3 years.

  57. Squadoosh Says:

    Hey Tim…love how you leave out Sullivan..Butch Davis …Jimmy Raye..who are good hires with a lot of Nfl experience. I do agree with you that this team has to improve this roster especially the linebackers and secondary. I dont think there is anyone out tgere who doesn’t understand that. Now we really see how insane the thinking was to hire Rah from being a secondary coach to head coach and d coordinator at the same time. There is so much work to do as a head coach how could anyone in the organization think he could do both effectively…with no experience no less!…totally nuts..At least Schiano has two experienced Nfl guys in Davis and Raye to lean on and a d coordinator to handle those duties. I like the hires and really hope the team takes the next step and brings in a few good players in fa.

  58. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Tim is the new Thomas, which is really sad. If Thomas would only just stop talking about Raheem or GMC in every post, he would actually be pretty tolerable. But I know that’s asking for too much. It’s crazy for anyone to say that we know if these hires are good or not. Only time will tell. Tim can once again pound his chest and tell us how right he has been about everything, but that means absolutely nothing to me. You can be right a million time, but you can also be wrong just as easily. You don’t have a clue how these guys are going to be, no matter what you say. But what do I know, I’m clueless right?

    One thing I really do like about the hires is that they all seem to be similar in one way – discipline. It’s very obvious we needed more of that. At least we have chosen a direction and are being consistent with it. That’s a good start in my clueless opinion. I don’t give a damn what negative people like Tim think in February. I’m going to enjoy the “hope” of 2012 being a magical season. Anyone who tries to ruin that hope will just be background noise. If I’m wrong, I’ll be wrong. It won’t be the first time, nor the last. It can’t be much worse than traveling 5000 miles to watch us be down 42-0 midway through the 2nd quarter.

  59. Buc You 2.2 Says:

    Im just glad Raheem is gone. Mickey effin Mouse > RahMo stick yo face on people with no underwear on.

  60. Canada buc fan Says:

    Some one help me out here because as Joe would put it I have consumed a lot of adult beverages over the past few hours. But is Thomas really being more positive than the capt? Maybe it’s just all the rum talking yo-ho yo-ho the pirates life for me!

  61. christopher Says:

    You know who else was demoted as a Giants coordinator? Sean Payton…

  62. Greig Says:

    You’ve gotta love Bucs fans.
    The new DC gets ripped because the Giants allowed 427 points the one year when he was DC there BUT some of those same fans were open to giving Perry Fewell a shot at being our HC even though his Giants are coming off a year where they allowed 400 points (along with 800 more yards than Sheridans Giants).
    Plus those same people will give Fewell the excuse of injuries while ignoring the fact that Sheridans unit was far more banged up.
    This may not be a great hire but only time will tell, writing him off because of one bad season like that is idiotic.

  63. Brandon Says:

    You know, when Ron Meeks was available we sat on our hands. The man guided a franchise that was completely centered around the QB to 5 top 10 finishes in 8 seasons. Now we settle for Sheridan???

    Sheridan took the Giants from 5th in points allowed in 2008 to 30th. His defenses allowed 40+ points in 3 of the team’s last 4 games of 2009…ouch.

    Sadly, it is a fairly big upgrade from the old defensive coordinator (Raheem Morris).

  64. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    Tim’s motivations are obvious – he isn’t a Bucs fan – he was a Gruden hater turned RahRah lover, and when RahRah turned out to be incompetent Tim looked foolish.

    So what has he done, he has started to make excuses for RahRah (not signing Ruud wasnthe reason the defense gave up 42 points in 1.5 quarters) and being unfairly critical of the new coaches to save face.

    It is transparently obvious.

    Rutgers may be a small school, but they played higher level D1 football. There is no higher level, I am notnsaying that the big east is a great conference but it is D1. To say Rutgers isn’t D1 is like saying the Seahawks aren’t in the nfl because they play in a weaker division.

    Tim loves the bucs, but he loves being right more – when his RahRah embarrassed himself and Tim – he hasn’t been able to shake off the embarrassment so he blames Schiano.

    Nobody is saying things are perfect, but ask Justin P how unprofessional things were under rah.

    The practices I went to were a joke, dancing to rap music during practice, playing grab as- on the sidelines, slow slow pace, it was a debacle.

    Compared to Dungy and Gruden it was like sandlot football.

  65. Meh Says:

    Well, I still like the Sullivan hire at least.

  66. jarrett Says:

    Pay no attention to capt everything he says is wrong. He claims to have sources, and acts like he knows everything. In reality he could be the dumbest poster on this site, Go away you bag.

  67. Architek Says:

    I have read and understood you attended practices and you continue to fuel the failure of the party animal Raheem. Thomas, the dancing to rap and slow pace practice is not an indicment of anyone but the Glazers and Dominik but all of that has to change.

    I scrutinized the Glazers and Dominik for their hands off approach but now I kind of see why. Firing Raheem without probable cause or justification would be a PR nightmare, so give him the rope and let him hang himself. Thats what Raheem did and he hung the entire staff. I loved Millard but thats neither here nor there.

    I do believe that Schiano will establish more order but the wins will come from how much talent is on the roster and IF Freeman can turn the corner. Of all the questions, we have to see how Freeman takes the next step. But the hires to date were cool given the state of the franchise and the perception of the team.

    @Capt Tim, dude, I dont knock you for have no enthusiasm about the Bucs decision-maiking. I agree with you and you have valid points. I remember at the end of last year about the slow starts but people condemned me for being negative. Even after the pre-season it was apparent that the bucs had execution issues. The main problem was the lack of preparation, urgency to start fast (play how you practice), and Freeman is a slow starting QB. All of the above. Remember the ATL game in Tampa. The defense creates a turnover and Freeman turns the ball over in the red zone in the 1st qtr and it got worse as the season progressed. So, I understand you point and you have a right to not drink Kool-Aid before the season starts.

  68. BigMacAttack Says:

    Hawaiian Buc Says:
    February 18th, 2012 at 3:45 am

    It won’t be the first time, nor the last. It can’t be much worse than traveling 5000 miles to watch us be down 42-0 midway through the 2nd quarter.

    Now that’s a true fan. Where you go Bro, I’ll follow. Restoring my hope.

  69. McBuc Says:

    WOW! Thomas and the Capt have traded places! Capt, just do not start calling people sheep.

  70. Garv Says:

    I like the hire and remain optimistic.
    All that matters though, is Coach Schiano’s comfort level with these men.

    I really wish the 2.whatevers of this board, of all boards would just move.
    Bitchytown sounds perfect as long as there’s no Internet there.

    Of course the jackwagons love being a PITA but for the love of GOD……

  71. BigMacAttack Says:

    The Gla-Bucs have really given fans quite a lot to bitch about over the last few years. And after 10 straight blowout losses, I can’t blame anyone for complaining, even Thomas. We’ll see how it goes and I too hope for the best, but this is anything but an All Star cast of coaches they have hired.

    I personally believe the Bucs will make a huge splash in free agency and land a new long-snapper.

  72. Capt.Tim Says:

    Bobby and Jared- why don’t you two pool your allowance money, and Meybe you can go to a game- if yer mommy will drive you! Lol!

    I didn’t list Davis, Raye, or Sullivan- because if your ass could read, you’d have read my previous post. I like those hires. They are qualified and experienced NFL coaches. Question is- why would two of them refuse to coach, and hire on as “advisors” only? The NC payout is not much money, and could have been bought out easily- happens every year in the NFL.

    He didn’t want to coach here. Like so many others that turned them down. Cheap offers- cheap benefits- cheap roster. That’s why we have only signed one qualified coach so far( Sullivan). The rest refuse to have their names linked to this team as a coach.

    I realize you are all very excited about our team, after that sweet season last year, and that rocking defense! I know that you geniues all think that hiring a coach and staff from Rutgers will turn us into SuperBowl champs! 4-12 to SuperBowl!

    But Meybe there is a reason all credible coached refused to coach here! Just Meybe, they think ownership is gonna be as cheap with players, as they are with coach contracts!

    If they sign some quality FAs, to at least plug the rediculiouly bad areas, I’m on board. I am willing to give Schiano a chance. Like the rest of the intelligent posters here- I want to see some commitment by owner. Then, I’m a believer.

    To be pissing on yourself with joy, when all they’ve done is hire an even cheaper coaching staff, is idiotic. Willing to see- ya. If they actually spend some money to improve the most disappointing team in the league- ya.

    So far- more cheapness, rookie coach, actuall assistants with no experience. Still screams cheap. All this new coach can offer up so far is a big White chin- which I guess is what has you all so confident- it can’t be his record or experience

  73. Bobby Says:

    OK Capt. Then can you shut your friggin’ pie hole until FA??? That would be some beautiful silence…..

  74. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    For real, Captain, you need to chill. You are repeating yourself, and we get your point. The season is like 6 months away, give it a rest. The way you used to criticize Thomas is exactly how we are feeling about you now. You can argue with us back and forth all you want, but that is the truth.

  75. Bobby Says:

    Thomas was terrible but at least Thomas had something real to be negative about. This garbage Capt. and others spew is just all conjecture and speculation. It’s judging a man’s abilities before he has even shown what those abilities are.

    You can’t tell me that we who are positive about Schiano’s hiring are kool-aid drinkers. Those who are negative have absolutely nothing to pin their negative attitude on other than he came from Rutgers. Forget the fact that he turned that program around and that he has been consistently pumping out first round draft talent for years now. That means nothing to them.
    They feel better saying that this is just a cheap move by the Glazers. Why???? Who did THEY want as HC?? Who was out there that had any proven track record as a HC? Most everyone available were coordinators not HC’s.

    I would rather have a guy like Schiano who has some NFL experience but more importantly is a guy who knows how to organize and coordinate a coaching staff and understands the role of HC.

    As far as FA…you have to be a complete moron to think that the Bucs aren’t going to be active this year. Didi you not read the CBA??? We have to spend 60+ mil by 2013. Why WOULDN’T they start that spending this year? Oh wait….here it comes….”because they’re cheap!” Well guess what..the CBA says they’re not any more OK? Geeeeez. That one is a no brainer. They have no choice but to spend money. I don’t expect them to turn into Philadelphia but they will pick up some key players.

    For those of us wanting to wash off the stench of last year’s season and move forward with some optimism it’s really sad to see so many so called ‘fans’ that refuse to let go of last year and realize that it’s a brand new start and there is nothing on the slate so why be negative??

  76. Capt.Tim Says:

    Bobby, quit plaing on yer sisters phone, your mom said you need to take out the trash!

    Hawaiian- when did you turn into the ” mother” of JoeBuc?
    You used to post opinions and ideas that were at least well thought out. Even if we disagreed, I could respect your opinion.

    Now, all you do is play Emily Post!! ” Capt Tim , you are being arrogant!”, “Thomas, you are being Rude!” etc, etc!

    I expect the lil kids that post on here to be all excited if the Glazers hired a garbage truck crew to run the team. Bobby and Jared will be be just like last year- big fans til we lose a few games. Then- just like last year, they will be crying and belly aching. Last year- both of the them posted that I was clueless when I said we’d have a losing season. They are clueless

    You aren’t. If you think I’m wrong- then fire some facts at me! Back up your opinions! This isn’t a big homer fan club! It’s a place to throw your opinions out there. It would be pretty boring if we all mindless sat around singing the Glazers praises- especially after a pods poor season like we just had! Besides, Bobby and Jared already five on that job- at least til the season starts, are they see( again) how clueless they are

    If you think PJ Fleck is the right guy to coach Williams, Benn, and Briscoe, after his illustrious career at Northern illinoiss state and one year at Rutgers- then tell me why. Don’t just whine that I’m being “mean”
    You are a smarter person than that. I think your years of bashing Thomas have given you a “hall monitor” attitude!

    You are a loyal fan- as am I. I’m sure you aren’t thrilled with the recent decision making our management team has made lately- who is? So if you wanna defend the moves they are making now, feel free. But fight your case, not ettiuqute editor. I’m saying the same things I said last year. I was right then. I hope I’m wrong this time. Time will tell

    Please, just think about what I’m saying. I look foward to your return to form. Agree or not, your post used to be thought provoking. Lately, they sound more like my wife!

  77. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Post your opinions, but you are just repeating yourself over and over. I haven’t once said we are going to the Super Bowl. I do say to give them a chance. Maybe PJ Fleck is a bad choice, but maybe he is. You don’t know, and neither do I. Believe it or not, some coaches can be good regardless of experience or where they came from. Some of the best coaches in the country are from small colleges or high schools. You don’t know the guy, so you are ignorant (by definition) to what kind of person and coach he is. Give them a chance, that’s all anyone is saying. If you don’t want to, that’s fine, but don’t expect to keep repeating yourself and pounding your chest about how right you always are and not get called out for it. That’s how it works on JBF. You’ve called out your fair share of posters for criticizing Morris, so you should man up and be able to handle it. What you are doing is not giving opinions, make no mistake. You are predicting failure, and calling anyone who disagrees with you clueless. If the roles were reversed (which they have been), you would be the first one to jump people’s arse.

  78. Jesse j Says:

    Wish the capt would go back to drinkin and typing in

  79. Jesse j Says:

    -pirate talk

  80. Bobby Says:

    Never mind Capt…. Seems you’re a lost cause. Calling people little kids when they’re pushing 60 shows just how clueless you really are. I’ve seen a lot of football son, played my fair share too. I know this game as well as anybody but I’m smart enough to know that I can’t predict how any coach is going to do until they actually coach. But you…I know, you’re Clairvoyant.

    If you remember correctly I supported Morris and the Bucs until it got so ugly I just couldn’t justify it any more. I don’t think you can compare Schiano to Morris in any respect. Schiano is almost totally opposite Morris in most respects and that alone will give him an edge in my opinion.

    Look, it doesn’t make any sense to argue with you. Everyone can see what you’ve turned into and yet you try to cling to your life raft and claim it’s you who are the true Buc fan while the rest of us are on a doomed ship. Well, why don’t we just wave to you while you get tossed about by your waves of gloom and despair and we’ll welcome you back next year when you want to crawl back in the boat and enjoy the season.

  81. Capt.Tim Says:

    Bobby, I thought yer mom told you to go clean yer room!!

    Yes, you supported the Bucs last year. You are telling the truth.
    But, when I, along with others, were discussing what this team needed to do to improve, you said this team would make the playoffs. You stuck yer head in the sand!

    Just like now. Being a fan doesn’t mean your blind- or stupid. After a 4-12 year, with the most horrible defense in Buc history, EVERY fan has the right to question the choices this management team makes. They aren’t a religion. They aren’t a charity! They produce a product. For years now, they have invested less in this product, than any other team in the NFL.

    There is only one way that changes. Consumers rejecting the product.
    If you really want to support your team- let management know that you aren’t going to accept a low dollar product for to shelf prices. Then, Meybe they all stop spending all the energies on Man U, and will devote some time and money to our team. If we all just keep supporting the team, no matter how cheap of a product they throw out there- then a cheap loser is what they will keep selling you

    That was an intelligent explanation of why good fans don’t just “accept” their team being the cheapest in the league. Last chance to discuss intelligently.

    Aww, Hawaiian- that still sounded like my mother- but thanks for thinking you can tell me how and what to post.

  82. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I really don’t think you are understanding what we are telling you Captain. If you read the post, I’m not telling you how to post. You can post whatever the hell you want. All I said was don’t cry like a little girl when people jump your arse for doing it. Keep doing what you are doing, more power to you. I’m just telling you that the more you do it, the more people are going to criticize you and make the posts all about you. You aren’t Thomas, so I doubt that’s what you really want. If it is, then keep doing what you’re doing. Notice how you don’t have one person backing you up. There’s a reason for that, and it has nothing to do with your opinion.

    Like Thomas, you are beginning to twist and exaggerate people’s words. Find me one post where I have said we are SB contenders. Find me one post where I said I fully support everything that happens at OBP. Find me one post where I say I feel great about every single coaching hire. But I’m not going to criticize someone who is putting everything they have into working for our team before they’ve even had a damn OTA. That’s just stupid. I respect all the hours they put in to try to make this team great, and I will support them fully, because that’s what fans do. That doesn’t mean we have to cheer or agree with everything they do, but you have to understand the difference between disagreeing and being a Thomas (sorry Thomas, just couldn’t think of the appropriate adjective). Trust me, nobody likes to hear someone b!tch all the time. It gets old real quick. This is why you went from being well liked on this board to Thomas-status (sorry again Thomas).

    If you don’t want to support the team, then don’t. If you think we will be horrible next year and we are, good for you. Congratulations, you are the best. You will be right, and I will be wrong. You are smart, and I am clueless. You are an adult, I am a child. Whatever else you want to say, fine. But I will rock my Bucs shirt everywhere I go. I will cheer my arse off every single Sunday. I’ll fly across the world twice this year just to watch them play. Regardless of how terrible we are, I am a Bucs fan. There’s nothing I can do or want to do about that. But I WILL NOT be a negative pr!ck. Football is supposed to be fun, and watching the Bucs is literally my favorite thing to do in the whole world (well, almost favorite).

  83. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Go ahead and insert the standard, “I predicted failure last year when everyone else thought we would be great. Then everyone started disappearing because I was right and they were wrong. Our owners are cheap. We are hiring cheap, amateur coaches. If you don’t agree, you are clueless. Don’t cry to me when we go 0-5. Our coach couldn’t beat UCONN. PJ Fleck shouldn’t be washing our WR’s towels. I know everything, you all know nothing. I have predicted the outcome of every season since 1976. Being a fan doesn’t mean we have to jump for joy for everything they do.” Did I miss anything?

  84. Capt.Tim Says:

    Hawaiian- don’t worry about what people think about my post. I’m a big boy. I can handle that just fine. What I’m waiting for is a good rebuttal to my argument. Instead I get a bunch of lil kids throwing names, and you playing either mommy or post critic. Friggin pathetic!

    When I argued with Thomas and Eric, they could fire back like a sniper attack. It was good stuff. Sometimes, they were right, sometimes they weren’t- but they ALWAYS could defend their point.

    Now all the homers can do is try to be insulting( which again are pretty pathetic attempts), or cry that my post are mean, and my get me critized- oh noo!!

    I ‘ve survived some pretty mean arenas and campaigns in my time- pretty sure I can handle a few lil discussions.

    So, if you actually want to argue a point I’m making, feel free. If you are just gonna warn about my bad posting-

    Spare me

  85. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Have you read anything I’ve written? Unbelievable! I’m done with this. You win.

  86. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    As if you haven’t been insulting in virtually every single post you’ve made….

  87. Bobby Says:

    Yeah…I’m done too. If you think YOU are the one presenting a valid arguement then go back to your little world. What was that story about the kid marching the wrong way in the band and the mom says “Look! Everyone is marching the wrong way except my Johnny.” That is kind of like the ‘arguement’ you’ve been presenting. Well, march on Capt.

  88. BigMacAttack Says:

    Cappy’s been having a tough time lately. He’s a good guy and he’ll be back to form before too long. This is just a very rough time of year for Fans, especially after all the crap we have been through. Free Agency is just a big ???? but if they spend their Cap space on some great players, all will be happy. The Draft should lift our spirits, then some camps and so on. As activity picks up spirits will too.

    So yes, maybe this, maybe that would be great, but The Glazers haven’t done anything in the past several years to demonstrate they are Totally committed to winning.

    Now that Thomas is on board, and can only bash Raheem, someone has to be the Antagonist here. I think Cappy has a Ruud in a speedo Fat head in his stateroom.