Just Be Prepared For A Change

February 21st, 2012

When Joe was listening to new Bucs defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan (Joe’s such a history geek he has already corrected himself typing “Phil Sheridan”), Joe came away impressed that Sheridan believes the Friday the 13th-like slashing of the Bucs defense by opponents last year is correctable.

The Bucs defense gave up so many big plays last year, especially during the grotesque 10-game losing streak, Joe lost count because by the time the game was over, Joe laid in a fetal position on his leather couch, well into a bottle of Bushmills.

The Bucs’ official Twitter — Joe assumes it is multimedia guru Scott Smith at the keyboard — typed out a paraphrase of Sheridan’s take on the ugly Bucs defense of 2011.

@TBBuccaneers: New DC Bill Sheridan has reviewed Bucs film from 2011 and says the big-play problems are correctable with technique and scheme.

Imagine! Scheme and technique can cure these ills!

Look, Joe knows that for whatever reason, jettisoned Bucs coach and defensive coordinator Raheem Morris lost this team last year. One reason could have been the following:

Joe has harped on this for a couple of years now, but the Bucs game after game were not prepared. Whether that was because of an ill-conceived gameplan or simply not ample preparation during game week (or both), Joe isn’t sure.

To his credit, Morris in 2010 was able to adjust on the fly and the defense always seemed to play better late in games than in the first half. Having your heads handed to you to start a game each and every week, Joe could imagine how players might begin to tune out a coach’s words.

Shoot, Bill Walsh would have struggled to have a winning record if his defense got lit up at the start of virtually each game.

Sheridan could go a long way to fixing the Bucs’ porous defense by doing one simple thing: having the team prepared to play when the ball is kicked off on Sundays.

Is that too much to ask?

120 Responses to “Just Be Prepared For A Change”

  1. Jared Says:

    Joe, right on the money. Good take.

  2. Brain Says:

    If Sheridan is competent enough to recognize that there is a problem and try to fix it rather than make the same mistakes over and over, then I’m sold. Apparently that was too much to ask of the previous staff.

  3. jvato24 Says:

    Tell them to check the CFL for a damn Linebacker while theyre at it !

  4. Bobby Says:

    Agree. Preparation is a major factor in all aspects. Personal preparation in the offseason, in the film room, in the weight room, just working to be the best you can be. I was watching an NFL special on Marshall Faulk and the cerebral part of the game was huge with him. He said he just didn’t want to learn the play he wanted to know ‘why’ they wanted to run the play. He knew what the defenders were supposed to do on every play. If a defender was supposed to contain he would fake to the outside and then cut back in to make the guy miss. He was brilliant at knowing where to run in the open field because of the work he put in to understand not only what the offense was supposed to do to make the play work but what the defense was supposed to do to stop it. This is what makes great players HOF caliber. I hope these coaches can light a fire under these young Bucs to want to be great.

  5. Meh Says:

    Wow our standards are low. Pwetty pwease, just be a wittle bit prepared? Pwease?

  6. Meh Says:

    (don’t take that as disagreement)

  7. eric Says:

    did u really expect the guy to say the problems are uncorrectable?

    hey what happened to the hilarious assertions that rah was going to become the next chuck noll or tom landry?

  8. Jared Says:

    I saw someone on here earlier suggest picking up Mike Wallace only to be quickly insulted saying it would be stupid to give up the 5th pick for Wallace. What? You would draft Justin Blackmon, but not pick up Wallace? seems ridiculous, but we would have to see if Wallace would be franchised. Which is unlikely due to Pittsburgh’s cap situation. In all honesty we have the available cap space to price Wallace out of the Steelers budget. The Steelers traditionally let big WR’s walk. Stewart, Randle-El, Burress have all moved on. I like Wallace’s upside and would love to see him in pewter and red. In the prime of his career I might add.

  9. Bobby Says:

    No need to give up a #5 for Wallace. If we want him we have the money to pay him.

  10. Jared Says:

    We would have to give up # 5. And I think it is worth it. just me I guess.

  11. Jared Says:

    I mean why draft Blackmon, who is unproven, when you can give up #5, get a proven #1 wideout with tons of speed and he’s only 26 years old.

  12. SensibleBuc Says:

    @ Bobby

    He’s an RFA so we’d have to write him an up offer sheet for fat contract, the Steelers would have to fail to match, and then we’d give up the #5 pick for him.

  13. Jared Says:

    An why gamble drafting at #5 when you can get a sure thing, please dont bring up Alvin Harper he isn’t Wallace.

  14. sunrisejeff Says:

    I like Wallace as a deep threat but personally if I’m spending a top 10 pick on a WR I want him to be able to run all the routes not just the go, fly and screen. Just imho though.

  15. BamBamBuc Says:

    The life of RFA, if you want him, you gotta give up the tendered pick. #5 would be gone. I also wouldn’t draft Blackmon. What I would say is there are going to be other WRs out there that don’t require us to give up a pick. Guys like V Jackson. Who knows who else until we get to the start of FA and see who’s on a team, who’s been cut, who’s been tendered, etc. But there will be WRs out there that we won’t have to give up a pick for and I’d rather we take one of them in FA and still have the #5 overall pick to take Claiborne or whomever we decide to get. We’ll also know more about Talib’s situation by the draft, so we’ll know if we need another CB or two at that point. But never give up a draft pick if you don’t have to. If we’re just looking for a speedy WR to stretch the field, it’s possible Desean Jackson will be UFA this year (also, he may be franchised). But there will be someone there.

  16. gotbbucs Says:

    Well, they’re not going to trade the #5 pick for Mike Wallace so we can just go ahead and drop that subject, ok, and they’re not going to use the #5 pick on Justin Blackmon either, so that subject can also be dropped.

  17. thegregwitul Says:

    Are we losing our minds with this talk of Wallace for #5 overall? It’s not happening, not with the Bucs weak at CB with a stud prospect potentially available. There will be viable options in the free agent market for both WR and CB, but I think the more likely option is a team like Baltimore or New England signing Wallace and giving up a low first, which is fair value. Giving up #5 overall is just too much.


    So..the choices are

    A) sign a restricted FA WR to a large contract AND give up a first round pick in doing so


    Sign a comparatively impressive FA WR (Wallace is not the only WR out there) and also draft a long term lock down cornerback for our criminally thin defensive backfield with the 5th pick in the draft.

    Hmmmmmmmm….what to do?

  19. gotbbucs Says:

    I’ll also add that Carl Nicks stated today on the radio that he’s looking for a deal in excess of the 7 year, $56.7 million dollar deal that Jahri Evans got from the Saints last year, so we can go ahead and cross him off our list of possible free agents. No way can we dedicate $100 million dollars to Nicks and Joseph, nevermind the $20+ million that will probably be given to Jeremy Zuttah.

  20. gotbbucs Says:

    …probably not $20+ to Zuttah, but you get the idea.

  21. Jared Says:

    Wallace is a top 5 WR in the league. VJax isnt, Bowe isnt, Colston isnt, DJax isnt, Lloyd isnt. He’s the best WR to hit FA in the past 5 or so and future 5 or so seasons. Claiborne is a gamble that I am not sold on. The draft is deep with CB talent. I say why gamble on that pick when you get a top 5 WR for the next 7-8 years.

  22. Bobby Says:

    Agree. No way we give up a #5 for Wallace. We’ll keep the draft pick and go after a receiver that is unrestricted. Didn’t realize Wallace was a RFA. WE WILL NOT GIVE UP THE #5 PICK FOR A WR when our defense needs such desperate help. I just don’t see it happening.

  23. Jared Says:

    And also everyone like to bitch and complain about not signing big name or exciting players and complain about building through the draft. Now everyone is trying to knock this idea (just some ham and eggers idea I might add) which would put butts in the seats. If the Bucs made this move everyone knocking it here today would rupture capilaries from the boner they would get for our offense next season. Just sayin.

  24. Macabee Says:

    We need to do what Pittsburgh did in 2009, with pick #20 in the 3rd round – pick our own Mike Wallace!

  25. eric Says:

    That build only through the draft stuff is awesome!

    Been working like a charm!


    Sorry that everyone doesn’t agree with you, armchair GM. Get over yourself.

  27. Dave Says:

    Wallace for a number 5 pick…. I don’t think so. He is not a complete WR. I would grab Claiborne or Blackmon if he is there and sign a free agent WR.

    They can get a stud CB or WR AND still sign a FA DB and WR. By signing Wallave, odds are they have to give up the 5 spot and they have too many holes to do that.

  28. Dave Says:

    Don’t get me wrong, Wallace would be an awesome signing and if they picked at 20 or lower it would be worth it.

    I think Vincent Jackson is the most complete WR out there. I know Bowe is good, but I have also seen him dissappear completely.

  29. Dave Says:

    As far as Shridan: Is therem any credible source saying the NYG players didn’t like him and revolted? I have heard that from alot of NYG fans, but that is it.

    As far as I can tell, Sheridan had a top defense until injuries killed them and then they tanked without a pass rush because the DBs were not that good anyway in 2009.

    Besides, I always took that firing as a scapegoat firing for keeping Coughlin at the time.

    I am not really defending Sheridan because I do not know if he is any good or not, just trying to figure out what the issue in NY was.

  30. Meh Says:

    Jared, I wouldn’t do it. Not because he isn’t worth the #5 pick – he is, but because I’d rather have Claiborne AND VJack then just Wallace.

    And to everyone saying they won’t give him up, you are wrong. They will tender him with a first round pick. We can front load a contract that they cannot match. We get him. Pitt gets our #5. Jared is sound in his reasoning.

  31. deminion Says:


    i understand what your sayin, but really u would want us to mortgage our future for a WR? he is good but only WR that would be worthy of or pick MegaTron ( which is a pipe dream)

  32. deminion Says:

    our pick

  33. Dave Says:

    Let me clear up my position: I like Mike Wallace. I like Vincent Jackson. I like Dwayne Bowe.

    Jackson is probably the most complete WR, but has had injuries and is the oldest.
    Bowe is probably the most logical because of age and over all play.

    Wallace would be the best fit as the outside burner… but not sure if the #5 pick is worth that when you could get Jackson or Bowe….

    Upon further review of the age and injuries… I think Bowe is the man to go after.

  34. deminion Says:

    I agree Dave but i dont think the cheifs let him sniff F/A

  35. Dave Says:

    I have convinced myself in the matter of minutes that drafting Claiborne for CB and throwing money at Bowe is the way to go.
    Then get a LB and a RB in rounds 2-3 and sign a FA MLB and move Foster outside

  36. Dave Says:


    Why you got rain on my signing ?

    Well, they could go after Carr from KC for CB

  37. Meh Says:

    Ya, Bowe will be franchised. The top prizes are probably going to be Stevie Johnson and Vincent Jackson. And either of those 2 might be franchised too. After that you’re looking at Colston, Meachem, and Manningham probably available in the next tier. And any of these guys could resign with the their team without being franchised too.

  38. Meh Says:

    I would love to see Carr here. With the Chiefs signing Routt, they’re probably franchising Bowe. That makes Carr a great target for us.

  39. deminion Says:

    Im with u on Claiborne/Richardson( one will fall to us) Carr im on board i actually think we sign him, But IF we can some how get Bowe I will b the first person to apologize to u

  40. Steve Says:

    Not sure how this would work, but if the Bucs could essentially figure out a contract that the Steelers couldn’t match before technically making the offer. Then they could possible trade the #5 pick to a team that wants to move up; wouldn’t have to play hard ball but pick up a 2nd rounder maybe recoup the 4th rounder we lost for Stocker. Then make the offer and only give up a later first round pick, get Wallace and accumulate another pick or two.

    I guess this could blow up in our face if another team made a larger offer though…

  41. gotbbucs Says:

    I would be suprised if any of the big name free agent WR’s hit the market. Colston might make it. Steve Johnson probably will, but I don’t think they’ll target him. Pierre Garcon maybe, but I doubt he’ll be allowed to walk. Manningham will probably be free along with Meachem, neither of which really upgrade what we already have. I can not see San Diego letting Jackson walk and Kansas City has more cap space than we have so they have no excuse for letting Bowe go. DeSean Jackson will most likely get the tag. Welker will get tagged. After that you’re looking at 3rd tier guys that we already have a couple of on the roster.
    Sorry to throw a wet rag on some of these hopes and dreams, but this happens every year. The FA list always looks great in February before tags are applied. The defensive FA market will look a little better than what the offense will.

  42. Joe Says:

    If Justin Blackmon is worthy of a No. 5 pick, then surely so too is Mike Wallace.

    Wallace, unlike Blackmon, is a proven No. 1 receiver with maybe the fastest wheels in the NFL.

  43. deminion Says:

    I like Garcon hope he makes it

  44. deminion Says:


    So would u give up the #5 pick?

  45. gotbbucs Says:

    @ Joe

    Who said Justin Blackmon is worth the #5 pick?

  46. Dave Says:

    This is the problem with free agent speculation: half the players will be signed back by their teams before they hit the market.

  47. deminion Says:

    thank u gotbbucs

  48. Jared Says:

    Joe Says:

    February 21st, 2012 at 5:42 pm
    If Justin Blackmon is worthy of a No. 5 pick, then surely so too is Mike Wallace.

    Wallace, unlike Blackmon, is a proven No. 1 receiver with maybe the fastest wheels in the NFL.

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  49. Jared Says:

    And he isnt 1 dementional as you all think. I’ve seen him run slants like no other. He is not even 26 and is only going to get better. With that said I know it is unlikely, but to me is the dream situation for our WR needs. Then you have Williams, Benn, and Parker all looking much better. it’s a pipe dream, but I am hoping for a move like that.

  50. Jared Says:

    @ gotbucs

    Since he will likely go before we pick at 5 I guess the entire NFL said Blackmon is worth a top 5 pick.

  51. Bobby Says:

    The problem is you’re not just giving up a #5 pick, you’re giving up a #5 pick and a boat load of money. If you keep the #5 pick you get an elite college prospect and you can spend the boat load of money on a FA that’s not an RFA. The CBA limits how much you have to pay the #5 pick now. I know it’s still a lot of money either way but I just don’t like giving up a #5 for offense right now.


    This could happen:

    Talib either gets convicted and/or is suspended

    Ronde retires

    So, who exactly do you want covering passes from Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, and Cam Newton 6 times a year? EJ Biggers?

  53. Jared Says:

    Even though we won’t spend it, we have boat loads of money and a need to fill the stands and moves like Wallace would put butts in the seats. Hell, we gave up 2 # 1’s and 2 # 2’s for Chucky. And when you draft you’re hoping to get a player like Mike Wallace.

  54. Joe Says:


    So would u give up the #5 pick?

    Joe would be OK with drafting Justin Blackmon at No. 5, so, yeah, Joe would be OK with giving up a No. 5 pick for Mike Wallace. Much less of a gamble. No one knows if Blackmon will shine in the NFL. We all know Wallace can, and has proven it in the playoffs no less.

    That’s not to say Joe is advocating this. But Joe would be OK with such a move.

  55. Joe Says:


    Who said Justin Blackmon is worth the #5 pick?

    The Rams believe he is worthy of a No. 2 pick. Unless the Rams trade down (very likely), Blackmon’s going to St. Louis.

  56. deminion Says:


    I understand were your coming from, i couldnt do it when you cn always draft similar WR’s like (kendal wright,joe adams, jarius wright) in later rounds. Also whn u a stud like Claiborne(hopefully) at 5#

  57. deminion Says:

    and maybe the not so sexy pick Kalil at 5

  58. Joe Says:

    deminion :

    I understand were your coming from, i couldnt do it when you cn always draft similar WR’s like (kendal wright,joe adams, jarius wright) in later rounds. Also whn u a stud like Claiborne(hopefully) at 5#

    Well, to be fair, Mike Wallace is already a proven top-shelf wide receiver who is young. No one being picked in April is yet a proven NFL player. So if you balance a No. 5 pick between Justin Blackmon or Wallace, the decision is a no-brainer.


    Joe’s preference is for landing an unrestricted free agent wide receiver, land a top-flight free agent cornerback and draft Mo Claiborne.

  59. Jared Says:

    @ deminion

    You’re missing my point. Everyone wants the Glazers to make a splash. So they could make this move and repair their miserly image. They would still have plenty of cap space to spend on other needs and the draft is deep with DB talent.

    I like Bowe, V Jackson, and Colston, but let’s face it how many guys are better than Wallace? Mega-tron, Andre Johnson, Fitzgerald, … I am having trouble now… um Welker? Out of all those guys guess who is the youngest?

    Also a situation like this rarely presents itself when a team has an elite talent at WR and an inability to keep him. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the four teams drafting ahead of us did the same thing. St. Louis is probably thinking along the same path.

  60. Big Picture Guy Says:

    This is fancy talk and all, but teams just simply don’t give up top 5 picks for anyone in the NFL, unless they are elite QB’s. Can anyone give me an example? I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am.

  61. eric Says:

    Wallace would be a great addition.

    todays nfl is all about scoring and elite QB’s.

    Look at the pats and packers. And NO.

    If ya cant stop em join em. WIlliams is good but we need a whole lota more weapons IMO.

  62. jvato24 Says:

    I dont buy for a minute the Rams take Blackmon at #2. The media buys it.

    The Rams would be outright Morons to take a WR at #2 over Franchise LT when Bradford has been sacked like 70 times.

    The Rams will try to get value and swap with Cleveland and take Blackmon at #4 or even Reiff or Kalil.

  63. Jared Says:

    @ Big Picture

    Herschel Walker comes to mind immediately, also as I pointed out earlier the Bucs gave up 4 top picks for Gruden. Its not unprecedented.

  64. gotbbucs Says:

    @ Jared

    You lost all credibility when you lumped Wes Welker in with Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitgerald, and Andre Johnson. You should probably quit while you’re not too far behind.

    @ Joe

    Are you still going to be calling Blackmon a top 5 pick if he measures out below 6’1″ and runs closer to a 4.6 than a 4.4? And who the hell from the Rams told you that Blackmon is an option for them at #2? The Rams are going to pump up every name that they don’t actually want to try to get some poor sap to trade up to #2 for Griffin. You honestly think the Rams would take a slow WR at #2 over the consensus top Left Tackle? C’mon.

  65. jvato24 Says:

    Jared … I get your point man … But Wallace is not Jerry Rice. He was a 3rd round pick that turned out to be good. But he has been in a great system. If the Bucs have the choice between getting Vince Jackson without a pick and Claiborne @ 5.

    That blows away Just Mike Wallace at #5.

  66. gotbbucs Says:

    “Herschel Walker comes to mind immediately, also as I pointed out earlier the Bucs gave up 4 top picks for Gruden. Its not unprecedented.” – Jared

    Did you also know that that moronic Herschel Walker trade is what fueled the Dallas Dynasty? That was the worst trade in the history of the NFL!!!

  67. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Maybe I am seeing things, but I did not see so much “bad coaching” as I did Tampa Players just plain getting our Azzes Kicked.
    It looked to me like we flat out aren’t nearly as good as we thought we were.
    Time will tell of course, and I am optimistic.
    But someone please tell me how coaching effects one on one battles we were losing every week ?
    Coaches don’t play, players do.
    Maybe our guys were not playing hard enough, maybe we just aren’t that good ?
    I do feel a lot better with our new coaches though.

  68. Jared Says:

    No Sh*t, but anyone with a brain could’ve told you that before that trade happened. Comparing a 30 year old RB to Wallace is different. Plus we’d only be giving up one pick. My point is that it is unprecedented. Any other Debbie Downer got any other easily thwarted arguments?

  69. stevek Says:

    Give the Bucs:

    CB- Brandon Carr

    CB- Brent Grimes

  70. canada buc fan Says:

    Sorry to all of you wanting Wallace, not a chance the bucs give up a #5 for him. Not saying he wouldn’t be worth it because the dude is a stud and I would love to have him even for a #5, I just don’t see it happening. Also for all of you custom making Bowe Tampa jerseys you can give it a rest, Pioli was quoted saying “one way or another we would love to have him back.” One way meaning they sign him long term, or another they tag him. Luckily for us that leaves Carr without a tag and available to be signed. Ideally I think tampa ought to sign Carr in FA, as well as a guy like Tulloch or Hawthorne from SEA, on offence go get Vincent Jackson. Then draft Mo Claiborne at #5 and then BPA the rest of the draft (hopefully getting some sort of speed for the offence at either RB or WO or some sort of combo of the two like the kid from Florida coming out this year.)

  71. Jared Says:

    A good coach drill his players on fundamentals, which the Bucs lacked, and also designs a scheme to put players in postion to succeed. Raheem failed miserably at both.

  72. stevek Says:

    Draft Trent Richardson. He will carry the Bucs to the promise land.

    Tampa Bay is lacking “the” guy on offense. Richardson would be a great pick.

    Now, I can think of 60 million reasons that could and should lure FA’s to TAMPA.

    Rock Star needs to step up to the big boy’s table, and cut the “build through the draft” BS.

    Tampa Bay deserves a “sure thing”, and Trent Richardson is indeed what we need.

  73. stevek Says:

    We are all “mental midgets” if we don’t draft the BEST player availabe.


    Mike Wallace= 3rd round pick

    Myron Lewis= 3rd round pick

    Fix CB in FREE AGENCY with a PROVEN commodity.

  74. Capt.Tim Says:

    Well , at least watching our defensive plays from last year didn’t scare him. He’s seen worse- the tapes from NY when he was the defensive coordinator for one year! They were giving up points like a pinball machine also. That’s Bout the last time I saw a defense as bad as ours was last year.

    In his defense, they did have some key injuries. But in the NFL, you always do. He gave the normal responses, right outta the NFL coaches- “guide to addressing the Media” handbook.

    But if he thinks scheme and technique can fix our back 7, then get ready for “Sheridan defense- part 2”

    Like alot of the offensive coaching choices. Still not sold on defensive choices hopefully Butch Davis will be the real Dc, although he made it pretty clear that he doesn’t wanna be.

    Our problems on defense are bad, lazy players. Same as last preseason. Hope we finally decide to adress the back 7. If we do, and get our D-line healthy and improving- we could turn things around.
    If we ignore the back 7 again, it will be another long year.
    I’m really hoping that we grab some defensive talent, both in FA and the draft.

  75. Jared Says:

    Mike Wallace WAS a 3rd rd pick. Now he is arguably the 4th best WR in the league. Thats like saying Tom Brady isn’t worth the 6th rd pick it took to draft him. Plus Blount is legit we don’t need Richardson. We need a change of pace for Blount. Pound the ball with Blount and burn them deep with Wallace sounds pretty good to me.

  76. Jared Says:

    I do like how my posting got such a reaction out of everyone and completely changed the entire topic of Joe’s article, which if I may say Joe was and excellent article.

  77. Thomas 2.2... Says:

    No Tim.

    No defense has ever been worse than rahrah’s – ever.

    42points in 1.5 quarters – against a team that scored 2 points in an entire against those giants the next week.

    If rahrah knew any football, it would be lost during the confusing senseless diatribe that its delivery would be cloaked in.

    Rahrah is an all time laughingstock!

  78. stevek Says:

    The Buc offense lacks an identity.

    Trent Richardson would be “the” guy.

    This offseason will show the Glazers and Rock Star’s plan for this franchise.

    Do we have a front office that will spend on BALLERS? History says, nope.

    We have heard about the “commitment to winning”, I want to see it. Bring in CB Brandon Carr, MLB Stephen Tulloch, and S Tyvon Branch.

    Draft Richardson.

  79. Jared Says:

    How many times last year did we see our tackle and end spread far apart leaving a wide open hole with no linebacker there to fill it. The scheme was flawed players were always out of position. I think the braintrust of Schiano and davis pulling the strings of the marrionette Sheridan will help out immensely. Obviously we need to add some talent, but I loved the Bucs teams of the late 90’s and early 2000’s with their strong D. With that said just once I would love for us to have a powerhouse offense. I mean we aren’t going to win the Super Bowl this year we can all agree on that. So why not get Wallace locked up improve some pieces of the defense and in 3 years we have a solid D with an outstanding offense and win a couple of Super Bowls.

  80. gotbbucs Says:

    @ Jared

    Here you go. Do I think Mike Wallace is worth a top 10 pick if there was a re-draft? Yes. Do I think we are in any kind of condition to use a top 5 pick on a luxury player like WR? Hell no.
    You in no way thwarted any of my arguements or anyone elses smart enough to know that we don’t have the luxury of throwing away what I hope is our last top 10 pick for a long long time.

  81. gotbbucs Says:


    We will never be able to build an offensive identity until our defense is good enough to hold teams under 35 points, especially not a smash mouth running identity like you’re aiming for.

  82. jLM Says:

    Bucs just signed TE Chase Coffman.

  83. Jared Says:


    Who is TE Chase Coffman?

  84. Meh Says:

    Jared, it was a subject worthy of discussion. I wouldn’t do it, but I’m with Joe – fine with me if that’s what they do. He’d be a great addition.

  85. Jared Says:

    @ gotbbucs

    We aren’t going o win the Super Bowl next year. We will definately have a 1st round pick. There will be free agents. We can continue build our defense. And also top 10 picks are usually busts more often than not.

    2006 draft top 10 picks that were busts: Vince Young, AJ Hawk, Donte Whitner, Ernie Sims, Matt Leinhert

    2007 draft top 10 picks that were busts: Jamarcus Russell, Gaines Adams (RIP), Jamal Anderson, Ted Ginn, Amobi Okoye

    2008 “: Glenn Dorsey, Vernon Gholston, Derrick Harvey, Keith Rivers

    2009 “: Tyson Jackson, Aaron Curry, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Michael Crabtree (IMO)

    And it may be too soon to judge 2010 and 2011, but I’m not even mentioning the players who are just “ok” or “decent.” There are way more top 10 picks that are busts or just decent than super stars. So yes this easily thwarts your argument. And Wallace was a 3rd rd pick. Ronder Barber was a 3rd rd pick. You can still find gems.

  86. Jared Says:

    And let me rephrase that, your argument against my argument was thwarted. Your point is valid and I think we are both right.

  87. Meh Says:

    Free agents don’t work out sometimes too.

  88. Jared Says:

    Yeah sometimes free agents don’t work, but there is a higher success rate. Wallace is a top shelf WR with no indications of attitude problems. Whereas we could find success through improving our defense with draft in FA’s, we do have to reallize that it is a work in progress and we aren’t going to sign 3 players in FA and draft 4 players all on defense and got 13-3 next year. Wallace is a rare talent and I think is owrth the # 5 pick. We could draft Cadillac Williams, Gaines Adams, or Gerald McCoy with that pick I guess if you want to.

  89. Ed Kerber Says:

    Assuming Washington wants to get Manning. Trade Talib, Blount, Faine, and Q. Black for 6th overall pick. Draft both Richardson and Claiborne with #5 & 6. Then in Free Agency do the following

    Most Pressing: (Must have each of these (choose only one in FA for each position)

    Starting MLB (Choose 1 in FA): Curtis Lofton (ATL), Stephen Tulloch (DET), Dan Connor (CAR)

    Starting CB (Choose 1 in FA): Carlos Rogers (SF), Brent Grimes (ATL), Cortland Finnegan (TEN), Brandon Carr (KC), Terrell Thomas (NYG)

    #1 WR (Choose 1 in FA): Vincent Jackson (SD), Reggie Wayne (IND, Marques Colston (NO), Steve Johnson (BUF), Robert Meachem (NO), Mario Manningham (NYG)

    Backup Qb (Choose 1 in FA): Kyle Orton (DEN), Jason Campbell (OAK), Donovan McNabb (MIN), Rex Grossman (WAS), Chris Redman (ATL), Derek Anderson (CAR), Brady Quinn (DEN), Dan Orlovsky (IND), Kellen Clemens (STL), A.J. Feeley (STL), Josh Johnson (TB)

    Would Like: (can also fill these positions from draft)

    Starting SS: (Choose 1 in FA): Dashon Goldson (SF), Tyvon Branch (OAK), LaRon Landry (WAS), Thomas DeCoud (ATL)

    Starting OG: Carl Nicks (NO) –

    Starting DE (Choose 1 in FA): Mario Williams (HOU) , Robert Mathis (IND), Calais Campbell (ARZ), Cliff Avril (DET), John Abraham (ATL)

    Starting DT: Jason Jones (TEN)

    Back-Up Rb (Choose 1 in FA): Mike Tolbert (SD),BenJarvus Green-Ellis (NE), Ryan Grant (GB), Tim Hightower (WAS)

    #2 TE (Choose 1 in FA): Jeremy Shockey (CAR), Martellus Bennett (DAL), Visanthe Shiancoe (MIN), Randy McMichael (SD)

    For #1 WR select one from (Wayne, V. Jackson, C. Johnson in FA) Select 1 for MLB from (Tulloch,

  90. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Draft a quarterback!

    Just kidding.

    Actually, Wallace is more worthy of a #5 than Blackmon, but this team’s needs are stronger on defense.

    I’m not 100% convinced we even need another Wide Receiver. A burner would be nice, but we really do not know if we have one (Benn?) because Olson never called for it.

    We need Barber signed one more year for depth and leadership. We need a Free Agent top-notch Cornerback and we need to draft a top CB.

    Or, if we get extremely lucking in the draft, Dre falls to us simply because of the mention of weed (which he has been cleared of, but the draft is crazy at times). Then we end up with both.

    But we all know that scenario won’t happen.

    Simply put…we don’t use the #5 pick on Blackmon or Trent Richardson, and we don’t use it to trade for Wallace. We go defense. Period.

    Defensive head coach. Defensive leaning general manager. Huge weakness at the position. It all adds up to Cornerback, whether certain people like it or not.

    HOWEVER, if the Bucs could trade next years first rounder for Wallace, I would have to say GO FOR IT!

  91. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Here are some Chase Coffman highlights, including one of him hurdling would be tacklers. He is 6’6 and a big dude.

  92. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I KNOW we will sign more than 3 Free Agents. 100% know it.

    But not all will be starters.

    I expect a trade as well. We could get something for Quincy Black. Not much, but something. And if we could get a #1 for Winslow…shoot, I say go for that too. It is possible.

    Dom got a #2 for you-know-who, so anything is possible.


    “Joe’s preference is for landing an unrestricted free agent wide receiver, land a top-flight free agent cornerback and draft Mo Claiborne.”


    and LaMichael James in the third.

  94. Big Marlon B Says:

    Jared we get the point, give it a rest with ur Mike Wallace agenda. Ur not going to sway everyone’s opinion so just stop trying. Over 80 responses to something that is supposed to be about Sheridan fixing the GOD AWFUL defense….and only a handful of responses are actually relevant to the topic.

    Thank u for hijacking the post with this nonsense, and thanks to all the simpletons that took the bait. I know every once in a while I’m guilty of posting something that has nothing to do with the topic….but u just wasted the better part of an afternoon/evening ranting about something which ultimately, may not even be possible.

    Let’s discuss the defense….save ur Mike Wallace slurping for the appropriate posts.

  95. Jared Says:

    I’m just going to say it now. Mo Claiborne will not be a successful NFL CB. I am a huge SEC fan. Auburn fan my whole life (hope we get Rogers from SF) and am familiar with SEC football. There weren’t any premier WR in the SEC this past year. None. Claiborne is not a lock to be a good NFL player. We aren’t going to fix our defense in 1 year. So a move for Wallace basically fixes our offense with 1 player. Schiano likes to pound the rock and throw deep. We don’t have a deep threat. We add one then we can focus on defense for the next 3 years, and fill in OL when necessary. I know not everyone will agree with me, but no one can say that the plan doesnt make sense.

    And as I have said all along, I don’t expect it to happen. I am just lobbying for it. I just hope to God we don’t go Claiborn at 5. If we do I hope I am wrong because I am a Bucs fan. I think Richardson is the best played that will be available at that pick. If Blackmon is available I’d rather have Wallace.

  96. Capt.Tim Says:

    Thomas- no. Raheem is far better than many coaches we’ve had here.

    How many coaches, out of all the coaches this team has had, won 10 or more games is a season??

    Wyche? Kerman Bennett?, Ray Perkins? Williamson?

    No. They all came, gave the same pretty little coach speeches we’ve been listening to lately, then sucked, and got canned

    How many won 10 games or more in one season?

    Gruden, Dungy, and McKay( I think that’s it, to lazy to check)

    So that puts Raheem in pretty lofty status- right there with the Buc greats!

    So, forget what Raheem and McCoy did to you personally. Embrace the man as one of the great Buc coaches in franchise history!

    No matter how much you try to degrade the man, you can’t get past
    10-6, 10-6. 10-6

    His inexperience, lack of talented players, bargain basement roster, and lack of discipline got him a well deserved ticket outta Town

    BUT- one of best seasons by any Buc coach! EVER
    EMBRACE him as a great coach! Lol

    If yer head didn’t explode, I await yer response.


  97. Jared Says:

    1. The Bucs roster isn’t devoid of talent like Rah would have us believe.

    2. When we played good teams during that 10-6 year, we got our asses kicked.

    3. How many other Bucs coaches have lost 10 straight games and had the worst defense in team history.

    I rest my case on that.


    Has anybody mentioned Mike Wallace as a possibility?

  99. Capt.Tim Says:

    Jared- sooo, the 4-12 team isn’t devoid of talent. Despite the lowest payroll in the league( by far!)

    So – this year, are you predicting playoffs again, like last year?

    What do you think the teams record will be, now that we are rid of that talent squashing Raheem? Throw a prediction out there.

    Can’t be futher off than last year!

  100. gotbbucs Says:

    ^^HAHA, Nice^^

  101. gotbbucs Says:

    Dammit Tim. Nice, in regards to ALSTOTT.

  102. gotbbucs Says:

    I’m pretty happy that we have a small army coaching our defense now. I’m really hoping that just having a new attitude and a ton of focus coming down from the top will make a difference. That, and 3 or 4 new starters.

  103. David Says:


    No offense, but if they spend the 5th pick on a RB, even Richardson, THAT would show lack of leadership and complete idiocy.

    RB is NOT what they need, other than a complement to Blount. They need CB, WR, LB. RB can be had in round 3-7 and free agency. Picking a RB in the top 10 picks has been proven over and over again to be a complete waste and offers no value.

  104. Fear The Glow Says:

    2012 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Scapegoat MVP: Bill Sheridan

  105. Capt.Tim Says:

    IF we spend money in FA, get some LBers and CBs, I think we might do ok. They have hired some experienced NFL guys ta help Schiano adjust.

    But I still feel way better about the offensive staff ,than I do about the defensive.

    But without talented players, it’s gonna be hard to top Raheems 10-6
    Benchmark. But we have to!! Otherwise, I’m gonna torment poor Doubting Thomas so bad, that even I will feel guilty!

    Hey Thomas- what cha gonna say if Schiano doesnt do any better than Raheem( bet he’s in a cold sweat, jus thinking about it!)

    Hate ta see ya turn into a homer for nothing! Lol

  106. Capt.Tim Says:

    Hmmm- “crickets” sure is quiet

    I’m hot tonight! I had ta get a coupla laughs tonight!

    Thomas- Embrace him!!

  107. patrickbucs Says:

    I can see the argument for Wallace for the #5 pick but that all depends on the available wr free agents which we will know early next month. There are so many holes on this team it would be better imo to sign a Vincent Jackson and draft claiborne at #5. His 2 DUI’s do scare me and if he does something dumb again he’s looking at a possible 4-6 game suspension if he’s even available. Didn’t the Bucs trade 2 number 1’s for Meshawn?

    As far as Sheridan goes, didn’t Strahan and Pierce retire after they won the SB? Strahan was dominate that year and in the big game. I also think their best d-lineman Tuck went down that year so I’m sure that had a lot to do with it. Give him a healthy d-line (fingers crossed, healthy GMC and Price) 2nd year guys in Bowers and Clayborn a solid veteran DT, resign Bennett, 3-4 solid starters on the back end and you can have a potential top 15 defense. Gotta give them time but they also need talent.

  108. Jared Says:

    I will say this as I have said several times. I will not be surprised if the Bucs go 4-12, 7-9, or 10-6 this year. I guess most of you don’t follow the Rays, but I am a complete sports fan and don’t believe payroll determines talent. Capt Dipsh*t I’m pretty sure your favorite Bucs team of all time, the 10-6 2010 Bucs were the same team that went 4-12 in 2011. Are you going to tell me Barrett Ruud made that much of a difference? No.

    Could the Bucs have used Johnathan Joseph, whom I was shouting from mountain tops for the Bucs to sign last year made a difference? Yes.

    Even if the Bucs go 4-12 this next year, which they won’t, they will not get their asses kicked every week. That will come from the top.

    Will Greg Schiano succeed where many college coaches have failed. I don’t know.

    Do I think the Bucs will trade their # 5 pick for Mike Wallace. Probably not.

    Do I think trading the # 5 pick for Mike Wallace is worth it. Yes.

    Did I predict the Bucs to win 10 games in 2010 before the season started? Yes I actually have witnesses and won a 12 pack bet on that (not that any of you will believe me.)

    Did the Saints have a sh*tty defense and make the playoffs? Yes.

    Did the Packers have a sh*tty defense and make the playoffs? Yes.

    Did the Patriots have a s*tty defense and make the Super Bowl? Yes.

    Would signing one free agent, who happens to be top 5 and elite, WR and then spending most of the draft and free agency building the defense and next years free agency and draft be detrimental to the team? F*ck NO!

    Will all of you get excited if the Bucs trade the #5 pick to sign Mike Wallace? YES!

  109. Stevek Says:


    Grow a set of balls and come to terms with the idea of picking the next Ray Rice/MJD.

    Our ownership and GM need to not forget their checkbook o the offseason meetings. It is pathetic azz horse shicago that our team is this bad.

    We are devoid of talent.

    Capt.Tim2.2 is right on.

    Roster like last years, where we had to take a flier on Hayneswurf, was a disaster.

    David I was jk, but it would be complete idiocy to not picking a potential HOF RB.

    Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that we missed terribly on Derrick Ward.

  110. Stevek Says:

    2011: 4-12, you get what you pay for….

  111. 941Buc Says:

    I would trade the pick to Cincy and get two quality players in the first round. We need multiple playmakers.

  112. Stevek Says:

    You sheep can take your round 3-7 RB, and have a mediocre ground attack to tote.

    Imagine Trent Richardson and LaGarrette Blount, running behind: LT Penn, LG Grubbs, C Zuttah, RG Joseph, RT Gaither/2nd round pick?

    Hello NFC South crown, we will “run”away with it.

  113. Jared Says:


    How dare you suggest the Bucs ignore defense. For them to desire any offensive players is down right offensive.


    Morris Claiborne is worthy of worship. If we don’t select Morris at # 5 our team will surely fail.

    Furthermore, our # 5 draft position is so valuable that selecting a college player in the first round, that has maybe at most a 50% chance of being just a decent to solid NFL player, is more valuable than an established elite NFL WR.

    And, F*ck you you F*cking D*psh*t, if you think using one of your draft picks mean you are completely abandoning the thought of improving your defense.

    Do you get my point? Yeah maybe I am harping on this Mike Wallace thing. But only because if you even try to act like if it did happen, that you would be angry about it is downright STUPID!!!

  114. Jared Says:

    Make sense of that!

  115. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I think Mike Wallace is a very good receiver, and I would probably be the first one to get his jersey if we somehow did get him. However, I really don’t think he’s worth a #5 pick. In my opinion, the only way you do that is if you get a top tier WR, like Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, or Calvin Johnson. Wallace is in the second tier (which is still very good), but in no way is he on their level. I think he would be a very good fit for our offense, but I still don’t think it’s worth the #5 pick. There will probably be at least one very good WR available in free agency that won’t cost us any pick (Bowe or Vincent Jackson), and there isn’t that big of a difference to justify giving up a premier pick. I just can’t wait to see how this all plays out, because I really believe we are going to get a huge talent upgrade via the draft and free agency. If we don’t, Captain Tim may have a damn aneurism.

  116. Bobby Says:

    @Stevek…give me Doug Martin and Blount and we’ll save that first round pick for Claiborne. Even James would be fine but I personally believe that Martin is a better all around back. We just don’t need Richardson. If we didn’t have Blount then I would be on board but we do and we just need another good RB to push him.

  117. Capt.Tim Says:

    Jared- you know what I think? I think you Don’t know jack Sh^t!
    Last year,You did your little list of FAs they’re sign, and all the teams they’d beat! You cheered when they cut Ruud and Caddy. Then you wrote post about how smart Dom and the Glazers were, for not signing any of those terrible FAs! How wise they were to cut vets.

    The hilarious part is” I won’t be surprised if we go 4-12, 7-9, or 10-6″
    You finally admit you know nothing.
    But what’s funny, is that you don’t care if we have another 4-12 team or not. You apparently are just happy to have a buncha guys run around outside, wearing red jerseys.

    The epitome of a clueless, Koolaide slurping Sheep

    Personally, I expect the teams I support to at least TRY to win. Im not quite content to just sit in the stands, banging my hands together like a wind up monkey, for any cheap crap some billionaires decide to throw out there.

    Keep making yer cute little” wish list”, and banging yer hands together, Monkey boy!

  118. J 2.0 Says:

    @ CaptTim

    I’m sorry that you’re lonely. I’m sorry that life hasn’t turned out the way you thought it would. I’m guessing you’re in your 50’s 60’s and may just be a little bitter. Me saying they might go 4-12 7-9 or 10-6 means I can’t predict the future, not that I don’t care. I guess you missed the part where I said they would be better and not get their asses kicked each week. And if you were a fan you wouldn’t be so critical of every little thing that the team does and accuse other “real” fans of “drinking the kool-aid.”

    And your posts get more and more borderline racist and homophobic every time I read one. Go have an Eskimo Pie and calm down bud, it’s alwasy darkest before the dawn.

  119. Capt.Tim Says:

    Jared- I’m guessing by your inability to debate without name calling, your total lack of football knowledge, and yer blind obedience to a team that apparently doesn’t give a damn about it’s fans- that you are probably about 16. I expect any minute now that you are gonna threaten to tell your mom on me!
    Try to relax, and Meybe learn a thing or two! Loving something doesn’t make it perfect. Somethines you gotta protest to improve the things you care about. That’s why this is America, and not a British colony.we would be stuck watching soccer- and you and I would both be miserable!

    As you grow up, you’ll learn that.

    Or you can just keep banging those cymbals, curling yer lips back, and Accepting any cheap excuse these guys wanna feed ya!

    Join the good guy squad, Jared- raise hell when someone pisses on ya, and tells you it’s raining! That makes you a better fan than just letting them run the team in the ground, and not even complaining!

  120. Capt.Tim Says:

    But I did have an Eskimo pie, and it did help