Arrelious Benn Can Barely Contain Himself

February 13th, 2012
It seems alleged new Bucs receivers coach P.J. Fleck has made an instant impression on Arrelious Benn

Perhaps Arrelious Benn learned he won’t be running the Benn’d Around any more? Perhaps he heard the Bucs won’t draft Justin Blackmon and cut his playing time?

Joe has no clue. But whatever Benn’s new position coach told him recently has got Benn fired up, so he Twittered yesterday.

@ArreliousBenn: Got the phone call of my life from my position coach so pumped. Havent felt like this since 9th grade

Pumped during 9th grade? Frankly, Joe’s most “pumped” memory from 9th grade was witnessing a girls track practice for the first time. If Benn is that excited for offseason workouts, then that’s a good thing.

15 Responses to “Arrelious Benn Can Barely Contain Himself”

  1. Mr. Patrick Says:

    GOOD! Maybe this year he wont be playing the wrong WR receiver position in a horrible offensive scheme. The flanker position in Olson’s scheme is a dead posision. Plus, Benn did all his damage in college playing in the slot.

  2. deminion Says:

    Benn’d around always was in the first quarter sad part is i always saw it coming whn u c him in motion u just hope that is wasnt but it was, big yr for Benn!!! go bucs

  3. RustyRhino Says:

    Glad to here this, just what Benn and our WR need a Motivated/Disciplined WR position coach. Combine this with a Motivated/Disciplined new OC, who was a good WR position coach. If we made our money catching passes in the NFL, I bet we all would be as excited as we where back in the 9th grade.

  4. eric Says:

    I would do anything to keep that guy from jumping on me like that.

    A little weird for my taste.

    I cant remember the Ninth Grade, but im damned excited anyhow.

  5. Dave Says:

    Looking at what the new OC did with the NYG WR corps: He had Buress, Nicks, Manningham, Steve Smith, etc…. all of them had had great years with this guy as the WR and QB coach.

    Just a thought, does not mean much one way or the other.

    I just really think Williams, benn, Briscoe, Parker and Stroughter are a pretty good unit. I would LOVE to add Blackmon, but I see Claiborne being the better pick because of need.

    Adding Blackmon though…. I think could turn them into an elite unit with Benn in the slot.

  6. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Dude, homophobic comments generally come from those in the closet.
    It’s a celebratory hug, no more erotic than an a$$ tap.

    I bet you’re correct, Fleck told him he’d be in the slot come camp time.

  7. eric Says:

    Looks like Mr. Peepers from SNL.

  8. CC Says:

    @ joe Frankly, Joe’s most “pumped” memory from 9th grade was witnessing a girls track practice for the first time.

    LOL. Great Line!

  9. NickinMelbourne Says:

    Joe that pumps me up to but I am very concerned about the picture you posted of our new receivers coach. He kind of looks like Jeff Van Gundy clinging onto someones leg.

  10. Capt.Tim 2.2 Says:

    Yeah, something about that photo. . .

    Meybe it’s the tight embrace.

    But I think it’s the tight” junk ta Chest” squeeze that troubles me the most.

    This kid didn’t coach at “pedo” Penn state, did he?

  11. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    He might be struggling to contain himself, but the opponents aren’t.

  12. Bobby Says:

    @Capt…you know, somethings just aren’t funny..

  13. Capt.Tim 2.2 Says:

    Like, leaping into another mans arms- prom queen style?

    Yeah, jus a bit over the top on that celebration

  14. Mr Lucky Says:

    I’ll bet Benn was all excited because the playbook only contained a few pages and lots of pictures!

  15. eric Says:

    must be all the vast nfl knowledge the guy got from that one games he played in frisco.