Warren Sapp Angry Over Mike Sherman Talks

January 8th, 2012

When Joe first learned that Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik was interviewing former Packers and Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman to fill the void of jettisoned Bucs coach Raheem Morris, Joe wondered, “What would Warren Sapp say?”

In case Bucs fans have a short memory, Sapp, the greatest defensive lineman to play for the Bucs since Lee Roy Selmon, and Sherman, then the Packers coach, nearly came to blows after a close Bucs win at home when Sherman approached Sapp and called him a cheap shot artist, among other unpleasantries.

Sapp, who had to be restrained by several people from tackling Sherman himself, yelled at Sherman to “put a jersey on” so Sapp could crush him like bug.

Now, that same coach seems to be just a step or two away from coaching Sapp’s beloved team and the quarterback killer was none too pleased as he took to Twitter earlier today.

@QBKilla: Mark Dominik Hiring Your Agents Client (Mike Sherman) Is Not Da Way To Win Football Games!! #WhereTheyDoThatAt … 25-25 At Texas A&M?? … How Can a General Manager That Leaves Work Everyday At 4pm! Hire a Head Coach?? #HireAFriend

Now Joe has no idea where Sapp is getting the “leaving at 4 p.m.” stuff from, but let’s say Dominik did do that. Does anyone really believe Dominik can’t get the same work done at home at night that he can in the office? What, Dominik doesn’t have broadband cable at home? Can’t use an iPad because his house doesn’t have a wireless router? Dominik doesn’t have a smartphone, can’t access his office voice mail? Please.

Later, when Sapp’s co-host of NFL Gameday Morning, Rich Eisen, relayed to Sapp Jason La Canfora’s report that the Bucs were hours away from interviewing Brad Childress, Sapp had this reaction.

62 Responses to “Warren Sapp Angry Over Mike Sherman Talks”

  1. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Does anyone really believe Dominik can’t get the same work done at home at night that he can in the office? What, Dominik doesn’t have broadband cable at home? Can’t use an iPad because his house doesn’t have a wireless router?

    90% of life is showing up – Woody Allen

  2. DSZ Says:

    1. I think you should read the caption on the photo again because it doesn’t have anything to do with Sherman.

    2. This shameless defense of Dom started to get old a long time ago.

  3. Bucfan34 Says:

    Dominik sucks

    Lazy lazy lazy coaching search.

  4. GurS Says:

    um, that was Sapp’s reaction to the Childress interview, not Sherman….

  5. Meh Says:

    According to the caption, that last picture was Sapp’s reaction to Childress being interviewed not Sherman being almost hired.

  6. eric Says:

    Doesnt Sapp realize the guy is a rockstar?

    get with the program!

    Plus everyone knows Sherman is a great coach, except for 31 out of 32 NFL teams and the college program that coughed up six million to jettison him.

  7. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Uh oh! A buc legend is criticizing Joe’s teen idol crush.

    Is future Hall of Famer Warren Sapp a negative hater who knows nothing about operating a NFL football team?

    So when Dom was hiding, errrrr reviewing tape, for the last few months he meant until 4pm. Apparently he wasn’t available to the media after 4pm bc he had bunco with the ladies.

    I do appreciate you posting the article Joe bc I know how much it crushes you to have to do it when it compromises your rock star.

    Just out of curiosity: does anyone think that Dom has earned a rockstar nickname?

  8. mark2001 Says:

    Warren knows, as does any one with any eyes, that many of the upstairs moves and lack of moves helped lead to Rah’s demise.

    An if we don’t get a strong, experienced quality HC that won’t put up with the “business as usual” that we have seen upstairs for the last five year, this organization is hopeless, simply waiting for a move or a sale of the team.

    And Sherman isn’t the guy that will meet the bill.

  9. mark2001 Says:

    Thomas, you misunderstood.

    Dom is becoming a Rock around the neck of the organization.

    What made you think he was a Rock Star?

  10. Captain Stagger Says:

    “Leaving at 4” is a figure of speech…..

    If Sherman is announced…..I’m out!

  11. Joe Says:

    OK DSZ:

    2. This shameless defense of Dom started to get old a long time ago.

    Feel free to explain in great detail what Dominik can’t do at his home office that he must do at One Buc Place after 4 p.m.

    Please, don’t hold back.

    If anything is shameless, it’s the hatred for Dominik of all of sudden. Did Dominik call defensive plays that had Roy Miller back in pass coverage? Was it Dominik who let players get away with murder but had others run out of the stadium? Was it Dominik who wouldn’t give Blount the ball? Was it Dominik that has this team woefully unprepared on gameday week after week for nearly two years?

    Hell, Joe knows of successful college coaches that work from home at night breaking down film.

  12. raphael Says:

    Sapp was a great player but he is not a class guy.It was a cheap shot by Sapp and I applaud Sherman for telling Sapp exactly that.

  13. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    In all fairness, Sapp could be afraid he’ll lose his “in” with the Bucs if Sherman comes.

    I don’t believe he IS coming though.

    I think a lot of judgments are being made off rumors started by media types desperate for news from a secretive organization.

  14. Patrick Says:

    I really hope they consider Mike Zimmer.

  15. eric Says:

    If you are going for guys with head coaching exerience what puts Sherman above Marty or Billick or even Wade for that matter.

    Or even Fisher.

    Sherman has absolutely nobody else even looking at him. He will be the former NFL guy that will come the cheapest. Its obvious.

    No other rational explanation. Same dang reson they hired Rah.
    sane dang reason were lowest payroll, and same dang reason we sat out the most productive FA period in years.

    Ill let Sapp’s pic speak for Chidress.

    Glazers could put all this to rest by hiring Billick or Marty IMO. Good bucs fans are at their witts end. A press conference with little smug Dom introducing Mike Sherman may be the last straw.

  16. the_buc_realist Says:

    Yes he has earned the nickname, Just like my good friend who is about 350 lbs, and we call him “Slim”

  17. mark2001 Says:

    I haven’t been posting on this board very long, but I have consistently posted that I thought that Dom (or the Glazers if he was strictly their handmaiden) and Rah were both to blame for the debacle this year. I have to agree with you that hardly anyone else agreed with my position and all the talk was “fire Raheem…”. I am quite surprised to see all the recent emails regarding Dom. I wonder if the lack of statements from him regarding Rahs status or the press conference brought some fans to this place. Though I think he is more “part of the problem” than “solution”, if we hired a HC with a proven SB record (thanks for the Billick interview) and HE thinks Dom is OK, I would be fine with the situation. However, if we bring in an unproven guy or one without a track record that shows they can win it all, I question whether things will change much or be much better than what we saw this year. Sherman and Childress aren’t the solution.

  18. thibs5599 Says:

    Sherman is not getting hired, if he does will not be for another week. Dom and Glazers said they would do their homework before they hired someone, and wade phillips and marty schotenheimer both have interviews this week, and my personal favorite of Mike Zimmer is rumored to be in the mix possibly also.

  19. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    Just watch and see when a certain team is out of the playoffs.

  20. mark2001 Says:


    Are you talking about the Packers or Saints?

  21. Thomas 2.2 Says:


    You must not have a wife and kids.

    This poor work ethic allegation clearly came from inside the org, maybe from Rah who is close with Sapp. This is probably something discussed within the org about Dom that suggests that some, at least sapp, dont respect him.

    Not a good sign at all for your crush Joe. I was for kepping Dom but if this is a whispered secret about 1 Buc then that is a huge problem.

    Come to think of it, I have never heard anyone outside of a Glazer and Joe compliment Dom. Smoke?

  22. MTM Says:

    Tampa might have to designate a jumper lane at the Skyway Bridge for Bucs fans if Sherm or Clueless are hired.

  23. raphael Says:

    whats funny is Dungy was notorious for spending more time with family and not staying at work all night…

  24. Bucnjim Says:

    I’m not sure where Sapp was going with this comment, but I can tell you perception or lack of is extremely important when you are in a management or leadership role. There has been a thousand times I could have left the office early, but that leaves a bad impression on the dozens of employees under my watch. I would rather be known for a tireless work ethic then an over paid slacker. Might not be a slacker, but if you present yourself that way it makes no difference.

  25. j lynch Says:

    Sapp still running that yapper. Go back to bbq pitmasters and stfu!!!

  26. Macabee Says:

    Congratulations Thomas 2.2, your “anybody but Morris” campaign has been so successful that you given us a list of former coaches that have all been fired for incompetence, some more than once, one that will have to have a Depends clause in his contract, and a no chance candidate that is regarded as little more than a Rooney Rule diversion. When you see a name like Brad Childress, you must feel vindicated. Well done, Thomas, well done!

  27. chargedcbh13 Says:

    How many of you thought Dick Vermeil was going to take the Rams to a Super Bowl? NOBODY!

  28. Z-Buc fan Says:

    Dominik is fine as a GM. He’s drafted well, found value in late picks and free agents, and has built a good young core for a competent coach to work with. Where he failed was going too young and thinking that a borderline position coach who’s the same age as his players could assert any control. And without Veterans to cover his back, he was doomed. I think it was pretty clear from the press conference that he doesn’t control all football operations anymore, and will need to share power with whoever the new coach is.

    Now, back to where the focus should be, the possible coaches that have come up so far are pathetic. I’d take Sherman if you told me it was down to him or the worthless flame out duo of Childress and Bum’s boy.

    But what I can’t figure out is there’s a coach who was the OC for the 2nd most prolific offense in NFL history and head coach for arguably one of the top 5 defenses of all time, is a discipline guy, and who had a team of fiercely loyal players. And he can’t get an interview. Can someone explain why Billick isn’t in the mix here?

  29. eric Says:

    Anything in the universe is possible.Tebow just played a great game passing the football and beat the steelers in a playoff game.

    Surely we can pull this thing together and compete next year.

    btw there is an awful good coaching job by a “retread” replacing a hot coordinator. And the other “retread” won today too.

    C,mon Glazers do something smart this week. We sure could use it.

  30. mark2001 Says:


    I think Dom/ the Glazers were more responsible for the mess this year than you do, but also wonder why Billick hasn’t been contacted. I personally would prefer him to Cowher. All the statistics you stated are indicators that he knows the Offense and Defensive side of the ball. He certainly is a disciplinarian and I think would attract some talented FA’s.

    On the other hand, maybe they are discussing the job with Billick. If they are, I would feel more optimistic regarding where we are now. Just have to wait for the decision, I guess.

  31. RichinNC Says:

    “Third Person Joe said,
    Did Dominik call defensive plays that had Roy Miller back in pass coverage?”

    He does wear headphones during the game so he might just have been the one calling the plays. You never know. He could have said, “try my special snowflake play with Roy Miller.”

  32. Denny Says:

    Give me a break with the ipad-isheep crap already. Mentioning that over priced worthless device has nothing to do with the article. Dom could use ANY device from home.

    isheep are very funny non-tech people.

  33. Bucbacker59 Says:

    By questioning someone’s work ethic, you question their character. Let me ask you this – Is Warren Sapp REALLY in any position to question anyone else’s character? “Hello Pot, this is Kettle….”
    Let’s call this what it is – Sapp is terrified that if the Bucs hire Sherman, he will lose all “ins” at One Buc Place.
    The truth of the matter is NFL GM’s never “leave work”. There is no 9 to 5. This isn’t 1985. The office travels wherever you do. Are we that antiquated? Smart phones, iPads, wifi, etc., all make the office environment possible in any location. Does Warren have a cubicle there at NFL network where he can be found every day from 9 to 5? No, he does his “work” (Twitter) from wherever the road takes him.

  34. BucFanFromLa Says:

    I am now convinced……”Joe” is actually Mark Dominik himself. Can’t believe it took me this long to figure that out!

  35. K2theSoldier Says:

    @ Joe, IT WAS DOMINIK WHO HIRED ALL THE GUYS YOU LISTED WHO MADE MISTAKES THIS YEAR. Enough with the defense of this guy! HE is ultimately responsible for the players that HE put on the football team. AND he’s responsible for the stupid things that the coaches HE hired do. That’s right, DOM hired Raheem’s coaches. Makes a ton of sense doesn’t it? Just stop it with the Dom defense, it’s a credibility killer.

  36. gt40bear Says:

    Joe loves him so Dominik!

  37. Garv Says:

    Sapp’s reaction is obviously personal when it comes to Sherman. You’d think he’d of gotten over it by now.
    Kind of like Beckles/King on Jon Gruden.

    Which reminds me. Bite the bullet, lose the false pride and talk to Jon!

  38. mark2001 Says:


    Do you really think Warren is trying to get an “in” at one Buc? You must be kidding.

    He doesn’t need the Bucs for anything.

    If you said he is blaming Dom for not doing his job to the best of his ability to get Rah the talent he needed to be successful, I’d probably agree with you.

    But Warren has a national audience. He doesn’t need the Bucs organization for anything. The truth is that he cares for the Bucs as does John Lynch, Derrick Brooks, and Mike Alstott. And I’m sure they have their opinions and know people in the organization. But they have their own interests and deal with things differently. Warren says what he thinks and believes. He may be a hole, but I have to respect his frankness. It is a fresh air amongst all the cloud of “organizational speak”.

  39. mark2001 Says:

    I understand why Warren wouldn’t like Sherman.

    But anyone that thinks Sherman is a good coach that would particularly be the right man for the job hasn’t ever watched many of his games or talked to Packer fans.

    He wasn’t a good bench coach. He couldn’t control the stars on his team. He wasn’t good at developing the young Packer players. And apparently he didn’t get the most out of his college players. Until the Packers got TT and MM, they were basically where we are now. They built the current Packer team to what it has become. They stood up to Favre. They developed and drafted most of the good young players.

    I have no idea why anyone would be enamoured with Sherman. He got all the power he wanted and drove the Packers into the ground.

  40. Mean D Says:

    The lengths to which Joe goes to defend his beloved Duminik are becoming totally embarrassing. Dom and Joe – get a room!

  41. mark2001 Says:


    Jon would love the phone call….you know it is like when the girl you asked out on a date that said no, tells you that she would like you to dump your current girl friend and go out with her. Then you tell her to get lost and have the last laugh knowing that she screwed up her chance, but that after all, you could have had her after all if you wanted her.

    I think that is basically how it would turn out.

  42. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    The animosity toward Dominick is obvious Joe. He is just as much to blame for this past season as Raheem Morris, yet he has not been held accountable. And I have to agree with Warren and much of the other posters on here, hiring Sherman would be about the dumbest thing they could do. He has not, at any point, proven to be a good coach. If they do hire him it will because he comes cheap. And if that happens, I’m going to start getting really into college football.

  43. mark2001 Says:


    Sherman is lucky he never called Warren out in a venue where Warren could have done something about it. I saw Warren in his prime in person. I’m not at all a small guy, over 6 ft. and 2 bills, but I knew that if I got crossed with him he could have broken me like a board. Sapp is guy that took on double teams from guys that could bench 500 lbs. and he was fast enough to be a track guy in high school. He was a freak. Shermans act wasn’t an act of bravery. It was bull. I wish he hadn’t hit Clifton as he did, but he had a right. You have to have your head in the game at all times, there was no flag, nor fine. And how many times was he chopped or cut by Offensive linemen in his career?

  44. White Tiger Says:

    Actually – gotta go with @QBKILLA with this one…

    Mike Sherman…?

    “…Come One Maan!?”

  45. Bucbacker59 Says:

    Mark2001 – I never said Warren was trying to “get an in” at OBP – he obviously has that as one of the all-time great Bucs. However, I do believe that he is worried about the welcome mat being much smaller if the Bucs do indeed hire Sherman (which I’m not a proponent of either) because of their little spat in 2002.
    Warren does indeed have a national audience. If he cares for the Bucs so much, why does he not offer his suggestions instead of just contributing to the drama that is already there on a national stage? He only makes our team and community look worse in the eyes of the nation. He has a voice – don’t use it to bash, use it to build up. He has yet to offer a suggestion for the coaching search. He has yet to offer anything positive via his platform to the Buccaneers. I think Warren cares a lot more about Warren than pretty much anything else in his life – his history will show you that. I’m not going to get personal like he has with Dominik, but a Google search will show you Mr. Sapp’s true character.

    Our fans are so fickle. Last year at this time, most were singing Raheem and Dominik’s praises. Neither one of them achieved the positions they were/are in by being dumb. Has Dominik made mistakes? Sure he has – lots of them. So have Bill Belichik and Ted Thompson (even before all their rings). People in GB were ready to crucify Thompson when he brought in McCarthy, now they name streets after him. New Englanders had a lynch mob ready when Belichik traded Bledsoe away. How did that work out? How about we let the Glazers and Dominik make a hire before we get so bent out of shape on hearsay and rumors? You never know, we might just hire the next Mike McCarthy (just a much older version of him)!

  46. Casey Says:

    This is crazy if these are our only options we will continue to be blacked out and picking in the top 5 Raheem doesnt seem to bad of a coach now lol

  47. TurnThePage Says:

    Looks like Mark Dominik haters are racists.

  48. mark2001 Says:


    I’m no defender of Warren Sapp. As a person, I have really little to say about him in that vein. But he has met with and tried to give some of the D line draft choices some tips, on his own dime. He has talked to the organization about assistant coaches, but I doubt he really has much to say about the current group. And don’t they ask Strahan about the Giants, Howie about Oakland, etc.. That kind of comes with the territory. And don’t forget, they chose Booger over him in letting him go. I think he loves the Bucs, but not some in the Organization….as I’m sure Gruden and Dungy do as well.

    I said the “build through the draft” talk was a cop out. And I never bought into the “coaches are the leaders” and we don’t need to have Vet’s philosophy. I thought it was a way to remain one of the lowest if not the lowest payrolls in the league. When Dom took over he had little office staff. Rah’s O Coordinator and D coordinators were bad choices by someone….I knew these guys from the Packers and knew they were ineffective there.

    We won alot of games last year that we could have just as easily lost. I’ll admit, I told my friends 8-8 this year, but didn’t expect the collapse. Maybe I should have as a result of losing the QB on the defense and inspirational leader on offense. But in any case, I didn’t drink the pewter punch and wear the pewter glasses to look at this team like so many fans did. But then again, if I had an inkling of these things, you would have thought the pros would have had a much better idea. Maybe Rah did in the back of his mind, but what could he do? Try to turn straw into gold, I suppose.

    But it is obvious that the Management plan was flawed, to some degree at least, and that we have words that things will change. I don’t know about you, but particularly in light of all the political debate and rhetoric out there right now, I’m tired of words and I want to see them put their money where there mouth was..

  49. Architek Says:

    Biased reporting. I am glad Sapp keeps it real and calls a spade a spade. I see many dark days ahead because of the leadership of this team. Joe I cant wait to see how you spin this when Dominik is canned in two years after two losing seasons.

  50. adam from ny Says:

    duh, lets upgrade dave moore to the spot….let’s bump him and his permenantly horse voice, straight from coaching his son’s team to head coach…now this the glaciers might seriously consider it knowing them….mean gene can still be dave’s assistant on the sidelines too….they can swap roles.

    along with a clean swap of tim te-bro for josh free-bird

    adam from the lil’ apple

  51. passthebuc Says:

    Let Sapp, Brooks, lynch and Barber hire the HC. and the DC and the OC and for that matter, New owners.

  52. passthebuc Says:

    There’s an ole joke about “Cheap is Cheap” but if I tell it i’ll be barred for sure.

  53. Mean D Says:

    Joe hates anyone that dares to talk down to Joe’s beloved Dominik. And that’s a lot of hating.

  54. Joe Says:

    Mean D:

    Joe hates anyone that dares to talk down to Joe’s beloved Dominik. And that’s a lot of hating.

    LOL Absolutely not so long as it’s fair.

    Oh, remember what Joe told you about the dog? 🙂

  55. Patrick Says:

    Joe, who in your opinion is the best coaching candidate for us?

  56. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    It is amazing to me how so many Buc fans hate one guy, then when that guy is gone they immediately turn their hate on another. Chucky, Raheem, Ruud, Dominik, etc. etc. And I’m shocked that Thomas is leading the anti-Dominik charge. He’s the same guy that blamed Raheem for EVERYTHING, and said it in exactly those words. Now that Raheem’s gone, he’s moved on to Dominik. Amazing!

    I’m neither a Dominik defender or hater. I think the jury is still out on him. We will know for sure once a new coach gets a hold of his players. At that point, I will make up my mind. But I will not continue to pile on the guy (or any guy for that matter). I guess I’m just not that miserable. And please people, stop taking so much damn offense to Joe calling him a rockstar. Who the hell gives 2 sh!ts about a stupid nickname. Lighten up!

  57. flmike Says:

    Sapp is a clown. Great player, lousy analyst, he can barely read the cue cards on the inside the NFL show and hardly makes any sense when forced to debate the more intelligent folks on NFLN like Marshall Faulk or Mariuchi, the only time he looks anywhere near intelligent is when he’s debating the biggest buffoon on NFLN, Michael Irvin.

  58. Architek Says:

    Why don’t you go back into hibernation because I can clearly recall you not owning up to your share of crow eating. Like you, initially, I was pro-positive and blindly eating what Dominik and (the late) Raheem regime was selling on these heartless quitters. Well guess what, the root of the problem is still in place. No one is taking offense to Joe’s Boy Band crush on Dufus but the point is they hung Raheem out to dry (while his loyalty to quitters canned him too).

    They all should have owned up and Dominik should have been fired right after Raheem. What Sapp says is true if they hire Sherman. How can a .500 coach comeback to the NFL and lead a bad franchise. Whether you want to admit it or not we are a bad franchise with too many holes to fill. Who’s job is that? If Raheem did not prepare them well, who put them on the team? Who evaluated them? Who paid them? who validated their careers?

    Can you speak for Quincy Black? How about drafting Stocker, Myron Lewis, Ahmad Black (when you knew you needed RB help), EJ Biggers (poo), Kyle Moore (eeew), trading up for Benn (who can’t run routes or win on the edge on 3rd down), how about Allen Bradford (never played), and Sean Jones (FA busts). Shall I continue? Basically you should stop drinking that cheap Glazer Kool-Aid and taste some reality.

    I promise you if the Glazers were serious they would invest in a credible DC/OC and a HC that does demand a check book to spend. Would you work for someone that refuse to give you the tools to succeed? It’s damn near suicide. Whatever the case, kissin Joe’s butt is not going to earn you any perks either because we are on to his bias also. Sounds like WDAE!

  59. Architek Says:

    Also lets not forget about Ward, Clayton’s contract, and more! Let me know if you would like for me to continue. Dufus is no more qualified than Raheem was at the time. Like I said, they both should have been fired and bring in a hungry coach that konws how to correct the issues, young or old.

  60. BigMacAttack Says:

    What’s with all the Joe hate of late? Man Joe, you can’t please anybody.

  61. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    First of all, what the hell are you talking about “coming out of hibernation”? I’ve been here every day, and I’ve been commenting regularly dumb arse. I love it when people speak without knowing what they are talking about. Second, I have eaten crow, and I said quite a while back a change had to be made. However, it’s ridiculous to blame the GM for players quitting during a losing streak, especially when these same players had multiple comebacks last year.

    As for Dominik’s mistakes, yes he has made several. All GM’s do. But bringing up 6th and 7th round players that aren’t All Pro’s is a weak argument. Not sure if you knew this, but a huge percentage of those late round picks get cut league wide. Should he be fired? Maybe, although I wouldn’t because you just do go blowing things up over and over because things go bad. Find me one successful organization that does that. Everyone wanted Ted Thompson fired (you probably don’t know who that is, so maybe you should look google him), but I’m pretty sure they are glad they didn’t (and before you go crazy, I’m not comparing him to Thompson).

    And I’m not kissing anyone’s arse. I am just sick and tired of seeing crybabies like you complain about a stupid nickname. He has a nickname for almost everyone. Some are funny and appropriate, others I disagree with. But I don’t get all hot and bothered over it, because I’m intelligent enough to know that it’s all for fun. And the more idiots like yourself complain about it, the more Joe is going to do it.

  62. BigMacAttack Says:

    I totally thought Thompson should have been fired for picking Rodgers over Favre, but so did a lot of Packer fans, which I ain’t (just always liked Brett as a Packer). Ate some serious crow with that one.