Experience Seems To Excite Bucs’ Brass

January 8th, 2012

Team Glazer’s promised no-stone-unturned search for a head coach will take a wild turn this week when Brad Childress, Wade Phillips and Marty Chokenheimer are expected to get hard looks and/or interviews, per various media reports.

So much for “yungry.”

Veteran Tampa Tribune scribe Woody Cummings even talked to Chokenheimer, who seems quite excited.

 “I think my agent called them, and (while) nothing has been finalized, I am interested in the job,” Schottenheimer, 69, said. “I think it’s an interesting situation there. I should know something (more) in the next 48 hours).

Joe’s not quite sure of what to make of this virtual dead head coaches society booking flights to Tampa. At least these guys will make Mike Sherman look like a fresh face. Maybe the Bucs will interview Newt Gingrich during his next campaign stop in Florida?

Obviously, these are all savvy football men who will know how to interview and come prepared to dazzle Team Glazer. Joe can only imagine how fired up Chokenheimer will be, maybe even giving one of his famous speeches or emotional pleas.

Joe’s really enjoying the post-Raheem madness.

What’s Bruce Coslet up to these days?

52 Responses to “Experience Seems To Excite Bucs’ Brass”

  1. mark2001 Says:

    Experience is a must. I will say that I’m glad they understand another “hail mary” isn’t going to cut it.

    I just hope they contact and convince the right guy. There are a few good potential candidates. But what is frustrating is that we aren’t hearing many of their names tied to the Bucs at this point in time.

  2. BucsfaninMi Says:

    Marty never fumbled or threw an interception in a playoff game.

  3. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Marty remember one interview at a time!!

  4. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Joe, you’re getting a bit disrespectful towards men who are not only your senior, but who have had success at a high level in a very tough business…one of the toughest anywhere. You’re losing some credibility with the way you’re referring to a group of accomplished men as “virtual dead”. Would you talk to your own dad that way?

  5. ATLBuc Says:

    I’m not convinced Wade Phillips won’t be a good head coach, I just don’t see it working in Tampa. Every Cowboys coach not named Parcells is doomed. But the transition to the 3-4 seems like too big of a jump for this young (and crappy) defense.

  6. Patrick Says:

    Wade Philips would be ok, but if I were him I’d stay in Houston. He’s in a great situation there. The team is doing great and he’s doing a great job as the defensive coordinator there.

  7. bucswin Says:

    Chokenheimer? Time to grow up, Joe.

    A lot of Bucs fans are very interested in Marty S.

  8. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @FLBoyInDallas – Don’t take everything so seriously. This is sports. This is entertainment. Allow yourself to have some fun. This isn’t the real world. As Joe wrote, obviously, all these guys are savvy football men, and most football fans know of their accomplishments.

  9. K2theSoldier Says:

    I could live with Marty. His teams were at least competitive. I wonder if Joe will still call him Chokenheimer if we hire him lol

  10. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @BucsWin – Chokenheimer is a great coach. A colorful guy. He’s done some great things in various circumstances. He’s a very interesting candidate to Joe. But he’s also a historic choker. That doesn’t go away.

  11. Nick Says:

    Look at it this way, if Marty gets hired he should bring in some top notch assistants. That way when he gets fired, we have someone to take over

  12. ATLBuc Says:

    Lighten up, guys. For some reason Joe loves nicknames. Nothing to see here.

  13. Patrick Says:

    Marty is a good coach. Won a lot of games in this league.

    But if we’re gonna interview a 69 year old, why not call up Jimmy Johnson? He has 2 Super Bowl rings and helped build a dynasty in Dallas.

  14. mbaby Says:

    @FLBoy, I did some reading on Joe and from what I seen Joe is a great man, I known he won’t disrespect anyone but will stand up for someone

  15. ATLBuc Says:

    I wouldn’t be against Marty either. At least his teams consistently made the playoffs so they could choke there. I’d rather be in the situation of the Falcons right now, for instance, than the Bucs. People can question Matt Ryan/Mike Smith all they want, at least they’ve been to the playoffs 3 out of 4 years.

  16. Brad Says:

    @Joe.. There are tons of coaches in the NFl now and many before that have never won a superbowl. Are they all chokers? Marty has a great resume and won a ton of games. At least if we get the playoffs we have a chance. Hell who thought the Broncos would beat the Steelers no matter how banged they were. At this point you have to consider Dom a choker. None of his drafted players have won a Superbowl or been elected to the pro Bowl. None of them are even top 10 in the league but he gets a nickname like Rock Star ( yes I know why) You support Dom with no resume but don’t Marty with a stellar one.

  17. CC Says:

    Is that a picture of Newt Gingrich in a Cowboys jacket?. LOL

  18. Brian Says:


    You guys are way too serious. Lay off of Joe. If you haven’t realized he gives everybody a funny nickname by now you are just thick headed. The nickname normally goes to the opinion JOE has on someone, or the opinion JOE thinks the world percieves said person as.

    Personally my top 3 fairly realistic coaching solutions are :

    Marty Chokenheimer – Only 1 team wins the big one yearly, and it’s only ONE game. At this point, after the last 9 years, i’d watch winning seasons of 16 good games, and hope to win some playoff games.

    Wade Davis – Defensive minded coach who knows that you need a powerful offense to win. His 3-4 scheme he implemented in Houston is a one gap system that would actually fit most of the d-line draft picks of the last couple years. Could probably make Clayborn sack machine as a stand up LB. and he could get more down to his natural body weight = quicker.

    The Kiffins – The G’s could assume the fans would love to see Monte back(who wouldn’t at this point), and we have the personnel on defense to support what Monte would bring to the table (duh). Lane i’m not completely sold on, but one could argue he’s been in odd circumstances the last few years. (ie. Coached for Jerry Jones; Tennessee was penalized for recruitment violations; Same thing with USC) Lane is also an offenssive minded Coach, so you get your H.C. and coordinators in one shot.

  19. Brad Says:

    @brian.. Doesn’t Wade Davis have a job pitching for the Rays?

  20. Brian Says:

    i wish i could edit. Lane coached for Al Davis.

  21. Brian Says:

    Damn. not wade davis either. too much spots on the brain. Wade Phillips.
    want to edit.

  22. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @mbaby wrote: “I did some reading on Joe and from what I seen Joe is a great man, I known he won’t disrespect anyone but will stand up for someone”

    Joe knows of no writings about his greatness. If you find any, they are likely false.

  23. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    I think Marty might be my favorite of all the candidates.

  24. Joe H. Says:

    Retreads all of them. Bring in some tough young guys that have been solid coordinators. Basachia, Leavitt, and a good OC would make a big difference.

  25. eric Says:

    You love a good story joe. Thats what makes Marty so intriguing, his quest to get that last monkey off his back that would take him to Canton. The guy loves it so much hes coaching in the UFL in his 60’s.

    What true football guy wouldn’t be pulling for him.

    I hope the no nickname rule will apply if he is head coach.

    Worked for Vermeil right? And Dan Reeves almost pulled it off. Hey the old retreads won today too.

    I say we play some Marty Ball.

  26. mbaby Says:

    Marty S. Won the UFL 2011 championship.

  27. Garv Says:

    Players “choke” coaches coach. This is a ridiculous personal attack and I hope if Marty IS hired we won’t have to put up with this cheap shot for years to come.

    I really believe the Royals should make a run at Jon Gruden anyway.
    How is he not the best fit of all the guys out there now? Seriously, who would be better to come in and get things going quicker. Nobody and nothing but foolish pride is stopping it.

    Back to Marty……..he would be a guy I could support for sure.

  28. Garv Says:

    As for Wade Phillips? Not a good fit here, too loose a locker room. A great DC but a poor head coach. I know………..I watched Hard Knocks once…..

  29. mbaby Says:


  30. eric Says:

    The Royals?

  31. 941-Bucs Says:

    It seems like the only Coach (that has been named) people are actually in agreement on, is Marty S.(or Mike Zimmer).

    I would still like us to at least interview Russ Grimm, Rich Bisaccia, and Brian Billick.

    Put i would be fine with the Marty Pick up. Keep Chilly, Wade, and Sherman away from this team.. Mark my words they would be a bad choice.

  32. mark2001 Says:

    Anyone can “choke”.

    A coach can make the right decision at the right time or say the right think to steady his team. They can forget to use their time outs at the end of a half, as we saw today with the “Hot ‘Lanta” falcons. They can fail to prepare the team properly or over react under pressure.

    The thing is when a player “chokes” it is usually pretty obvious because we all see it. When a coach does, it is often reflected in the players preparation. But sometimes it is more obvious.

  33. 941-Bucs Says:


    Gruden? Really? No Thanks. Please lose that thought. He won one SB with an already built Defense and never got anywhere near close again. Definitely NOT the best choice out there.

  34. Mean D Says:

    Joe, you should be ecstatic. Any of these dinosaurs should be willing to work with your beloved Duminik to get another shot as a HC. Though even Fisher wouldn’t consider it.

  35. Crotch McGee Says:

    A few other names set to surface; Marv Levy, Hank Stram, Joe Paterno

  36. mark2001 Says:


    Greatest respect for you over the years.

    I doubt the Glazers would rehire JG, though he and Tony were the best coaches this team has ever had. And both of these guys are probably better than anyone else out there.

    Beyond that, why would either of these guys agree to work for the Glazers when Tony was fired and who knows what limits they may have placed on him, and Gruden never got any of the top tier FA’s that he wanted so badly and Allen couldn’t draft worth a squat.

    Frankly, with a GM that brought in talent (even many of Tony’s greatest players were drafted when Wyche was here), both guys would be great coaches here again. But it is only a dream.

  37. White Tiger Says:

    Hey Joe!

    Could not agree more with you more on the underwhelming cast of characters at the bottom of this years coaching barrel.

    …Jon Gruden called and wants to know if you miss him yet…?

    Seriously – personnel wise – we’re better off…and because that is a fact I conclude that Schotty’s the cream of the…crap….(?)

  38. White Tiger Says:

    Hey Garv!

    It’s unfortunate, but you can never go home again, eh?

    All the more reason to bring in someone with a track record, enough confidence he won’t fear being upstaged by strong coordinators, and someone with enough reputation that he can attract good teachers/coordinators.

    I can’t believe I’m saying it – but with the retreads we’re interviewing – Marty Schottenheimer is the best candidate.

  39. Fear The Glow Says:

    Joe’s in the entertainment business.

    He writes fast, hard, smart and consistent.

    Sometimes he takes off his underwear, puts on his big boy pads… and puts his face on people. That’s what writing’s about.

  40. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Fear The Glow – Joe is speechless. Great stuff. Joe will now toss back an icy bottle of Newcastle in your honor.

  41. ZanyZack Says:

    This is a strange and addictive website.

  42. K2theSoldier Says:

    LOL @ Fear The Glow, that was absolutely 100% money. Maybe my favorite comment in JBF history. Hats off to you my friend, that was freaking hilarious.

  43. Fear The Glow Says:

    haha cheers!

  44. passthebuc Says:

    After next week, the Glazers are going to visit all the old folks homes for someone with football smarts. Someone on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. They will pay him minimum wage and let the rock star call the plays from the sidelines.

  45. mainebuc Says:

    Hire Schottenheimer. Age is of little concern to me, Dick LeBeau has proven that a coach can be effective at any age. Bring in Schottenheimer, he will come with a good offensive cord. and a good defensive cord. Everyone on this board knows Schottenheimer can build a solid, competitive and disciplined team.

  46. Big Marlon B Says:


    Instant classic. Well done sir

  47. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Although Marty has never won the big one, I ask this: “Where has he ever been where he didn’t have success? He has helped make historically miserable franchises into legitimate contenders. Yes he’s never won the big one, but a bounce here or a bounce there and he probably has a couple rings. Even if not, I would much rather have a 14-2 season with a first round loss than not even making the playoffs. Going 4-12 sucks, and I hope we never experience that again. He would probably be my first choice of a coach for this team.

  48. Garv Says:

    About Gru coming back here.
    I know it won’t happen, that bridge has been burned. But I would be thrilled if it did. I think he’d have the best chance of all the available candidates out there to turn things around the fastest.

    About Marty coming here. The man has always been successful, wherever he has coached. True he has never won the “big one” but as has been noted he seems to be snake bit there. He does have the record of getting a team into the playoffs, and consistently. Once there ANYTHING can happen. We saw it in Denver yesterday! What a GAME!

    I want to go to a home playoff game again, an NFC Championship Game for the first time. IMO Marty gives us a chance to do that.

  49. stimpy Says:

    I would take Wade as a DC, NOT a HC.

  50. RustyRhino Says:

    What’s the deal with people wanting Rich Bisaccia as head coach? Great Special teams coach but that is a long long way from being the head coach.

  51. TPCMatt Says:

    @ Fear, u just made my day. That was AWESOME!

  52. MJ Says:

    of all of the mediocre names the Bucs have been linked to, Marty is definitely my preference.