“Totality Of The Situation” Sank Raheem

January 2nd, 2012

Team Glazer and Mark Dominik say the new head coach will have huge input into the direction of the Buccaneers

Team Glazer member Joel Glazer gave a warm goodbye to Raheem Morris today before media at One Buc Palace, thanking Raheem for his roughly 10 years of service to the Buccaneers and his tireless work as head coach.

So why was Raheem fired?

Glazer answered that by first saying that the entire organization has to take some responsibility for the failures of the 2011 season, specifically mentioning ownership, general manager and head coach.

But Glazer made it clear that the big picture doomed Raheem.

“The progress of the team. I think that was a big thing about the decision,” Glazer said. “Not just one thing. … The totality of the situation.”

Interestingly, Mark Dominik said launching the new era won’t be about finding a head coach ready to conform to the organization’s current plan to build a lasting contender. Dominik said finding the best person for the job was paramount and if that person has a part in personnel matters than so be it.

“The new coach will have great input into how we proceed,” Glazer said.

17 Responses to ““Totality Of The Situation” Sank Raheem”

  1. Garv Says:

    Well, the totality of the situation DID sink Raheem.
    And the Buccaneers really had to do this.
    The new coach should have a lot of input to be sure or we will not get a good one.
    There are a lot of Buc players who won’t be in the NFL next season, never mind the Buccaneers, a lot of positions to be filled with players who are disciplined, can block and tackle and hold on to the ball. We need playmakers on both sides of the ball too and it cannot all be done through the draft.

    Who will it be? Hope they take their time and get it right and then get out of the way. The Royal’s can help by CLEARLY stating there will be NO more London “home” games.

  2. Wisconsin Bucs fan Says:

    Hope they move quickly. Good coach will be spendy and be gone quick. (Fisher)

  3. Garv Says:

    It depends. The Buccaneers may want to interview men who are currently on playoff teams. It’s a process and unless they have pin pointed who they want they need to be diligent. This is a HUGE hire……..obviously.

  4. Brad Says:

    I hope they hire a coach that insists on Mark Dominik leaving with his plan. They didnt fire Allen right away so there is still hope. I actually see him stepping done to stay with the organization.

  5. Wisconsin Bucs fan Says:

    Fisher is proven HC, what playoff team will be releasing a proven HC? If you do not like Fisher, how about Billick, Marty, Mariucci, or Cower? I would be very happy with Fisher.

  6. Macabee Says:

    Dominik said “Finding the best person for the job was paramount and if that person has a part in personnel matters then so be it”. Well there you are! For all of you would-be lawyers out there, implied in Dominik”s statement is that Morris did not have a part in personnel matters and further implicates Dominik as the sole architect of the talent or lack thereof on this team.You may go further and infer that he has lost power and he is now willing or told to be willing to co-op personnel decisions to the new coach. Following on the heels of the Dominik statement is the clear and present directive from the Glazers “The new coach will have great input (emphasis on great) into how we proceed”. Say goodbye to Dominik”s exclusive “build thru the draft strategy”. So far, I’m liking this!!

  7. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Since I was about the only one right about this coach and plan being terrible, Can you please tell the Glazers to consult with me before making another poor decision?

    I will volunteer my consulting services at no charge and will even renew my tickets if they prioritize winning going forward.

    Let me know if they are interested.

  8. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Macabee: you are horrible at logical reasoning,

    Just because Dom said that the next coach may have a role in personnel decisions doesnt exclude the possibility that the prior coach did as well.

    In fact, both Rah and Dom have said repeatedly that Rah has a role in drafting Free and retaining Ronde.

  9. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Hail the ALMIGHTY THOMAS 2.2! Best Nfl GM without a job. Smh

  10. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    I think that the new coach must be defensive minded but should also prioritize speed on offense – the Steelers model. Fisher with a dynamic young offensive mind at OC is perfect.
    Giving Ben Wallace and Brown to compliment Schuler and Ward is important and helps the running game.

    Benn, Williams, Briscoe, Parker are all possession receivers and some like Benn not very good at that.

  11. Bobby Says:

    Thomas is wrong about so much that it will take more than being right about the HC getting fired for him to ever have any credibility. As soon as he says GMAC is a bust I tune him out….By the way Thomas…the talent is there on the Bucs team to be successful but they will do much better with a new offensive and defensive scheme. Dominick is a good GM and I’m sure they’ll bring in some missing pieces to make this team work. 2 LB’s 2 DB’s and a good RB because Blount just isn’t cutting it. One trick pony. Draft Trent Richardson!!

  12. bucfanjeff Says:

    That means rebuilding all over again. Sigh.
    Fisher is not the answer, he has proven nothing.
    We need an offensive minded coach. This is a passing league. When you score points you force the opposing offense to alter the game plan.

  13. Macabee Says:

    Thomas 2.2, you are horrible at just plain reading. Dominik’s statement about the new coachs’ role implies shared decision-making not simple suggestion or recommendation. Morris is on record, meaning it’s documented, that he wanted and recommended that the Bucs re-sign Cadillac and Ruud. Dominik, the decision maker overrode that recommendation. You are so singularly focused on blaming Morris for everything that it blinds what little common sense you have! When Macabee tells you that a mosquito can pull a plow, you hitchem up! When I tell you that cold water will scald a hog, you throw it on’im! LOL.

  14. Patrick Says:

    I wouldn’t necessarily dislike or hate it if Fisher came here, but I’m not really crazy about him. The Titans/Oilers had a lot of bad seasons under him and he only made the playoffs like 6 times? Out of 15 or 16 seasons?

    I think Fisher is a decent coach, and he would definitely bring more discipline to this team. but we could do better I think.

    Tom Clements is a very interesting option, but I think we’re taking a risk if we promote another position coach to HC.

    But after seeing the amazing performance Matt Flynn put up coming off the bench yesterday, I want Clements around Freeman!!

    Tom Clements for OC, Herm Edwards for DC. Not so sure on who I want as HC yet.

  15. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    You said implied in that statement is that “morris did not have a part in personnel matters.”. It implies nothing at all definitively just bc you want it to to serve your all dom’s fault agenda.

    Do you really think that just dom, and not rah and the glazers also, came up with this ignore fa talent agenda? If you do you are foolish.

    The plan is a budget, ownership dictates the budget.

    Dom had more control over final personnel decisions but Rah was a big part on almost all of those decisions. If you think that Rah and Dom were on completely different pages about all roster decisions – then you are just an idiot.

  16. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    I have never seen it “documented” that Rah argued for Ruud and Caddy. I heard speculation about that and one article in the Sarasota paper blaming Rah for being disloyal to Ruud.

    I have never seen documentation that Rah and Dom were on different pages on both Ruud and Caddy, that is your imagination.

    How do you know that Dom didnt want both players but the Glazers wouldnt authorize a competitive contract offer? You dont so shut up.

  17. patrickbucs Says:

    Ben Wallace was a hell of a defender for the Magic, Pistons, etc. Thomas:)
    Mike Wallace from Ole Miss would be the correct person and your GM notes moving forward.

    Let’s see who the new coach, coordinators, staff are and move forward from there. We want Dom and the new guy(s) to work together, if they do and are successfull it would be great for everyone. If they hire Fisher fine, but to think he’s Bill Belichick common. I have friends who have season tix in Nashville, you think their big fans of Fisher? Nope, they didn’t make the playoffs reguarly

    I agree with Patrick above, Clements for O.C. would be huge. It could always be a recommendation to the new coach. I really hope we get a tough minded D-coordinator, this finesse defense is brutal.