London Games Are History

January 2nd, 2012

Look for eight regular season Bucs home games in 2012. The home-game-theiving excursion to London is over.

Joel Glazer broke the glorious news at the post-Raheem news conference today at One Buc Palace.

Glazer said the Buccaneeers have informed the NFL “we wouldn’t want to be participating [in London] in the forseeable future.”

This is welcome news to Bucs fans, minus the few hundred or so Bucs crazies living in England. Though it means Bucs season ticket holders will be paying for an extra game next season, effectively a price increase coming off a dreadful 2011 campaign.

Joe suspects fans won’t have any problems cutting a bigger check if the Bucs nail the right coach and add some big-time talent in the coming weeks.

10 Responses to “London Games Are History”

  1. Adam Says:

    I don’t know if anyone remembers this, but the best “game weather” we had in Tampa Bay was the Sunday the Bucs played in London. The 1pm high was in the high-60’s and it was bright and sunny – one of those Florida days where you can open all the windows.

  2. Garv Says:

    Thank you. THANK YOU! Thank you, thank you thank you.
    I nice start! And spending too?

    Good day after all!!!

    Good to hear you on Commish today. Very informative and BEFORE the news.

  3. Nick Says:

    Let the fan a$$ kissing begin…Good

  4. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    We will see, just wait until the MFL throws a couple hundred dollars at them to relocate the game.

  5. K2theSoldier Says:

    YES. I was smiling ear to ear after hearing this, for once I am truly happy and proud of something the Glazers did. This is awesome, and throws some water on Thomas 2.2’s fire. Good news for once.

  6. McBuc Says:

    I was kind of proud of the Glazer Family Museum the built for the jids of Tampa…That was kind of cool. I agree tho, I was thrilled to hear no more London games.

  7. Garv Says:

    And joe, no bigger check…..we just won’t get a one game refund or an offer for some concession foods to try and make up for it. Full price for ten games always come due first.

    Hip hip HOORAY!!! Very happy the Glazers are doing this for Tampa, the team and it’s fans here.

  8. chiodo08 Says:

    you can say what you want but the fans got to this ownership…I know people, you know people and they know people with deep pockets as well as the chorus of a community that will NO LONGER be taken for granted…
    Unlike the Biffalo’s and the Detroit’s of the world we have BETTER things to do in Tampa Bay on sunny 70 degree Sunday afternoon than to fill the pockets of men that have spent the least in the past 5 years and has literally used this community’s dollars to wipe their Man U arses..
    …no thanks to the punch-less media that has had too many dinners with this organization…you know who YOU are….

  9. Jimmy Delach Says:

    While you may be cheering no more London games, I actually liked the London games because after not getting a single home game televised due to the fact none of the home games sold out, it was nice to get a home game on television even if it’s in London. I know we had the Colts and Cowboys games on TV this year but those are prime-time games not Sunday afternoon games. And with an unattractive home schedule, I am not positive that any of the home games will sell out in time for local television following this horrendous season. Maybe Philly will sell out but that’s about it. I think the other home games won’t be on local TV.

    Goodbye London, maybe goodbye to any home games on TV in 2012.

  10. Willie Says:

    What a dork!!! Newsflash – If you have to fly thousands of miles, it’s NOT a home game. If you’re a TRUE fan, you care most about your team winning, and not playing in front of your home crowd’s support is a competitive disadvantage. Did you not notice there were many more Londoners cheering for the Bears & Patriots than for the Bucs when they played. Guess that doesn’t matter to someone too lazy to get up off his arse without sitting on his couch ten feet from his fridge and actually go to the game to cheer the home team on. To a true fan, that’s what counts most.