Sacks Decreased In 2011

January 1st, 2012

The Bucs effectively traded sackless Kyle Moore and Stylez White for Adrian Clayborn and Da’Quan Bowers this past offseason. Joe was giddy at the thought of a revived Bucs pass rush.

The Bucs also flushed defensive line coach Todd Wash in favor of Grady Stretz and Keith Millard sharing the duties. Millard focused on the pass rush and Stretz would focus on the run defense. Again, Joe was giddy. Millard was electrifying to watch in training camp and the Bucs’ improved D-line play was key to the 4-2 start this season.

But as Bucs fans sit here today holding their heads in their hands, the Bucs failed to eclipse last year’s sack total of 26.

The Bucs finished the 2011 season with only 23 sacks — dead last in the NFL.

Prior to the season, Millard was heralding how he took a lousy pass rush in Oakland and increased it 50 percent in one season. Amazingly, the improvement never happened in Tampa Bay.

29 Responses to “Sacks Decreased In 2011”

  1. jimmy Says:

    Told ya’ Stylez White was a leader!!!

  2. ElioT Says:

    Bucs Defense: 23 Sacks

    Jared Allen: 22

    God they suck!

  3. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    I recall having an argument preseason with you sheep about the sack numbers not improving and was ridiculed for saying something so stupid.

  4. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Btw – Jarec Allen had 22. Lol

  5. Patrick Says:

    And Adrian Clayborn got 8 of them!!

  6. aj Says:

    Moving forward, I’m probably least worried about the defensive line. Clayborn is relentless, Bowers improved pretty much every game. Bennett also puts forward some impressive individual performances.

    DT is concerning, but they have been decimated by injury. Price was never fully healthy, but should be next year. Hopefully GMC can play and stay healthy, DT play really regressed when he got hurt. Roy Miller is terrible, he needs to go.

  7. Patrick Says:


    Weren’t we saying the same thing last offseason? That we were going to get Price and McCoy back healthy and that opposing QB’s were going to be scared of us? Didn’t happen!

    McCoy and Price can’t be relied on to stay healthy. Keep them, but we need two good veteran DT’s signed in the offseason as insurance.

  8. tj Says:

    Raheem just said he will be back at his press conference

  9. Captain Stagger Says:

    No push up the middle……

  10. aj Says:

    I agree, they need to bring in at least one really good tackle. You need 3 good tackles and ends in this league.

    I think it was more of a hope Price would be healthy, it was never a reality. I do expect him to be better next year.

  11. Richy Says:

    Just had to chime in real quick, never posted a comment here before but felt it necessary.

    The sack numbers should be taken with a grain of salt.

    This defense was horrid against the run and trailed more than any team in the NFL. The bottom line is, teams just weren’t throwing the ball against us. And when they were, it was quick stuff to take advantage of our zones. McCoy was missing, Price was playing hurt, and both DE’s were in their rookie years. I’d give Millard another year and at least a full offseason to work with these guys before I’d judge his body of work. If anyone stays on the defensive staff, I’d like it to be Millard.

  12. DCBUCSFAN Says:

    Let it be noted that these guys did not have the luxury of off-season training due to the lockout!

  13. TurnThePage Says:

    Neither did the rest of the NFL.

  14. TurnThePage Says:

    Oh and Carolina had a new head coach and a rookie QB and they still smoked us twice.

    You have to be kidding. You got me.

  15. Walt B Says:

    Sacks aren’t all about the pass rushers. QBs were chilling in the pocket last season. This year’s line put decent pressure on them but receivers were always open for the quick release.

  16. Kevin Says:

    Yes, Thomas, you were right. I thought that our DLine would improve. You were right, I was wrong. So, are you happy now that you were right?

  17. Forrest Gumpkin Says:

    I think “a lack of sacks” has been a problem with more than one meaning for this team this year.

  18. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’m not real worried either about the D-Line. Before we lost McCoy, we were way ahead of that pace. Plus, teams didn’t need to throw the ball on us very much either because our run defense was so awful, and they don’t need to throw too much when they are up by about 30 at halftime. Also, our secondary is so bad, the QB can throw to his first read just about every time. You really don’t need 5 seconds to find someone open on our defense.

  19. brent Says:

    I heard Mike Sherman is going to be available, he’s been in the college ranks for awhile so familiar with working with young talent… Maybe can right the ship with the talent (with some free agents sprinkled in)?

  20. eric Says:

    How do you fall behind 42-0?


  21. CC Says:

    This Bucs defense is the worst I have ever seen by an NFL team. I have been watching football for 40 some years now and this team is horrible.The Falcons could have easily put up 60+ points today if they wanted to.

  22. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    They could have put up 56 by halftime if they wanted. I have never seen a team pull their QB in the second quarter due to the game being out of hand. That has to be a record.

  23. eric Says:

    I am trying to recall a more complete collapse in league history.

    Theey make the 08 streak look like outstanding defensive football.

    Ive lived through some major ass whipings since 76 but nothing this deeply inept.

  24. Architek Says:

    Ok so why is Raheem not filing for unemployment benefits???

  25. kh Says:

    well said to the new poster. Who needs to pass when you’re up by more than twenty and you’re getting 5 yards a carry?

  26. Kensington Says:

    Stats are for losers — like the Bucs. Seriously, the sack total is legit. Last in the NFL is what it is. Dominik invested his last four first and second rounders on the Dline. Something ain’t clicking.

  27. 941-Bucs Says:

    Our D line didn’t seem on paper as good as they actually were. The problem was the DB’s played horrible all year and allowed receivers to consistently be open. I Think the D line is as stated before, the least of this teams problems. at least one more good DT and the D-line is set for the future(pending the new DE’s don’t become busts). Outside of the D-Line and Freeman, Alot of work still needs to be done. But i feel a couple of key pick ups this off-season and we can turn this thing around in 2012!

  28. Paul Says:

    D-line improved, secondary collapsed. No coverage sacks like other teams get. Probably got passed on less this year too.

    That’s a subjective stat because our d-line seems decently coached and is pretty promising when healthy. Hope Millard stays.

  29. Brain Says:

    @Thomas I said the same thing after the 1st Falcons game where we beat up a weak line, and I got called out for not even being a Bucs fan. Looks like I was right again, but the sheep will always be sheep, and the realists will always be outcasts.