Report: Bucs Offered Kelly $6 Million Annually

January 24th, 2012

It seems Team Glazer went for the jugular to snatch their prized prey in the Bucs’ search for a new head coach.

A whopper of an offer was made for University of Oregon head coach Chip Kelly, so reports Michael Berk, sports director of KGW-TV, Portland’s NBC affiliate. Berk was a guest Monday on The Ron and Ian Show on WDAE-AM 620 and said his sources told him the Bucs’ offer was more annually than they paid Chucky.

“[Kelly’s] base salary is $2.8 million at Oregon. He reached a lot of incentives this past season, as you might imagine, for winning the conference championship, for going to the Rose Bowl, for winning the Rose Bowl,” Berk said. “I heard the Buccaneers offer was in the $6 million range [per season], so it was double. And it almost would have to be double because [Kelly] has a $3 million buyout.”

Berk went on to explain that Kelly had, in fact, definitely accepted the Bucs job and had informed his university, which already had offered Kelly’s head coaching job to Ducks offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich. So when Kelly had a change of heart, getting his job back wasn’t automatic.

So what about this $6 million a year for Kelly? Joe’s not sure how those that obsess about Team Glazer’s alleged frugality will swallow that fat figure.

76 Responses to “Report: Bucs Offered Kelly $6 Million Annually”

  1. Teddy Says:

    So much for the “Glazers won’t spend money” comments.

  2. Brad Says:

    Glazers if you are reading?? Don’t ruin the positive vibe of offering a buttload of money to Kelly by hiring Sherman. Heres hoping someone at One Buc Palace has the job of monitoring websites like JBF to get a feel of what the dwindling fanbase would react to certain hirings. I’m sure it doesn’t happen but we can only hope someone is getting the pulse of the fans.

  3. chargedcbh Says:

    The more important question is where do they spend the money. I’d rather they hire a guy like Zimmer for about 2 million a year and spend most of the money on players. Raheem was 10-6, the following year they didn’t bring in any free agents. I know they got the punter from the Falcons, so what’s more important? Money for the coach or money for players? I don’t think they’ll do both….

  4. yar Says:

    Now that chucky is off the books and they will have to spend 99% of the cap in 2013 they will spend. My panties are wadding up a little bit now though at the thought of Sherman.

  5. chargedcbh Says:

    Think about it, the best coaches have the players to support their systems. We saw what happened with the Colts not having Manning, if Walsh didn’t have Montana, you have to have both…

  6. Brown Bag Back On? Says:

    F’in $6 million for an unproven college coach that runs a spread offense knowing most college coaches tankin the NFL?!?!?

    Cue the newest segment of “C’Mon MAN!”

  7. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    So….now that it is out that we offered $6Mil. Has the bar now been set for what our plan B will want?

  8. Cmurda Says:

    The Glazers being cheap has been documented by fact. So F’ing what that they offered an unproven coach 6 mill a year. That doesn’t indicate anything about their willingness to spend money on free agents and talent. 6 million is a drop in the bucket in relation to a team’s payroll. Still not buying it until I see it.

  9. raphael Says:

    I never questioned the Glazers spending money.I question the employees the Glazers hire…Rick Mckay was the last good football guy they had imo

  10. Nick Says:

    Not only are they cheap, but when they do spend, it isn’t wisely.

  11. yar Says:

    I think Peyton Manning would be a great head coach if he would want to.

  12. Meh Says:

    They need to spend on HC, OC, and DC plus free agency. It is time.

  13. Architek Says:

    Joe, the kicker is now that the $6 million figure is out there, the question is what the next coach is willing to accept? Let’s say that the situation just got more complicated because an unproven coach gets that figure versus let’s say Marty, will he accept less. They just made a bad situation worse. If I were Sherman or Marty I will be licking my chops to seek maximum compensation.

  14. Sensiblebuc Says:

    @Scotty & Architek

    Rule #1 in negotiation is leverage. Marty & Sherm have zero. They arent on anybody else’s radar. Zimmer & Clements are in a slightly better boat.

    If I was Dom I’d say, “$3 mil & control over your staff, take it or leave it.”

  15. raphael Says:

    leave it

  16. Tom Collins Says:

    I dont think the Bucs really need a second interview, they just may be buying a little time to do some more searching. Considering Chip only got one interview, this is likely another smokescreen by the Glazers.

  17. raphael Says:

    agreed ^^^^^^^^^^^

  18. bucs76 Says:

    Teddy Says:
    January 24th, 2012 at 11:04 am

    “So much for the “Glazers won’t spend money” comments.”

    The Glazers paid Jon Gruden a lot of money while he was a coach and after he was fired. Too bad they don’t make that same investment on the players.

  19. Snook Says:

    The Glazers are cheap!!!!

  20. Mr.Blunt Says:


  21. Dave Says:

    bucs76 Says:

    “. Too bad they don’t make that same investment on the players.”

    UNder Gruden they paid alot for a lot of players.

    They have always spent went they had too….. untilt he purchase of Man U.

    Hopefully this is a signal that those days are behind them.

    Besides, I am not sure what the issue is with money when over the next 2 years they need, HAVE TO, spend alot to reach the floor.

    So let’s wait it out and see if they spend it wisely.

  22. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Marty is worth about 7.5 million

    Clements about 6 million

    Sherman about -$100

  23. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    Chip Kelly is a loser. He has proven he cant be trusted, by his fans, recruits, alumni or any other future employer. He got cold feet and didnt sign a contract yet, Got it. But before you give your “WORD”, you make a decision and then you stick with it. Prediction- Oregon has losing record next season and Kelly will be fired in two years.

  24. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Man U has had nothing to do with it. I never believed that. There are league rules against using Bucs financing on non-team related investments. What went in their pocket? Open game.

    No. I have always felt there were a number of factors. The looming walkout, that should have happened sooner but was delayed. An aging team that needed to replace all the older players. And the build through the draft method is a good one…to a point.

    This whole thing reminds me more of how Sam brought in key players and Dungy took over to make the team good.

  25. Chris FWC Says:

    I hear whomever they hire as HC has to be ‘Get Back Coach’ too.

  26. eric Says:

    Why does this kind of crap always happen to us?

  27. NunPuncher Says:

    It’s starting to get panicky in TB

  28. Lunch Bag Al Says:

    I keep hearing Clements name brought up. I know he was interviewed, and I have looked at his past accomplishments, (champion in college, champion in the CFL, his work with Grbac, Maddox, and Stewart – Farve, Rogers and Flynn) I get all that. Awesome job at teaching QBs. But I am not sure why he makes a good HC candidate.

    Seems to be quite a jump for a guy who’s been monitoring the Packers’ quarterbacks the last five seasons. Maybe offensive coordinator is a position he’d be ready for and it’s actually something he has a history with.

    I am not saying no to Clements, I just haven’t heard anything (or read anything) that explains why he makes a good HC candidate. Again, quite a jump for a guy who’s been a QB coach for most of his career. By hiring him as HC, the Bucs would be making a similar move to what they did three years ago with Raheem Morris.

    Not saying it wouldn’t be good, but I need it explained to me why?

  29. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    I think Kelly would be an awesome coach for our team. His spread offense and our young talented team would have been great! Offer him 8Million a season and see if he will come back. IF he was so close to signing with us!

  30. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:


    I agree. He would be a great QB coach for us. Maybe even a OC. But HC is a reach IMO. But who knows what he can actually do. I still think we should get Zimmer since Kelly is out of the picture. Or Schott. Just not Sherman. That would be horrible.

  31. Lunch Bag Al Says:

    I personally think they are talking with another name that hasn’t really been mentioned on the known “interviewed list”. Kelly’s name was thrown out by us and the media as a fun possibility, but he wasn’t on the known interviewed list. I think there is another name that isn’t going to be mentioned as interviewed until the job has been offered. Seems to be the MO…

  32. Bobby Says:

    Clements has been an OC also so he hasn’t just worked with QB’s. I think what makes a good HC is A. someone’s ability to understand the game of football. Would you argue that Clements doesn’t understand X’s and O’s being a former QB himself? B. You also need to be a good leader of men. I would say his ability to get the best out of virtually every QB he’s coached shows he’s able to lead men and have their respect (plus the fact that he’s been a leader as a QB) Other than that….it’s a crap shoot. Some great college coaches just don’t pan out in the NFL and it probably has more to do with their ability to relate to and lead ‘men’ as opposed to college kids. Nick Saban comes to mind. Maybe Pete Carroll is another one although he certainly doesn’t have the kind of team he had at USC.
    Some great OC and DC just don’t turn out to be good HC material. You never know until you try but to say that Clements isn’t qualified because he works with QB’s is to ignore what the man has done as a player and his total grasp of the game. I like Clements a lot.

  33. Treybuc Says:

    Just get a dang coach! Tired of all the BS!

  34. Pete Dutcher Says:

    My wife said she saw on the news that the school gave him a huge bonus to stay.

  35. jb Says:

    I’m one of those that say, “If you want an offensive-minded coach you hire Clements, if you want a defensive-minded coach you hire Zimmer.”

    As far as Sherman goes I believe it’s a bit of stretch to compare his time in Green Bay to Belechick’s time in Cleveland, therefore Sherman could end up like Belchick.
    I’m not buying that at all. I can’t believe the Glazer’s would take a chance on alienating their fanbase even more by hiring a re-tread that has never done anything like Sherman or Childress. Are they REALLY that clueless? After seeing what they let Morris do to this team I’m starting to believe they are.

  36. CC Says:

    HeyPete, Ever since they bought ManU they have been cheap and at the bottom on the NFL in team spending? Coincidence? Hardly.

  37. gotbbucs Says:

    I’m still having trouble proccessing just how big of a screw up this whole Chip Kelly thing is. After three weeks of searching, the guy they go after and offer a ridiculous contract to turns the job down. There is absolutely nothing they can do with this hire now that can overcome what just happened.
    If they make a move this week now they look weak. If they wait till Super Bowl week they lose major ground on most of the top assistants. I really don’t think enough has been made of just how big of a f ‘ ‘ k up this really was.

  38. eric Says:

    never underestimate the level of cluelessness.

    Sherman has some things in his background that are good, but he is undoubtably about as exciting as a bowl of plain oatmeal made with water, without even a dang dried up blueberry in it.

  39. McBuc Says:

    Jb, how has Sherman done “nothing”? He made it to the play=offs 4 out of 5 years. You guys bash the guy but never give reasons why he is a bad coach. Not trying to argue, I just feel like I must be missing something. He has a winning record, but this site acts like he is the anti-christ of football. Then again, no one ever explained to me why you guys all loved Fisher with his 6 out of 16 play-off teams. I am not a huge Sherman fan, but to say the guy cannot coach in the NFL is just wrong.

  40. sensiblebuc Says:

    @ Joe

    I see why you don’t like my boy (not really) Chuck Klosterman and Grantland.

    Completely disagree…on like every level.

  41. Ronnie Says:

    Good point about possible unknown conversations with someone. Chip Kelly came out of nowhere, so this is truly possible that there is another individual in private conversations. If they offered 6 million to a college coach, what did they offer to Cowher [if indeed they had contact with Cowher]. From the “interview list” though, I believe it would behoove us to hire Clements or Zimmer.

  42. sensiblebuc Says:

    @ McBuc

    Here’s why I think people are so down on Sherman:

    sensiblebuc Says:
    January 23rd, 2012 at 11:46 pm
    @ jLM

    1) Got run over by Favre at Green Bay

    2) Turned a Super Bowl-caliber team into a mediocre one before his GM duties were stripped

    3) Mediocre record at Texas A&M

    4) Recently fired from Texas A&M (his alma matter)

    5) Texas A&M fans have said he exhibited the same lack of game day management skills and “deer-in-the-headlights” looks as our previous coach when things started to go wrong.

    I’ll pass.

  43. sensiblebuc Says:

    @ gotbbucs

    It’s well documented that when the Glazers swing for homeruns (Parcells & Rah) they end up hitting dribblers to the pitcher. When they go for doubles (Dungy & Gruden) they end up turning out pretty well. If they bring in Marty, Zimmer, or maybe Clements I think we’ll be right back on schedule. Chip Kelly was not the answer.

  44. Lunch Bag Al Says:

    I can see a reversed coaching staff – I mean, Clements has no experience as HC but seems to be a great prospect. If he gets the OC job in Green Bay, and does well, which he will, he will be HC somewhere this same time next year.

    So you bring him in and make Marty or Sherman the OC, that way Clements learns from those guys what he needs to learn and has solid coaches as coordinators.

    If it were the other way around, you have Marty/Sherman as HC and Clements as OC. Clements does well and is gone in one year because he is hired as a HC somewhere else. Then Marty or Sherman retire or get fired, and we’re back to square one.

    Clements as HC
    Marty/Sherman as OC
    Jim Leavett as DC – He can teach and coach! (current LB coach in SF. Did a hell of a job!)


    Sure, Sherman won some playoff games with a championship caliber team that he inherited. He then pretty much regressed the longer he stayed, eventually bottoming out. Gruden at least won the Super Bowl with the team he took over.

    Sherman did poorly when he took over a not great A&M team.

    Again, when has Sherman ever improved a team as a HC? Anywhere? Ever?

  46. thibs5599 Says:

    the glazers are not cheap, there is really no argument for it besides 3 seasons of not signing free agents. other than that the glazers have gone out hired big name coaches and signed big name free agents when the time was right, and this and next season the time will be right again. quit the B#TCHING about glazers being cheap and support your team. or go support another team.

  47. Northend Says:

    bring in zimmer,control the d which we have invested 4 top picks in 2 years.get chilly on the cheap for the offense.good to go

  48. gotbbucs Says:

    @ sensiblebuc

    I get absolutely no comfort out of your little explanation there. So you’re saying that we should hope for dumb luck to come through for us again?
    Gruden was a desperation move. They gave up a king’s ransom for him because they had to save face after the Parcells blunder. Are you going to be happy to lose all of our early draft picks again for the next two years to overcome this PR nightmare?

    Face it, they dicked the dog in a big way with this Kelly debacle.

  49. McBuc Says:

    Sensible, thanks for the answer. Favre persona took on a life of its own, he raiilroads lots of people. Freeman is not the same guy and at a different opoint in his carreer. The Texas gig I toss out, just like college coaches do not tend to make great NFL coaches the same can be said in reverse. I agree with Joe he is boring, but he had one season in Green Bay that they did not make the play-offs. Big deal the team was already there. Also, remeber the retreads that won rings have never done it with a second team. I am not a big fan of Sherman, I just do not get all the hate. Aty least you answered why, thanks.

  50. eric Says:

    I am beginning to think an announcement of a Sherman hire is not going to be well received.

  51. Bootineer Says:

    Everyone wants of piece of the the magic that is Oregon…

  52. stevek Says:

    No Sherman, No way! I would rather have Mike Singeltary.

    Let’s Go Glazers, maybe we need a $6 million “Rock Star” GM, I heard Mick Jagger is interested.

  53. RustyRhino Says:

    6 million a season for a Never been NFL head coach, who turns us down. I like what Coach Kelly has and hopefully continues to do in Oregon, I am, just not convinced it would work in the NFL.
    This situation causes the other 2nd interview candidates some interest and some concern.

    Interest in the 6 million dollar college coach with no NFL experience, causing wonder at “how much am I worth”

    Concern in that there was no mention of any contact between them, whom might else the Glazers have spoken with and no record of it in any news outlets.

    It will be Interesting to watch how they PR this mess to their advantage, I hope they can.

  54. McBuc Says:

    Kelly turning this down in no way hurts the Bucs. Give me a break, Kelly needed to make a business decision for him and his family. I have heard Oregon gave him something to stay, just not what. He also may have looked at history, and decided to stay in the college ranks.



    “Big deal the team was already there”

    Not sure if serious. That’s a huge deal. He didn’t build the team, and if you look at his record, it pretty much got worse the longer he was the coach. How can you reconcile that?

    This team is not built. It needs a good deal of work. He has never shown the ability to do this from his resume.

    Taking over a playoff team built by Ron Wolf and Holmgrem, and quarterbacked by Brett Favre is a pretty sweet gig. And, he drove it downhill until they fired him.

    He didn’t take a preexisting good team and improve it. No Super Bowl, no Super Bowl appearance. Playoff appearances from that team were expected.

    Color me confused. This doesn’t even go into his last job.

  56. Pac-12 Says:

    There are a number of errors in the string above. It has been reported that Chip Kelly did not ask for or was given any more money for himself to stay.
    He did ask that his assistant coaches be given raises.
    Most interesting is that he felt so bad about causing stress to his non-coaching office staff on whether they would have jobs if he left, is that he is giving them bonuses out of his own pocket. People can say what they will, but he is one class individual.

  57. Pac-12 Says:

    Buc Fan South Tampa
    I would not bet any money in Las Vegas on your prediction for Oregon this season or the future Kelly.
    It is pretty much a consensus out west that Oregon will win a minimum of 9-10 games and could win another conference championship. They are loaded with talent. Most sports analysts have them in their Pre-season top 10.
    I am not saying that he would make Tampa Bay into a winner, but his whole life is football, nothing else, he is one of the most innovative offensive coaches ever.
    Good luck in your coaching search, I would go after Dungy.

  58. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    The 6 mill offer isnt proof of not being cheap it is proof of being desperate afte the rah dom debacle.

    Since gru is off the books, it also supports that the cheap bandaid that was rah rah the inept was purely that, a cheap replacement, bc once Rah is off the books they make a market offer to someone qualified – that proves we were ripped off for 3 years of failure.

    Now, you can never argue that unaccepted offers are definitive proof of anything. Owners trying to impress their markets that they are willing to spend will intentionally make offers that they know are short but gives them support to argue “we tried” – like the original Haynesworth offer which was a large total value contract but was way short in guaranteed cash.

    BRW- 6 mill is the going rate for a top head coach, it isnt huge money. I bet close to half if the head coaches make about 6. I remember Del Rio, a bottom tier coach, was making 5 mil. I know Bb, shanny and Carroll all make in the 7 mil range – I think I read that Harbaugh got more than 6.

  59. Thomas 2.2 Says:


    It amazes me that these fans object to Sherman, a successful NFL head coach, but accepted the obvious fraud (bc it was totally a cost savings hire and nothing more) that was 3 year RahRah tenure.

    They hired an incompetent, unqualified low-level assistant without a single interview or hiring process – and the niave fans said ” oh the Glazers did this to make us better.” rudiculously foolisg.

    Now they interview a dozen potential coaches, settle on one it appears (Sherman) and these same “fans” say he isnt good enough. Have they seen RahRah’s resume and team perform?

    They should be thrilled that we are transitioning from incompetent to competent.

    Then, we still have the problem of the pop star but maybe a strong competent coach will neutralize the popstar’s estrogen fueled decisions!

  60. Pete Dutcher Says:

    “Pac-12 Says:
    January 24th, 2012 at 6:32 pm

    There are a number of errors in the string above. It has been reported that Chip Kelly did not ask for or was given any more money for himself to stay.”

    Actually, I thought it was reported that money was not the reason for him wanting to leave in the first place.

    There have been reports that a bonus was offered to get him to stay. I didn’t see them myself though.

  61. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Just curious…why is everyone so sure Sherman is getting the HC job? Any reports I’ve seen are suggestive opinions and nothing more.

    I’ve also seen a tweet that Zimmer will be HC and Sherman will be OC.

    AND…it’s entirely possible that Steve Mariucci will be our OC.

  62. Pete Dutcher Says:

    My point is, there are a lot of rumors out there.

  63. Mr Lucky Says:

    Fat figure – FAT CHANCE.

  64. sensiblebuc Says:

    @ gotbbucs

    “Face it, they dicked the dog in a big way with this Kelly debacle.”

    In what way? They went after the guy they wanted, threw the kitchen sink at him, even agreed to terms and he waffled. That’s more of an indictment of Kelly’s character than the Glazers botching the recruitment process.

    The Glazers deserve criticism for many, many things but they should actually be lauded for the stealthy nature of the Chip Kelly hiring. Kelly is the one with egg on his face and his character in question.

  65. fishduck Says:

    It took Kelly 2 years under Belotti to get the kids they wanted to run the high tempo spread option he coaches . Maybe the Buc can’t get the personal he needs to run it the way he wants . In the pros that might take a few years .

  66. sensiblebuc Says:

    @ McBuc & Thomas

    As vocal as I’ve been about not hiring Sherman, if he were hired I’d get right on board and support him. He’s had at least some modicum of success in the NFL regular season and playoffs…

    Is he as bad a Rah? No, nobody is…except for Josh McDaniels, Todd Haley, & Steve Spagnolo. My argument is that we shouldn’t just get ANY coach better than Raheem Morris. We need a guy to come in and stem the tide of losses and turn around what’s quickly becoming a negative/weak culture at OBP.

    My basic argument against Sherman is that his career arc has been on a downward trajectory ever since he received the head coaching gig in Green Bay (Super Bowl talent; mediocre achievement; Favre) and he doesn’t seem to have improved/changed his leadership style in his time at Texas A&M (bad in-game management, no adjustments, deer-in-the-headlights looks).

    If we’re going to hire our CEO why not get a guy who has exhibited significant long-term success in the NFL (Marty) or a guy is hot right now (Zimmer or Clements) instead of a guy who is neither (Sherman or Chilly)?

    I’ve got big expectations of the next guy.

  67. Patrick Says:

    Can someone please explain to me exactly how Sherman drove the Packers downhill? He only had one losing season during his 6 seasons at Green Bay, a 4-12 record in 2005 with a team that was plagued with injuries! He had a 9-7 record in 2000, then made the playoffs in 01, 02, 03, and 04.

    Those of you that bash him for not getting Favre to an NFC Championship game……only reason it didn’t happen is because of the miracle 4th and 26 play by McNabb.

    At Texas A&M this past year…….he coached an offense that was actually pretty damn good and entertaining. They were scoring 35-50 points numerous times throughout the season, but they went 6-6 because of their horrible defense and close last second losses.

    I’d rather have Marty or Zimmer, but I wouldn’t be miserable if Sherman came here. I wouldn’t really be concerned about whether he’d do a good job or not, I’d be concerned about how bad and nasty the reaction is going to be from both the fans and critics. That’s really the reason I haven’t been in favor of Sherman. If everybody was more in favor of it, I would be as well.

  68. Jexpat Says:

    So people are going to believe Michael Berk?

    Might want to go back and check his record.


    In addition to the McNabb game, there was also blowout playoff losses to the Rams, Falcons (at home), and Vikings. Compound that with the 4-12 season was enough for the Packers.

    At A&M, MOST teams in the Big12 had eye opening offensive numbers (Texas, Texas Tech, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, etc). Since he is going for the head coaching position, I’m looking at his record there, which was mediocre at best. If he is just up for the Bucs OC position, then I’ll look more just at his scoring.

    The fact he was fired from his last two jobs probably means zero to some people.

  70. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    I have been a die hard Bucs fan for decades now. But if we sign Sherman, it is a sign that until we get new owners our team is digressing. This is getting ridiculous. Every offseason we have “let-downs” and this is just the norm. The fact its taking so long to get a HC is depressing to me. It shows how other coaches feel about our owners and GM. I am a supporting of Dom. but the owners baffel me. I hope the report about 6mil is true. But its easy to say we offered this much after the deal fell apart! Kelly would of made our team fun again. Hire Schott as HC and Zimmer as DC and our coach in waiting! That could make our team good again.

    Also trade Freeman, Trueblood(if we can get a 6th or 7th) jump on it. Also, we need to redo our Secondary. Get rid of everyone except maybe Talib. Wait and see how is court day goes. We need new LBs as well. Foster seems to be ok. But everyone should be gone. There is great FAs this offseason as well as in the draft. Hopefully Claiborne is there at #5 and hopefully LaMichael James is there at #37 in the second. Two much needed improvements. And FA is in March so get it started.

    There is a report that Darren McFadden is on the block. Offer a 3rd for him and see what happens. The Raiders only have a 5th round pick and thats it. They want more…and even if we give a 3rd this season and next. That would be a steal!

  71. Tom Says:

    Naturally Joe would hear a rumor from a random reporter in Portland and treat it like fact. Since when did this guy get his hands on the contract offer? Did you hear that Dewey defeated Truman and Gore won Florida? Must be fact, someone once said it.

    And clearly spending big money on a coach…which the Glazers have not done as of today would make up for spending the least amount on player salaries of any NFL team since 2004. Because teams that come in 32 out of 32 teams in committed salaries aren’t cheap…they’re thrifty!

  72. Paul Says:

    “Sources said the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ head coaching position has been turned down by six or seven coaches. That includes coaches declining interviews and actual negotiations about the position. Some of the known candidates to say no thanks are Oregon coach Chip Kelly, Texans defensive coordinator Wade Philips, new St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher and new Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin. Sources said they believe the Bucs are interested in interviewing both of the New York Giants coordinators Perry Fewell and Kevin Gilbride.” -Walterfootball

    Looks cheap to me

  73. Paul Says:

    One of the issues that Tampa Bay has been having is allegedly they are trying to slash the severance packages of the coaches if they are fired, for assistants and the head coach. The Bucs are trying to save money by making changes there, but it is not sitting well with coaches. Last year there were top college assistants making more money than the Bucs assistant coaches. -walterfootball

    Didn’t get all in the first post.

  74. Paul Says:

    Did my comment get deleted or not go through?

  75. Coach DeForrest Says:


    You need to find some new sources!! You glory hound. Had a story on the tight lipped kelly.

    Now you look like a idiot!!!

    Oh well, say what you want! I’m sure you enjoyed the spotlight when it happened!!

  76. Kixxs Says:

    I’m from Oregon, living in Tampa Bay… life long Duck fan, first I can say from living most of my life in Oregon the reports in Portland often go off with a story without all the facts. First, Berk’s claims are suspect when he says Kelly took the job and the HC job was offer to the Offensive Coordinator, yet the interview the AD did he said he was waiting to hear what Kelly was going to do on Sunday. What kind of a professional would offer another person a job when they are waiting to hear if the other one is leaving? REALLY? Second. both the AD and Kelly state in verbal interviews Oregon did not give him more money to stay, it’s public record and should be able to be verified. Kelly does state they extended his contract but he was not given more money. It’s really sad how people call Chip a loser and make all kinds of comments when they really don’t know what happened.