One Step Closer To The Unthinkable

January 24th, 2012

When Team Glazer jettisoned Raheem Morris as Bucs coach, Joe wasn’t too broken up by it. With all the logical and solid candidates on the market, Joe was confident Team Glazer and Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik could land a new coach that could lead them to the postseason.

So when Joe first heard the list of coaches interviewed for the job, Joe hoped it was all an elaborate ruse, that the coach the Bucs would select would not be known to the public.

That nearly happened when Oregon coach Chip Kelly flirted with Team Glazer, only to pull out at the last moment.

So last night when Joe learned from Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune that of all people Mike Sherman — Mike Sherman! — would be brought back for a second interview, Joe wanted to grab a rosary in the hope that a higher authority could persuade the Bucs from making a dire mistake.

Sherman, who declined to comment when reached on Monday, was 57-39 as head coach of the Packers, putting together five straight winning seasons from 2000-04 and leading Green Bay to three consecutive NFC North division titles from 2002-04. More recently, he was fired after going 25-25 in four seasons at Texas A&M.

Bucs officials did not respond to inquiries Monday evening about the Sherman.

If Sherman is hired, Joe would have to shake the thought that he would be a reincarnation of Ray Perkins. Just what does this guy bring to he table that Marty Schottenheimer doesn’t? Or Tom Clements? Or Rob Chudzinski for that matter?

Joe can’t imagine what’s going through Warren Sapp’s mind about now.

111 Responses to “One Step Closer To The Unthinkable”

  1. Jeff78280z Says:

    Well this kinda blows. I hope there is some kind of a ruse going on. This guy is not my first choice. Too be polite.

  2. Morgan Says:

    He brings experience and stability to the organization. Something it’s needed for awhile. But the HC is nothing without good coordinators around him. Hiring Sherman wouldn’t be the worst move the Bucs could make. Hiring Chip Kelly might have been.

  3. Jeff78280z Says:

    Or second choice either.

  4. raphael Says:

    anybody have directions to the Skyway ?

  5. Jessup Says:

    Need Marty ball with this guy.

  6. LOLJFH Says:

    Get in line Raphael

  7. bucfanjeff Says:

    Coordinators matter, we see that all over the NFL. If we hire this guy, whomever else he hires is the key.
    Billick as OC, Del Rio as DC because if\when Sherman fails you at least have some coordinators that can step into the HC roll with team continuity.

  8. bucfanjeff Says:

    Truth is, the Bucs are out of options. They are, at least that we know of, down to a list of re-treads for HC. They have backed themselves into a corner.

    B I L L I C K

  9. TampaRob Says:

    not sure if I share your concern, Joe… I’m not excited about the choice either, but don’t think the Perkins comparison is a good one… Perkins was hired because of his U of Alabama association and Hugh Culverhouse had a thing for Bama folks… sometimes drafting them or giving them preferential treatment over more qualified people. At least the Glazers don’t blindly support their alma mater at the expense of the team.

  10. Bucboi2280 Says:

    I seen this bs last night, the glazers are really piss me off. why Sherman when you have Zimmer, Clements, and Marty on the side. They messed up my whole dam week.

  11. TampaRob Says:

    ..I think Wyche is a better comparison given that he brought the Bengals ALMOST there before crapping out. But one has to give Wyche credit for getting the Bucs over a hump of double-digit losing seasons and starting to build the foundation that Saint Tony was able to transform into a winner. So would Sherman be a good transitional coach in that mold? I’m at least open to that idea.

  12. jvato24 Says:

    Dude. Billick doesn’t get interviewed by anyone. He rubbed someone the wrong way.

  13. TampaRob Says:

    Jeff- why has nobody else offered Billick a role? After all of these years you would think he would have had some chances at coaching. Something is going on there and not sure if I’d want him. I know it’s a different sport, but the name Barry Melrose comes to mind when I think of Billick.

  14. Meh Says:

    It is exactly like going with Marty, except for that whole turning the team around part that Marty brings. lol

  15. Nick Says:

    If this happens consider me Nick 4.4

  16. Brad Says:

    Zimmer is scheduled or has had a second interview as well. All these reports are coming from Rick Stroud..

  17. ATLBuc Says:

    Just because is coming in for a second interview doesn’t make it a foregone conclusion that he’s getting the job. No one saw Chip Kelly coming, the Glazers are being very sneaky. Let’s wait and see how this whole thing plays out before freaking out.

  18. Sooner in Tampa Says:

    Are the Glazers REALLY this tone deaf to the general concensus on this guy?

  19. Joe Says:


    Joe knows you pine for Brian Billick but two things:

    1) It’s pretty obvious Billick is blacklisted as he hasn’t interviewed for a gig since he was fired. Might have a better shot of hoping the Bucs interview Joe Paterno because Billick is dead in the eyes of the NFL.

    2) Not sure you really want Billick to develop Josh Freeman. Look at the roadkill of quarterbacks he went through in Baltimore. Billick to quarterbacks is what Raheem Morris is to linebackers.

  20. Rickster Says:

    Alright what the hell did billick do to het absolutly no interviews??!
    Everyone talks about it but all I remember is a superbowl….

  21. chargedcbh Says:

    Hey Morgan
    He brings experience and stability to the organization.

    He has the experience but the stability part has to come from the Glazers. They have to give whoever they hire time. It’s rare these days to see a coach stay with a team more than 5 or 6 years.

  22. Joe Says:


    Joe’s guessing that Brian Billick’s massive ego and/or contract demands have scared off teams. Or, it could be that he is supposed to be a quarterback guru but his scorched earth track record of working with many quarterbacks in Baltimore was no less than atrocious.

  23. flmike Says:

    As an old Mutha-F—er who spent 20 years ion the military working with young troops and now works with lots of young guys just out of school, I can tell you, they need direction, discipline & stability and no young coach with little or no experience can bring that. We let one of the more senior young guys try and run our engineers for a month, all were his age or around it (23-27), he had no managerial experience what so ever, within two week our engineering department was a zoo, ppl coming and going when they liked, shoddy work, no follow up, etc, everything you would expect from someone running a show who had no experience doing it. It took me more than a month to straighten out what took just two weeks to destroy. I had to get programmers back in line, had to adjust a few attitudes, had to basically rebuild our engineering team, each programmer had to be given strict instructions on what to do and when it was due, no more in cubical freelancing, no more blown deadlines. Only an experienced leader can take a group of disjointed people and get them all moving in the right direction with purpose and a plan. Bring in Sherman, he will bring the stability, guidance & discipline these young players need & desire. I understand Zimmer is being brought back too, my only problem with Zimmer is, he might be to much a disciplinarian, where he could come in knowing the team needs a kick in the pants but be to aggressive and possible loss the young kids right away, again I have witnessed this in the military, new commander comes in and automatically he starts with the heavy hand and bang, his new troops tune him out.

  24. Garv Says:

    To be fair, trying to be fair, I think we just don’t know enough. It may be that Sherman does an impressive interview, has good ideas, a solid plan. We don’t know.
    I also think the Sapp confrontation rubbed so many of us the wrong way we are simply not open to the idea of the man coaching here. Perhaps if we were Packers fans, we might have seen that differently?
    Although after losing out on Chip Kelly, the damn “alter” thing again, going after Mike Sherman seems kind of desperate to many of us, he could be the best man for the job.
    Sherman is not all that high on my list but I do know this………if he is hired I will not be Skyway bound, will not give up my season tickets, will not become a 2.whatever PITA and WILL remain a Buccaneers fan positive about the rest of the off-season and the future.

    Just Tuesday morning typing………………

  25. jdog Says:

    It’s not a bad hire at all. The man has experience and could put together a good staff. Too much negativity surrounding this guy around here. And also Marty is 68 YEARS OLD and maybe the glazers want a little more longevity from their coach. Is that so hard to understand! The choices put there aren’t exciting at all. The Glazers are going to hire a coach who can tutor freeman and instill discipline. If that’s Sherms so be it.

  26. Joe Says:

    Another thing about Brian Billick: like Chucky, he had a perpetual boner for quarterbacks. But at least Chucky had the common sense to go after quarterbacks that had a demonstrated ability to play on the NFL level as opposed to the schlap that Billick lusted over like Kyle Boller, Elvis Grbac, Tony Banks and Chris Redman.

  27. sam123 Says:

    Your writing sure looks like you’ve been in the military for awhile but the idea that peers can’t be good leaders is shot to hell on a daily basis in the military. It sounds like you were a poor leader and put the wrong guy in charge.

    Now get Marty in here and end this insanity.

  28. BucsfaninMi Says:


  29. stevek Says:

    Another great addition by the “Rock Star”.

    This is awful. No Sherman!

    Dom is going to get this guy in here bc they have the same agent and it is some more of that “good o’l boy” crap.

    We need a real coach, not the Sherminator.

    I would rather have Herm Edwards.

  30. Meh Says:

    I want to clear up something from the Stroud article about second interviews. Only Sherman has been confirmed for a second interview at this point. the Stroud article was misread by some blog site to think a whole list of candidates was invited back. That is not right. If you read the original article he says Sherman will be brought back for a second interview and some other candidates MIGHT be brought back for one.

    Nowhere does Stroud say Zimmer or anyone else other than Sherman is getting a second interview.

  31. Nick Says:

    One thing we may not realize, this is the Glazer Bros. first ever hire. Can’t really count Rah, that was a last minute thing. But, this time its all them, not their daddy, and they clearly have no idea.

  32. MW Says:

    So it’s going to take 4 weeks to hire someone they could have hired after 4 days.

    I’m all for being cautious and thorough with a coaching search, but this is a guy who was at the top of the list from the start. How many coordinators have we missed out on while playing footsie with Marty, Kelly, Chud, etc.

    Really, Glazers? 4 weeks for this?

  33. mark2001 Says:

    If Shermy becomes the HC, expect to see the stands filled with Green and Gold, and the colors of every other team on every given Sunday. That is, expect to see it if you go to the stadium or the blackout is ruled illegal….otherwise you will see anything but Bucs football on Sunday. Of course, that could be a blessing with Shermy at the Helm.

    Frankly, the only thing that could lessen the negative of this deal would be if he could hire first class assistants. So basically, we would know within about a month of the hiring whether this team would be average for the next three years at best, or a joke.

    Holy cow….this guy will NOT be the answers. I honestly can’t believe that they would choose him….if that is the case, toast us….we’re done.

  34. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    It is starting to look like Sherman was their guy all along.
    I guess it helps to have the same agent ?

  35. eric Says:

    Another addition of “dancing with a rockstar”.

  36. Brad Says:

    @meh.. Your wrong. I found this last night.

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are planning to schedule second interviews among a list of candidates that includes Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, according to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. Originally Mike Sherman was the only known finalist for the vacant Buccaneers head coaching job. Including Zimmer and Sherman, other candidates that the team could be scheduling to conduct a second interview with includes former Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress, former head coach Marty Schottenheimer, Titans defensive coordinator Jerry Gray, Packers quarterbacks coach Tom Clements and Panthers offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski.

  37. Meh Says:

    I’m not wrong. That is the article from cincy jungle that misread Stroud. They’ve changed the article to ‘possibly’ when last night they were saying they were interviewing Zimmer for sure because they totally misread the original article.

    It is likely they’ll schedule more interviews, but nobody but Sherman has been confirmed.

  38. Northend Says:

    Does anyone know how shermans offense did in his 2 years with the texans prior to a&m.his a& m national rankings were in the top tier.

  39. Meh Says:

    Here’s the original from Stroud:

    The Bucs are scheduling second interviews from a list of known candidates that include former Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, former Vikings coach Brad Childress, former Browns, Chiefs, Redskins and Chargers coach Marty Schottenheimer, Titans defensive coordinator Jerry Gray, Packers quarterbacks coach Tom Clements and Panthers offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski.

    That’s the whole list of original interviews. Basically Stroud is saying they’re bring back Sherman for a 2nd interview, and they’re probably going to bring some other guys from this list. The list is everyone they interviewed in the first round.

  40. Joe Says:


    One thing we may not realize, this is the Glazer Bros. first ever hire.

    Completely inaccurate. Joel Glazer was the one who facilitated the Chucky deal (Al Davis himself said so) and the Glazers are the ones who hired Raheem.


    I have a friend who’s a lifelong Packer fan. His assessment of Sherman:

    “He wasn’t so bad. He couldn’t control Favre and the team got away from him but as far as an Xs and Os and focusing on fundamentals he was alright. Certainly not very flashy.”

    Not damning, but, not a sterling recomendation either.

    If the Glazers are going to this length to interview people, then Billick at least deserves as much. As far as blackballing goes, if the Glazer’s are serious about their search process, they need to step out of line with the good ol’ owner system, and at least talk to the guy.

    Can his salary demands be more then the Chip Kelly $$ mentioned? No need to worry about collecting QB’s, because the “rockstar” is on the case, amiright?

  42. stevek Says:

    @ Apple,

    You know it! Rock Star can’t go out and land a REAL coach, this just seems fishy.

    Too easy to negotiate with a Coach that no one wants, and shares the same Agent as our GM….. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!!!

    Brutiful job by the Rock Star, simply Brutiful.

    Encore, Encore, Resign Hayneswurf while your at it.

    Tamp is becoming a bottom tier NFL Franchise, from the owners down to the water boys.

  43. Joe Says:

    He couldn’t control Favre and the team got away from him

    Isn’t that exactly what the Bucs are trying to avoid this time around?

  44. King lewis Says:

    Can’t wait for Bucs to find a new coach so Joe can stop saying jettison everyday

  45. stevek Says:

    @ Joe,

    No wonder they got the Chucky hire, that killed our drafts for the next few years, and set this franchis up for 1 superbowl, and then nothing anywhere close to that….



    That’s my point. At the top of my NEVERINAMILLIONYEARSLIST is Sherman and Chilly.

  47. TrueBucsFan Says:

    I, for one, think that we should have kept Raheem and put a better staff around him. I truely believe that decision will eventually come back to bite us. The Bucs have let go of true talent that didnt manifest itself until they actually left us (Steve Young and Trent Dilfer comes to mind). Even if you wanted Raheem gone, look at the choices we have now. You honestly think that Sherman or Shotty would do a better job then Raheem WITH a great staff and defensive coordinator around him? Maybe i’m in the minority on this one but just think about it….

  48. stevek Says:

    @ King Lewis,

    I’d rather have George Jettison coach this team then Sherm.

    We are a joke if we hire him.

  49. Brown Bag Back On? Says:

    Hiring Sherman would allow the Glazers to prove they won’t listen to conventional wisdom. Reminds me of a recent president that tried to do everything his father wouldn’t do, just to prove he can make his own decisions.

    Someone please wake up Malcolm and tell him what his boys are up to.

  50. CC Says:

    I would much rather see Marty, Clements, Zimmer, Billick over Shermann. If *ock star hires this guy I will be extremely dissapointed.

  51. Brad Says:

    Where is the proof that Sherman interviewed and the other candidates are not. I believe no one knows for sure including Stroud. It’s everyone trying to guess first. Until I hear it from sources that got it from the Glazers I’m not buying anything. Where was Strouds report on Chip Kelly? No one had the interview so the sources aren’t as strong as one would think.

  52. stevek Says:

    Coaches for Bucs:

    1 Zimmer
    2 Fewell
    3 Clements
    4 Billick
    5 Schotenheimer
    6 Thomas 2.2
    7 Sherman

  53. Meh Says:

    There is no proof. Listen, please.


    Obviously the Glazers have been interviewing people we don’t know about. And it is quite possible several people are getting second interviews. None of that changes the fact that Sherman is the only candidate with a confirmed second interview right now.

  54. Joe Says:


    Until I hear it from sources that got it from the Glazers I’m not buying anything.

    Your savings account must be bulging from the seams because the Glazers rarely if ever talk to anyone.

    Where was Strouds report on Chip Kelly?

    What did Stroud have wrong?

  55. Joe Says:


    Can’t wait for Bucs to find a new coach so Joe can stop saying jettison everyday

    LOVE that word! 🙂

  56. stevek Says:

    Glazers, if you are listening, don’t hire Sherman. If you all do care about winning and the Tampa Bay community, please hire a REAL Coach.

    Rock Star, put down your susaphone, dislodge your head from the sand and get this team a REAL Coach with a REAL payroll.

  57. DieHard_Bob Says:

    @Garv ~ Well said. Last I heard there were no fans or reporters sitting in on the interviews and none of them are qualified to hire a HC for a pro football team. Even if they hire the least popular coach out there we won’t know for a while if it was a good hire or not. The best we can do it throw our support behind whoever they hire and see what happens.

  58. HolyBuc Says:

    I wish Marc Trestman would get an interview.

  59. crazy Says:

    “Just what does this guy bring to he table…? Probably a greater willingness to work for the GM rather than with the GM.

  60. Macabee Says:

    Hey Guys, some of us are not listening or at least not wanting to hear what is being said. There is indisputable evidence that none of the guys left was the first choice. There is indisputable evidence that it is a myth that they will only hire an older, experienced, strict disciplinarian, former NFL coach. If they pulled the trigger on Kelly, they are just as likely to pull the trigger on a Mike Gundy.

    If they wanted Marty it would be done already. Chip kelly didn’t get a second interview, he got an offer! Like Joe said about the likelihood of Billick being blacklisted, Marty has not gotten a NFL interview since 2007 when he was fired from San Diego, and except for the Bucs, his phone hasn’t rang this time.

    And as for the Glazers surfing JBF or other Buc websites to guage consensus of opinion or would yield to it in their descision-making, google multi-billionaire and see if that is a typical character trait.

    I’m not trying to change your opinion or your choice for HC, but at least accept the facts that are on the table so far!

  61. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    From Holder’s Twitter: News of Mike Sherman as an apparent finalist for #Bucs being met w/yawns here at Sr Bowl. Many asking me what the attraction is

    LMAO…so are we brother.

  62. Noleriff Says:

    HEY JOE !!!!! Just found this :

    “According to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, there was “no signs” of Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer in Mobile, Alabama where practice is taking place for the annual Senior Bowl ”

  63. jarrett Says:

    joe, If they hire sherman would you be mad enough to drop the “rockstar” moniker, if so bring on sherman for one terrible year then we can get rid of both next year.

  64. Teddy Says:

    King: LOL. Jettison. Nicely done.

    No Sherman, please????? Last thing we need is a milquetoast coach.

    (for those of you living in Plant City, milquetoast means passive.)

  65. eric Says:

    Sherman’s offensive ranking resume resume:

    Green Bay 2000-2005

    2000 11th
    2001 5th
    2002 6th
    2003 4th
    2004 5th
    2005 22nd

    Houston O/C

    2007 12th

    Texas A&M

    2008 88th
    2009 7th
    2010 24th
    2011 10th

    Conclude what you will.

  66. raphael Says:

    if c-ckstar brings in sherman,we are done! Phil Krueger would be considered a better gm at that point

  67. Brad Says:

    @joe. I meant the report about Chip Kelly being interviwed. My point is the Glazers were so tight lipped that know one knew an interview even took place including Stroud. Nothing was reported until the offer was made.

  68. Joe Says:


    If the Bucs hire Mike Sherman, Joe’s going to occupy World of Beer.



    Can you post the Green Bay offensive rankings from, say, 1993-1999? Green Bay was pretty loaded by the time he inherited that team.

    Where are those numbers coming from? I’d like to see all the Big 12 #’s as well. There was a whole lot of offense in the Big 12 around that time. Okie, Okie State, Texas Tech, etc. I’m not sure just posting A&M’s offense without comparison shows the whole picture.

  70. raphael Says:

    one word eric……google

  71. Bucworld Says:

    This coach search is getting out of hand. The Glazers seem to not have a clear vision of what they are looking for. I believe that we can do a lot better than Sherman.

  72. Pete Dutcher Says:

    The first guy they bring in for a second interview is doubtful to get the job.

  73. stevek Says:

    I hope you’re right, Pete.

    No Sherman, for the love of Tampa Football, no Sherman.

    Rather have Rah Rah back then this A$$ clown.

  74. jvato24 Says:

    I will be honest … Sherman as OC is just Fine with me. Just dont make him the leader! !

  75. Northend Says:

    Thanks eric.not sexy but solid.when was the last time we had a single digit offense? Not my first choice but im ok with it

  76. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Sherman’s College Offense actually beat Chip Kelly’s Oregon Offense

  77. Northend Says:

    Joe,try the orange blossom pilsner.local brew

  78. eric Says:

    I got the stats from and

    I am not advocating for Sherman, but I think some of the reaction (which I had myself initially) is personality based rather than reality.

    Also, before letting your emotions run wild give a read to the letter he wrote when he was fired from A&M.

    Changed my perspective on the guy.

  79. Nick Says:


    -Completely inaccurate. Joel Glazer was the one who facilitated the Chucky deal (Al Davis himself said so) and the Glazers are the ones who hired Raheem.-

    True, but how much facilitating needed to be done? “Here Mr. Davis, have our future in the form of draft picks”. And yeah, they hired Raheem after how many other interviews? Like I said, not sure that counts. This is the first actual process. Interviewing and breaking down multiple candidates.

  80. Joe Says:


    Joe will pass, thank you. Two things Joe hates with specific beers:

    1) Pilsner. YICK!

    2) Fruit in beer.

  81. Joe Says:


    True, but how much facilitating needed to be done?

    A lot. You don’t remember Al Davis’ press conference after the trade?

    The Glazers were interviewing candidates before they got Chucky. Marvin Lewis and pretty sure it was Mike Mularkey were turned down for the job.

  82. Noleriff Says:

    HEY JOE !!!!! Just found this :

    “According to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, there was “no signs” of Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer in Mobile, Alabama where practice is taking place for the annual Senior Bowl ”

  83. jvato24 Says:


    Orange is the one fruit that goes with beer … Atleast Tucher with an Orange is a homerun and a 6-pack of those things will sweep me under the rug.

    #1 The only way Zimmer gets a sniff is if he somehow has an allstar Offensive group coming with him. The Offense was the biggest dissapointment. The Defense is young and clearly missing pieces. The offense bombed out with decent talent. Bring back Mangurian to be the OL coach!!

  84. Joe Says:


    Orange is the one fruit that goes with beer

    Joe can’t live like that.

  85. Jonny Says:

    What are Tom Clements and Chudzinski going to bring to the table? There is more uncertainty surrounding these two than Sherman or Schottenheimer IMO. I like Marty and Zimmer over Sherman, Zimmer’s resume says he knows how to deal with a big group of people unlike the other 2 coordinator candidates.

  86. Meh Says:

    Joe, I completely agree with your beer rules. You wouldn’t happen to like a good stout too, would you?



    I know that. I just want to see the whole picture. Here are Green Bay’s offensive rankings before he took over:

    1993 6th
    1994 4th
    1995 6th
    1996 1st
    1997 2nd
    1998 6th
    1999 10th

    I can’t say I know that he did or did not do anything to affect that offense. It was good before and after him.

    I’m trying to find some Big 12 numbers for his time. As I said, the Big 12 was playing tons of offense and not a lot of defense, so, just seeing A&M’s offensive ranking alone, does not tell the whole story. If the defenses they play are not that great, lots of teams will have had high numbers, not just A&M (i.e. Oklahoma, OK St, Texas Tech, Texas).

  88. Northend Says:

    Joe,orange blossom is actually a honey beer.micro brewed out of otown.worth at least a sampler.lots of positive feedback .

  89. Patrick Says:


    Hate Sherman all you want, but his offenses at Texas a&m were very good actually. They went 6-6 because of their horrible defense!



    That’s what I’m saying. Most of the Big 12 puts up gawdy offensive numbers. Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St, Nebraska, Mizzou
    If everyone is putting up great numbers, do they really mean as much, or is it because the defenses aren’t as good?

    ….It would be different if they were the only ones lighting things up.

  91. Richard Says:

    I just can’t see Sherman as the doomsday scenario some people do. The guy won in the NFL. Sure, talk about his playoff record, but we just lost ten games in a row. We shouldn’t even be talking about playoffs right now.

  92. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    Im fine with Sherman, but would prefer Zimmer. Sherman is a disciplinarian and has developed QBs before. He has a winning record, and has experience as a HC. Plus, he has a phone contact list full of potential coordinators and position coaches. If its Sherman, he has to make peace with No. 99 QBKILLA. He doesnt need Warren off to the side throwing rocks at him in the media or to the players. Lets go Joel and Bryan-make it happen.

  93. mark2001 Says:

    It is true that none of us are qualified to hire a HC or staff.

    But what makes you think Dom and the Glazers are, other than that they have the money and position?

    We all knew that Rah was a long shot, but hoped that it would all work out. We bought the company line. You can only buy the line so many times before you have to say….woah…show me something. And we have yet to see anything but the same old thing.

    If I may. Their promises to rebuild this team properly are like us telling a date about our prowess and continuing to fail where it counts, and then expecting her to go out with us again. Of course, I’m not speaking of myself…. 🙂

  94. jimmy Says:


  95. eric Says:


    Good points. Apparenlty having Favre is good for offensive stats!

    I recall Sam and Gru had prolific offenses elsewhere that never panned out with bucs.

    Confused and bewildered fan here………………

    Only the steady hand of Mr. Joe can pull us through.

  96. Joe Says:


    Joe will agree: It was sickening the way Greg Olson wasted talent like LaGarrette Blount and then tried that nonsense Benn’d Around every game that averaged -7 an attempt. 🙁

  97. eric Says:

    I may have to go deep into the Himalayas with the monks for about six years to recover from this search thing.

    Of course when I come back we will be finishing our last 6-10 season under Sherman.


    What is it that Sherman brings to the table that Marty does not? Just curious. Offensive know-how?

    Marty has a resume that shows clear cut success (regular season). He took not great teams and improved them greatly.

    Has Sherman ever taken a mediocre team and made them great? Anywhere?

    I guess it’s a matter of do you want to defensive head coach who brings in a quality offensive coordinator, or the opposite.

    It’s not that I am 100% Marty, it just seems like amongst the apparent candidates, I’m not sure how other people are looking at the respective resumes, and saying yes to Sherman.

  99. Joe Says:

    ALSTOTTSMART!: Marty > Sherm

  100. Joe Says:


    I may have to go deep into the Himalayas with the monks for about six years to recover from this search thing.


  101. NickinMelbourne Says:

    So Joe since the Rockstar is leading this ill faited search and his connection with his agent takes us that much closer will you sour on Dom if Sherman is his guy or will you say this was the Glazers man the whole time???

  102. jvato24 Says:

    The Glazers will ultimately make this hire. FACT#

  103. mark2001 Says:

    And the taxpayers of Tampa will continue to subsidize this team….Fact.

    But one doesn’t have to be happy about either.

  104. Bobby Says:

    Personally, I prefer Sherman over Kelly but I’d rather have Marty, Zimmer or Clements.

  105. Richard Says:

    I just don’t want to hire a guy who’s pushing 70 and might decide to retire in two or three years and put us through this whole thing again.

    And don’t bring that “hire a successor to be assistant head coach” stuff. Our head coach needs to be THE man, not a seat warmer for one of his assistants.

  106. Nick2 Says:

    Sherman scares me for a few reasons, Favre propped him up in Green Bay, he has zero charisma to lead a fan base, I have no idea what kind of Coordinators he can bring along and pray its not anyone from his staff at A & M, and the whole idea of us being closer to him just because his agent is Dom’s agent is actually terrifying. Marty would be so much better. The guy can lead men. I cannot say that about Sherman in any way shape or form. Poor Warren, I do feel a little sorry for him right now.

  107. Paul Says:

    This is bad. You could say that Sherman was holding GB back.

    Sherman GB HC for 6yrs and went .594 regular season and .333 postseason.

    McCarthy did .656 regular season and .625 post season in his 6 yrs as GB HC

  108. Bobby Says:

    You know….when I read comments like “Favre propped him up in Green Bay” I think ‘how stupid is that!!??” What winning coach do you know that DIDN’T have a great QB?? Is Rogers just propping up McCarthy? Did Bradshaw just prop up Noll? Is Brees just propping up Peyton? Is Brady just propping up Belichick? Need any more examples or…. do ya get it? Either a team has one helluva defense or they have a good QB to compensate for the weakness on the defensive side. I guess all these coaches are or were just lucky……

  109. NickinMelb Says:

    Bobby the problem with your argument is is you read the majority of Packer fans did not like Sherman at all. Once he left they win the Superbowl. We don’t need the Dungy-Gruden debate here but Bret Favre is going to give you a top rated offense year in and year out unless you have your head up your arse. Bobby ask yourself this question, if Sherman is such a great hire why could he go no better than .500 at Texas A & M?? If you tell me it was recruiting or whatever then I will say that he made a huge miscalculation in thinking he could there and what it would take to win. The only thing on his side is he has coached some very immature players in college compared to most NFL players. That will bode well for him in Tampa where the same is true.

  110. Buzzsaw Says:

    “Joe can’t imagine what’s going through Warren Sapp’s mind about now.”

    It’s probably … I think I’ll have another donut.

  111. 941-Bucs Says:

    Marty Shottenhiemer
    Mike Zimmer
    Tom Clements
    Perry Fewell
    Jim Tomsula
    Hue Jackson(turned the team around and nearly has the Raiders on track to be good)
    Rich Bisaccia (i know bridge burned)

    Even the Talking Heads:
    Brian Billick
    Steve Marucci(i always spell his name wrong)

    I honestly would take any of those men over Sherman . Sorry just saying. Way more promise out there then in Sherman. Plus doesn’t come with Sapp’s Mean Mug everyday on NFL network.