It’s Mike Zimmer For Steve White

January 17th, 2012

Yesterday, former Bucs defensive end Steve White had a chat with the co-hosts of Primetime on WHBO-AM 1040, Ronnie Lane and Tom Krasniqi, to discuss all things NFL and the Bucs’ coaching search.

Of the names that have been linked to fill the void left by jettisoned coach Raheem Morris, White is fond of Cincinnati defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer.

“The list probably isn’t the list,” White said of the current known candidates. “As teams keep falling out of the playoffs, the list will get longer and longer. The Carolina coordinator (Mark Chudzinski), I’m not that high on as a head coach but he did do a good job with cam Newton. I am definitely a [Mike] Zimmer fan. You can never tell how a coordinator [makes the transition] to a head coach, how it will turn out. But [Zimmer] has experience and a resume of a guy that will get him in here and turn it around.

“He’s a go-getter. He’s not a polite Mr. Nice Guy, which I like. He’s a get-in-your-butt kind of a guy. He would lead my pack. I really would like it if you can bring that guy in as my head coach.”

Zimmer “is well respected around the league and bringing in a staff won’t be a problem because he has been around a while. He probably has a good idea of what he wants on a staff and has a good chance to reach out and get them. He has a good personality for a head coach. He’s a good disciplinarian.

“I’m not banging the table for the guy, but of the guys we have heard of on the list so far, he would be my favorite.”

Later, White added, “retreads are not a long-term solution.”

78 Responses to “It’s Mike Zimmer For Steve White”

  1. Meh Says:

    Zimmer sounds like a great choice to me, but I don’t think this is a fair knock on Chud. Chud has been successful everywhere he’s gone, not just with Cam. I think both would be excellent choices. I also think a retread, namely Marty, would be a great choice.

  2. ClayBURN94 Says:


  3. Name Required Says:

    “get-in-your-butt kind of guy…” A bit unsettling… But whatever floats your boat.

  4. Jonny Says:


  5. RCH Says:

    Well Nolan went to the falcons and spags has a lot of options where he can go hopefully we can get lucky and land del rio for DC. I like that were doing making sure that we find the right guy by doing a lot of interviews and taking our time but this is were it can hurt us by finding the rest of our coaching staff.

  6. Nick Says:

    I remember how his D played for him when his wife died and the scene in the locker room…

  7. eric Says:

    Bellichick and Coughlin are retreads, seem to be doing well long term.

    Where do these myths come from?

  8. Dave Says:

    I agree with Eric. Nothing wrong with a retread as long as it is the right fit. Right now the Bucs need a no-nonsense disciplinarian who knows how to structure things.

  9. Sgt Mike Says:

    Marty HC, Clements AHC/OC, Del Rio DC! Get it done before it’s just Marty left or worse!

  10. Buddhaboy Says:

    Patience young apprentices

  11. Dave Says:

    How about this:
    Marty on a 3 year deal in charge as HC to get things back on track with
    Zimmer as DC and coach in waiting.
    Clements as OC

    If only things were that simple

  12. FloridaGirl Says:

    Zimmer’s the way to go……younger than the rest, defensive minded to bring back similarities of the franchise of old….the reason Chud is getting credit for Cam Newton’s success is because it’s his first year so nothing on tape. Go with a coach with more than 1 year on a resume…..

    AND, buy a #1 receiver in the draft!

  13. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Yep, Eric is 100% right. This theory that you can’t win with retreads is ridiculous. Although I haven’t been crazy about 90% of the people we have been interviewing, they seem to be very thorough with interviewing a wide range of candidates. This is such a big hire for the future of this franchise, I just hope they get it right.

  14. Macabee Says:

    If the Caldwell firing in Indy doesn’t bring out Cowher or Gruden for talks, It is going to put some pressure on the Bucs to step up their selection of HC lest they get thrown into a bidding war between Miami, Indy, and the Bucs for the best of the rest! If that happens, I won’t like our chances!

  15. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Retreads the likes of Marty, have had great success. Marty has been very successful with three different teams.
    21 years as a head coach and only two losing seasons; I’ll take that every time.

  16. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Rah wasn’t a retread, how did that workout for ya?

  17. thibs5599 Says:

    I think it is Zimmer for a lot of us, however if he does go to the Dolphins I say go with Marty. Yea he is old, but he has passion for the game and players respect him. He will have no problem getting a staff together, plus with his age, I am sure coordinators would jump to coach under him knowing he will not be there forever.

  18. stevek Says:

    Rah is the D-Backs coach for the Skins, good for him.

    How bout the Glazer boys pull the trigger on a heckuva coach.

  19. passthebuc Says:

    If what White say’s is true, Zimmer would not come as he would not be permitted to hire his own staff.

    That right is reserved for Joe’s rock star GM.

  20. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Does anyone have an ounce of confidence that these guys will make a wise football decision based on recent history, especially with 4pm involved?

    We have hired and the fired probably a dozen or more coaches in the last 3 years. Including shipping out a super bowl winning head coach who just went 9-7 for RahRah Morris – nobody outside of an institution still believes that that was done for competitive football reasons. It was done bc Gru refused to further slash payroll and the 5 million per year was less than the additional 15-20 million that the Glazers wanted cut.

    This decision will be 10% football and 90% financial. Those of you, Joe, who believe that this group has prioritized winning for the last 8 years have your head in the sand (or elsewhere)and really need to open your eyes.

    Do you really believe that it’s just coincidence that the Glazers took payroll from the top of the NFL to the dead bottom after MANU by pure coincidence?

    If so, I have some waterfront property for sale.

  21. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Stevek: “rah is the skins d backs coach, good for him.” No Steve, good for us!

  22. stevek Says:

    LOL @ Thomas good point.

  23. Big Marlon B Says:

    judging by one of Mr. White’s comments, i would imagine he would want Zimmer to bring old man Jerry S to run the defense.

    in all seriousness tho, i would love to see Zimmer come in here….HC, DC, doesn’t matter to me. i think his intensity will rub off on the players and they will learn how important preparation is if they want to be successful.

  24. sandbagrudy Says:

    The word is spags is going to New Orleans nolan is gone and John Madden is still miturating on his feet . Billick is still in the booth

  25. sandbagrudy Says:

    Hey Thomas you call yourself a salesman? coffee is for closers!!!! put that coffee down!!!! abc always be closing!!!! They need the leads the glen gary leads

  26. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    He’s a get-in-your-butt kind of a guy. He would lead my pack. I really would like it…

    I’m not touching that one, Steve…

  27. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Smart move Pete, Joe didnt like a little off-color joke I made about Dom earlier – for some reason it is always the Dom jokes that get Joe’s panties in a wad.

  28. sandbagrudy Says:

    on a seroius note with the Indy job open now who’s going to direct any energy towards Tampa all the quality prospective coaches are on flights to Indy.Wow this is beginning to look real ugly like the fat girl in da club when the lights come on. Boo you taking me home tonight baby I’m red to go don’t worry I got you.

  29. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    On a side note:
    We could now end up with Morris Claiborne AND Dre Kirkpatrick.

    How cool is that????”?

  30. Thomas 2.2 Says:


    Dom makes us the fat girl in the club. Imagine: Marty, Sherman, Childress, Zimmer etc being offered the job being told that it is expected that you will win and then being introduced to the pop star who is supposed to assemble the roster for you to compete with : all of the sudden Marty and Zimm get real cold feet about their chances for success.

    Isnt this the guy who gave Mike Clayton 25 mill, Derrick Ward 10+mill, Nugent and Crowell multi-million deals then gave GMC 60+ mill and made him the 8th highest paid nfl player in 2011 for 4 games and 4 career sacks.

  31. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    If you believe all that Thomas, why are you still a fan? If you don’t think we have any chance of winning, why continue to follow this team and clog up this site with your hate? What good does it do? For me, the best thing about the offseason is hope. It’s ended badly all but once, but what’s the point in being down all the time? Doesn’t it bring you down on your daily life? If you have a wife, doesn’t it irritate her that your such a negative Nancy all the time? I can’t imagine anyone ever saying to you, “please, Thomas, tell me more about how bad the Bucs are going to be. I can never get enough of that stuff.”

  32. Northend Says:

    I think they got the guy and are just working thru dc/oc.Its been really first we would here how it went with marty,chilly, etc. Now we don’t know whats up with zimmer,Clement,Chud.

    What happened yesterday with Zimmer ?Good friends with Ireland in Miami spent 7 years together and he docent get their callback ?????Maybe he is spoken for already and we now need oc ?just a thought

  33. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    Thomas 2.2 Says:
    January 17th, 2012 at 7:31 pm


    Dom makes us the fat girl in the club. Imagine: Marty, Sherman, Childress, Zimmer etc being offered the job being told that it is expected that you will win and then being introduced to the pop star who is supposed to assemble the roster for you to compete with : all of the sudden Marty and Zimm get real cold feet about their chances for success.

    When did Marty get cold feet. Are you just making stuff up now?

    Marty has ONLY shown interest in the Bucs.

  34. Big Marlon B Says:

    @ REAL

    how do u figure we could end up with Claiborne AND Kirkpatrick?? Claiborne is a guaranteed top 5 pick….Kirkpatrick is top 15-20. i’m not sure i understand your logic.

  35. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    You know what I think, Thomas? I think you complain about the Glazers not spending, and then you complain that they spend…and then you complain they don’t spend…

    …know what this tells everyone? That you are not truly a fan of the Bucs. That you are nothing more than a troll trying to sew resentment amongst the true fans.

    That’s why every post you make…every post…is negative. Case in point…you whined and whined that the Glazers needed to fire Raheem Morris…you got your way, and so now you are whining about the coaching search.

    I seriously do not know how you don’t hold a gun to your head and pull the trigger, because I don’t see how ANYONE can be so negative so much of the time and still want to live.

    I guess I can understand it…I mean you have failed at most things in life, right? There’s a reason for that. It can be turned around though…you just need a visit from the ghosts of past, present and future.

    And then you need to eat some chocolate to ease those PMS symptoms.

    And then you need to rent a female body to tell you she loves you, since you can’t get one without paying.

    And then you need to tell the rest of your fellow Falcons fans that you need backup on JBF…because we are figuring you out. OR, you could change your name again.

  36. RustyRhino Says:

    High times in Thomas 2.2 land, when we do hire a new coach, and we will soon. How long before your b itching about them Thomas? 2-3 days if we are lucky. What happens if this new coach wants to say change to a 3-4, we don’t have the paitents to let those players learn the system before, the ax falls on this new coach. Then we start over again? Taking our time finding a new coach is not bad, but complaining because we are not doing backflips over the ones being interviewed is crazy.

  37. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    Big Marlon B Says:
    January 17th, 2012 at 7:41 pm

    @ REAL

    how do u figure we could end up with Claiborne AND Kirkpatrick?? Claiborne is a guaranteed top 5 pick….Kirkpatrick is top 15-20. i’m not sure i understand your logic.

    Last night Dre was busted for pot. He’s now going to fall perhaps as far as 3rd round. We could nabb Mo in the first and Dre in the second.

  38. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Big Marlon B,

    I think he’s thinking that because Kirkpatrick got arrested this morning for marijuana possession, so his stock could possibly drop. I highly doubt he will drop to the second round, because there will usually be teams that will ignore those issues (cough cough Dallas, cough cough Oakland) and take them anyway.

  39. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    If we get Marty, he will claim the Glazers hired a has been that no other team wanted. Watch and see.

  40. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    @Hawaiian Buc
    Anything is possible! 😉

  41. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    Btw…if we do manage to get Dre, it will give Thomas something else to whine about.

  42. thibs5599 Says:

    Miami is bringing back three coaches for a second round of interviews, Mike Zimmer not being one of them. Looks like we do not have to worry about Zimmer going to Miami. There are a lot of candidates out there guys, who cares if the colts just fired their coach, there are plenty to go around.

  43. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    You can be a fan of the team and not the owners. You can love your hometown team and not love the motivations for the decisions that they make.

    No one is more passionate that the MANU fans. They hate the Glazers for a similar, although not identical, reason. The Glazers took their franchise from debt-free with unlimited funds to get the best talent, to debt-strapped and unable to pay for great and expensive players (Rinaldo). It would be stupid to say that the Manu fans don’t love their team, it is their passion that fuels their anger.

    I, unlike most of you, am unable to ignore the overwhelming evidence about what has motivated these owners since 2004.

    I will support whoever they hire as coach. I supported Rah initially even though I knew/and told all of you that he wasn’t competent.
    What I have grown intolerant of is this intentional manipulation by Joe to not only give Dom a pass but act like he has done a good job – I hate spin. Dom flat-out has done a bad job, 17 wins, 2 last place finishes in 3 years, talent that many say is at the league bottom, and not recognizing sooner (as I did) that this plan was doomed to failure.

    I agreed that it was acceptable to give him a year free from Rah’s incompetence, but everyone should agree that Dom is on a short leash.

    Then, Sapp implies that Dom has a poor work ethic. Finally, the Glazers say that it is necessary that the coaching candidate be “compatible” with Dom. That was the last straw with me.

    You hire the best coach, if it neuters Dom who cares? If winning is your goal. If creating an excuse for hiring a neophyte (or a low-demand / cheap experienced coach like Sherman) is your true goal, then you create this compatibility excuse.

    We are the NFL’s worst franchise as of week 17, I told you all this would happen, and I don’t trust the same decision makers to do it different this time. Being negative is inevitable when you are this bad.

  44. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    No, I will be very happy if they hire Marty, and more happy if Brian comes also.

  45. Brad Says:

    @eric. Agree with 100% on retreads. That’s a bunch of BS. I’m for a coach that is allowed to hire his own staff. I still believe once the choice is made, the pop star will be forced to step down. If he hires the coach and staff we are doomed.

  46. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Thomas 2.2 – Your comments about Man. U. are nuts. Team Glazer is hardly loathed by all fans there as you claim. And the payroll there is quite high and Team Glazer has delivered multiple championships to the club, including the coveted Champions League title. Whaddya know, Man U. is in second place in the 20 team league midway through the season.

    Second, saying Joe is intentionally manipulating is ridiculous. So Joe isn’t ready to hang the GM on the heels of the one of the worst coaching collapses in league history, and somehow Joe is manipulative because of this?

    As for Sapp’s comments about Dominik leaving the office early, they are so out there Joe wouldn’t even touch them, especially in an age when someone can work from anywhere. If one is to give Sapp’s take credibility, then one is to believe Sapp actually knows when Dominik gets to the office every morning, whether he returns at night, whether he works every weekend. Obviously, Sapp has no clue.

    And when did Glazer say a new coach has to be “compatible” with Dominik?

    Dude, you’re screaming into an empty room. Save your rage for when they actually hire a coach.

  47. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Why The Hell does the new coach “have to get along with Dom” ?
    Diminik is the one responsible, for much of this.

  48. Brian Says:

    I’ve never been a huge fan of Dom, but lets get realistic here.

    We have NO idea what kind of parameters that the Glazer’s have given Dom.
    Sure, Dom could be horrible. We really have no idea though.

    What if the G’s told Dom what kind of offense and defense they want and how much money he was aloud to spend? Think about it. We will never know the answer to that.
    The only way we would know, is if Dom and the Royals had a huge fallout and he got fired, and he ranted. Maybe that’s a reason he’s still around? Hmm..
    Point is we will never know.

    We don’t know what they have told him. Maybe they extended him, because he has done exactly what they have told him to do. Maybe he’s just a “Yes” man.

    Don’t hate on Dom, because we don’t know. Yes, he’s made a couple of bad signings, but who doesn’t? Hell Belichick signed ochostinko and fat albert this year.

  49. Mark Says:

    I’m not sold on Zimmer, the Dolphins today said Zimmer is no longer being considered and they are giving 2nd interviews to Philbin, McCoy & Bowles and not Zimmer. With Zimmer being passed over once again and this time by a team led by a GM that he worked with in the past in Ireland says alot. I think we need to pass on him as well. Sign Marty with Todd Haley as OC and Spags or Jack Del Rio as DC and we’ll look good next year with some discipline instilled in our young players.

  50. Big Marlon B Says:

    i was unaware of Dre Kirkpatrick’s arrest, thanks. i still dont think it will drop him to the 3rd round tho. Janoris Jenkins was arrested twice for possession, and he might be able to sneak into the 1st round just because he is so talented.

    Kirkpatrick is also a team first kind of guy, he will do what it takes to help his team. yea he made a dumb mistake, but its not like he’s the diva kind of personality that would scare teams off even more. the arrest will raise some eyebrows, but ultimately i don’t think it will end up affecting his draft status too much.

  51. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “What I have grown intolerant of is this intentional manipulation by Joe to not only give Dom a pass but act like he has done a good job – I HATE SPIN.”


    Pot, meet kettle. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when I read this statement. I honestly didn’t even read the rest of your comment. You saying you hate spin is like T-Jax telling people to stay off drugs.

  52. Thomas 2.2 Says:


    I standard corrected: your article didn’t say the Glazers wanted a coach “compatible” with Dominik – it said they wanted a coach “who can work with” Dominik. How soon you forget.

    The fan base in general hates the Glazers but loves Sir Alex Ferguson the holdover manager of the club. The Glazers have raised prices and scaled back talent. Yes, they won Championships but it is a stretch to credit the Glazers for that, read virtually every article published on the subject.

    Joe, not hanging Dom and fanatically exaggerating his value by calling him a rockstar are very different – and you know it.

    In fact, I doubt 1 person would agree with you that Dom has earned your nickname while presiding over the worst stretch in franchise history. No, we have never been down 42-0 in 1.5 quarters before.

    As for Sapp, obviously a person or people in the building are sharing information with Warren – I doubt that he would say this without seeing or hearing of this from a reliable source.

  53. sensiblebuc Says:

    Miami Herald: Mike Zimmer “Too Blunt And Honest” For The Miami Dolphins

    “The Dolphins liked Zimmer’s résumé, and he and general manager Jeff Ireland have a good relationship. But one source said he might have been too blunt and honest for the Dolphins’ liking. Zimmer can be outspoken at times, including calling former Falcons coach Bobby Petrino a “gutless b–tard” for leaving the job without telling any of his assistants.”


  54. sensiblebuc Says:

    Never seen Zimmer interviewed but he sounds like an entertaining guy that will bring an edge. He reminds me (for better or for worse) of Jim Schwartz. He’s going to rub some people the wrong way but the people in his building & his city love him as evidenced here:

  55. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    No Hawaiian: you thought, bc you said, that me saying that Rah was incompetent and this rebuild budget plan was destined for failure was spin – it wasn’t, it was reality.

    Spin is influencing a misinterpretation of facts, it is not what I did – tell you sheep the objective truth about what was going on – and in short order being proven totally correct – while you and Joe look foolish acting like this budget “plan” would win football games.

    42-0 in 1.5 quarters – just consider what it takes to be that bad.

  56. eric Says:

    Too blunt and honest????

    Not sure how that would play in glazer land but id love to find out.

    Im thinking the fools gold thing might not fly with the guy.

  57. eric Says:

    I give dom a pass because I can’t judge his drafts because ofI rah. I would have hired a more experienced gm just to be sure though. Like a surgeon removing two potentially malignant tumors. Don’t take a chance.

    As for rockstar it refers to his celebrity status after 2010 draft appearing on all the football shows. That nickname cuts both ways. Rockstar or “rockstar”.

    No need to have a cow over it. Besides busting joes chops about it is half the fun.

  58. sensiblebuc Says:

    @ eric

    Reading what Bengals fans have to say about the guy and hearing the “too blunt & honest” comment swayed me. My only consternation with Zimmer being a candidate was the fact that he’s been a known commodity for awhile, been through a ton of interviews but never got hired. I figured that he had Norm Chow/Wade Phillips syndrome in that he had hit his ceiling in a coordinator role & wasn’t CEO/head coach material. It looks like his problem was that other franchises werent willing to take on a guy who has an edge.

    I hope we take that chance!

  59. eric Says:

    In other words he ain’t a company man bs artist.

    Love it!

  60. sensiblebuc Says:

    He sounds a little like Coach Spurrier!

  61. j lynch Says:

    Rah wasnt a retread… No he was a retard!!!!!!

  62. jvato24 Says:

    The Bucs had a record breaking year in 2010. Youngest team to win 10 games or whatever. Blount and Williams were 1st rookies to lead the league in their categories.

    All of the sudden the team gets undisciplined with no direction and Dominik has drafted all busts now. If you believe that you are as stupid as you sound.

  63. BamBamBuc Says:

    Thomas is about as predictable as Greg Olsen’s offense. But, instead of run pass pass punt, it’s more like….WHINE all the time.

    Whine about every draft choice because there’s bound to be a bust out there somewhere. Even if a first rounder plays ok, he can always whine that the 7th rounders aren’t playing like All Pro’s.

    Whine about the head coach (ok, maybe that was deserved). But when the coach is fired turn immediately to whining about the coaching search AND about a ridiculous nickname given to the GM. Whine about the GM too, not just the nickname… so predictable.

    And when the news is really slow, WHINE about the owners and how cheap they are. The ultimate fall-back. When there’s nothing else to whine about, the owners are always there.

    Then the cycle starts over. Whine about the draft, about the coaches, about the GM, about the owners. He’s bound to be right on occasion, which gives him “bragging rights”.

    Difference is, I can be positive about things, even to a fault…. and even I’m bound to be right from time to time. Funny thing though, I’m not jumping up and down screaming about the things I was right about. It’s not my purpose in life to have all of you think I’m some football genius that could offer my services to the team (for FREE even) because I got something right.

    And now, to be “on topic”, I appreciate Steve White’s break down of the D-line after games, but I really couldn’t care less who he thinks our next head coach should be.

  64. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    I admit that I was wrong about you Thomas. You did call from the get go, I drank the Kool Aid and admittedly really wanted Rah to be our coach for the next decade. If we were really modeling the Steeler Way Rah would still be here, but now that he isn’t I admit that you were right about mostly everything and present logical points.

    You are too harsh on GMC, we were 4-2 with him, 0-10 without that has to say something. But I agree with you about Dominik and think he is only with the team because he kissed behind in a back stabbing fashion behind Morris’s back.

  65. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “No Hawaiian: you thought, bc you said, that me saying that Rah was incompetent and this rebuild budget plan was destined for failure was spin – it wasn’t, it was reality.”


    My God you are an idiot! My whole point blew right by you. Maybe if you could read and comprehend beyond a third grade level you would understand.

  66. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Thomas 2.2 – You reallly have no clue on your soccer comments. You say the Man. U fans are only devoted to their holdover iconic head coach, who just happens to be the same icon who repeatedly says he’s never been denied a player.

  67. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “@Thomas 2.2 – You reallly have no clue on your soccer comments. ”


    ……kind of like his football comments.

  68. MattfromManc Says:

    This is my first time posting. I’m from Manchester and been a bucs fan for almost 13 years. I’m also a big united fan. I have to say Thomas2.2 is bang on about how the fans feel about the glazers. They are hated by 99 per cent of fans. they are cheap. There are many rumours from last season that fergie and Rooney (our best player) conspired to get the glazers spending by Rooney saying he wanted to leave due to the lack of ambition by the glazers lack of world class talent being brought in. This did persuade the glazers to spend a little but they do cap spending as they now run it as a pure business. They have certainly not helped the team achieve success. They were already the most decorated club in England.

    On another note I may agree with Thomas on this but that ends here. Lighten up tommy boy, the world isn’t ending.

    Martyball is what I want along with mo Claiborne in the draft and the best available offensive talent in the 2nd

  69. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Wow Joe? Matt from Manchester chimes in and says I am right and you are wrong. Again. First about the bucs now about Manu. LOL! LMAO!

    BTW – Matt this may scare you re bucs but I agree that both moves (Marty and Mo Clai) are the best 2 options for us at this point.

    Joe, If you would just read publications about Manu since the Glazers took over you would see ONE consistent theme – that (99%) of the fans hate (passonately) the Glazers. There are articles as recent as late December on this subject. Yes, Ferguson defends the Glazer’s but here is a clue Joe, they are his bosses.

  70. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Thomas 2.2. — Don’t believe every anonymous poster you read on the Internet. It’s a good rule. This Joe actually hosted an all-soccer radio show in the 1990s that aired in Tampa and three other US markets. Very plugged into the soccer world and very aware of what I’m writing. Loud doesn’t equal numbers or reality. You’re wonderful evidence of that.

  71. Dave Says:

    I really do not understand why some people are so damn negative (like thomas for example).

    Why is everyone so quick to bash the Glazers? After they bought the team did they not get it built into a winner with Dungy? Did they not make the necessary move to get a coach to go the next level and win the SB (Gruden)? Did they not make the right decision in firing Gruden because the team was wallowing in mediocrity just pluggin holes with aging vets, never progressing any further?

    The only bad decision they have made is Raheem and that is debatable given what he had the team doing in 2010.

    Really, the only negative I see from them as owners is the lack of spending in the last few years, but even that is arguable because of the spending they did with McKay and then Gruden.

    The reality is, their biggest flaw as an American football team owner is the fact that they leveraged themselves too much during a bad economic time to get a futbol team.

  72. Dave Says:

    I do not understand why so many are so quick to jump all over one potential coach and then another as being so horrible.
    Full disclosure: my first reaction to Chilly getting an interview was “What the F***?!?!?”

    The reality is none of us know how ANY of them will do. A retread could work, a young OC or DC could, a college coach could, a long time coach who never got the HC before could,e tc… we do not know.

    I think most of us are in agreement on these 2 things:

    1. There is NO ONE out there who will blow us away. There are no multiple SB winners who aren’t already coaching or retired for good.

    2. This young Bucs team NEEDS a no-nonsense disciplinarian HC.

  73. MattfromManc Says:


    Fair point about the anonymous poster but, and thats a big but, check up on united fans opinion. Another example was the newton heath scarves (green and gold) that fans began to wear to protest against the glazers. Almost all fans had one symbolizing the clubs roots and basically saying they want them gone. When the glazers leave Manchester it will be a joyous occassion!

    There are regular protests outside the ground saying glazers out etc etc

    Businesses are run diferently on your side of the pond than mine, the fans didnt like how the glazers were going to change things and put the club in heaps of debt, which carries a small level of risk.

    I think the main reason they are hated so much is that they do not love the club, to them its only a business and if it came down to turning over a profit or winning the treble they would take the money everytime.

  74. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Joe, I am thrilled that you were involved with American soccer in the nineties – my daughters play American soccer: so what? Is this your bulldogs comparison? The proof of the disdain for the Glazers is everywhere, just because you don’t want to accept that people in both communities are angry at these owners for the same reason doesn’t mean that it isn’t obviously true.

    Thomas, you must continue to stop lying about Joe, otherwise you’ll need to find another Internet home for whatever it is you do. Joe surely knows that fans of both teams are angry with Team Glazer about spending and finances. But your representation of that percentage is ludicrous. —Joe

    Joe refuses to acknowledge the obvious truth when it comes to the Glazers. Your fans don’t like the Glazers bc they didnt have the money to buy your debt-free franchise, and borrowed the money using high-interest loans, which turned MANU into debt-strapped and completely changed the way that team did business.

    Coincidentally (not) at the same time Manu was acquired we went from the top to the bottom in player salary and from Super Bowl champs to the worst team in the NFL. MOst people with a brain believe that Buc $ was being used to float the MANU loan payments – the Glazers could EASILY disprove this but won’t open their books completely (I wonder why?).

    Also coincidentally (not) as the high-interest MANU loans are coming due the Glazers take the franchise public on the Singapore Stock Exchange to generate cash that they don’t have. Why Singapore? Maybe because it isn’t regulated the same way other markets are and financial disclosure mandates aren’t as stringent.

    The conclusion is also obvious as to why the Bucs didn’t interview Fisher and Fisher had no interest in the Bucs. If I were a high-demand coach I wouldn’t get anywhere near this mess.

    But Joe go right on believing that the Glazers decisions to slash payroll, fire Gru-Allen hire Rah-Dom (and not a competent but expensive replacement), not have 2 coordinators, a high-level scouting staff etc – were intended to win and not to cut $ bc they were in a financial pinch.

    Funny how firing Gru-Allen and flushing $20 million or so there was a cost-saving move. –Joe

    Just read Andy Green’s article about how leveraged First Allied was (there only real business other than the Bucs and Manu).

  75. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Bye, Thomas. Lying about the host, insulting the host and misrepresenting the host gets you run. There are no topics off limits here, other than JOe not wanting threads to spiral way off subject, or swerve into sexual realms or political realms, unless that’s what the post’s about. –Joe

  76. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Nice try, Thomas. You insulted Joe and misrepresented Joe.. You’ve been warned numerous times. YOu’re no bigger or smaller than anyone else here. When Joe has to babysit a commenter who is smearing him, then Joe pulls the plug. –Joe

  77. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’m literally doing a happy dance right now

  78. Mike Says:

    Great player anyway!