Greg Schiano The Mystery Candidate?

January 26th, 2012

OK, Joe would never run with a wild rumor unless he somewhat trusts the man (woman?) who comes up with the information.

Darek Sharp of WDAE-AM 620 is reporting that the Bucs’ mystery candidate is Rutgers coach Greg Schiano.

Now Joe knows that per WDAE guidelines put in place after the Team Glazer/Bernie Madoff nonsense, anyone at the station who reports a breaking story must have two independent sources. Also, Sharp has a background in newspapers, so Joe trusts his standard of ethics.

Now Schiano is an interesting candidate. He brought Rutgers from the ashes into a consistent Big East title contender. Many thought he was the leading candidate to replace Joe Paterno whenever he retired/died, but Penn State decided to go outside the box and hire an NFL assistant with a pathetic college record.

Schiano worked for both Paterno as a defensive backs coach and Butch Davis at Miami as a defensive backs coach. Schiano also was a secondary coach with the Bears in the late 1990’s.

Time will tell if Schiano is the next Bucs coach but it is an interesting choice.

55 Responses to “Greg Schiano The Mystery Candidate?”

  1. Northend Says:

    Another left fiield choice but not bad.

  2. Nick Says:

    I think I’m ok with this. Better to take a chance than go the safe mundane rout

  3. Dave Says:

    I don’t know him otehr than what he did with Rutgers, which is no small feat. But it appears to be a DB coach with no NFL HC experieince….. sound familiar. Granted, he has had a lot of time at HC, so that is a plus, but, not sure about.

    Hopefully if that is the pick they have a strong OC lined up (Clements? Chud?)

  4. Joe Says:


    Agreed. He did a helluva job with Rutgers. That program was like Temple (before Al Golden turned around that program), a toilet of a football program and he made them into consistent winners.

    The guy has good bloodlines. Intriguing.

  5. eric Says:

    Rutgers coach???????????????????

    Good Lord.

  6. Noleriff Says:

    @ Joe

    ….don’t get me wrong, I like Schiano and think he’s INFINITELY better than either Sherman or Kelly……but it seems to go against everyone’s belief that the Glazers want an Offensive guy doesn’t it ??

  7. Joe Says:


    Unless he has an offensive coordinator up his sleeve we don’t know about.

  8. Matthew Says:

    I love how every random rumor or possibility has people jumping. The fact is NO ONE really knows what the Glazers are planning, which makes them great business men. (People can hate them all they want but you can’t deny this) The beat writers/local radio/media are always two steps behind, and all of our previous coaching searchs have produced outsie the box canidates or against conventional wisdom. Some were successes Dungy/Gruden, some not so much Raheem, but they were always doing their own thing. Let’s all settle down and wait till we actually see a guy wearing a Bucs hat at the podium as our HC before jumping to conclusions.

  9. Nick Says:

    Word is this guy is Bellichikian

  10. passthebuc Says:

    Under the theory he did a hell of a job with Rutgers and that is the only reason for a move to run the bucs, why not just hire Plant HS”s coach??????

  11. Name Required Says:

    I love it.

    Schiano updated the facilities and made Rutgers a hotspot for recruiting. Stole players from Florida.

    That man is a serious competitor.

  12. Rich Says:

    NJ Bucs Fan here… listen i know at this point the “realistic” choices are nothing to get too pumped over. So as a fan, we would be most likely “settling” at this point when it comes to our head coach option. What I will say is, if this works out, Coach Schiano at the minimum, is one hell of a passionate man. And he is very well respected throughout the entire community. So I actually wouldnt mind this choice, and all I can say is, I HOPE we get some splash in FA since there isnt going to be much “SPLASH” in the coaching choice.

  13. Joe Says:


    Schiano has a better resume than Mike Sherman. And to play along, a better resume than Anthony Weiner.

  14. Brown Bag Back On? Says:

    Wonderful. So another journalist wants to scoop the potential hiring of a college coach who now immediately must sh!t or get off the pot. GReat going WDAE

  15. Brown Bag Back On? Says:

    Can anyone plug the leak in the Bucs dyke?

  16. Name Required Says:


    Rick Stroud broke the Chip Kelly story. He was two steps ahead of everyone else.

    Sharp doesn’t just throw crap against the wall. He is part of the flagship station.

  17. Tom Collins Says:

    Schiano is one of the premier defensive minds in college football, whether that transfers to the nfl, time will tell.

    As an alumni from Penn State, I can say that this guy was certainly one of the front runners for our head coaching search and probably the fan favorite. His stock was much higher several years ago, although he did have some studly recruits then. And he’s coached at the U when there were constantly producing NFL stars.

    5-1 record in bowl games, this guy is like the anti-schottenheimer. I think this is a very solid hire.

  18. eric Says:

    Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

    Thus, it must be true.

  19. Joe Says:


    Rick Stroud broke the Chip Kelly story. He was two steps ahead of everyone else.

    Might want to try that again. You are patently inaccurate. Hell, Joe had the rumor on Twitter before Stroud and Joe did not break the story.

  20. Name Required Says:

    @Brown Bag

    Rutgers hardly have the boosters nor the jack Oregon has. This should be pretty easy if the money is close to Chip’s offer.

  21. Name Required Says:

    My bad, Joe. Went based on PFT.

  22. Joe Says:


    Joe can see it now: Schiano has a modicum of success with the Bucs. In five years, he leaves (for whatever reason) to take the opening at Penn State after Bill O’Brien is dismissed.

  23. Name Required Says:

    Hence, I am no journalist.

  24. Name Required Says:

    Sherman, Chud, Schiano.

  25. Name Required Says:

    Fargin hope it’s Schiano over the fargin icehole Sherman.

  26. jLM Says:

    Nfl network is reporting it now.

  27. David Says:

    I’ll take it!

  28. Matthew Says:

    No offense but you are incorrect Rick Stroud did not break the Chip Kelly story. A portland reporter at the “Oregonian” did, and the national press/Rick Stroud RE-reported it. The local media has been pushing Sherman for sometime as the lead canidate. I’m not saying Sharp doesn’t have sources or that Schiano isn’t being considered. What I’m saying is that until a HC is at the podium all of this is speculation, none of which anyone can be sure isn’t intentional leaks or smoke screens from the Glazers.

  29. Patrick Says:

    “Greg Schiano”


  30. Name Required Says:


    …And I retracted it after a correction from Joe. My bad, I own up.

    I am no journalist.

  31. Jdog Says:

    Adam schefter reporting it’s a done deal!

  32. Patrick Says:


    WHAT??! WHO?

  33. eric Says:

    And that Sherman is in Miami to get Miami OC gig!

  34. Jdog Says:

    Bucs and schiano finalizing contract.

  35. Sgt Mike Says:

    Pis poor. Never heard of the guy. Rutgers ? Big East football is suspect at best. Not to mention at this point who will his assistant coaches be? College assistants? So I guess we will come full circle. Played like a Big East team now we will be coached like a Big East team. Great job Glazerhouse idiots and Dumbinik. Just sell the friggen team already!

  36. jarrett Says:

    schefter says schiano is finalizing deal, lets move forward buc fans

  37. Name Required Says:

    He was obviously ready to leave Rutgers for the Penn State job.

    Glazers smelled blood in the water. Genius.

  38. Patrick Says:

    Face it, the Bucs are a joke! They take forever to find a coach and still don’t hire the right one!

  39. eric Says:

    This guy last coached in the Pinstripe Bowl. His offense was 89th in the Country.

    And he is going to jump to the NFL?

  40. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Bucs got back to WDAE about this:

    “Not YET” was their response. Sounds like they are trying to close the deal.

  41. Pete Dutcher Says:

    49-28 over the last 6 years, and won a bunch of bowl games. 2 years experience in the NFL.

  42. Patrick Says:

    Wow, I just looked this guy up. Sh!tty resume! He’s only .500 as a college coach and his only NFL experience is 3 years as a DB coach for the Bears!
    What has this guy done?!

  43. Joe Says:


    Pis poor. Never heard of the guy.

    Not much of a football fan Joe takes it?

  44. Joe Says:


    “Greg Schiano”


    Don’t be stupid.

  45. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Patrick Says:
    January 26th, 2012 at 11:32 am

    Face it, the Bucs are a joke! They take forever to find a coach and still don’t hire the right one!

    We don’t know that he’s not the right coach…and won’t for at least 2 years.

    It looks like the Bucs will likely pick his coordinators, right? That bodes well .

    Seriously…the OC better be top of the line.

  46. Pete Dutcher Says:

    The choice is growing on me. Slowly but growing. MUCH better option than Sherman as head coach…and we still might end up with Sherman or Marty or Arians as OC.

  47. Tom Collins Says:


    Albert Breer on Twitter:
    Penn State was long rumored to be Greg Schiano’s dream job … Gotta wonder if the fact that he didn’t get it factored in to bolting Rutgers

    Your vision is a very real possibility…here’s to hoping O’Brien dominates the Big 12!

  48. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Sharpe is saying that if his sources are correct, his entire coaching staff could be filled by today.

  49. Lynn Overdeer Says:

    Wikipedia already lists him as the new coach!

  50. Sgt Mike Says:

    @ joe

    Not a huge college football fan. I follow some of the larger programs and USF. Just don’t see how hiring this former NFL DB coach with an average college resume is too much different than hiring Morris which I didn’t like as well. To me it just sounds like the Glazerhouses were being cheap again and Dumbinik found someone he may be able to control a bit. Hope this guy puts the Bucs back on the map but won’t be surprised if he doesn’t. Tired of waiting on getting back to competitive football.

  51. Joe Says:


    Just don’t see how hiring this former NFL DB coach with an average college resume is too much different than hiring Morris which I didn’t like as well.

    1) Schiano has more experience and a better resume than Morris.

    2) Schiano did a unreal job at Rutgers — there may not have been a worse program in America before Schiano got there.

  52. atrain300 Says:

    I like it!

  53. BigMacAttack Says:

    I’m down with this hire also. Thank goodness it wasn’t Sherman or another retread. A fresh face in the NFL is a good thing…. I hope. Well I start out in support of the new coach and hope he can turn things around.

  54. Sgt Mike Says:

    I’m not sure what a great job at barely a division I team/school has to do with qualifications. Some no name coach did a great job a few years back at Pearl River Comm College and it didn’t mean squat. Pragrams like Rutgers play a portion of there seasons against D-II schools or D-I schools that are barely that. Didn’t see Rutgers playing for a National Championship recently. While he may be a great COLLEGE HC it doesn’t completely factor in the same way. Nick Saban, Steve Spurrier and others with more experience at larger programs were not able to make the leap. Just don’t see the NFL pedigree with this guy that some others have had and failed to make it in the NFL. Not saying he won’t be the next great coach just stating the facts.. The ODDS are not in his favor making it look like a setup for failure with this clueless group in the front office. Just don’t see it.

  55. Bucfish Says:

    For those of you that have to “look up” Schiano because you never heard of him: really? If you’ve watched college football the last 5 to 6 years – especially if you’ve watched USF – then you’d know exactly who Schiano is and you’d be excited. Don’t take a look at his overall record. He took over a program that had been to one bowl game ever in their history, so it took him a while to turn it around – it’s not like he can bring in free agents for a quick face lift. Turning around a no-name college program takes time, and he did it big time! He should be able to turn the Bucs around much quicker.