Could Today’s Result Matter?

January 1st, 2012

One could assume that Team Glazer already has made a decision on Raheem Morris’ future. It seems logical that Raheem showed enough in 2011 to have been evaluated objectively already, so the team can move seamlessly beginning Monday into its 2012 season.

But who is Joe, or any fan or media type, to predict how Team Glazer will judge its head coach? Joe surely has no clue how Team Glazer will proceed.

So that could mean today’s result in Atlanta will be a factor in the future of the coaching staff. Joe wouldn’t care either way; Joe’s seen enough to know the Bucs have suffered from some awful coaching. But ownership and Mark Dominik might have a different attitude.

Perhaps the Bucs end up playing a motivated Atlanta team eager for a higher playoff seed and the Bucs put a beating on them and shock the NFL, and the players douse Raheem with Gatorade and make a postgame case that losing is behind them.

Joe realizes the above scenario is about as likely as Joe getting a job shaving the Hooters Calendar ladies before next year’s shoot, but it is possible.

And it’s also possible that Team Glazer is still evaluating the future of its head coach.

14 Responses to “Could Today’s Result Matter?”

  1. canadianbuc Says:

    1) I just don’t see how we can win today with our confidence level at 0.
    2) The players have played absolutely pathetic why would they change today?
    3) Raheem needs to go…………..TOMORROW!!

  2. j lynch Says:

    No he needs to go TODAY!!!!!!

  3. Macabee Says:

    No, and it shouldn’t! I’m ready to move on! I don’t want to browbeat this guy anymore. Next year would only be more of the same because, IMO, the schedule only gets harder with the already tough and getting tougher NFC-South, NFC-East, and AFC-West. I want some fresh red meat to chew on from this point forward. And when you guys are making your New Year’s resolutions, please promise that you will let Raheem Morris rest in peace and not blame him for next year’s losses!

  4. Pete Dutcher Says:

    If I were owner, I would fire him tomorrow, win or lose.

    No one here made the case for firing him…Morris himself has for me. His handling of things in the last few weeks would have forced my hand. The clincher was his comments that he was a coach of the year candidate last year, and he can’t go from that to being a bad coach…so it must be the players.

    Not only was that irresponsible, but it probably alienate every player on the team.

    So yes…I would fire him.

    If he had handled adversity better? Maybe not. It would depend on many factors. At the very least, I would take more control of the team I owned.

    I’ve listed my coaching preferences. If I were owner I would do as much as I could to make that happen. It would be an all star lineup of coaches and it’s actually possible.

  5. Traew Says:

    “shaving the Hooters ladies”?

    Joe you big perv.

  6. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Finally, some reasonable and solid commentary from Pete! Here is to a fresh start in 2012.

  7. JK Says:

    NFL FOX pregame had a rumor that Jeff Fischer was at the Bucs team hotel in Atanta last night. He denies any interview.

  8. TurnThePage Says:

    Pete is like a politician. He changes his story and comprimises his position as reality unfolds in front of his eyes realizing that he can no longer support his “cause to save Raheem” any longer.

    Very similar to Niko the Optimist.

    Too bad you couldnt see this terrible coaching for what it was, poor coaching. The defense has been horrible for 3 years under Raheem. He wanted control of it in order to control his own destiny, but he failed. He has no control of his defense or team.

    Big deal. Life goes on. Raheem gets to pocket his change and then move on to a coaching position in which he is qualified for.

    Time to turn the page on this aweful chapter.

    Pete, are you gonna support the next head coach or are you gonna be like Shaun King?

  9. Patrick Says:

    “and the players douse Raheem with Gatorade and make a postgame case that losing is behind them.”

    Oh, woohoo!! Gatorade bath for going 5-11 and breaking a 9 game losing streak!

    Yeah, I actually could see them embarrasing Bucs fans like that on TV.

  10. gotbbucs Says:

    i see absolutely no reason to drag this out any further than tomorrow morning. theres nothing to evaluate at this point. morris engraved his own tombstone with his recent comments and the fact that his defensive scheme is about to re-write history.

  11. Architek Says:

    Fire him after the game.

  12. Pruritis Ani Says:

    Joe, if by chance a miracle occurs and you get that Hooters job, as a service to humanity, I want to be the first to offer to my services, as a consultant…free of charge. 😀

  13. Adam L. Says:

    No. Next!

  14. holymoly Says:

    Morris should be fired at halftime ! Are you kidding me ? This is terrible , is there anyone besides Ronde playing ? FIRE THE ENTIRE STAFF !!!!!!