Captain Failures Can’t Be Ignored

January 6th, 2012

Perhaps every Bucs fan agrees that the Bucs had ineffective locker room leadership this season, from iconic former players, to staunch Raheem Morris supporters in the media like Shaun King and Steve Duemig, to the everyday fan that had to watch a lifeless team have the same problems repeatedly.

All could see the Bucs lacked discipline and inspiration.

It’s not like the Bucs had no veterans or captains. Team captains were Ronde Barber, Quincy Black, Jeff Faine, Adam Hayward and Josh Freeman, and of course the Bucs had other veterans. But Joe has to put a giant spotlight on the captains.

Ultimately, these guys failed. Outside of Barber and Freeman, Joe knows the Bucs need new blood at the top of the leadership food chain. So the Bucs are almost forced to look outside the organization for a couple of standouts that can excel on the field and lead, especially on defense.

Specifically, Joe’s grown tired of Faine in a leadership role. Joe had major issues when Faine scoffed at attending team bonding/practice sessions during the lockout. And Joe sees Faine as a guy whose on-field play and extensive off-field interests no longer make him an ideal captain.

Plus, look at Faine’s paycheck for 2012, roughly $5 million non-guaranteed; that’s cold hard cash the Bucs could use to sign an impact name that still has his best years ahead of him. As it relates to money, you could make the same argument against Ronde Barber, though Joe would never advocate showing the Bucs icon the door.

Quincy Black? Unlike Faine, the Bucs still owe Black guaranteed money. The thought of Black returning as a leader of the Bucs makes Joe shakes violently. Perhaps the man best known for his big “Redskin Package” sack against lowly Carolina in 2010 will be very happy in a true secondary role in 2012.

30 Responses to “Captain Failures Can’t Be Ignored”

  1. k1ngAdroc Says:

    I agree with joe’s post but i would also throw KW in there as well. I don’t think Kellen is the leader we want on this team going forward and he’s in Josh’s head. More times than not we see Free forcing throws to KW into coverage(without separation unless there’s a pushoff) on critical downs.

    You know, on those 3rd and 2’s – out of the shotgun… smh

    I think letting KW go would make josh the undisputed leader of the offense and free up Free to distribute the ball more efficiently and not have to look over his shoulder (see Drew Brees).

  2. Mean D Says:

    Blame everyone else, Joe, in your never ending attempt to deflect blame from your beloved Duminik.

  3. Meh Says:

    Faine doesn’t block, he plays patty cake. Captain lol. He isn’t even a minimally competent center much less a captain.

    Same goes for Black and tackling.

    Both need to be cut.

  4. thibs5599 Says:

    Faine is a moron of the field and brings nothing while he is on the field. Freeman is not a rookie anymore and he can call out coverages on his own doesnt need Faine’s help anymore. Cut Faine and bring in a true leader, Bart Scott anyone. He can not play the pass very well anymore but he can still tackle and play the run, and he is a leader on and off the field.

  5. raphael Says:

    clean house : sean [lazy] jones , t-jax,biggers,faine,winslow,blumpkin,trueblood,talib …goodbye.

  6. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Watch the film Joe. Faine and Joseph are still very effective as a tandem on even down and distance situations.

  7. jfgobucs Says:

    All captains..should be court marshalled…

  8. I_Miss#40 Says:

    Thomas, don’t talk like you understand o-line responsibilities…Faine gets pushed off the line, is weak as a kitten, and our line plays appreciably better when Big Z is in at center. Keep Faine for depth, but sign the best possible LG in FA and start Zuttah at center.

  9. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @Thomas That is very generous, sir. The tape shows both being nothing spectacular against pass rush over the course of the year(Josephs best game against the pass rush coming last week when he pitched a perfect game(no pressures, sacks, nothing on 50 pass blocking snaps, which also happened to be his worst performance as a run blocker). Now, both have been nothing short of awful in the run game.

  10. Buddhaboy Says:

    This whole team needs an anema. No one is safe in my opinion, other that Clayborne, McCoy, Price, and Bowers and Mason Foster, Mike Williams, Benn, Penn, Stocker,

    Everyone else is replaceable….Everyone, including freeman.

  11. ClayBURN94 Says:

    I have to disagree with you buddahboy. I dont think alot of QB’S out there are as talented as freeman. He just needs better coaching and a deep threat.

  12. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Wow news has been slow today on the bucs search. No news about any interviews today.

  13. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Don’t forget Bennett, BuddhaBoy!

  14. Chris FWC Says:

    I agree with Raphael. All those players should be cut. Keeping Stiffblood and giving Black money and the letter C on his uni was a HUGE mistake. I think Rah/Doms biggest. It seemed very lazy at the time and I knew it woudn’t work. Balck has never shown anything other than he doesn’t belong in the NFL. I_Miss#40 is spot on too but cut Faine and get a solid backup. No way Faine sees that 5 mil.

  15. Matt D Says:

    Isn’t Faine one of the highest paid centers in the game? Keeping him as a back up would be an incredible financial failure. Don’t use him, cut him. I’m sure there is a decent free agent center coming up. Or maybe there is a steal in the draft we can get?

    In response to the article though, should we honestly have captains this year? I actually agree with the Jets organization not wanting captains to promote team building. I don’t think the Bucs actually have a legit leader if Ronde were to leave. Maybe Davin Joseph, who earns his money. As of right now, everyone on that team is suspect, and would make a terrible captain for a young team.

    I enjoy checking this site pretty regularly. Everyone has good points on every article. Kudos to the JBF gang. Joe, keep up the good reporting. I appreciate any new Bucs fix I can get!

  16. Big Marlon B Says:

    there are lots of holes to fill so i know its not likely to get all of these guys (if any at all lol)….but i would love to see the Bucs make a run at D’Qwell Jackson, Laron Landry, and either Terrell Thomas or Cortland Finnegan. yes, i know both Landry and Thomas are coming off season ending injuries. i think this could work into our favor as teams may be a bit more hesitant to throw big $ at them.

    all of these guys i mentioned bring toughness, leadership, intelligence and a bit of intimidation to the defensive side of the ball….all things that the Bucs are lacking BIG TIME. and they all fill positions of need (Jackson could make Foster slide over to SAM, which may be a more natural fit for him).

  17. Big Marlon B Says:

    i would also love to see them take Trent Richardson. Dominik has stated several times that he wants to surround #5 with weapons, and that he loves to collect big backs. Trent Richardson fills both of those needs….and not only is he a big back, but he has breakaway speed, excellent hands, and the toughness and intelligence to become a great pass protector. think of how defenses would feel in the 4th quarter after having Richardson and Blount run them over all game. the threat of having Richardson in the backfield would also open things up for Freeman and the receivers in the passing game. Bucs could then go for an O lineman with the #2, and maybe someone like Sean Spence/Travis Lewis (who are perfect fits at Will) with the #3. or Lavonte David #2 and O line #3. just my opinion.

    i also wouldn’t be opposed to them trading back a few spots, accumulating more picks, and drafting Dre Kirkpatrick. i think he will be a stud at CB. the more research i do, the more i’m loving these Alabama players. Nick Saban really has a great collection of tough, smart, talented kids who are team first players because of their love for the game. the value of that simply cannot be overstated.

  18. Buddhaboy Says:

    Yeah, i forgot davin joseph. But Freeman is suspect. Did anyone read Chidi Ahonotu’s article over at the crappy Pewtersomething mag…? He stands to think that everyone is suspect , and i tend to agree. They all are suspect, and no one is safe and that is how you build competition.

  19. Matt D Says:

    @Big Marlon B

    How about Tyvon Branch from the Raiders? That kid seems to register 100+ tackles every season. I think he’s only 24 or something like that as well. I would like to see Trent Richardson on the Bucs as well, but I think we can pull off getting LaMichael James from Oregon in a later round. I feel the Bucs need to get the top rated cornerback so they can shut down a top tier receiver.


    We need another Hardy Nickerson. How about London Fletcher? He’s a FA. High level player and solid citizen. Great locker room influence.

  21. Bucs55 Says:

    I like dqwell Jackson he’s a beast

  22. Big Marlon B Says:

    i’m not too familiar with Branch, i haven’t seen a lot of Raiders games. i’ll look into him though, thanks. i live in NY and i’m also a Giants fan, that’s why i threw Landry’s name out there. i have seen several times how he can impact a game.

    the reason i mentioned Richardson instead of waiting for David Wilson/LaMichael James/Doug Martin is because i’m not sure how confident i am that Blount can be THE man. i think he would be better in a complementary role, kind of like how the Giants used Jacobs when Tiki was still around. he could still be effective. with James, Blount would still get the bulk of the touches. with his fumbling issues, inability to create holes on his own, and supposed issues with his work ethic and/or ability to understand the playbook, i’d prefer to see him in a different role.

    i agree they should go and get a top cornerback, which is why i suggested Terrell Thomas. if he can get back to 100%, he is one of the most underrated CBs in the league in my opinion. he is very versatile….he has great size, physical at the line, good speed for his size, can make plays on the ball, and is one of the best run support corners in the entire league. he also brings leadership and experience, which is something that is desperately needed. i think Richardson and Thomas can make a much larger, much more immediate impact than James and Claiborne/Kirkpatrick.

  23. Joe Says:


    I like dqwell Jackson he’s a beast

    The pride of Largo!

  24. Chris FWC Says:


    I like dqwell Jackson he’s a beast

    The pride of Largo!

    Same with me. Born and raised.

  25. Hillbilly Heaven Says:

    If I actually believed that the Glazers would spend money, I would be all for gutting the roster of unearned salaries like Faine, Winslow, even not offering Barber a new deal.

    That money could be used to bring in hard-working leadership guys – vocal leaders – that would help turn this thing around.

    But, I believe they wont spend a penny more than they are forced to – come on 2013!

  26. Booth Says:

    Quincy Black has to go, for the love of god. He’s an overpaid d-bag who needs to be let go. We need linebackers who are leaders, not linebackers who touch their wieners together in the locker room.

  27. Matt D Says:

    Excellent points Big Marlon B. Richardson is a stud running back with all the tools you look for. Hopefully he will fall to the Bucs at No. 5 so they can have the dilemma on whether or not to draft him.

    I’ll have to do some research of my own on Terrell Thomas to see what he’s about. I also considered the possibility of them trading down. They need more help than just one player.

  28. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    It is going to take awhile for Tampa to recover from the poor overall Drafts of the “Rockstar”.
    Raheem is getting coaching interviews aplenty, because the rest of the NFL knows he had very little real talent in Tampa to work with, and even less depth.
    Let’s hope and pray our new head coach gets final say on player choices, before he blows another draft.
    Tampa can’t take much more of these poor drafts, especially w/o going after free agents.

  29. McBuc Says:

    Apple…Outside of rounds 5 – 7, what players are so aweful that the Bucs have drafted in the last 3 years? Don’t say “injury prone McCoy”, because he was not known that way in college so there was no way to know. Free has had one good year and one bad, not uncommon. Bowers and Clayborne? They seem solid to me. Foster? He seems like a keeper. Stocker? he performed like a rookie TE, which he was. Mike Williams, sophmore slumps are common among WRs. Benn, has not been used properly, he will be fine. Show me any team in the NFL that has hit on every draft pick in the last 3 years….Oh, that’s right, none of them.

  30. Bucs55 Says:

    I think if jackson comes 2 d bucs dey will have a pro bowl lb in d middle push mason out side and let him become d next 55