Bucs May Be Waiting On Perry Fewell

January 16th, 2012

Joe knows that many Bucs fans watched the Giants shut down the high-powered Packers on the not-so-frozen tundra of Lambeau Field yesterday.

Of course, the best defense the Giants had was the Packers’ penchant for dropping balls.

A name that has been floated as a potential replacement for jettisoned Bucs coach Raheem Morris has been Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell. Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News is of the opinion the Bucs are waiting for a chance to interview Fewell before proceeding much further in the interview process.

This was the week that teams were allowed to interview assistants from other teams in the playoffs (assistants for teams that had a bye week were allowed to interview last week). That window is now closed until a team is eliminated, so the Bucs – or any team – could not talk to Fewell now until the Giants’ season is over.

One year ago, Fewell was one of the hottest candidates on the NFL coaching carousel, interviewing with the Panthers, Titans, Browns and Broncos.

It’s a good bet the Bucs will have a coach by the Super Bowl, which is three weeks from yesterday. Since the Packers’ season is over, Joe is hoping beyond hope Packers general manager Ted Thompson gets a call this morning from Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik to seek permission to talk to Packers quarterback coach Tom Clements.

27 Responses to “Bucs May Be Waiting On Perry Fewell”

  1. SteveK Says:

    Dom is a karaoke star, and I really hope we pull the trigger on one of these coordinators.

  2. Macabee Says:

    I appreciate the thorough and meticulous HC search, but I’m beginning to feel like we’re looking for a nuclear physicist with a PHD in Quantum Mechanics to head up what is essentially a science fair project!

  3. eric Says:

    In theory, if the bucs sit back they may be the only team left looking for a coach and could chose between the 49ers and Giants DC’s. Dolphins look itchy and Raiders want Moss, which only leaves Colts as potential competition.

    Zimmer interviewing today I heard.

    Perhaps good things come to those who wait.

  4. NickinMelbourne Says:

    While Clements might have more upside but the Bucs are in such disarray that a proven discipilnarian teacher and head coach whom the players have to respect or hit the road should be the only option now. Raheem left this team in shambles and the youngry players need to learn again how to work and behave to win. I would not wish this team on any first time coach and I certainly do not trust dom and the glazers to find the one rare first timer that could turn this disaster around. We need a seargent, teacher and proven winner. Bring on marty please!!!!!!!!

  5. SteveK Says:

    I want our D to be back. I miss the Bucs of the 90’s and early 00’s.

    I love that Lind of D, closest thing to that now is the Ravens, and they are playing for a superbowl.

  6. SteveK Says:

    I want this next guy to be up in these young guys faces, no more clubbing and suspending one of the few workhorses on the team.

  7. jvato24 Says:

    So what if the Giants make it to the Super Bowl ?? This is retarded the guy has an Allstar defensive line and great secondary to help make him look better. It’s cool. As long the guy is here for training camp I guess. Take a sh*t or get off the pot. Fewell is just a less experienced Zimmer with more talent on his Defense.

  8. Macabee Says:

    SteveK, you should be campaigning for Rod Marinelli. I would take him!

  9. TurnThePage Says:

    “Perhaps good things come to those who wait.”

    That motto has never worked in free agency… nor will it work in a similar situation with dwindling candidates.

    How many teams will be fighting for the likes of Perry et al?

  10. eric Says:

    After this week there could be no other teams looking for a coach, besides our bucs.

    And none of our candidates, aside from Zimmer, are likely to be hired by anybody else.

    Whats the harm in waiting?

    Lot better than grabbing Raheem in the hallway and rushing him to the podium as HC.

  11. raphael Says:

    crack star gm should sign Marty….Giants have the best d-line in football , of course fewell looks good

  12. Garv Says:

    Tom Coughlin is an under appreciated HC IMO. You always hear he’s on the hot seat, too tough on players, not liked…….well, they like him when they WIN don’t they?

    Not sure about Perry Fewell, don’t know enough about the man.

  13. Brad Says:

    I guess the waiting game proved costly now that the Bucs can’t interview coordinators now till their out of the playoffs. Dom not working past 4 or on the weekends has probably cost the team the chance to get the best but he’s still our GM. Here’s still hoping the pop star is gone or demoted after the search is over.

  14. Aldo Says:

    im not sure at all, this can be the same situation of steve spagnuolo few years ago with the rams….

    Im more on the mike zimmer/rob chudzinski bandwagon, but if fewell will be the coach, i will not complain about it

  15. eric Says:

    Speaking of Marty, wonder if he could coax Herm Edwards to take DC position.

  16. Brad Says:

    @Garv.. Couldn’t agree more about Coughlin being under appreciated. I think that should be enough proof that the Bucs should hire Marty. An old school no BS coach. With the right coordinators (Clements, Spags) this team could have a quick turnaround not to mention a chance for a coordinator to be groomed for the HC for years to come. It would be nice if we knew what candidates are still in the running and which ones have been eliminated. I’m also wondering if the HC will hire his own staff or if the pop star is responsible. I hope Dom’s failure of coordinators in the past removes his authority of any decisions for any of the coaches.

  17. Scott Says:

    Isn’t he the guy from Jane’s Addiction? They’re kind of washed up aren’t they?

  18. eric Says:

    I just read that Peter King agrees with my position.

    Therefore, I withdraw it with apologies.

  19. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:

    READ THIS!!!

    Don’t just think for yourselves…try to think how the Glazers and Dominick would think…

    …although I made a case that we COULD switch to 3-4, I don’t actually see that as what the Glazers want…unless they bring in an offensive head coach to finish the offense first. That way the offense could carry the team during the defensive transition.

    Earlier this week, I said we would see better names within a week. I still think this is true.

    But a little birdie is whispering in my ear…it’s not an “anonymous source” either….it’s either a split personality or instincts.

    Common Sense.

    The Bucs are going for an offensive-minded head coach. They have to be.

    If they plan a switch to 3-4, it will take YEARS to implement. Yes, other teams have done it in less…but those teams did not have the Tampa 2 so deeply incorporated into their organization. There is a reason Raheem Morris failed to implement it.


    It’s a win and compete now league, plain and simple. Therefore, the Bucs need to focus on the unit that is nearest completion…THE OFFENSE. Which means an offensive coach.

    I think even Thomas would see the logic in this!

    As to the Bucs not interviewing certain assistant coaches during a bye-week, think about a few things.

    Tom Clements – He had a playoff game to focus on. Dominick is a respectful guy. He’s not going to talk to a team that is still playing if he is serious about a candidate. Now that Clements is done…watch what happens.

    Joe Philbin – His kid died this past week. Dominick would have given the man time to adjust and thing to settle down. Notice…Philbin had zero interviews this week.


    Cam Cameron – Over the last 2 years, the Ravens have averaged 133.5 rushing yards and scored 53 rushing touchdowns…while their QB (Joe Flacco became the Ravens all time leading passer…throwing for over 10,000 yards in that time. Cameron is one of the hottest OCs on the market to become a head coach, and he has experience with young QBs. (notice…the Ravens do not have a quarterbacks coach)

    Rick Dennison – He’s got less OC experience…only 2 years. But he was an offensive assistant for a year as well. He played defense for the Broncos and has 17 years coaching experience. He coached Offensive Line for 4 years in Denver as well. So he has experience in both offense AND defense.

    BTW…the Broncos had the best oline in the league when he coached it. Think about that.

    Marty is not available anymore. He is signing with the Rams as OC. So you Marty ballers can move on.

  20. A REAL Bucs Fan Says:



  21. eric Says:

    Thats his son!

  22. Brad Says:

    @real.. Wrong again as usual.. Marty is not signing its his son Brian you goof. And as far as changing from a 4-3 to a 3-4 look no further than the Texans. Who went from one of the worst defenses in the nfl under the 4-3 to the 2nd ranked using the 3-4. It can be done. It doesn’t natter what type of HC is hired. Wouldn’t you say Bealcheat is a D coach but his offense carries the team. Same for Gruden… There are many more examples of this. The key is bringing in the right OC and DC to teach these young guys. Marty is the best option so far.

  23. Todd Says:

    I wouldn’t touch Fewell…..NYG secondary got gashed all year until the D-line stepped up….He looks good because the D-line is peaking right now. This would be a huge mistake. I like the idea of taking a defensive minded coach, but not this guy….I don’t mind waiting on a HC, but you point out that we may miss the opportunity to get front line OC’s and assistants. I couldn’t agree more. I like the idea of Zimmer.

  24. Bobby Says:

    The competition really isn’t dwindling. Maybe if you want them to hire an unproven coordinator as HC again. I’m not sure that’s the best move for these guys. I really think the smart thing to do would be to get an experienced HC to get these guys playing fundamentally sound football and then let one of our coordinators take over the HC job when the time comes. No other teams seem to be going after experienced coaches. We don’t have to worry about Marty or Mike Sherman getting hired anytime soon so why not take your time and interview some guys that you may be interested in like a Tom Clements or a Philbin, etc. I still like the idea of Marty coming in and getting the team competitive again but I’ll support whomever the choice is.

  25. jvato24 Says:

    Fewell’s defense was ranked just 27th in the regular season

    A REAL Bucs fan …. With all due respect … Are you 14 years old ??

    Why do people have the stupid idea to have a good Offense you need an Offensive minded coach ???

    Gruden was a “Guru” … The Defense was ranked higher on average his entire career.
    Bill Belicheck is a Defensive coach … His team put up the most points this weekend.
    The Bucs need the Best Person to lead and Motivate men. Then get the right OC>

  26. BucBuckeye Says:

    Fewell – just has a knack of improving whatever team he’s associated with. He was the best of a bad group in Minnesota, he is the reason the Pack isn’t playing anymore post-season football.

    Perry Fewell basically toook the talent he was given and made it work. Great candidate, not sure if he’s demonstrated as much of a track record as Zim, or has a plan for assembling an entire staff – but we need to find that out.

    It could be Schotty – but in a role similar to that of Bill Parcells with Miami – “Executive VP of Football Operations”. Where he would build the organization with the aid of Dom…this role would allow him to attract a HC from the BEST staff possible.

    I like Zim, Fewell, Cam Cameron – but not convinced these have the credentials necessary to “stabilize” an organization. Schottenheimer has the chops to do that…

  27. Andrew Says:

    Looks like your hopes are being fullfilled. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/01/16/clements-will-interview-with-bucs/