Blount, Teammates Join Schiano

January 28th, 2012

The big cover photo on today’s Tampa Bay Times front page is one of LeGarrette Blount talking at One Buc Palace with new head coach Greg Schiano.

This warmed Joe’s heart and actually got him a little fired up for Bucs football again. Joe suspects Schiano won’t screw up opening day like the last head coach — opening day — and only run Blount five times and say after the game that “we got away from the run too early.”

Surely Schiano can see that Blount is a massive weapon that the Raheem regime couldn’t figure out how to maximize.

Joe, also, was somewhat impressed that Blount was in attendance at the news conference to introduce the head coach. That’s a nice show of dedication. Joe surely can’t fault any Buccaneer for not being there, considering there was only 24 hours notice and players could be anywhere in the world. But Blount wasn’t the only player sizing up the new boss in person.

Joe has confirmed that Arrelious Benn, George Johnson, Josh Freeman, Cody Grimm, Luke Stocker and Jeff Faine also showed up. (Imagine that. Jeff Faine seeing the value in bonding with his teammates without actually blocking anyone.) Bucs icon Mike Alstott also came to hear the new ball coach.

Speaking of icons, yesterday Schiano talked briefly about coaching against Derrick Brooks, John Lynch and Warren Sapp when he was a Bears coach, and about how important it is to embrace the greats in team history.

36 Responses to “Blount, Teammates Join Schiano”

  1. Big Picture Guy Says:

    Blount has a history of doing the right thing off the field, but still within the walls of 1 Buc Place. He was noted for personally thanking the chefs as well, during his rookie visit.

    He has flashes of showing signs of “getting it,” and then other times pushes defenders in the face during games to earn personal foul penalties, or allegedly shows up late to position and team meetings. I just don’t know what to make of him.

    Hopefully this whole TBA thing drills it out of him, bc I agree, his football gifts and physical skills, simply make him a weapon that cannot be underused in Schiano’s stated philosophy.

  2. Nick2 Says:

    What a change from Rah and the inmates running the asylum. I am betting after Rah’s first press conference he was begging for players to go slam some beers on his dime. Faine will have to actually act like a veteran leader now. Times are a changing!!! Hey where was Talib? Maybe at the gun range??

  3. Fernando Says:

    This shows the players care.Coaching was the issue. They all had to go. Hope it’s the start of a great season.GO BUCS!!!!!

  4. Larry Says:

    So far, it’s EZ to like him. I hope his actions follow his words!

  5. Piratic Says:

    It appears that the players are ALREADY starting to grow up!

  6. Garv Says:

    A new day in Tampa Bay.
    Players are going to be held accountable in a fair yet firm manner.
    I think they’ll respond in a positive way too.

    I have not read anything that tells me Coach Schiano doesn’t walk the walk.

  7. Tampa2 Says:

    If Kellen Winslow can’t practice, he’s gone. The hiring of Coordinators is gonna be just as important. I want Butch Davis on D

  8. Jared Says:

    We got a great prospect of a coach here! I am looking forward to next season. We might go 4 – 12 again, we might go 8 – 8, but we won’t get our arses kicked in week in and week out. I am looking forward to watching competitive football (on the internet).

    Furthermore, in the search for assistants, I like the idea of bringing in up and comers as opposed to guys like Del Rio (Denver) or Butch Davis due to the fact that it is obvious that they have aspirations of being a HC at either the college or pro level and would be more inclined to leaving us after a good year. So lets bring in some prospects at coordinators as well.

    Next, baseball is around the corner and I am JACKED! for Rays baseball this year. We had a fantastic off season and I am looking for HUGE things this year. I am looking forward to October baseball and have a good feeling for some November baseball as well. GO BUCS! GO RAYS! There is some excitement back in Tampa sports!

  9. schmuckaneer Says:

    Nice to see the guys showing up. Schiano’s voice and delivery reminds me a bit of Gruden….thankfully that’s where the similarities stop.

    I like what I hear from him…and I actually like the fact that his resume is different than most college coaches who enter the NFL. His win-loss record is not impressive like Spurrier’s. However one coach that I can compare his style and player development to is Jimmy Johnson. Jimmy did have a winning record, but more than anything his players, like Schiano’s, were league ready. If you can coach guys to be successful entering the NFL, logic says you should be able to successfully coach a team in the NFL.

    I like that he didn’t say “It’s all about 5″ but instead said…”it’s all about competition” (paraphrase).

    One concern….has he bought into the Dominick/Glazer mantra that FA’s are bad? Or is this really his own belief that just happens to line up with theirs? I believe if they really want to reconnect or regain the trust of the fans, they’re going to need to spend some FA money. To quote Dr Evil, “Throw us frickin’ bone here”.

  10. Jarret Says:

    So does this mean the Glazers are gonna start spending money to compete or are we waiting for another coach?

  11. Garv Says:


    ^5! I’m jacked for things to come as well. There IS some excitement back here and all year long.
    I tend to agree with you about the assistants too, although it’s totally Coach Schiano’s call of course. As I posted earlier, nobody heard of Tony Dungy’s assistants before he hired them and they turned out quite well as we all know.

    The future is HERE! (or NOW as George Allen used to say……..)

  12. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Tampa2 Says:
    January 28th, 2012 at 11:21 am

    If Kellen Winslow can’t practice, he’s gone.

    I believe Winslow played for Schiano, so there is a relationship there.

    Winslow is not lazy. There was an element of wisdom in him having limited practices. His play suffered for it, but his health did not.

    Mind you, I’m not saying he should not practice…just that there was a level of justification for it.

    And he was still one of out two best offensive weapons.

  13. stevek Says:

    We need some FA help, no more BSing with 6,7,and UFA’s.

    We need to pay big money to a proven commodity.

    Half way back to Fan Appeal, Glazers, keep it up!

  14. stevek Says:

    Pete Dutcher:

    K2 was one of the “Top 2” offensive Weapons for the Bucs this past year.

    That is a scary statement, and needs to be addressed with the #5 pick in the draft, hello Trent Richardson.

  15. Jared Says:

    I don’t think we need a lot of FA’s in here. We are rebuilding. Our QB has 3 years of experience and is only 24! We have time, especially with his contract coming up ($$$), to rebuild. I say get a good WR in FA and a good CB. Draft RB, maybe a change of pace guy like LaMichael James in 2nd rd and a bruiser of a LB. Fill some holes on speacial teams. Like I said very excited to see how it unfolds.

  16. KD Says:

    Jeff blocked the same amount of people anyone else on the o line did at Freeman. Sorry Faine missed out on some light jogging and partying with the team.

  17. Pete Dutcher Says:

    lol…you are right, it is a scary thought, lol.

    But honestly…I think our Oline should have priority over RB.

    Besides, we can address RB in FA and Schiano can likely make Blount into a full time back. There are a lot of RBs in FA this year. Some good ones too.

    I would love Nicks…very much so…but I think he’s going to be franchised. So is Rice (rb), unfortunately.

  18. schmuckaneer Says:


    I would rather see them pick up a stud LB in FA and draft a WR. I haven’t studied which LB’s are FA this year. But I think there is a proven higher chance of success to get a great performance out of a rookie WR than a rookie LB. I say go after a stud FA LB and draft Blackmon in the first. Then use the rest of the draft to fill defensive holes and maybe a RB in the middle rounds somewhere.

  19. NickinMelb Says:

    Winslow has great talent, good speed, decent hands, nice moves but lacks discipline, rounds off routes, last year had numerous personal foul penalties at crucial times in games, complained for the ball after touchdowns by teammates, rattled Freemans confidence and was somewhat of a cancer. If he can get his act together under Schiano great but the guy has to practice. When you are a football player you practice. I remember coaches who said if you don’t practice you don’t play. When you don’t practice you make the silly mental mistakes he made all year last year. If Winslows knees are that bad maybe he needs to find a team where he can be a part time practice player. I am hoping Schiano won’t put up with that, even when he dealing with a fellow Cane.

  20. NickinMelb Says:

    Speaking of Canes even though he is injury prone it would be sweet to have Jonathon Vilma patrolling inside. There is a Cane for you. Would be a significant upgrade and Foster could provide depth or move to outside. I am hoping thats a free agency move they make, plus that would weaken the Saints D.

  21. Jared Says:

    Blackmon won’t be there at 5.

  22. eric Says:

    one similarity with jon is welcome

    raising the lombardi trophy.

    as to blount dont see him as a schiano type guy. trent richardson is.

  23. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Write Blount off, he is a below average back. We all love the highlight reel runs but they happen once a game. He is a liability in most aspects of offense.

    Also, I have been hearing more and more that he was frequently late, didnt know his assignments and is just overall – all ideal qualities for a RahRah coached team, not this Sheriff though.

    Winslow is a pass interference in shoulder pads, he is so slow and broken that he must push off to gain any space – he refuses to block and says he cant practice often – cut him yesterday – we need a big athletic tight end – Stocker is a backup.

    You sheep need to let go of your attachment to these players, except Free and most of the off and def lines. The rest is subject to being replaced or demoted.

  24. Big Picture Guy Says:

    Blount is the ideal closer type of back, he is a Brandon Jacobs clone with more athleticism but not a great short down back. But everyone knows Bradshaw is the main man in NY, and their RB tandem works.

    The Bucs could do the same here and work Blount into that role, while drafting T-Rich to be the main guy. But they could also go out and get someone to fill that role, or find someone in the middle rounds.

    I think CB is too big of an issue to ignore. I would rather take the other routes with RB’s and LB’s that are out there, bc there are no CB’s in FA who offer as much upside as Claiborne.

    Schiano is a defensive guy, and there’s no guarantee that T-Rich could be the next AP or Caddy.

  25. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Big Picture Guy made a salient point about Blount playing a Jacobs role – I think he could fill that role but nothing more – I also would take Jacobs over Blount in that role ic given the option.

  26. Fernando Says:

    Wow!!! Blount has rushed for 1700 yards in 2 seasons, this season the line was awful. They’re are going to waist how he does with new coaching. You guys have to understand he’s still a young player. New coach will make the players better.

  27. Garv Says:

    2.whatever is an annoying jackwagon who enjoys his role being just that.
    I value his “opinion” as much as I do Shaun King’s or Barney Rubble’s.

    Barney seems to be a decent guy though.


    A season ticket holding “sheep” who enjoys being a Buccaneer fan and some positive energy around it.

  28. eric Says:

    if schiano has tbe juice to cut k 2 id be shocked

    rockstar traded a number two for him.

  29. Bobby Says:

    One of the EXTREMELY rare times I agree with Thomas in regards to Blount. It is more his inability to pick up the offensive scheme and become an every down back. He’s not a good blocker and that will always make him a liability in 3rd down situations. I say get Trent Richardson or if you want to get Claiborne in the first round then get someone like Doug Martin in the third round (if he’s there) and have a Ray Rice type back who can do it all. I’m just not sold on Blount as our every down back.

  30. ryan diggler Says:

    Joe you are such a Blount mark LOL Ok I like the coach now get a big time FA speed receiver and it’s back to the playoffs!

  31. SeanMcC Says:

    Can’t believe Jeff lame showed up even though hes probably gettin cut. Zuttah will be starting center next year. I hope schiano brings sanu in here. A big fast dude with playmaking and pro bowl potential. That’s what our offense needs. I really don’t expect that many additions on defensive side of the ball with the exception of the DBS. Can’t wait till the draft though hopin for speed this year.

  32. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    I like Blount. I like the idea of Blount coming in late as the 4th quarter bruiser after Trent Richardson has softened the D up first even better.

    Winslow- was an elite tight end, until last year. Have to agree that Winslow lost a step or something last year because he really only looked great in the Packers game and thats about it. And he has never had ANY run blocking ability and that has always hurt this teams running game more than people realize. I want a tight end that can do both. They are out there.

  33. K2theSoldier Says:

    I can’t wait to see what Blount can do with a new coaching staff. Schiano is surely gonna feature him as much as possible. We’re only a few pieces away from having a really nice offense.

    And again, Kellen Winslow isn’t going anywhere. The intelligent coaching staff is gonna realize he’s our best receiving target and a guy that the players in the locker room respect. The intelligent coaching staff isn’t going to make a guy with terrible knees stress those terrible knees just for the sake of doing it. That is stupid. So can we quit saying it.

  34. Nick2 Says:

    K2 with Winslows knees he doesn’t fit into Schianos scheme of preparation. You keep acting like not practicing is not a big deal. Its a huge deal and no players should get kid glove treatment this year. That was Rahs way, Schiano won’t be so kind. He needs to practice or look for a trade.

  35. raphael Says:

    Cardinals have blocked the Bucs from talking to John Mcnulty …according to PFT… give me a brake Cardinals …why keep the man from getting a better job!

  36. k1ngAdroc Says:

    We need:

    d’qwell jackson

    draft Claiborne @ 5 and a compliment RB to Blount with our 2nd round pick

    Add another ready to play WR, CB and Safety in FA

    keep choppin