Beckles Wants Rod Marinelli

January 3rd, 2012

Never shying away from an opinion, former Bucs guard Ian Beckles (1990-1996) made it crystal clear who he wants to patrol the sidelines next year for the Bucs.

Speaking on WDAE-AM 620 this morning, Beckles was empahatic that he would snatch former Bucs defensive line coach and current Bears defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli as the Bucs’ next head coach.

Beckles said he’s never met a former player of Marinelli’s that didn’t respect him and laud his motivational and teaching abilities. Beckles said Marinelli would bring the right kind of discipline to the young Bucs.

Marinelli, 62, might be a great head coach one day, but he won only one of his last 24 games as Detroit Lions head coach, including the dubious 0-16 season in 2008.

As great as Marinelli might be in the job, if Joe were running the Bucs, Joe wouldn’t have the testicular fortitude to look past that record.

99 Responses to “Beckles Wants Rod Marinelli”

  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    Noooo THANKS!
    Detroit’s defense is average, but I agree that the Bucs need detailed and disciplined coaching because of their youth.

  2. SensibleBuc Says:

    Ohhhhhhhhh Ian…you slay me good sir.

  3. flmike Says:


  4. mark2001 Says:

    Raheem was handed a pile of stuff from Matt Millen, who may go down in history as the worst GM in the league.

    I brought his name up on the PR board two weeks ago and received the same treatment that Ian is receiving.

    This time, I think Ian might be on the money. He is a discipline and he does know how to build a D. With the right O coordinator, he could do a good job.

    But then again, I was scoffed at when I said that Dom and the Glazers put Rah between a rock and hard place.

  5. eric Says:

    Even Ari Fleisher himself couldn’t make that one fly.

  6. Anthony Says:

    Beckles proves he is a moron every day.

  7. Bobby Says:

    If we were gonna hire Marinelli then why fire Raheem?? Morris has a better HC resume.

  8. Buc Neckid Says:

    Love to see him come back as the Bucs DC.
    But 0 – 16 is VERY difficult to overlook after 10 game losing streak.

  9. espo Says:

    Bucfanjeff, what does Detroit’s defense have to do with anything?

    I think he’ll make an excellent HC if he isn’t held back by the Glazers or a Millen type. Good thing we don’t have any of those.

  10. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:


  11. SteveK Says:

    Jeff Fischer as HC

    Steve Spagnolo as DC

    Tom Clements as OC

    Sign atleast 2 new FA’s and get a good draft pick.

  12. Buc Neckid Says:

    And Now Duemig is touting Rich Biasaccia for HC

  13. bucfanjeff Says:

    @espo, his ability to coach lately. His speciality is DL and with the talent they have, should have been better.

  14. Big Marlon B Says:


  15. Patrick Says:

    If we hired Marinelli as HC, everybody would laugh at us!

  16. Big Marlon B Says:


    I agree Detroit’s defense is average….but that has nothing to do with Marinelli anymore. He is the D coordinator for Chicago, and has been for the last 3 or 4 years.

  17. Marques Says:

    The list should start with the Kiffens. Father and son. Monte and Lane.

    They have all the ingredients that you need. Youth and experience. Just look at what they did at USC in such a short time.

    Lane was right to leave the Raiders. Monte would come back.

    It really makes a lot of sense.

  18. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Ummm….is this a serious article. Marinelli???? HELL NO!!!!!!!!! 0-16…what a joke. Jeff Fisher for sure. I “kinda” like the idea of Sherman, but Fishers teams are always serious and ready to play!

  19. Patrick Says:

    Sherman would be ok, but Fisher and Billick are the two best options for ones that have been head coaches before. Fisher didn’t do all that great in TEN, but he’s a guy that I would trust. I would trust Billick too. I’m always impressed with Billick when I hear him in interviews. He likes Josh Freeman a lot too.

  20. Big Marlon B Says:

    I love the idea of Marinelli as a D coordinator here. HC, perhaps….I’m not as down on him as everyone else is. People that have been saying the Bucs lack talent should go back and look at that 0-16 Lions roster. That was a team SERIOUSLY devoid of talent. Yes 0-16 is bad, but he really had nothing to work with because Matt Millen was the worst GM in the history of football.

  21. SteveK Says:

    We need to get a good coach in here.

  22. BigMacAttack Says:

    My 2 choices are Rod Marinelli or Rich Bissacia.

  23. Garv Says:

    Rod Marinelli is a HELL of a coach. Losing him here was NOT a good thing.
    I’m not sure about him coming here now though. He’s a DC now and I don’t think he’s what the Glazers are looking for for a HC.

    Will never knock that man though.

  24. Patrick Says:

    @BigMacAttack…….both lousy choices

  25. Mr Lucky Says:

    Hey if you’re going to seriously consider Marinelli as the head coach then you MUST include Pee Wee Herman as well.

    NO WAY

  26. BigMacAttack Says:

    Thanks, Patrick, and I would only consider Peewee as a Strength & Conditioning coach.

  27. Meh Says:

    Rick Stroud says Fisher is at the top of Dom’s list.

  28. Vince Says:

    In a word…..NO! If the Glazers want to excite the fans and bring them back to the stands they need to hire a proven NAME……Not an 0-16 coach.

  29. BigMacAttack Says:

    Soon there will come a day that both Rod & Rich are successful head coaches in the NFL. Probably not today though. I still like them both a lot, as do many NFL players and former players. Lovie would be toast if Rod left Chicago. And no coach in the NFL knows the 4-3 defense better than Rod Marinelli. He is the master of Tampa 2, Zone blitzing, & Pass Rush Games. Did any of you guys watch how the Bears defense dominated the Bucs in London? Urlacher’s interceptions weren’t just a freak occurrence. He was coached exactly where to be to pick off those passes. Kind of resembles the Old Buc defenses that did the exact same thing. They would stalk you and when you least expected it, they would reach out and Bite the hell out of you.

    Mike Sherman, Jeff Fisher???? Please. You guys don’t know jack squat. I’d go for Chudz maybe, but defense is how the Bucs need to go here. Like Sapp said, posted by Joe, give me 17 points and I’ll get you a win. You will not out score the Saints, Falcons, & Panthers twice a year, unless you shut them down with defense. Wake up People. Defense, Wefense.

  30. Noleriff Says:

    RICH BISACCIA !!!!!!!!

  31. Pete Dutcher Says:

    All we’ve seen are rumors, and none of them has proven out. Rod? NO. Fisher? NO. Gray? NO.

    Clements? YES
    Grimm? YES

  32. Patrick Says:

    @Noleriff……NO! why?? He’s a SPECIAL TEAMS coach! I like the guy, he’s good at what he does, but that would not be a good hire.

  33. Patrick Says:

    @Pete Dutcher

    Don’t want Grimm here.

    I’m very interested in Clements as an offensive coordinator. Though, I don’t feel comfortable about hiring a position coach as the HC again.

    I’m even more interested in Clements now because Norv Turner is not staying in San Diego. So he’s off our list for OC.

  34. BucfaninMI Says:

    What about Kevin Greene for DC?

  35. mbaby Says:

    Jason La Canfora twitter said Fisher 2 the Rams by Sun/Mon and Mike Sherman 2 us (Bucs) not long after that.

  36. espo Says:

    I think its funny that everyone, myself included, keep mentioning others’ rejects as candidates. This is similar to the free agency argument. There is a reason teams parted with them. Clements is the only guy mentioned who doesn’t fall into the category. We gave up a lot to get Gruden because we were on the cusp of a championship. I don’t think Dominik will be willing to give up anything in return for a coach.

  37. espo Says:

    VOTE ESPO 2012!

  38. espo Says:

    Mbaby, I really don’t want to have to cheer for Sherman. I will of course support our HC no matter who he is or how much I’d like Sapp to choke slam him. The past is the past I suppose.

  39. Patrick Says:


    Really….I’m pretty sure Sapp and Sherman have gotten over that. They’re adults, not little babies. It was a little skuffle, big deal.

  40. Patrick Says:

    But I’m not a big Sherman fan either. I don’t think he’d be a horrible hire though like many think.

  41. Pete Dutcher Says:

    remember that delay of game penalty on sapp for not standing up fast enough? Lord, I hate refs.

  42. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I sincerely hope La Canfora is wrong about Sherman to the Bucs. That’s only slightly more exciting than another year of Raheem. The Glazers can’t be that dumb, can they?

  43. eric Says:

    Mike Sherman?

    Thats what the exhaustive no stones unturned money not an object search found?


    A&M just fired the dude! And that was the only job he could find!

    They can’t be serious.

  44. Patrick Says:

    What about Brad Childress for offensive coordinator?

  45. Bill Says:

    I’m not as big on Sherman as I am Billick, but it wouldn’t be a terrible hire. There are worse out there..

  46. kh Says:

    If we hire Mike Sherman I’ll flip out.

  47. BigMacAttack Says:

    I like Russ Grimm as well, been passed over a couple of times and he’s ready.

    Kevin Greene also may be a good choice for DC. I could see Sherman looking that way if he gets the job.

    I really don’t care who they hire for HC. Its a new leaf and I’ll be happy looking forward, especially with the 5’th draft pick.

    Someone mentioned Bill Polian to come in as a GM and moving Dom back a step. I also like that idea, and if Pollian could get Peyton Manning, to come along too, Reggie Wayne, it would be lights out.

    Drew Brees would have serious competition then, and let Freeman learn from the best for another 3 or 4 years.

  48. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I don’t think we’ll see a hire before February.

  49. Northend Says:

    Sherman is solid,gray would be better and would be a real smart hire regardless of what all the experts on the message boards say. vic fangio dc san fran would be a awesome hire if we could get him.

  50. kh Says:

    Manning?!? GTFO here with that crap. He’ll never play football again, period. Completely delusional.

    Polian is overrated as hell. Hasn’t built a decent team since the Marv Levy lead Bills and rode on Mannings jock strap.

  51. raphael Says:

    no thanks to rod !

    Mike mularkey was 9-7 his first year at Buffalo and that was with no QB.And he started in Tampa as a QC guy in 94.
    Or Chudzinski would be a Good fit.

  52. Patrick Says:

    Umm….if Freeman is gonna sit on the bench for 3 or 4 years, we might as well just get rid of him.

    We should’ve kept Garcia around for 1 or 2 more years, he would’ve been a better mentor for him than Sluggo Leftwich

  53. eric Says:

    Sherman had an already established Hall of Fame QB at Greenbay and since he was fired nobody has sniffed the man to be a HC in the league again.

    Develop young players?

    He couldnt coach a college team!

    Gonna be asaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad pathetic day in Bucland if that comes to fruition.

  54. Pete Dutcher Says:

    If the Saints were to knock the Packers out of the playoffs, I wonder if we’d have an easier time of getting Clements?

  55. Joe Says:


    The key with Clements is Penn State. They will offer him similar cash and more job security.

    Clements (or any coach) wins there, you can have a job for life.

  56. Big Marlon B Says:

    @ bigMac

    Polian coming in as GM, knocking Dominik down the ladder? Peyton Manning coming for 3-4 years, so Freeman could wait until year 6 or 7 to get his job back? aging Reggie Wayne coming here, giving us yet another receiver with average speed at best?

    i think we have officially seen the dumbest post ever on JBF. screw racism, profanity, or breaking rules Joe. this guy should be permanently banned from posting just for being so painfully, unexplicably clueless. i’m stunned.

  57. Pete Dutcher Says:

    There’s a chance he prefers pro, right? And with Gruden off the books, Glazers would pay more…in theory.

    Him or Grimm would make me so happy I’d have to change my undies. 😉

  58. Noleriff Says:

    @Patrick….ok, I’ll tell ya. Bissaccia knows this team…commands respect…was THE BEST special teams coordinator in the league for the last 11 years – bar none…..Belicheat, Kubiak, Cowher, Shanahan and all three Harbaughs were ST coordinators… don’t think of that job as any less important than the DC or the OC… STC’s are the only one’s that don’t specialize…they talk and teach both offensive and defensive players and train most of them to do things they hadn’t done yet in their football careers. That’s exactly what this team needs right now. This guy left for San Diego because he saw the train wreck that was coming and knew his hands would be tied. What has Fisher done except 16 years as a HC with 6 playoff appearances and multiple one-and-dones. He’s a name-nothing more. As k Lynch and Sapp and Brooks and Barber if they would have a problem with Bisaccia here…I’m betting they won’t..

  59. canadianbuc Says:

    OK everyone ill say it first……….WHAT ABOUT ROB RYAN?????????

  60. Noleriff Says:

    @canadianbuc…because besides against us…the Cowboys D blows…almost as much as his brother…

  61. canadianbuc Says:

    Great article on what the bucs should do this offseason!!

  62. eric Says:

    like bissaccia . very good suggestion.

  63. canadianbuc Says:

    Joe wheres some more articles?

  64. gotbbucs Says:

    wow, these kind of moves always bring out the most insane imaginations on message boards.

  65. Plbuc Says:

    Instead of throwing random names out there for possible coaches, the Glazers should try to find a coach and staff who most closely possess the following characteristics: 1) someone who the players respect and fear 2) someone who can repair and rehabilitate Josh Freeman 3)someone with experience in starting from scratch 4) someone who will involve himself and his players in the community, 5) and some one who can make chicken salad out of chicken sh-t. Having said all that, his job will not succeed without a substantial investment in quality free agents and getting rid of all the cancers on this team.

  66. Patrick Says:

    Don’t dismiss Jerry Gray as a possibility for HC yet.

  67. canadianbuc Says:

    Back to draft talk for a second i have been hearing that there is a very strong possibility that both the Washington Redskins and the Miami Dolphins Miami with the 8th or 9th pick (coin flip to decide which) and the skins with the 6th both want RG3 and one of them could trade there pick and i would assume something else to rams for there 2nd pick. So with that said and with mock drafts saying that the Vikings will take kalil and the browns could take Richerdson……That would leave Justin Blackmon to us!

  68. Bucsfansince1997 Says:

    Lane Kiffin as HC (he has good genes).

  69. Matthew Says:

    In a dream world Tony Dungy would come back to save the day, but that’s not going to happen.

    We should get marty schottenheimer in here… You want to see the way football is played watch him go to work with the young kids.

  70. Patrick Says:

    If you want to rebuild a team……then Marty Schottenheimer is a good hire.

    But if we’re gonna talk about a guy that’s 68 years old, I’d rather it be Jimmy Johnson. Same age as Marty……..actually has two Super Bowl rings and built a DYNASTY in Dallas.

  71. Jared Says:

    Ok guys. Pay attention to the underlying information. Mike Sherman and Mark Dominik have the same agent. Anyone know what that means? That means since no other teams are considering Sherman, and Dominik and Sherman share the same agent, HE CAN BE HIRED AT NEXT TO NOTHING! Get ready for the Sherman era. No free agents, no valid coaching upgrades, no hope. It’s glorious to be a Bucs fan in this time and place.

  72. espo Says:

    Lane Kiffin? Are you serious?

  73. BigMacAttack Says:

    @Big Marlon,
    I got something you can ban, right here buddy. If you don’t like Polian, I don’t care. If you think Manning is done, I don’t care, but if he gets back on the field in 6 months, the Colts or the team he goes to will be a contender. Count on it, you idiot. I like Josh Freeman a lot, but he and about 90% of the QB’s in this league don’t amount to a pimple on Peyton’s @$$. The top 4 QB’s in the league are Brady, Rodgers, Brees & Manning. Peyton Manning is the equivalent of having an offensive coordinator on the field every time he has the ball. If you don’t believe that, you’re just plain stupid, blind, or both. Reggie Wayne may have lost a step or two, but he can mentor our WR’s that are in dire need of teaching. I also promise you that Manning and Wayne can still blister every defense in this league including the Ravens. I mentioned Polian because he is very experienced and built a team with not only stars but extreme depth. The Bucs haven’t had a team since 2002 that came anywhere close to the Colts. The Colts were better than the Bucs this season, even without Manning. Don’t ever compare my posts to racism. What do you know anyway? If you were stunned, its because your narrow minded and stupid.

  74. Patrick Says:


    How bout you post an article of all the possible coaching candidates, and write a short description on each of them? The good and bad about them, and what they bring to the table.

    Jeff Fisher, Brian Billick, Marty Schottenheimer, Mike Sherman,

    Joe Philbin, Tom Clements, Jerry Gray, Mike Malarky, guy in CAR, Mike Zimmer, etc.

    All the candidates we can all think of.

    That way we can all discuss them and give our thoughts. All of us.

  75. canadianbuc Says:

    @Patrick Great idea.

  76. BigMacAttack Says:

    @Big Marlon, I totally agree with you about Matt Millen and Rod not having anything to work with. I have been slain numerous times in the past couple weeks for wanting Rod Marinelli or RIch Bissacia, but there is no way I can see that Rod would leave one DC job for another. It is a lateral move from a guy that has already had a taste of head coaching.

    And while I’m getting crucified for throwing out ideas, that deadheads think I should be banned for, I also like Derrick Brooks, as a DC. I know it was rumored that Chucky wanted to groom Brooks to be his successor. Brooks is tough and gets respect. If anyone could whip these players into shape, Derrick Brooks could do it. Steve Duemig made a good point today about every winning head coach in the league started as a Coordinator and bringing someone up with big time experience is better than a retread HC. I know this is not Marinelli, but guys like Rich, Chudz or Gray fit that mold, and Duemig can be convincing at times.

  77. OptimisTroll Says:

    All I pray for is that the Glazers:

    “PLEASE don’t waste this opportunity on pleasing some fans that have watched too much ESPN Classic.”

    (don’t hire a retreaded head coach that should spend his time in Florida on Clearwater Beach, not at One Buc Place)

    Be aggressive, hire a young talent, give him support, and get some big rings.

  78. gotbbucs Says:

    canadianbuc, that bleacherreport article that you linked was one of the most idiotic articles I’ve read in some time. Yea, lets sign the top free agent at every skill position on offense, sign them all to top 5 contracts, and then super bowl here we come. Get real and settle down.
    Joe, you’re doing just fine. No need to post every ridiculous rumor that comes across the web like some of these people want to read.
    Everybody, take a deeeeeeep breath and relax. Oh, and cross Dungy off of your wish list. That one is not happening in a thousand years. Fisher most likely won’t even make it in to intervies for this job. For those that want Tom Clements, you may as well sit back down for a while cause he probably won’t be available to interview for weeks. I can’t imagine Marinelli wanting to try it again. I’d probably shoot myself if I had to listen to Billick on a weekly basis.

    I think for those that haven’t done it yet, you may as well start reading up on Mike Sherman because I think he’s who we’re going to have. They’ll interview an African-American coach in the next day or two to satisfy the Rooney Rule, interview Sherman very shortly after that, and then you’ll probably see Sherman take the job late in the week or early next. It just makes way too much sense. After that, if he doesn’t get the Penn State job, I would like to see a very strong push to bring Clements in as OC/QB Coach. A guy that I’m kind of intrigued with to be part of our defensive staff in some capacity is Jim Washburn. He’s got a nack for creating sacks for his DE’s. He’s been around for quite a while as a D-Line coach in the NFL, never been a coordinator as far as I know, and maybe he doesn’t want to be, but I like what he’s able to get out of his defensive lines.

  79. Chris Martinez Says:

    Everyone has this coaching search wrong. Everyone forgets that RICH MCKAY built the bucs into Super Bowl Champs. Rich was fired because of Jon Gruden. If I was the Glazers I would get Mckay back and let him hire a great coach. Rich Mckay is one of the smartest guys in football and it would be great to see him as a Buccaneer again.

  80. Joe Says:

    Thanks gotbbucs.

  81. gotbbucs Says:

    See, even my insane imagination took off on me there. I think I’m just going to sit back at let this thing play out before I comment too much. With this organization, who the hell knows what direction they might take.

  82. Greg Says:

    @Gotbbucs, I sincerely hope you’re wrong about Sherman coming here! If he is hired, we’ll be sitting here 2-3 yrs from now looking for another washed out coach to take over the Bucs.

  83. Anthony Says:

    I’m not opposed to this. I like the old guys. Dungy, Kiffin, Smith, Edwards, Marinelli, Tomlin, Morris.

  84. Anthony Says:

    I like Duemig’s idea about Bisaccia too.

  85. Brad Says:

    @joe.. You guys on vacation? No new articles since 5pm

  86. jimmy Says:

    Ian Beckles has to be still drinking from New Years.

    How in the world does anyone expect the Glazer boys to sell tickets? “Look fans, we just hired the worst head coach in NFL history! Season tickets are only $2,000!”

    Marinelli is a damned fine coordinator but as a head coach, he makes RahRah look like Joe Gibbs!

    If you fire a head coach, you want to improve, not get worse. At least RahRah won 10 games one year.

  87. Joe Says:


    @joe.. You guys on vacation? No new articles since 5pm

    Geez. Tough crowd! Joe pumped out more copy than anyone on the Bucs today, and it’s not enough?

    Joe’s been writing since 7 a.m. and is now writing posts for tomorrow.

    You don’t’ mind if he is able to get some sleep or groom himself?

  88. espo Says:

    Chris Martinez,

    Mckay deserves as much credit for our ring as anyone. Theeeen he screwed us over by giving a ton of cash and screwing up our cap, then going to work for a division rival. No thanks I don’t want him back.

  89. Brad Says:

    Bisacia HC
    Marenelli DC with assistant head coach to pry away
    Derrick Brooks Linebacker
    Spags OC

  90. Brad Says:

    @joe just excited to see what you guys got in the hopper. I know you guys work hard and I totally appreciate it. Thanks for your hard work.

  91. Joe Says:

    Thanks Brad!

  92. Patrick Says:

    Look guys, RELAX! The Glazers said in the PC I believe that they were going to do a good search and interview many candidates.

  93. CoachG Says:

    Not that bad of a list but spags is a defensive coach, im very interested in seeing how thia thing ends

    @Joe keep up the good work

  94. McBuc Says:

    I like Grey, Bisaccia, or Mullrkey…for the reasons Nole stated above. All you guys calling Grey a joke yesterday are nuts, he is up and coming. Bisaccia know Tampa Bay and is a great coach, and Mullarkey will come back as a string HC for someone. Retreads do not have a great record of second chances. You guys may want someone with NFL head coach experience that has won a SB, but history says that is the wrong move. Of course only Billik won from the big three right now.

  95. Dave Says:

    I would have no problem with Marinelli, at the very least as a DC if they could get him away from the Bears.

    Here is a thought:
    DC – Marinelli
    OC – Mike Martz
    HC – ?

    Those trashing on Marinelli because of the record in Detroit don’t get it. the guy is a GREAT coach. He SHOULD have been the next DC in Tampa. Those 2 years in Detroit can be thrown out. They could have had Belicheck or Lombardi and it would not have been any better.

  96. Dave Says:

    McBuc : Grey is simply filling the bogus, racist Rooney Rule

  97. Anthony Says:

    @Dave +1. Though I like Jerry Gray too.

  98. Rob Says:

    My first choice would be Rob Ryan a no BS kind of coach and my 2nd choice would be B Bellik he has won with a bunch of middle of the row Qbs with the Vikings and won a SB with Dilfer he also would bring a DC to fix this mess!

  99. BigMacAttack Says:

    You know Rob,,,,, wait, you don’t have a brother named Rex by chance, do you? I like Brian Billick a lot and think he would be an excellent choice. I listen to him so often on the NFL channel and love when he calls our games. He is high on Josh Freeman and I believe he could maximize his potential. Good call bro.