Tom Korun: Change Is Coming

December 12th, 2011

Tom Korun, the sports director of WFTS-TV Channel 28, is one of the easiest-going cats around. So long as he has some sporting event to cover or a golf game to get in a smooth 18 holes, he’s good.

But after watching the Bucs fall over themselves for seven of the past eight weeks (there is a bye week in there), Korun has seen enough of the Bucs and believes time has expired for the tenure of Bucs coach Raheem Morris, so he wrote on the station’s website.

Truthfully, if I was the owner and watched that garbage on the field Sunday, I’d make a move this week.

Trouble is who do put in there on an interim basis?

Does it really matter?

Korun also wrote that the weekly harping on working on fundamentals is “unacceptable” at the NFL level.

It would be one thing if there was improvement being made each week to help Morris. But there isn’t, really. Joe’s not so sure the emergence of Da’Quan Bowers alone is worth saving Morris’ job when they are getting trucked by rotten teams.

35 Responses to “Tom Korun: Change Is Coming”

  1. Jon in Tampa Says:

    Truthfully, it’s all about the draft pick now. Why fight to win your last games and slide down the draft board. Either let Rah (it still bugs the crap out of me the plays call him by first name, not Coach Morriss) run out the season, or promote the OC, let him fall from grace too, then clean house on the staff.

    We have to prepare Mark Dominick for the next coach. Both Cowher and Fisher will want veto rights over Dominick’s player selections.

    Can anyone imagine have Fisher as coach with Haynesworth in the team?

  2. Meh Says:

    Jon, oh no. Do NOT promote Olsen. Morris and Olson ought to be fired together. Make any of the assistants the interim coach. Or, hell, just forfeit the last 3 games. It doesn’t matter.

    Just get Morris and Olson far, far away soon. Please. And, honestly, I’m not convinced Dom should stay either. I think it might be time to clean house top to bottom.

  3. Joe Says:

    Both Cowher and Fisher will want veto rights over Dominick’s player selections.

    Joe will literally fall over backwards if either of these two guys are hired.

    In fact, Joe’s pretty sure Team Glazer does not want a big ego, “I want to run it my way” coach. That’s why they jettisoned Chucky.

    Remember: Dominik just re-upped for four years. Morris will be entering a lame duck year next season. You can do the math.

  4. CC Says:

    I’m starting to change my mind on firing “Rah” now. It would benefit the Bucs by letting him finish the season and lose the final 3. This will better our draft position. Why risk letting someone else take over and win one? LOL

  5. Joe Says:

    Guys, Raheem — IF he is fired — will finish the season as the Bucs coach.

    If Team Glazer did fire Raheem today, who would take over, the defensive coordinator? Whoops, he’s gone too. Greg Olson? Eric Yarber?

  6. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    The Glazers are just so damn unpredictable. Think back to the way the firings of Gruden and Dungy were handled and how shocked the Tampa sports world was when it happened (I can still hear Chris Thomas chastising the Glazers for firing Dungy without having anyone else in mind).

    Now, if I were the owner Rah would be as good as gone. I would do it today but who the heck are you going to make the interim? Olson? Millard?

    I think Rah knows X’s and O’s as well as any defensive coach in the league…..but the last few weeks have shown that he has no clue how to lead a football team. From kicking Brian Price (Brian Price!!! Playing with screws in his legs) off the field and then allowing Talib to dance around yesterday….he does not know how to be a leader

  7. mjmoody Says:

    Trucked. I hear the draft pick strategy, and I also like the inability to polish terds in the National Spotlight. Change may not always be the answer but neither is this.

  8. eric Says:

    Need to clean house. No more half measures. Thats what got us into this mess to begin with.

    Go to the Steelers, or Pats, or Falcons, or somebodies personnel dept and get a GM.

    We already “promoted from within”. Didn’t work at all. Disaster. And no a couple of decent draft picks doesn’t make it all better.

    Drain the swamp. A new era and new direction.

  9. Buc You Raheem Says:

    Need to fire him now. Just so he won’t win any more games. It is really hard to lose 10 straight in the NFL.

  10. Miracle Says:

    “Can anyone imagine have Fisher as coach with Haynesworth in the team?”

    Ya, and I don’t want to see it.

    I’m sick of people calling for washed up coaches to come to Tampa. I understand the concept. They had shown some moderate success so we can trust them, but this doesn’t make sense.

    Cowher = 1 superbowl win in how many years?
    Fisher = 0 superbowl wins in how many years?

    Add their losing seasons and you have a mediocre coach.

    If you want to look at past coaches, Gruden is probably the most successful.. just to keep perspective.

    If we want to emulate the Packers and Steelers then I want to see the next McCarthy or Tomlin. Go research and find an up and coming assistant who has shown a knack for leadership.

  11. OB Says:

    Joe, with the head coach and the DC being the same, you can either demote him to just DC or hire a DC, which without a deal for the future if Rah is fired, won’t work. I would keep Rah for another year with a sit down on what he has to hire and fire and instill discipline constantly. He is not one of the boys but the leader.

    It is an undisciplined bunch who sees no down side to not paying attention and doing there job. Release some of the stinkers and call up the pratice squad and/or raid other squads, but the players need a major schock to wake up. If Freeman is hurt, bench him and play JJ and Rudy to see if we want them. I know I would keep JJ and use him like someone suggested as a back or WR and let him do some throwing and running from there. Having two separate DL coaches maybe confusing them, someone has to be in charge.

  12. Joe Says:

    If we want to emulate the Packers and Steelers then I want to see the next McCarthy or Tomlin. Go research and find an up and coming assistant who has shown a knack for leadership.

    Kellen Clements, quarterback coach, Packers.

    It’s all about No. 5, right?

  13. Joe Says:


    Hire a defensive coordinator for four games???

  14. Buddhaboy Says:

    This is so sad that it has come to this, but holy flirkinng schmidt. I love the bucs, but i found myself wanting to change my sons poopy diapers than watch this crap smeared on my tv.

    A complete overhaul is need, coaches, playeres owners…..Seriously, the glazers are responsible for this mess, next is dom, then rah, then olsen, then freeman.

    Can we hire DERRICK BROOKS…..? The Dom……just throwing it out there…

  15. Nick Says:

    the Glazers are not over reactors like the fans. Honestly, you can look about 5 years back when Rah left to K state the pass defense became terrible. They brought him back the next year and the pass D was revived, so its not like he can’t coach. I think he has too much on his plate. He needs a d-coord for sure. And better offensive coaches. He needs better people around him. And isn’t Bellichick supposed to be a defensive coach? How long now have they had a terrible D?

  16. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    LOL…it is Tom Clements. Here is is Bio.

  17. eric Says:

    Cowher and Fisher are both outstanding coaches.

    Bill aint coming, but Fisher has said he wants to coach this year.

    Glazers boys prematurely extending Dom’s contract shouldnt be an issue. Plus he is the face of the “plan” and has been trumpeting the Glazer boy BS.

    He, like Rah, was handed the ob when they happen to be in the building when the others were fired.

    Hell if they can clean house and humiliate Brooks they can jettison Mark Dominik for heavens sake.

    Time to start making some real decisions, and really “build the right way”.

    People have had a damn nuff of this crap.

  18. Joe Says:


    LOL Thanks. Joe needs more coffee! 🙂

  19. Joe Says:


    Brooks is making probably more than Raheem and works about half the amount of hours. You can cross him off.

  20. Buddhaboy Says:

    Wow, that is quite a resume for Tom Clements. I would at least bring him in for an interview and see what he is all about.

  21. Nick Says:

    So we’re falling in love with a guy who has spent 19 years in the NFL and 2 have been an OC and he’s currently a QB coach. Ummm, usually you get promoted at some point right? Why hasn’t this guy? C’mon guys think, dammit

  22. Miracle Says:

    I do think it goes back to the Glazers on this one. They fired Gruden and Allen late in the offseason and promote recently hired DC Morris to HC. This, in my opinion, was the worst mistake.. not because Morris was a bad coach. He is a great coach, but was thrown into the fire before being able to develop his own defensive identity.

    I have always thought that Allen was the only one who needed to be let go from the previous regime. Gruden always coached the best out of his talent, but the talent lacked considerably because of the trade to get him here and Allen’s drafting/FA signings.

    Besides not going heavily after a CB in the past offseason, I think Dom has done a great job of drafting/FA. Some of the contracts seem iffy (such as Black and Clayton), but I understand it. It says, “you’ve got your contract now go out and earn it.. if you fail, then you can only blame yourself.”

    I believe we would be successful today with Dom, Gruden and Morris being the lead dogs. If Gruden had put up more bland seasons, then I see Morris taking the reigns this next year.

    But the Glazers decided to place the buck on an ill-equipped Morris. Now I hope they didn’t ruin a very good coach much like Houston ruined a very good QB.

  23. Buddhaboy Says:

    No nick, but he certainly would be interesting to talk to and see what his thoughts on “No 5” might reveal. Point is, if they fire Rah, do you honestly think the Glazers are gonna bring in a big name? They are most likely gonna try and find a diamond in the rough. I.E. Dungy, Rah, especially if they have to pay Rah and his staff for the remaining life of their contracts.

    Any way you look at it, this Bucs organization is a mess, top to bottom. They need a plan put in place to fix it.

    2 Side note, anyone seen Luke Stocker? Traded up for him
    I believe Kyle Arrington of the Patriots is close to the league lead in interceptions, but he wasnt good enough to play here? WTF

  24. lightningbuc Says:


    What does it matter who would coach the last 3 games if Raheem were fired now? This is a buffoon show of immense proportions right now, and you’re worried it might get a little worse? For that matter let Freeman and Barber call the plays – can’t be any worse than Olsen and Rah!

  25. Bob Fox Says:

    Tom Clements is the QB coach of the Packers. Clements also also put in an application for head coach at Penn State. Clements has been the QB coach for BOTH Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers.

    Clements knows how to play QB and also how to win as well. Clements was a three-year starter at QB for Notre Dame under Ara Parseghian, and he led the Irish to a 29-5 record. That included an unblemished national championship in 1973.

    Clements only played one year in the NFL, but in the CFL, he was a legend. Clements was named an All-Star seven times in the CFL and twice guided teams (Ottawa in 1976 and Winnipeg in 1984) to Grey Cup Championships. Clements was the Outstanding Offensive Player in both of those championship games. Clements was also Rookie of the Year (1975) and MVP (1987) of the CFL.

    Clements is obviously a winner. He teaches his QBs to become winners. And to play smart. “Tom does a great job at never being complacent with the way I’m playing, and we scrutinize every little part of the game — everything from every step in the drop to my play fakes to my keeps off of a run,” Rodgers said.

    “He’s a great teacher of the game,” Rodgers said of Clements. “He understands that less is more, I think, especially on game days. He’s got one or two things every time I come off the field. He’s always very even-keeled. There’s not any arguments on the sidelines or confrontations. He understands that there’s going to be mistakes on the field. But he understands how to manage, help manage, our personalities during the game. And then off the field, he doesn’t let you be complacent.”

    Rodgers twice mentioned that Clements doesn’t let him get complacent. The proof is in the pudding. Rodgers is the highest rated QB in NFL history in BOTH the regular season and the postseason.

    Bottom line, I think Clements would be a great hire for the Bucs.

  26. NashVegas Ryan Says:

    Todd Haley just got fired, hired the same year as Rah and has a slightly better record and a playoff appearance. 19-26
    Rah 17-28, no playoff appearances.

    Glazers, the Buc fans want answers. what are you going to do?

  27. Snook Says:

    Its laughable that Raheem still has a job. Is there another team in the NFL that’s more of a joke right now? At least Indy has Peyton Manning on the sidelines. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a complete joke.

    I’ve skipped watching the last two games live and for good reason. If you haven’t figured this team out yet, you’re a complete moron. Look for more of the same in the final 3 games. Worst Bucs team I’ve seen play in a LOOOOOONG time.

    Where are all the Raheem supporters? Where’d they go? Anyone?

  28. Hillbilly Heaven Says:

    Glazers……what are you waiting for?

  29. Snook Says:

    Chiefs just fired Haley. So they can get a jump on a head coach search. Sounds like a plan. Too bad our owners aren’t that smart.

  30. Snook Says:

    “Unfortunately, we have not been able to establish the kind of consistency we need to continue to build a strong foundation for the future and we believe a change is important at this time.”

    — Chiefs GM Scott Pioli on the firing of Haley

    Sound familiar??? WAKE UP, GLAZERS!!!!

  31. eric Says:

    Yep, gonna sit on their asses as usual. Like when they fired Gruden and nobody else was available. And nobody was who we hired.

  32. rickyt Says:

    I hate to say it but Rah has to go and NOW. Fisher would be the best fit.

  33. Mr lucky Says:

    What about the Kiffens? Steal them both from USC

  34. Rob in Orlando Says:

    I don’t care who the Glazers get as long as they have plenty of experience in the NFL as a coordinator or former head coaching experience in the NFL. We should not be a training ground for a head coach (as was the case for Raheem). We have to spend money to get good coaches and I mean offensive and defensive coordinators as well as multiple position coaches. How about asking Dungy for ideas of up and comers for assitants (oh yeah, they fired him and burned that bridge already). If the Glazers are not going to open up their wallets and spend tens of millions more to get quality coaches and free agents, nothing matters anyway.

  35. Rob in Orlando Says:

    I say let Raheem go and call Cowher and ask him what it would take to bring him here. Yes, the Steelers only won one Superbowl with him but he set the stage for his replacement. Cowher will not have the Bucs last in the league in defense. At least we will have swagger and you know he will bring in hard nose linebackers and hard hitting corners and safetys. More aggresive smart blitzing. I get goosebumps just thinking about what our defense could be with a few free agents and smart coaching. Our defense needs proper coaching, discipline, and technique. Our offense needs someone who can save Freeman’s career and confidence before it is too late. Pick the best linebacker with our first pick or get best FA linebackers available and at least another quality first team WR.