“They Feel Their Hand Is Forced”

December 27th, 2011

Bucs beat writer eye-RAH! Kaufman, of The Tampa Tribune, talked about Team Glazer's feelings on WDAE-AM 620 today.

Speaking with confidence that Raheem Morris will coach his last game as a Buccaneer on Sunday, Tampa Tribune beat writer eye-RAH! Kaufman dared to speak for Team Glazer during a radio interview this afternoon.

Kaufman told Rock Riley on WDAE-AM 620 that Team Glazer wants Raheem to return but they just can’t do it.

“At this point, [the Glazers] feel their hand is forced,” Kaufman said. “They’re not competitive. They’re the worst team in football right now. Nobody can argue that.”

Kaufman went on to say that the notion that Team Glazer won’t invest heavily in a new coach is ludicrous, citing their track record, including paying Chucky’s massive salary for the last three seasons while he plays talking head. “It’s not so easy to say cheap, cheap, cheap, they won’t spend,” Kaufman said.

Kaufman said he believes Team Glazer will target a high-profile guy to be the Bucs next head coach and Mark Dominik could become a “casualty of war” if they hired a guy like Bill Cowher that might want complete control.

55 Responses to ““They Feel Their Hand Is Forced””

  1. Patrick Says:

    Why don’t the Glazers ever speak to the damn media and say it themselves? They have to have someone else explain how they feel.

  2. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Yes! Thank Goodness! It is about time after 3 years of torture.

    Rah is not a bad guy, but should not yet be coaching above assistant d backs coach.

  3. Chiman Says:

    Can’t blame them. The media’s a bunch of buffons in this town. The best journalist is a mysterious blogger. Surprised they don’t talk to some of the big national guys. Maybe they do off the recor.d

  4. BucfaninMI Says:

    I think they were waiting till they don’t have to pay Gruden anymore, he knew that, that’s why only now is he talking about coaching again. He is definitely the kind to hold a grudge! Ask Ray Perkins, Gru fired him immediately after he got the HC job in Oak. Because Perkins fired his dad when he coached TB. Hopefully they’ll spend now. Who knows?

  5. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Thanks Chiman! Jk

  6. Brad Says:

    Best news I’ve heard and only way I’ll be in the stadium next

  7. RastaMon Says:

    As long as they do what is best for the LONG term…starting with next year….frankly I don’t give a flying phuck who loses their job/jobs. I don’t know any of them personaly…..I just want to watch the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win football games

  8. jvato24 Says:

    OMG … Im sick of hearing about Cowher … THe guy has been living the Lush life and I am not so comfortable with a guy like that having complete control. Blehhh … Keep Dominik

    The Titans drafted a pro-bowler 3 or 4 years in a row the last few years Fisher was there. Go Fisher over COwher unless he is bring LeBeau with him

  9. Bobby Says:

    If they don’t invest in talent it doesn’t matter who the coach is.
    If Kaufman is right then I hope whoever they bring in is a real strict disciplinarian. This young team needs a coach that terrifies them!

  10. passthebuc Says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it happen, not before.

  11. passthebuc Says:

    There are plenty of college head coaching jobs that will open up for Rah. He wont be out of work long

  12. Jake Says:

    Hope this is true, but having listened to the interview, it is nothing more than conjecture on Kaufmans part. He is not reporting this as fact based on sources. All I can say is that I hope his gut on this is right.

  13. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Fisher WAS planning on going to San Diego, but now it is written Gruden wants that job. Who do you think San Diego will take, Gruden or Fisher ? of course, they will take Gruden, so that will leave Fisher free to come to Tampa.
    Cowher is said to be heading to Miami, so who else can it be besides Jeff Fisher that would be a “Big Name” Coach ?

  14. jvato24 Says:

    It is reported the RAMS will make a bigtime run at Fisher just now. There are message boarders saying they know that the Glazers Love Norv Turner.

  15. eric Says:

    irá your a reporter.

    they have the lowest player and coaching payroll in nfl.

  16. chiodo08 Says:

    Look for all of you that “feel bad” for Raheem…sure nice guy…THOUGHT we had a star in the making…but at the end of the day. I have NEVER seen a Bucs team this pathetic….NEVER…that being said Dominick should get fired for Clayton, Black and his severe lack of judgment with this coaching staff…

    Boys NEED NOT APPLY…this is a championship team and deserves grown a55 men running it…you hear me Glazers…that includes players….do I need to remind you that there is no higher level in Football than the NFL…so keep your “youth movement” driven by children…hire MEN

  17. JK Says:

    They thought Chucky would take a coaching job right away. I love it that he blew their plans up. Those tight asses had him off their pay roll and Raheem on for minimum wage. As far as a high profile guy, to them it might be the ball boy for the New Orleans Saints.

  18. Aceofaerospace Says:

    The only one mentioned above that I can’t get excited about is Norv Turner. I think of him as a chronic one and done playoff coach. His overall record may be slightly better than that. Sure that would be an improvement, but there’s a reason he’s been fired multiple times also. Honestly, I just want to be able to enjoy the games again. I enjoyed one game this year. The rest were just too frustrating. Before this year, I could count on one hand the amount of times I turned off a Bucs game before it was over. This year, I didn’t have enough fingers.

  19. Thomas 2.2. Says:


    Dont insult our ballboys. They hired the equivalent of a ball boy last time, they will be hard pressed to do it twice.

  20. AtlBucsFan Says:

    Norv Turner is a lifetime ‘also ran’ He has a reputation for being a terrifc OC. But a terrific OC does not make a good head coach. And he has proved that in his own career! Would not want Norv on this staff. Cowher won one Super Bowl after all those years with the Steelers although his teams were always competitive. I wouldn’t mind seeing Jeff Fisher here. I know his record isn’t great but he had some issues with the owner and that can effect the organization, focus and motivation. I would be ok with him but there needs to be a good assessment of the staff that is brought on. No carte blanche here!

    I’m ok with Dom. Listening to him discuss his assessment of players and how he articulates his thoughts his role tells me he has a good grasp of what it takes to do the job. I don’t expect any GM to hit on all drafts. He’s done well over the last two years in my opinion. The Clayborn/Foster picks could become the Sapp/Brooks picks although it’s too early to tell.

  21. bucNcrazy Says:

    Come on Joe!,Cowher isn’t coming back to coaching!
    We need more than coaching but it is a very welcomed START! How about a Ray Rice,DeSean Jackson,Matt Forte,Mario Williams,Reggie Wayne,Pierre G’arcon,Marquis Colston.I will take any 2 of those FAs.
    How about a pole on who the fans want as Head Coach!

  22. BigMacAttack Says:

    I know Rod Marinelli had a bad record in Detroit, but like Belichick, I think he is ready for another shot at HC’ing. He is tough and hard nosed and what a young team needs. Rod knows defense and he knows Tampa style. The mention of Dick LeBeau as our HC is also a good one. It was a little odd when they hired Tomlin as HC and passed Dick over, but I would love to have him as our HC. I don’t care about 3-4 vs 4-3, those things will work themselves out.

  23. BigMacAttack Says:

    The Bucs house was is decent shape last season and only needed a new roof. Now that they let it go, the leaks have cause all the paint & drywall to decay, doors to swell, trim to pop off, and all the floors need to replaced. On top of that, there is mold everywhere, and there wasssssss “Slime in the Ice Machine”.

  24. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Norv will not be a head coach any time soon again if he’s fired. OC is his calling and everyone in the league knows it by now. His track record is too long and too obvious at this point. He’s a known commodity.

  25. BucfaninMI Says:

    If Norv Turner is the Bucs HC, I’ll be done! I will have some Bucs gear on e-bay! Norv has done nothing to deserve another HC job. And I don’t know who heard that news, the Glazerhouses don’t seem to let anyone know anything!

  26. GenocideD Says:

    I would HATE it if Norv Turner came to TB. He sucks. I don’t see Cowher coming here when we just gave up two high picks for DEs for a 4-3 scheme. That leaves Fisher…

  27. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Norv, Marinelli, Richard Williamson, the ball boy, captain fear it’s all a major improvement!

  28. sharkcoasttactical.com Says:

    Best news I’ve heard all day but like others, I will believe it when I see it. It still makes me smile. I remember traveling to Philly and enjoying adult beverages at a Pub and the locals asking me why they fired Gruden for the guy you cant understand from Orange. My Yankee relatives bust my cajones constantly. I will never get over that lame ass move. I can still hear the talking heads bad mouthing him in the back of my aching head. Damn..I probably sound crotchety. Happy Holidays y’all.

  29. eric Says:

    i like turner. developed aikman.

    free would be in good hands.

  30. gatherspeed Says:

    This is a little inaccurate. I was listening and he said “at this point they may feel their hand is forced”

    Kaufman admitted to having no clue what the Glazers are thinking and anything else is speculation.

  31. gatherspeed Says:

    @Gatherspeed How ironic that in this comment you accuse Joe of “terrible reporting” at the same time using this exact space to edit your comment above. Don’t come into Joe’s house telling him he’s garbage. That doesn’t fly from anonymous Internet clowns. And that’s why this comment was deleted. –Joe

  32. Pete Dutcher Says:

    As far as I can tell, here are the Candidates for HC jobs I can think of so far:

    Jon Gruden
    The man is hated by most of Tampa’s fans, and he wouldn’t want to return anyway. He took a team that was mostly built (through the draft) and used free agents to plug the final holes and win a superbowl. Of course, be had to use free agents because between he and Meshawn, the Bucs didn’t have the picks left to build through the draft.

    Bill Cowher
    There is a lot of speculation about Bill, but the truth is he has stated repeatedly that he does not wish to return to coaching in the NFL. Yet year after year, the media talks like he will.

    Truthfully, I think he probably will at some point, but he sure doesn’t seem in a hurry to do so. He’s making good money where he’s at, and he gets to spend time with his family.

    The rumors of Miami are out the window. I heard him states a couple weeks ago that even if he were to return to coaching, it would not be with Miami.

    Not sure why, but if Parcells is still involved in the running of the Dolphins it would explain it. The rumors persist though that Cowher might coach there because the owners said they will do whatever it takes to get the right guy there at any expense (actually…Gruden would fit the mold there).

    Jeff Fisher
    146-120 as a coach. Not a bad record overall. I personally don’t care fore him, but I would get behind anyone the Glazers bring in. Fisher, to me, is a slightly above average coach. Certainly, he could is better than Raheem at this point.

    He seems to be a favorite choice around here amongst certain people. To me, he’s an average choice. Yes, he might sellout the first few games of a season…but with our fans, if he loses any of those, that will be the last of the sellouts.

    Kevin Gilbride
    Kevin is the offensive coordinator for the giants, and has been for the past 5 years. Before that, he was the Quarterbacks Coach there for 3 years.

    This choice would make sense for the Glazers. We have a young quarterback AND a top five draft pick. Gilbride could help Freeman a lot. He’s verticle-minded offensively. He is the reason Eli Manning is doing so well.

    Frankly, I would love this choice.

    Greg Olson
    I hate to say it, and I would not say it if the Glazer boys were more predictable. But Olson COULD be made head coach here. There were rumors a while back that he backstabbed his way into his current position…whose to say that’s not what he’s up to now?

    I would HATE this choice, as I’m sure everyone else would as well

    Perry Fewell
    Currently the Defensive Coordinator for the Giants. He is very likely to get a head coaching job this year. He has already had interviews with a couple teams. I believe he is a 3-4 defensive guy though. We’ll need a 4-3 here probably…although…with such a high draft pick, we could, in theory, bring in a studd 3-4 DT to shore up the line. Okam is better suited for the 3-4 as well. I love our DEs in any scheme.

    Brian Billick
    Brian has an 80-64 record as a head coach, which isn’t bad at all. I could get behind the guy personally, and he would command instant respect from the players. He won the big one in 2000. Can he do it again? Maybe, maybe not.

    The big concern I have with all of these defensive candidates is that the NFL is so severely limiting defenses now, we don’t know how these guys will adjust.

    Tony Dungy
    He would be the dream hire. It won’t happen though. Although, I can see him making peace with the Glazers. And it’s possible he could sell Freeman on becoming a backup to Peyton Manning for a bit. Freeman is young and could learn a lot that way.

    This, as I said, would be a dream hire. I would love to see it. I won’t say it’s impossible, but I would think the odds are at least 95% against it.

    If it happened though, it would be an incredible public relations move for the Bucs, and Dungy would be in the town in which he lives…so would still be close to his family.

    Andy Reid
    It was announced this weak that he is staying in Phili…it could just be own-speak, but I think it’s likely.

    Joe Philbin
    He is currently the Offensive Coordinator for the Green Bay Packers. Given their record this year, I think he will be the most sought after guy out there…IF he’s willing to leave the Packers. This was his 5th year there.

    The guy is geeky looking…really not what you would view as a football coach, but he has had incredible success with green bay. He formerly was an offensive line coach…which is an area that we need improvement. He has worked with both Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers.

    I would love this guy here as well.

    Norv turner
    Norv is a failure at head coach. I would hate to have him here as one. But as OC? Would love it.

    Herm Edwards
    He wouldn’t do as a head coach, but I could see the Glazers giving it a try. I would think he would be more apt to be DC here though.

    Jim Haslett
    He had a shot before and blew it, but he’s been working his way back up the list.As DC of the Redskins, they have slowly gotten better. Good enough to get a HC job at this point? I doubt it, but anything is possible.

    Scott Linehan
    He really blew it with the Rams…but the NFL is always giving second chances to offensive coaches (but rarely to defensive guys). I think him coming here would be a disaster. I would also think the Lions would spend any amount to keep him, since he’s doing pretty good with Stafford.

    Eric Mangini
    Some say he’s got a stick up his butt. They think he can become a good head coach if he just “lightens up” a bit.

    I think he’s the wrong choice for this team of young players. We need a strong hand, but not a bully.

    Mike Martz
    The “Mad Man” has potential to be good. As Bears OC, he calls some pretty crazy plays. Maybe he could do it. I’m not the one to judge on this guy.

    Mike Mularkey
    He’s done well with Matt Ryan clearly. Would the Falcons stand in the way of him going to a division rival? Part of me would love this…just to upset falcons fans.

    Marvin Lewis
    Word is he’s out in Cinci. I wouldn’t want him to be a head coach here…but he might make a good DC.

    I’m sure there are others…
    I didn’t even mention the college coaches. I just don’t think the Glazers would make such a move at this point…unless it’s a really big name.

    Anybody I leave out?

  33. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Andy Reid
    It was announced this weak


    Excuse my errors please.

  34. BucfaninMI Says:

    @ Eric, Turner couldn’t win w/ Rivers,Tomlinson,Sproles and Jackson. Why would it work here?

  35. Patrick Says:

    Norv Turner would be a great offensive coordinator for us, but I DO NOT want him as the head coach. He’s gonna be fired from his THIRD head coaching job (WSH, OAK, and now SD).

    Also, Herm Edwards would be a good defensive coach for us. We could still run the Tampa 2 if he was our DC.

  36. eric Says:

    norv has won a lot in sd.

    oakland and washington have terrible owners.

    give me a guy who has a great offensive mind and makes pla yoffs

    sometimes good fortune is what pushes u over the top.

    love that charger offense. bet free wod too.

  37. gatherspeed Says:

    I doubt after spending sooo many high picks the last two years they would go with a 3-4 guy. The closest thing to a pure 3-4 NY we have in Okam. That would mean McCoy, Price, Clayborn and Bowers would be playing positions not in their skill strength. Waste of 100+ million right there.

    Jon Gruden – Nope.

    Bill Cowher – 3-4 guy. Why so excited about this guy? I don’t get it. Has not coached since 2006 ! I thought he was overrated in Pittsburgh. Will only go to a place where he can win and not rebuild.

    Jeff Fisher – Overrated. Couldn’t handle Vicne Young and burned out. Not good in playoffs. Win now and not rebuild (like Cowher).

    Kevin Gilbride – wow. Seriously. Sucked as the HC of the Chargers.

    Greg Olson – Now your smokin crack.

    Perry Fewell – 3-4 Guy. I really don’t see how this is going to sell any more tickets.

    Brian Billick – Thank You, Marvin Lewis, for my ring.

    Tony Dungy – Never coming back.

    Andy Reid – Not going anywhere.

    Joe Philbin – who? McCarthy calls the plays. Less on his resume than Raheem had when we hired him. Not impressed.

    Norv turner – I’d jump as OC. Not as 4th-try HC. That’s like the kid in little league that strikes out badly on three pitches and out of pity everyone gives him another pitch.

    Herm Edwards – Nope. Even watching hard knocks, I could see he was terrible as HC.

    Jim Haslett – From the UFL to NFL. Now we will really have a true UFL team.

    Scott Linehan – Not a strong enough character.

    Eric Mangini – Raheem is better. Not even good on ESPN.

    Mike Martz – I’ll burn my season tickets. His coaching cost the Rams the 1999 MNF game against us. Do you want to get Josh Freeman hurt?

    Mike Mularkey – Potential for awhile, but not exciting to me.
    Marvin Lewis – Has the team in a playoff run, not going anywhere.

    I really don’t know who is out there that will make a difference. Maybe Gregg Williams. There is a very short list of coaching candidates this year.

    The Glazers have always had a hard time with Head Coaches and they will proceed very carefully. Which leads me to believe they will retain Raheem. They hand picked him and they know they have a hand in this failure. Raheem as much as said so in his press conference.

    Coaching search in 1996: Wanted Jimmy Johnson and went to the 3rd choice – Dungy.

    We are know about the dick-tease with Parcells in 2002 and the month-long coaching search and eventual trade for Gruden. The Super Bowl whiped all the egg off the Glazers face.

    Had that failed…well, we’d remember it different.

  38. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I like Rob Marinelli a lot. Pair him with a dream team of good O and D coordinators, and watch out.
    I read here what someone posted about Jon Gruden returning to coaching this morning, and found this. It really shocked me, since he is so popular on Monday Night Football.
    Googling around, I am also seeing rumors that Jon Gruden may return to coach Tampa again. That seems like a reach, but Gruden does have ties here, and would certainly sell tickets.

    DECEMBER 27, 2011
    Jon Gruden could return to coaching next season
    ESPN analyst and former Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden could be back on the sidelines as early as next season.

    Gruden has decided to return to coaching in 2012, and ESPN, which signed Gruden to a five-year, exclusive contract earlier this year, is already planning for his departure, the San Diego Union Tribune reports.

    According to the Union Tribune’s Kevin Acee, St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke plans to fire head coach Steve Spagnuolo and general manager Billy Devaney after the season. Then, if San Diego Chargers owner Dean Spanos fires GM A.J. Smith, Kroenke will hire Smith, who will bring Gruden along as head coach.

    There is also the chance Smith could stay in San Diego and hire Gruden to replace Norv Turner.

    Read the full story here.

    ESPN, for its part, says Gruden “remains committed to being a part of Monday Night Football for many years.”

  39. gatherspeed Says:

    Apple Roof-

    In this interview Kaufman said he has it on a ‘good source’, that Gruden in NOT leaving ESPN or returning to coaching in 2012.

  40. JSmalls Says:

    Rick Dennison or bust! Draft Richardson, let Dennison do his work and keep this defense off the field for the next few years. Then and only then will ball control be more than one of Rah’s one liners.

  41. Jared Says:

    Raheem will not be fired. The Glazers will not spend money. It is fun to pretend, it truly is. We all know that this team will suffer through another year of Raheem and the team will be handled much like the Jags were this year next year. Raheem will be fired, Dominik will keep his job, and the team will be sold. I fear they will be the Los Angeles Buccaneers in the next 5 years. I will never root for another football team again,

  42. bucNcrazy Says:

    I would love to see Marrinelli with Turner or Morningwig at OC.We are still the slowest team in football.WE NEED SOME SPEED at WR!!! We also need a veteran role model at some pos.!!!

  43. Pete422 Says:

    Sell to the Debartolo Group. That will create excitement.

  44. Garv Says:

    I’m with Patrick!
    Come on Royal’s, SPEAK UP!
    Either support your HC or fire him.
    At least have a plan worth SHARING with season ticket holders for goodness sake!

    I don’t enjoy seeing Raheem twist in the wind or being ripped by so many haters.
    Those who think he bares all the blame for this season are flat out clueless. The players have let their coaches down, themselves down, the fans down and Raheem will pay for it. I get that but it does not make it necessarily right.

    Can’t wait to move on one way or the other, to start building for next season and beyond.

    Happy New Year!!!

  45. Garv Says:

    And oh yes, selling to the Debartolo group would be the BEST of news IMO.
    Until the Royal Glazerbaum’s show they care more about our
    Buccaneers than a GD soccer team in London, things are going to be suspect and worse around here.

    Happy New Year!!!

  46. Garv Says:

    I’ve heard Rob Ryan, Rex’s brother the Cowboy’s DC mentioned. He and Kevin Gilbride would make a good team. LOL Or maybe not. Rob looks like he might punch harder than Buddy……..

    I’m still one who would not crying if we extended Raheem and kept things simple.
    I know few support that and that it would cause some outrage but it might be better for the record over the next couple of years as opposed to starting over.

    BUT……I do understand the outrage of a team quitting and looking so badly since the London “home” game. JUST DO SOMETHING! This twisting in the wind is not working for me.

    Happy New Year!!!

  47. Brent Says:

    Ha I knew Gruden would do this he made his point now back to coaching and the biggest laugh of all is the Machine (Gruden) has sat and watched, analyzed, interviewed damn near all the the teams in the NFL and now has their techniques in play calling and latest schemes! You got to love it how genius this guy is… He will be unstoppable! To have had access to all the teams and and players of his choice…. What a comeback all on the nickel of the Glazers and ESPN… WOW

  48. Patrick Says:

    Hey…..Davin Joseph made the pro bowl today. I’m pretty shocked that the Bucs didn’t get shut out again.

    Joseph deserved it and I’m glad he got it. Connor Barth should’ve been in too.

  49. gatherspeed Says:

    @Gatherspeed How ironic that in this comment you accuse Joe of “terrible reporting” at the same time using this exact space to edit your comment above. Don’t come into Joe’s house telling him he’s garbage. That doesn’t fly from anonymous Internet clowns. And that’s why this comment was deleted. –Joe

    @Joe. ?????? I really don’t get it and was not intent on harm. All I meant was the report in this article ONLY contained one point of view, when Kaufman painted a broader stroke in the interview. It’s your page and delete and edit it as you see fit. You must have a biased agenda. Sorry, if I got in your way. I was only reporting the (your) uncovered aspect of Kaufman’s interview.

    PS. What’s wrong with editing a post??

  50. Chiman Says:

    It’s hilarious when Joe gets mad. I swear I almost look forward to it. It’s like a satellite radio show when a caller insults the host.

    @Gatherspeed – Regulars around here have seen Joe make five stories out of one interview. Why would you think Joe would have to write about everything Kaufman said for it to be accurate and fair? I myself enjoy the fast food nature of how a lot of things are preseented here.

  51. Tampa2 Says:

    While “whoever” replaces Raheem will be an improvement, mentioning Olsen or Herm Edwards as a replacement would be the same as having Raheem stay. Mentioning Gruden is laughable, being that they put a noose around Gruden’s neck and wouldn’t let him spend any money after Malcolm went into a coma. And whoever said that the fans here in Tampa hate Gruden, speak for yourself!
    The only logical Head Coaching hire has to be a high profile Head Coach. Cowher, Fisher, or even Billick would bring fans back into the fold. And after Morris, it would make fans appreciate a “real” head Coach, like Gruden was when he was fired for Kiffins actions with the defense in 08′.

  52. MTM Says:

    So Ira believes the Glazer’s hands are forced. Kind of like the fans who were forced to watch a Super Bowl winning team dismantled in front of ownership by a coach with a Napolean complex. Then Bonaparte starts signing every has been FA, shuffles through a bakers dozen of worthless QB’s.

    Then ownership extends this idiot’s contract. In another breathe decides to fire him and hire the most inexperienced HC and GM in NFL history.

    The new regime fires the DC and decides that Rah can now be the HC and DC. Does nothing in the FA market for the next three years, drafts horribly and Rah cannot motivate or discipline his players. All of these bone head decisions made in front of ownership.

    I am not crying a river for the Glazer’s being “forced” to deliver better product. Buc’s fans are not looking to compete for a Superbowl every year. It would just be nice to watch them not sh*t the bed every time they are in national TV.

  53. Bucnjim Says:

    Brian Billick Head Coach; Jack Del Rio Defensive Coordinator; Norv Turner Offensive Coordinator; keep Olsen as QB coach.

  54. raphael Says:

    Rob Chudzinski oc for carolina would be good…he has won everywhere he went

  55. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Isn’t Del Rio a 3-4 coach? A bit late to go that direction I think.