Shaun King’s List Of Players Gone In 2012

December 6th, 2011

Former Bucs QB Shaun King continued his ongoing tirade yesterday against those who want to blame Raheem Morris for much of the Bucs’ troubles this season.

Speaking as co-host on The King David Show on WQYK-AM 1010, King reiterated his belief that Raheem is being asked to make lemonade for the second consecutive season without sugar (as passionate as King is on this topic, one would think Raheem is without a spoon or water, as well.)

King routinely has been demanding blame fall on rockstar general manager Mark Dominik. And as part of a take yesterday, King fired off a list of players he says will be gone next season, some because King thinks the organization won’t pay them.

Joe, of course, was taking notes. So here’s a summary of who King thinks the Bucs will ditch:

Gone from the 2012 Defense:

Geno Hayes, Sean Jones, Michael Bennett (Bucs won’t pay him, King says, and guys like him that can rush the passer are at a premium in the NFL.), Ronde
Barber, Albert Haynesworth (might stay if Gerald McCoy is hurt)

Gone from the 2012 Offense:

Josh Johnson, Jeff Faine, Kregg Lumpkin, Kellen Winslow, LeGarrette Blount

Yes, you read that correctly. King says Blount is a goner.

King claims Blount is “one offseason from getting fat” and the Bucs won’t pay him handomely “after throwing a punch in New Orleans” and because “he can’t get on the field on third down.”

Joe’s not sure where King’s take on Blount comes from, and Joe is not in King’s corner when it comes to assigning more blame to Dominik than Raheem for the Bucs’ woes. The Bucs have more talent on the field than last season, and the team is playing at nowhere near the same level, from execution on both sides of the ball to overall effort. That’s not on Dominik.

51 Responses to “Shaun King’s List Of Players Gone In 2012”

  1. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Josh Freeman is “one offseason from getting fat”, too.

  2. BucfaninMI Says:

    Getting rid of Blount would be a huge mistake!

  3. bucfanjeff Says:

    I almost agree. Blount will stay because we have nothing else, but look for the team to look at other RB’s.
    The rest of the list, sounds about right – not that I like it, but it’s a business. Which is why Raheem stays, regardless of the fans cries this year. (If next year sucks too, Raheem would be gone, but he’ll get a chance to finish (so to speak) the Glazer rebuilding project.

  4. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    As far as Raheem staying or goin, the Glazers need to either fire him or extend his contract. What decent OC/DC will come here to play for a “lame-duck” coach?

  5. flmike Says:


    I would agree with you about Raheem, all the excuses are there for the team to let him have one more season, no offseason, injuries, etc, but, you are now mired in a 6 game losing streak in which you’ve not only been beaten to a pulp, but you’ve been embarrassed on more than one occasion. Plus, all signs point to Raheem on the verge of losing his locker-room as well. You’ve got players worrying about coaches jobs, WHAT? that’s not their problem, they should be worrying about their own jobs, and if Raheem has made it their problem, then he really is unfit to coach.

  6. flmike Says:

    Blount isn’t going anywhere, he’s proven he can play 3rd down, problem is, he didn’t get the reps during camp and Bumpkin did, thats why he’s in on 3rd down, that’s a fixable issue with an off-season and a real coaching staff.

  7. stimpy Says:

    Its always a good idea to let your 4.9 yd./carry running back go. Dumb A$$.

  8. Jake Says:

    Why does King lay the blame on Dominik yet give the Glazers a free pass? In my mind all the problems with the team, originate with decisions made by the Glazers over the past few years.

  9. Eric Says:

    Get rid of Blount, K-2, and Faine?

    Oh yea, we will play way better offense after that!

    One of the dumber remarks I have seen. No wonder Gru couldn’t develop this guy.

  10. NashVegas Ryan Says:

    Shuan King said this, I think that speaks for itself. Take anything that idiot says with a grain of salt.

  11. below me Says:

    I guess King feels skinny after seeing J. Giles on the sideline Sunday.

  12. Lunch Bag Al Says:

    I can’t wrap my head around these thoughts. Blount getting fat comment – this coming from the one they called ‘dough boy’ – pot, meet kettle! The third down issue can be corrected with a ‘true’ off-season. As for what Scotty in Fat Antonio said, that can also be said for any FA acquisitions the Bucs might want. Who wants to come play for a “lame-duck” coach. I see change a coming!

  13. macabee Says:

    I don’t understand the “getting fat” reference, But I do know that Blount only had a 2yr contract and will be looking to renew next year. If he is looking for DeAngelo Williams or Chris Johnson money, not to mention Adrian Peterson money, that’s going to be a problem!

  14. Eric Says:

    I have to respectfully disagree with the pass Mr. Joe(s) give to Dominik.

    An epic collapse the third year into a “rebuild” is also a reflection on the GM. When you look at the roster I just don’t see a lot of talent on either side of the ball. His drafts are at least questionable at this point, his FA signings poor(Ward, etc), as well as his decisions of who to offer the big K extensions (Black, Clayton etc.)

    Also, he is allegedly an expert on “high character” guys. A good argument could be made that several guys on this team have just flat quit. That aint character in my book.

    Of course all the above has to be taken in the light that the Boys in Palm Beach may be tying his hands. I am open to that. But he deserves some significant portion of the blame IMO. Not a pass.

  15. Matt Says:

    So, in other words, Shaun King is an idiot whose opinion we should completely ignore?

  16. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Eric — C’mon, now. Joe isn’t giving Dominik a pass, just making it clear the the Lion share of the blame for 4-8 falls on the coaching staff. Just look at the D-line and the O-line. …This year’s D-line is much improved in talent, and the offensive line is healthy and experienced, versus the patchwork group that got it done last season. Other positions have comparable, more mature or better talent, yet the team is in a freefall.

  17. FlBoy84 Says:

    No one is blameless in this situation.

  18. Jrock Says:

    I agree with 40% of it, the rest of it fell out of King’s @ss. K2 produces, Blount isn’t going anywhere. I just… I just want to know where he gets his stash from, because it sounds like he’s got good stuff

  19. Architek Says:

    I listened live to the King David show and I did not gather that King was completely blaming Dominik. I thought King was very accurate in saying that Raheem is not the only problem. He was saying that why is the fan base not questioning Dominik for his busts. Also he pointed out how we have had too many busted draft picks like using a second rounder on Benn who cannot run polished routes and he is raw. He pointed out how a high second should be a player that can win matchups and Benn cannot. I also like how he said we need to stop being in denial. I loved his points and it was fair.

  20. IMHO... Says:

    Blount should be tha last 2 go. He’s a faster version of Mike Alstott and can be coached up on receiving and pass blocking. He’s truly a diamond in tha rough

  21. Anthony Says:

    @Joe: this is the one and only King you should be quoting.

  22. Anthony Says:

    “one offseason from getting fat” and if you have seen #10 lately, you know that he knows all about getting fat.

  23. Patrick Says:

    If they get rid of Blount, then they should have their @$@es fired. He brings the only excitement we have on our offense!

    If they do that, seeing how two bums (Clayton, Black) were signed to wasted contracts, I’m through with this regime. What’s the point of even building your team and even drafting players if you won’t spend money to keep them.

    Oh but resign the garbage

    Hopefully King doesn’t know what the he’ll he’s talking about

  24. Capt.Tim Says:

    Let’s see, no Blount or Winslow. But doesn’t list our worst slacker, Quincy Black, as gone.

    Shaun really is out of touch

  25. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Capt. Tim — King wasn’t saying who he would cut, just who will be cut.

  26. Meh Says:

    Blount? lol. Crazy talk. I’d keep Bennett too. And add Black and Trueblood to the cut list.

  27. knucknbuc Says:

    Wow just saw this and had to comment. King has no clue what he’s talking about half the time. I swear Joe I don’t think I could count on both my hands about how many stupid things this douche has said. This goes right up there with Freeman and his “pineapples” comment. Whatever that means. King is still so bitter about him being the starter his rookie year and then getting benched for ROB JOHNSON of all people. That tells you how much he sucked as a player. So were gonna let Blount, k2, and Jeff faine walk after this season? Well we would have to cut k2 and Jeff faine because they still got 1 year left. And Blount is a restricted fa. King doesn’t think were gonna put a first round tender on him?Then sign him long-term. Not only are we gonna let all 3 of these guys walk but were gonna keep Quincy Black too? OOk King where did you get this info from? A$$clown. King should be the last person to comment about any player getting fat. Because he was a jellydonut away from getting moved to te when he was here.

  28. Snook Says:

    If Blount didn’t get fat this past off-season, it aint happening.

    He’ll be back. No worries.

    The reason he can’t get on the field on 3rd downs is because our coaching staff is in love with Lumpkin for no apparent reason.

  29. Snook Says:

    King is a moron.

    So they won’t pay Bennett but they’ll let go of their only 2 running backs.

    Wouldn’t that mean they’d have to out and “pay” a free agent RB?


    Only thing King knows about is getting fat in the off-season. Oh, and DUIs. He’s the expert.

  30. Stephen Miracle Says:

    On a positive note, I am looking forward to next year’s defensive line.

  31. tj Says:

    Blount is the most exciting player on offense that sells very little tickets . Rionde the most dependable on defense. Everyone else on the list I agree with

  32. Capt.Tim Says:

    Joe, I understand. I just don’t see any way that Black returns, based on his lack of effort or performance

  33. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Architek — This post doesn’t say King is dropping all blame on Dominik. So I’m not sure where you’re getting that.

  34. Brain Says:

    Blount is one of the few good players on the team. This article makes me angry because I know it’s true. We’ll cut Blount and replace him with Mewelde Moore or something, instead of building the offense around Blount like we should.

    Can it get any worse as a Bucs fan than right now? We need to shake-up the coaching staff, not the roster.

  35. Captain Stagger Says:

    I think allot of you are missing the point, he didn’t day this is what he would do.

    Considering the actions of the owners the last few years I wouldn’t be surprised with this list. It’s all about money and they have one more year before they have to spend money.

  36. kh Says:

    Shaun King is one DUI away from being a Tampa talk radio hall-of-famer.

  37. NickinMelbourne Says:

    Shawn King has no idea what he is talkng about. To get rid of Blount would be a huge mistake. Would I draft Trent Richardson with our number one pick? ABSOLUTELY but you keep Blount. This comes from the quarterback who could only score 6 or 7 points in the NFC Championship game that cost us a trip to the Superbowl. But yes it wasn’t his fault right? Then he gets fat and goes to work for ESPN who eventually kicked him to the curb. I don’t listen to much King has to say.

  38. NickinMelbourne Says:

    Joe if you listen to King on the radio he lays most if not all blame on Dominick. I have called into his show to point out Raheems issues and he really doesn’t want to talk about it and cuts me off mid sentence. To King its all Dom’s fault although he says that he doesn’t feel that way he really does. What does King not get that usually the Head Coach goes before the GM? In most situations thats what happens and the Glazers made a point not to tie their contracts together. I agree we have talent and the next head coach (who hopefully will come in 2012) will not have to completely rebuild as everyone suggests. Thats just lunacy to think that.

  39. Brandon Says:

    This is why King is clearly wrong on Blount. Blount will be an exclusive rights free agent at the end of the season, meaning he is a free agent who can only negotiate with the Bucs and all the Bucs have to do is make him a qualifying offer. So basically King is saying Blount will be let go despite he is one season removed from a 1000 yard season, has clearly progressed in the passsing game, and may continue to improve… that and the fact that he will be making very little money next season says that there is NO FREAKING WAY Blount is let go. After this season, he’ll still be two years away from being an unrestricted free agent!

  40. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Blount is not fat at all. He actually slimmed up from last year in the off season. Dude has a six pack. I have no clue what king is talking about.

    Or is he talking about a fat pay check?

  41. passthebuc Says:

    Black must have incriminating photos of someone in the Bucs organization.
    I cannot understand why he is on the active roster. He’s got no heart or soul.

    The front 4 will be OK, if we get a good defensive coordinator. We need 2 solid outside linebackers and 2 cover corners.

    On the offensive side, and it is very offensive, Faine can go and take lazy trublood with him. You need 2 good backs along with Blount and a few coaches that can teach and motivate.

    I have seen enough from Morris and think he needs more seasoning before he attempts to take on the head coaching responsibilities again. On Dominik, his first 3 picks this year look to be excellent and last year good.
    His later round picks aside from Grimm, is suspect. A few may in the future turn out to be OK but i see no budding super stars.

    I trade Benn, Winslow likewise, Start Stocker and let him develop. The Kicking core is solid and there you are.

  42. Fish Says:

    The man has become senile. I stopped listening to him a while ago.

  43. Mike Says:

    King just took off every exciting player the Bucs have left on their roster. Time to get off the ‘funny cigarette’

  44. Buc_The_World Says:

    King is a hypocrite, all during the offseason he is lobbying to keep Talib despite all of his troubling issues because he is one of our best players, yet he keeps harping on the punch LaGarette Blount threw in the game so now he thinks Blount needs to go despite the fact that he is one of our best players. Which one is it Mr. King?

  45. Robert Says:

    Shaun King – what a joke! I actually liked him as a player because he had an underdog sort of persona. He now acts like he accomplished something and therefore has “earned” the right to comment on everything “bad” regarding the Bucs. Fact is Mr. King is a little portly himself, and would never have been 1 of 3 QB’s to “take” TB to the NFC Championship game – had it not been for the defensive side of the ball. If memory serves me right – our offense that year was not even in the top 20. He had a few moments – but was nowhere Mr. Consistency himself. He is starting to sound like “other” bitter former players (ie; Gale Sayers) who feel the need to stay in the public spotlight – a spotlight that long since shown on them, by acting as some “expert” on their former team….when in reality – all they come off as is an a$$clown.

  46. K2theSoldier Says:

    Get rid of the two best players on offense, Blount and Winslow. Wow. That’ll definitely solve all our problems! /sarcasm. What a tool.

  47. McBuc Says:

    K2 and Blount will be here next year. I would also bet Haynesworth and Jones will be here next year as well.

  48. nate Says:

    umm The new golden boy of the nfl rodgers even says blount could be a hall of fame player… King your just dumb on that and most of the time your smart…

  49. Z-Buc fan Says:

    Shaun who???? That guy on the radio that 5 people listen to and had one lucky season in the NFL and then completely washed out? That one? Why would anyone care what he thinks?

  50. Bucfan34 Says:

    So many dumb comments on this thread. “getting fat” = getting paid. King doesn’t want Blount cut. He says he will be cut because the bucs won’t pay him (notice how Bennett is on this list too?). and he’s probably right.

  51. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Eric Says “‘I have to respectfully disagree with the pass Mr. Joe(s) give to Dominik.

    An epic collapse the third year into a “rebuild” is also a reflection on the GM. When you look at the roster I just don’t see a lot of talent on either side of the ball. His drafts are at least questionable at this point, his FA signings poor(Ward, etc), as well as his decisions of who to offer the big K extensions (Black, Clayton etc.)

    Also, he is allegedly an expert on “high character” guys. A good argument could be made that several guys on this team have just flat quit. That aint character in my book.

    Of course all the above has to be taken in the light that the Boys in Palm Beach may be tying his hands. I am open to that. But he deserves some significant portion of the blame IMO. Not a pass.””

    Mark Dominick may be THE Problem, and not so much Raheem ?
    All one has to do is honestly look at some of the rookies on other teams that are making big impacts, and remember, we could have had them, because we picked sooner, and/or had more picks.
    CAN we afford to let Mark Dominick blow yet another draft, and what is looking like a top 5 pick ?
    I don’t agree with everything Shaun King says, but I do agree with him about Mark Dominick.
    I admit, I was drunk on the Rock Star Kool Aid for awhile. Like any fan, I wanted to believe that Mark Dominick was rebuilding my team.
    And Mark has, he has rebuilt Tampa into a mediocre at best, last place team.

    Eric is right, the talent just isn’t there that other teams have. We are not just getting beat, we are being blown out, and manhandled.