Season’s Over For Trueblood

December 30th, 2011

It seems a blow to the head has ended Year 6 of the Jeremy Trueblood experience. The Buccaneers alerted their Twitter followers of Trueblood ruled out Sunday because of a concussion.

Seemingly, the Bucs will get a look at Demar Dotson and James Lee in his place.

Lee possibly gets a chance to redeem himself for ugly play in the preseason and limited reps during the regular season. It’s quite an opportunity for a guy that put some good stuff on tape in 2010 and will be an unrestricted free agent in a matter of weeks.

As for Trueblood, the Bucs can surely do better than him next year, but Joe can’t imagine replacing Trueblood will be anywhere close to a priority.

7 Responses to “Season’s Over For Trueblood”

  1. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    I don’t see how the player leading the league in pressures and who is also responsible for over 41% of the OLs total QB pressures allowed isn’t a priority…..Well, never mind. Nothing would surprise me from this team. Heck they did resign him.

  2. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Like most of the Bucs, his play went from good to decent to average to poor to horrible to downright emberassing. I’m really tempted to give many of our players a mulligan for this miserable year (I enjoyed 2009 more because at least we got better as the year progressed).

  3. Architek Says:

    He’s trash and so is 85% of this roster. No big deal.

  4. jvato24 Says:

    DOnt be too surprised if top pick is a Tackle … Just sayin

  5. Garv Says:

    Depends on coaching, offensive or defensive minded.
    It is an offensive, pass happy league now. I’d like to see a WO with breakaway speed and hands. And, and, and, and……players who don’t quit and are willing to walk the walk like Josh Freeman, Ronde Barber and a few others.

    Oh well……

    Happy New Year!!!

  6. Macabee Says:

    jvato24, If we do pick an OT with our top pick, it will be because we traded down because Matt Kalil will not make it to 5 or 6. And if we traded down, that would mean that we passed on either or both Richardson and Claiborne. Along that thought though, WalterFootball has the Bucs taking an Aaron Sears-like LG in the 2nd round – Kelechi Osemele, 6-6, 335, from Iowa state. Oh, and I won’t be surprised by anything we do in 2012!

  7. Sambizle Says:


    The only walking I saw Josh Freeman do was, the ball into the hands of the opposing defenses. He couldn’t even walk a QB Sneak and he’s 6’5″ 250 Tom Brady a skinny white dude with a smaller O-line is able to get 2-3 yard qb sneaks on 3rd and one’s all the time. CONFIDENCE WAS HIS PROBLEM!!!!! Josh couldn’t even QB sneak with confidence this year. Taking too long to throw the ball to Wideouts you MUST ANTICIPATE THE THROWS THERE ARE BARELY ANY WIDEOPEN players in the NFL.


    If you want one person to be @ fault for this season it’s the Glazer’s (more than 1). Next Josh Freeman than maybe Coach Rah and the GM….But to try to say he’s losing the team because guys are quitting. Josh throws INT’s after the D does something good causing large leads to get larger. Blount tippy-toeing %90 of the time. What does that have to do with the D-caller (Rah)? We knew the D was young but we have veteran O-line and Free in his third year well he regressed this year. It’s the hardest job in sports a QB but he is at fault. I like him and want him to be Bucs QB but plain and simple he played crappy %85 of the year. The Young D minus two pretty old DB’s. And almost brand new D-line, this is NFL, to know where to be, what lane on the Dline, where to be, where to go, is a different story. I hear all these others talk about other rookies that play well; well they also usually have a lot of veterans next to them. The BUCS D don’t have that.